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Entrepreneurship Development Programme Application Form

Date: 02/05/2017 Application No.

1. Name: Ing. Nana Osei Mainoo

2. Sex: Male Female
3. Home Address: Work Address:
Plot 5, Sika Sika Close, Room 1, 1st Floor, C129/ 21 Saflo Link
Abelemkpe- Accra Abelemkpe- Accra
Telephone: 0577664557/ 0244350303 Telephone: 0577664557/ 0244350303
Email: Email: nmainoo@correctplumbinggh.com
4. Age:39
5. Family Status: Never married Married Divorced Widowed
6. Do you have children? Yes No
7. Level of Education (mark the appropriate response(s)):
Primary . . . Did you graduate? Yes No
Name of School: Christ the King International
High School/Secondary School . . . Did you graduate? Yes No
Name of School: St Augustine's College '93 - '94 / SOS-HGIC '94 - '96/ Atlantic
College '96-'98
Technical or Polytechnic School . . . How long? ___________________________
Did you receive a graduation diploma or certificate? Yes No
What were your areas of study? ________________________________________
Name of School: ____________________________________________________
University or Professional . . . How many years? 7 years
Do you have a degree? Yes No

What were your areas of study? Chemical Engineering, Bio-resource / Environmental
Name of School: McGill University, Canada
8. Have you ever been an apprentice? Yes No
In what trade? ___________________________________________________________
Organization/Person: _____________________________________________________
9. Did your father or mother ever own their own business? Yes No
If yes, did you work in the business? Yes No
10. Did any of your relatives besides your mother or father ever own their own business?
Yes No
If yes, did you work in the business? Yes No
11.Think of your three closest friends. Write their names and occupations below:
Name of Is this friend in business Yes No
Friend #1 Mr. Egya-Boi Awoonor for himself/herself
Occupation Consultant / Broker
Name of Is this friend in business Yes No
Friend #2 Mr. Sebastian Van Leeuwen for himself/herself
Occupation Real Estate Broker
Name of Is this friend in business Yes No
Friend #3 Mr. Michel Kouassigan for himself/herself
Occupation Publisher
12. Did any of your friends fathers or mothers own their own business? Yes No
13. How many people do you know well personally who own their own business? A Lot.
14. Were you the first child born in your family? Yes No
15. Have you traveled outside of your country? Yes No
If yes, list the countries where you have traveled most frequently and how many times have
you traveled to each?
Country Number of Times
Canada Over 10

China 4

France 2

Holland 8

How many times a year do you travel to places in your country outside of the region where
you were born or where you currently live? approx. 2 or 3 times a year
16. Please list your past work experience below, with your most recent job first:

Employer Address Phone Number Position Dates

Correct Plumbing & P. O. Box CT 2611 0577-664553 Managing Director 2008 - Date
Engineering Services
Ltd Cantonments, Accra 0244-350303

WaterHealth Ghana Projects Manager 2008 - 2011

International Water Research Consultant 2007

Management Institute

Kumasi Institute of Project Engineer 2002 - 2003

Technology and

17. Have you ever tried to start your own business? Yes No
What kind of business? Plumbing Contracting and Consulting Services / Water & Waste
Water Treatment Contractor/ Earthworm Farming/ Environmental Engineering Consultancy
What happened to this business? Active.
18. Are you presently in business for yourself? Yes No
What kind of business? Plumbing Contracting and Consulting Services / Water & Waste
Water Treatment Contractor/ Earthworm Farming/ Environmental Engineering Consultancy

19. If you intend to start a business or expand your current business, what kind of business will
you start/expand? (Please give details) Water & Waste Water Treatment / Waste

20. If you do not intend to go into business right away, how do you intend to make use of this
entrepreneurship training? _________________________________________________

21. How much capital do you think you will need to start up or expand your business?
USD 100,000.00
22. Estimate the amount from each of the following sources that you can put into
starting/expanding your business:
Your own money USD 50,000.00
Loans or gift from family
Loans or gifts from friends
Other sources: USD 50,000.00 Specify: Investors / Loans
23. Do you own your own home, apartment or land? Yes No
24. Which one of the following ingredients needed to succeed in business do you think is the
most important? (Mark one only.)
Money Education Friends Motivation Other
25. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Agree Disagree

It is more important for a job to offer opportunity than security.
26. Use your imagination and try to think of as many uses as possible for sawdust or products
that could be made of sawdust.

Fuel for Industrial Kiln /

1. Ingredient for Compost 4. Incinerator / Boiler
Charcoal Briquettes for domestic As adsoprtion media for
2. use 5. contaminant / pollutant removal
3. Ingredient for Compressed Wood 6. As fixed media in biological filters

27. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Agree Disagree
There are enough opportunities for people like me to
start their own businesses in this country.
28. Imagine that your brother or sister has sent you a gift of US$30,000 to spend as you like.
What would you do with it?
First use: Rent an industrial site for small factory / workshop
Second use: Purchase equipment for organic waste collection and recycling for earthworm
Third use: Purchase equipment for fabrication of low-cost digesters
29. If you could have your bosss job and salary for the next five years of your life, would you
take it? Yes No
30. How would you describe your desire to start a new business or expand your existing
business? (Mark one answer only)
Dont know Average Somewhat strong Very strong
31. At this stage, what are the chances of success for your business? (Mark one answer only.)
10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Please explain why this is the case. The goal of our business expansion is to provide
solutions to Ghana's open defecation problem. The magnitude of the problem implies there
will be no shortage of Clients. There is an acute need for innovative technologies to address
the toilet deficit. The business of supplying low cost domestic toilets, toilet stalls and
digesters is going to experience tremendous growth in the next 20 years. We have the
expertise, the regional specific knowledge and the local network to be a dominant force in
this space.
32. Are you willing to spend six uninterrupted days in the course?
Yes No
33. How did you hear about this programme? Email

34. What other entrepreneurship or business development workshops or courses have you
attended? Please give dates?

Course Date

35. Please describe your business or business idea.
Name of the Company: Correct Plumbing and Engineering Services

Describe your business or business idea:

Correct Plumbing and Engineering Services Limited (CPES) proposes to provide a standard on-site engineered digester
(for WC solids retention and treatment). The units will replace the more expensive cess pits and septic tanks
traditionally used on the market. They are modular and can be scaled up for multiple toilet sites. These units will be
supplied to the World Bank Sponsored GAMA Sanitation project, as well as other National/International Toilet
Schemes. The potential market, at 1 million toilets at USD 300.00 per unit, stands at USD 300 Million in Ghana alone.
A protoype design is attached for reference.

A vermi-filter digester is an aerobic biofilter seeded with earthworms in am organic media bed. This is designed to
capture and biologically degrade the solids portion of the black water (Water Closet Flush water with faecal matter), via
the combined activity of earthworms and aerobic microorganisms (mainly bacteria and fungi). The liquid portion is bio-
stabilized further as it percolates through the organic media. Uses include the treatment of domestic, commercial,
community and even dilute industrial wastewaters. The vermifilter for this application will be completely sealed with an
opening for inspection and maintenance.

Earthworms for the digesters will be supplied by a sister company, Green Cycle Technologies, which breeds the
earthworms required for seeding the digesters.

Correct Plumbing wishes to raise seed funding for the following activities;
Project financing for rolling out large numbers of the GAMA Sanitation Project digesters (over 5000 units) i.e.
renting warehouse for storage of raw materials, fabrication of digesters, breeding of earthworms;
Increasing the R&D budget for the establishment of small scale Test Laboratory for performance analysis of
earthworm breeding program and digester product development;

Signature of Applicant: