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Surya Food & Agro Ltd. was incorporated in November 1992 and commenced its
commercial operations of manufacturing & selling of biscuits under brand
Priyagold in October 1993. Over a period, we have established strong
manufacturing capabilities and have invested substantially in developing consumer
preference for our products. Our trademarks / brands Haq Se Maango &
Priyagold have emerged as one of the most powerful brands in the FMCG sector.
We are committed to invest in brands, manufacturing capabilities, deliverables and
distribution strength.
We have three plants located in Greater Noida, Lucknow & Surat. We also
outsource some of our requirements to another plant located in Hyderabad. Our
capacities have reached 1,50,000 MT p.a., which along with strong brand building
and distribution capabilities have enabled us to command a sizable market share in
the biscuit market despite competition from well-established players in the
After establishing our foothold in biscuit industry, we continued to adopt strategy
to identify and commercialize profitable growth opportunities by leveraging
established brand and distribution network. Following this strategy, we diversified
into manufacturing of fruit juices through our wholly owned subsidiary Surya
Fresh Foods Ltd. in January 2006. The manufacturing facility is located at Greater
Noida, U.P. We have consciously invested in creating markets for fruit juices and
have established brands such as Fresh Gold & Treat.

Both the brands are also well established and have penetrated into the fruit juice
market aggressively by commanding considerable market share. We have also
forayed into the aerated fruit drink segment with the launch of Fresh Fizzy.

We are also aggressively marketing our products in institutional category. Presently

our products viz. biscuits and fruit juices are supplied to Airlines, Hotels, Railways,
Canteens Stores Department (CSD) and organized retail outlets.

We are also diversifying into manufacturing of chocolate and toffee & candy
through our wholly owned subsidiary Surya Processed Food Pvt. Ltd. at
Haridwar, Uttarakhand, where various fiscal benefits are available.

Our strategy of strengthening the brands especially the umbrella brand Priyagold
has resulted in creating immense brand recall value. We are continuing with our
effort of strengthening the brand with a scientific approach, which will result in
growth of customer base, price premium, consumer loyalty which is expected to
result in increased earning and ultimately enhancing enterprise value of our
Thus the companys manifesto is to build on the present strength created over the
years and diversify into products and geographic portfolio. We aim at achieving
profitable growth by penetrating into the consumption market to enhance market
share by constantly innovating on product profile, investing in infrastructure
thereby accelerating the top line growth to enhance the market share.

Priyagold to set up largest biscuit

factory in Greater Noida
New Delhi, Oct 14 (UNI) Surya Food and Agro Ltd (SFAL), makers of the
Priyagold brand of biscuits has said it will set up the country's largest biscuit
manufacturing unit at Greater Noida near here, with an initial investment of Rs 40
crore. ''With this new addition, our production will increase to 400 tonnes a day
from the current capacity of 300 tonnes per day. Our initial investment is Rs 40
crore and are willing to invest more over the year,'' company's Chief Managing
Director B P Agarwal said. SFAL launched its carbonated fruit drink 'Fresh Fizzy',
marking its foray into the segment. It already has fruit juices under the brand name
'Fresh Gold' and 'Treat' in the market. ''The company's current turnover is Rs 380
crore and we are targeting Rs 450 crore by the next fiscal,'' said Mr. Agarwal. It
already has a 10 per cent market share in the biscuits segment and plans to increase
it to 25 percent.

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