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Name: 2015


The PRESENT TENSE IS USUALLY USED when you write out a speech.

Suggested answers & explanation on the format:

Answer Explanation

Good morning to our principal, teachers and fellow Paragraph 1 INTRODUCTION

students. I am _________, the president of SMK _______ Greet the audience.
Environment club. e.g: Good morning / afternoon /
evening to
[This morning, I would like to give a speech about the boys and girls..
our principal, teachers and fellow
Importance of recycling in conjunction with Environment
students (at an official school
Week held in school.]
[I am honoured to announce that this week marks as the
Mr Chairman, ladies and
Environment Week. Thus, Today I would like to give a speech
gentlemen (at an official function
about Importance of recycling.]
or society meeting)
[Today, I would like to give a speech on the importance Yang Berhormat, Tan Sri Najib Abdul
of recycling in conjunction with Environment Week.] Rahman, ladies and gentlemen (if
there is a distinguished guest)
Introduce yourself to the audience-
I am __________, proudly standing here as the President
of the Environmental Club, and am really honoured to be given (your name, position held,

this opportunity to talk to all of you today. [In conjunction with department attached to)

the Environment Week, I would like to talk about the e.g: I am Dr Fiqry Nasir from Assunta

importance of recycling.] Hospital in Petaling Jaya.

Introduce topic
Purpose of speech
[The purpose of my talk today is to make your realise
how the recycling process affects the environment positively.]

Recycling is important because it can save the natural Paragraph 2,3,4,5 BODY
resources. Generally, in order to manufacture new things, Main points and their elaboration (facts,


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Name: 2015

abundant of raw materials are required to complete the process. figures, examples)
You can either:
Some raw materials are available only through expensive
Elaborate 1 point in 1 paragraph
mining process and pollutants. This shows that how costly and
important are the raw materials which should be taken into Combine a few relevant points
consideration through recycling. Moreover, recycling able to and elaborate on the points in 1
save trees and water. This is because if used papers are recycled paragraph
and reused, this helps in preserving the natural resources since
we dont need to produce more new papers by cutting down
In addition,

Recycling is only a part of the solution to save the Paragraph 6: Ending

environment, but it is an easy and important first step to fight thank the audience
pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, recycling e.g: Thank you very much for your kind
supports the earth and all the living things. attention.
Thank you.

Some techniques that can be used to elaborate on the points:

1. Use MR. HOW AND HIS 5 WIVES technique
2. Use your EXPERIENCE in school / hostel to elaborate on
your points.


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