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Alexis Hagan

Edu 214/Spring

How I Got Here

In southern Florida, where the sun was hot, and the air was sticky, there was a white

house. In front of that house, just under each window, grew two most beloved rose bushes, and

inside lived a family, John Edward Hagan Sr., Hellen Lorraine Hagan, and three children Ronald,

Beatrice, and John Edward Hagan Jr.

Across the town, in another house, which had three mirrors stuck on the wall, reflecting

the life that happened outside the front window, there lived another family. Alex Morelli,

Georgine Morelli, and three children, Debbie, Ron, and Gina.

John Jr and Debbie were a year apart from each other in school. They shared the same

group of friends, but didnt know much about one another. Until they found themselves working

at the same assisted living home, he a cook and she a waitress. And then, in my opinion, history

was made. They married in the fall of nineteen-seventy-eight. Four years later they had their first

child, Justin, he grew to be tall and hilarious, with eyes of hazel, then three years after that, they

had another son, James, again tall with hazel eyes and a good sense of humor. Now, there lives

went on for the next seven years, slow-cooking the perfect concoction of Sugar, Spice, and

Everything Nice. In the fall of nineteen-ninety-two, and the St. Petersburg Womens Center, at

about 2:45am I arrived.

I spent the first weekend of my life practically nameless. At the last minute, chalk full of

hormones, when the nurse asked my mother what my name was, she surprised everyone by

saying, Alessandra, her name is Alessandra, this is not my name, and heres why. While I was
still cooking, my great-grandmother, a descendent of Italian regime, explained to my mother that

I wouldnt be a girl, because as fate would have it, my mother was all on the left meaning that

only her left ovaries worked, and thats where the boys came from. My grandfather also told my

mother that she was going to have another boy, to which she responded, Okay, fine, if I have a

girl, Ill name her after you. His name was Alex Morelli, rendering my name, Alexis Morel.

My parents raised us to be good people with a strong head on our shoulders, and an

overall great sense of humor. We went to the beach as often as possible, and spent good time with

family and friends. In nineteen-ninety-six we made the trek out to Las Vegas, I was just four, and

have little to no memory of life in Florida, but I was always left wishing we never moved, and

wondering what my life would have been. I went through the Clark County School System, and I

spent most of my summers in Florida, until my grandparents died within a year of each other.

I chose to be a teacher, mostly, because of teachers I had as a child. Once in first grade, I

had a teacher who came to my birthday party, and she brought her daughter to come play. And in

high school, I had a teacher who believed in me and my abilities enough to rekindle my belief in

myself. But, and Im certain most teachers experience this, in elementary aged children, when

they really try to understand something, you can see, through their eyes, the gears turning in their

heads, and then suddenly, when theyve realized a concept, their eyes clear up and shine, and

they make a noise of epiphany, its that moment that made me realize what I wanted to do was

achievable. My only questions I have, that are constant in my mind, are Will I be good

enough? and Can I really impact someone the way I have been impacted?
Taking those questions into consideration, I am sure of this: I care about children in the

realest way. They are our future and what they do will define our culture in years to come, and I

want to make sure these children get the care they need to be good humans of the universe.

VARK scores were:

Visual 14

Aural 7

Read/Write 7

Kinesthetic 15

You have a multimodal learning preference. (VK)