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U N I T1 character . everyday
people's chores
activities, . L o v ey o u rn e i g h b o u r ?
Neighbours & appearance . appearance . What doesyourbedroomsayaboutyou?
(pp.6-1s) . personality . CultureClip:DoyoureallyknowtheBritish?
. relationship
to others
. phrasalverbswith offer
. formingadjectivesfrom verbs&
. U KW i l d l i f e- S o S !
UNIT2 l'theenvironment . animals I
Callof the wild . f l o r a& f a u n a | ' H o wt o m a k ea w i l d l i f ep o n d
(pp.16-2s) . sociallssues ' TheCountryside Code- Advicefor the
. n a t u r ahl a b i t a t s I Public
. phrasal verbswith ouf ' Curricular Cut (Science): Pesticides
. formingnounsfrom verbs
Self-AssessmentModule 1 (pp. 26-27) Aidi$ir*,!Ri|n!4!Q!, neuse,
Recycl'e ::,:,..1;,;;p,:t;l:,:,,X.','::'
(p.28) ;;:,,,X;!,L:;.:1,:;.;tiLt:,:,.;.1;;i
. travel& holidays '
UNIT3 l'holidays | Wishyou weren'there!
. modesof transport '
| GrangeHotel
.accommodation l'Aholidayexperience
3 . holidayproblems '
o | CultureClip Butlin'sHolidayCamps
N o . waysof travelling
. phrasalverbswith off
oU . formingadjectives with
n e g a t i vm
e eantng
= U N I T4 ' politebehaviour ' M i n dy o u rM a n n e r s l
I Live & learn . typesof schools . (hnrt ma<<2na<

(pp.ao-ae) . school/college subjects . Curricular

Cut (Literature).
. phrasal
'Eco-friendsverbswith down
2 - Garnivorousplants (p,'52)
partsof the body . N/vthir:l .ra:trrraq
partsof the body
Weird& moods& feelings moods& feelings . Speakingwithout sayinga word
wonderful b o d yl a n g u a g e ' Halloween
(pp.sa-63) personal experences . CultureClip.TheGhostHuntofYork
m o festivals
G phrasal verbswith over
J' forming adjectivesCful/-less)
UNIT6 DickSummers - Special
J l'entertainment l'youthculturegadgets
. Usingthe remotecontrol
S t a t e - o f - t h e - a r|t' t e c h n o l o g y |' films&TV . Tokyoteens
(pp.6a-73) | l ' t. h e l n t e r n e t
phrasalverbswith in . Curricular
Cut (Literature).
TheWarof the

. C r a c k i nCg areer!
g '
CL Personality types
s o .
CJ o G e t t i n ga j o b
CL . CultureClip.TheRavenmaster
U N I T8 selfdefence . SelfDefence
Staying safe streelc|me . Watchout!
(pp.88-e7) law breakers . C a m e r aasl la r o u n dy o u
phrasalverbswith oway . Curricular
Cut (Citizenship). Followingthe I

t : a n i m asl o u n d s . Natureattacks!
t , , Forcesof nature weather . C u l t u r eC l i p l c e A r t
? ., (pp.102-111) naturaldisasters
= ' phrasalverbswith up

1 c

l -
U N I T1 O
sports& fitness
F e s t i vFeo o dC a l e n d a r
B o d yl m a g e
. .
I (pp.112-121) phrasalverbswith on
L- ' compound nouns C u r r i c u l aCru t ( B i o l o g yM
) :u s c l e s

1 .$$ffi&nfuv,@.:za}
ffiYl@l*2,,NWti:{i,,,.:,1$;*t!-6:,9.. ";1,2r,, :,,',;$i,t{:
SpeciafDays:The Summer Solstice(pp. 126-127);Father'sDay (pp.128-129);Song Sheets(pp. 130-134);Pairwork Activities
(pp. 135-1a2);GrammarReference(pp. 143-155);
AmericanEnglish-British EnglishGuide(p. 156);
Z present tenses identifyingpeople requesting
help a paragraph abouta neighboil
' already,
just,yet,(n)ever relationto others making& accepting,
apologies of yours
. stativeverbs docrrihinn nannla
a p a r a g r a pahb o u ty o u rf r i e n d
oneself& others an informallettergivingnews
<nri:l evnros<innc an articleaboutstereotypes
admiration relatedto yourcountry

' modals| (must,hqveto, importance

of trees m a k i n gs u g g e s t i o n s . a n a r t i c l ea b o u tw i l d l i f e
should,oughtto,mustn't) forests a g r e e i n&
g disagreeing habitatsin yourcountry
' will - goingto expressrng Inreresr ' a letterto a friendaboutyour
. time words p l a n st o h e l pt h e e n v i r o n m e n t
' futuretenses . a letteraskingfor information

wtlti i %W,fl6*ry%*i6W|rc
. pasrrenses cla<rrihinn nirtrrro< . an articleaboutyourworst
. usedto - would b o o k i n ga g u i d e dt o u r holidayexperience
. adverbsof time & askingfor information ' a letterto a friendof yours
movement expressi ng d issatisfaction from a holidayhotel
. a p a r a g r a pahb o u ty o u rh o l i d a y
habitswhenyou wereyounger
. a story(1st-person narrative)

rcnnrtod <noorh . iolonhnna 6+i^rra++6 makingpoliterequests

(statements, questions, . ICTcourses telephoneetiquette
commands) pictures
say- tell,reportingverbs
19X$%le ,:$rylar
comparatives & . TheDayof the Dead inviting& accepting or refusing
superlatives an invitation
d e f i n i n g& n o n - m a k i n gd e c i s i o n s . a n e - m a idl e s c r i b i nagd r e a m
definingrelativeclauses exctamatonS . a p a r a g r a pdhe s c r i b i nag
' a story(3rd-person narrative)
. an advertfor a town walk
'quantifiers film review . expressrng
vrewpornts . a reviewof a film
' afttcteS
Internetsafety . askingabouta problem/offering ' instructions on how to senda
. adverbs nerp text message
. reflexive pronouns . recommending a film/gameetc ' a questionnaire
. q u e s t r otna g s ' computerproblems . a letterto a friend,reviewing a
' ecnorags m u s i cC D
; :lffiY:#,:ii*&9*
' conditionals guessing . t a l k i n ga b o u ta m b i t i o n s .
.1obs an articleinterviewing a person
. wishes expressrngregrets . a g r e e i n g / d i s a g r ew e iint hg . a n e - m a ial b o u ta d r e a mj o b
. rlrttca< nf nr rrnnco preparingfor oprnrons . an e-mailexpressing regret
interview . aYnrac<rna ranrafc . a letterof application
. elo<rrihinn nirir rrac

tips for stayingsafe

. di<rr r<<inn <afofrr
. givingan eye-witness
. Dos& Don'tson how to defend &
account yourself
emergencres ' w a r n i n go t h e r s . a leafletaboutsafety
. e x p r e s s i nagn n o y a n c&e c a l m i n g . a n a r t i c l ep r o v i d i nsgo l u t i o ntso
sb down proolems
. factfile . expressing
possibility ' a factfileaboutan insect
. precautions
for . makingassumptions/deductions' a n e - m a ial b o u ta n a t u r a l
avalancne . nlosrrihinn nirfr rro<
' extremeweather . an e-mailinvitationto a festival
conditions . an articleabouta winterevent

form a sportssurvey askingforlgivingdirections a calendar for festivals
prepositions of place g y mm e m b e r s h i p avoidingdirectanswers a n e - m a igl i v i n ga d v i c e
avnroccinn fz.tq a surveyreport

lrregularVerbs(p. 157);Word List (pp. 158-166)
Units 1-2
.,:"._,- _"- -.
... .:r..::):::::::::.-.


o socialise
a expressadmiration
a makesuggestions&
a oYnroqq inferoct

a nro<trnt fonqo<
a stativeverbs
a modalverbs(must,haveto,should/ought
) Lookat Module1 a the future
Findthe pagenumbers
for pictures1-5 a idiomsrelatedto animals,plants
a formingadjectives,nouns
F Findthe unit and pagenumber(s)
for a phrasalverbswith after,out
. signs f
. aqurz F Write...
. a cartoonstrip I . a shortparagraph aboutyourneighbour
. a noticeboard E r a shortparagraph aboutyourfriend
. a leafletab'out
wildlife f . an informallettergivingnews
r anadvertisement _f . a shortarticleaboutstereotypes relatedto
) Listen,
readandtalkabout... . a shortarticieaboutwildlifehabitatsin your
. country
how to be a goodneighbour
. a leafletadvertisingan Environment Dayyour
. personality& appearance
. groupisorganising
. a shortletterto a friendaboutwhat you are
o relationto others
. goingto do to helpprotectthe environment
a a letteraskingfor information
flora& rainforests
o pesticides
a a listof pesticides in yourlocal
supermarket andtheiruses
) Learnhowto ...
knowthe British?
. apologise
& acceptapologies CultureClip:Ooyou really
. requesthelp
o dacrriho nannlo Pesticides
. introduce
& others


d o n ' tk n o w a b o u tl ) . . . . . . ... b u t t h e w a y I f e e la b o u tm y
I neighbours depends on the time of yearandeventhe time
of day.l'll tell you why.
a keengardener my next-doorneighbour
but 2) ........
I hasa largedog that lovesdigging.EveryautumnI plant
bulbsandeveryspringI look 3) to a wonderfuldisplayof
tulips,daffodilsand snowdrops. l'm alwaysdisappointed and
it reallygetsme down.l'm suremy neighbour's dog digsthe
bulbsup and they're4) .......givena chanceto grow.I haven't
Whatdoesa goodor bad
neighbourdo?Lookat the
A goodneighbour yourplants

Thinkof yourneighbours, Howdo

theactions in the pictures
you feel:angry?annoyed?
embarrassed? thankful?grateful?

A: lgetveryangrywhen myneighbours
Metoo.l'malsoannoyed whenmy
neighbour doesDIYat night,He Completing a multiple choice cloze
makes somuchnoise. Readthe whole text to ger an idea about the topic and general
meaning.Readagaincarefully.Reada completesentencebefore
+mm#$ decidingon your choice of answer.Once you finish,read the
$ff mg ffiu$-$mHmm
whole text again,withthe answers-tosee if it makessense.

3 a. Readthetitleofthe textand
lookat the pictures
again. b. Readthe text andchoosethe correctwordfor each
Whatisthe text about?Read Listen
space. andcheck.xnEroups, explain
throughandcheck. in bold.tu4inqe
phrases or cjralvtheirmeaning.
actuallyseenhim do it, 5) ........I givehim the benefitof the
doubt.However, the samedogalsodoesme a favour,because if
he seesbirds trying to eat any seedsI plant,he chases them
awayimmediately. lt's because of him that I havesucha lovely
vegetable patch.Soyou cansee6) ........ sometimes I lovehim
a n da t o t h e rt i m e sI h a t eh i m .
there'smy otherneighbour7) ........
I lovelylady who watersmy plantswhen l'm awayand
kebpsan eyeon things8) . ...me.Her threeteenage
children,on the otherhand,areanotherstory.Theyoftensit
on my gardenwall jn the evenings with their friends.They ffiwmn.qr+*my
usuallyhave chipsand soft drinks and they sray rherefor $"*m*r{r,*.1;.i }
hours,chattingcheerfullyand laughing.1t drivesme crazy.
Theymakea lot of noiseand alwaysleavetheir emptydrink Work in pairs.You havebeena
cansandchippapers9) ....., whichreallygetson my nerves! I bad neighbour. Usethe language
haveto go out the next morningandclearawaytheirrubbish. in the tableto apologise.Your
But what can I do? I needto keepon goodtermswith them partneracceptsyour apology.
becausetheirmotheris sogoodto me.
q o , l o v e t h e m o r h a t et h e m .u n l e s sy o u ' w a n tt o m o v e
J l 0 ) . . . . . . . . i C sb e s tt o d o w h a t I d o . Y o us h o u l dt r y t o g e r
l'm really/very/so/sorry
alongwith yourneighbours, evenif theyannoyyou at times.
I'd liketo apologise/say
sorryfor ..
l ' m s o r r yI d i d n ' tm e a nt o . . .
| (do)apologise (for) ..

a Don'tworryaboutrt
a N o ta t a l l .
a That's(quite)all righVOK.
a It doesn'tmatter(at all)
a Fnrnof /rhnr r Lt \/ i| tL .

A: I'mverysorryaboutthenoiselast
night.lhopeit didn'twakeyou
1 A me B you C u s D them B: That's
allright.lwasn't athome.
2 A accidentally B luckily C badly D unfortunatety I
Thinkof ten wordsyou have
A ahead
A never
B behind C forward D around t 6 learntin thislesson.
In pairs,
5 A although
B often
B s o
C usually
C then
D always
D but
I makesentences usingthem.
6 A when B where C what D why
7 A ACTOSS B over C round D opposite
8 A to B for C with D and
Portfolio:Writea short
1 0
A after
A home
B off
B house
C out
C address
D behind
D flat
il paragraph abouta neighbour

W Speaking . name& general impression

. whatyoulikeabouthim/her
Workin pairs.Usethe articleto actout a dialogue
between . whatyoudon'tlike& reasons
theauthorandherneighbour aboutherneighbour's children. . s u mu py o u ro p i n i o n
a. Matchthe personality names .,: i :
:: -'

( 1 - 1 0t)o t h e k i n do f
1 Whatis thefirstthingsomeone
behaviour theyreferto (a-j), :i.' noticeswhentheywalkintoyour
Arethereanysimilar names bedroom?
in yourlanguage? A theposters B thefurniiure
C themess
llTl a scatterbrain 2 Whatdoyoukeepin your
ETI a lazybones drawers?
A souvenirs
ETI a chatterbox B neatly
ET_-]a noseyparker C magazines

ETI a killjoy . 3 Whereis yourfavouriteitemof clothingrightnow?

A inthewash
reT--]a smartalec B cleanandhanging
ETI a sillybilly C l'mwearing

trT_-]a hishflier Whatdo you usuallyheadstraightfor whenyou go intoyour

FTI a workaholic A myCDplayer B mydesk C mybed
[6f-] a troublemaker Whatdo you do if yourmumtellsyouyourroomis messy?
A tellherto stayoutof my room
likesto knowother B tidyup
nonnlo'c hrrcinac< C hideeverything undermybed
success Whatis the lastthingyou do beforeyou go to bed?
easily A wriiein mydiary
c veryhardworkrng,
lovesto work B puioutwhatI needforthenextday
d causesproblems C listento myfavourite
. j r.:..,, MostlyAs:Youarecreativeandthoughtful. yourself
Youliketo express through
e forgetful,disorganised ,.,,,,.i,.''.,
.r,; MostlyBs:Youaresensible
f doesn'tliketo be active . Youknowwhatyouwantand
. ,.' youalwaysplanahead.
g boring,doesn'tliketo havefun . ,: ,,1'.',- andjoyfulandtakeeachdayas it comes.
MostlyCs:Youareeasy-going Youare
h can'tstoptalkrng . 1., . honest andcaringbut your
value privacy.
i behaves in a childish
way, isn't i :il.;.'ir'1-..i.r!!S'!.rtrqrt:i4$4bwry,

sensrble b. Matchthe highlightedcharacter in the quizto

, thinkstheyareveryclever the definitions
below.Usethemto describe
b . Workin pairs.
names 1 developoriginalideas, 4 not get easilyannoyed
for someof yourfamily, imaginative 5 be helpful
andneighbours and 2 n o t d o c h i l d i s hs ,i l l y 6 not tell lies
givereasons. rnIngs 7 be veryhappy
A: Mybrother 3 want to be successful 8 not upsetotherseasily
Johnisa chatterbox.
R . Why
doyousaythat? A: Whatis
A: Because
hecan'tstoptalking. B: He's


2 a. Whattypeof personareyou? 3 Useyourdictionariesto complete (1-6)withthe

Dothe quiz,checkyourscore adjectives
derivedfromthe wordsin bold.
andthencompare answers We canformadjectivesfromverbsandnounsby usingthe
with yourpartner. followingendings:
lul, -ic,-ive,

Johnisvery He never
remembers wherehisthingsare.(FORGET)
L u k ei s I think 6 Compiete the sentences
he'llbecomea painter.(CREATE) the correctverbform.Choose
He'svery Hewants a phrasalverbanddrawa
to becomerichand famous.(AMBtTtON) pictureof it.
Ann's . Shealways Ann . ... . . a f t e rh e r m u m .S h e
looksand behavesjust likeher (resemble)
Don'tbe T h i n ko f
The policeman
.. ... afterthe thief
othersfirst (SELF)
and caughthim (pursue)
6 H e ' sv e r y. . . . . .. H et e l l s My dad . . .. aftermy babybrother
the bestjokes (FUN)
when Mum'sat work (take careof)

Speoking Usethe wordsto completethe phrases.

4 Workin pairs.
Usethetableto findoutwhich similesbestdescribe
chores doesandhowoften. yourpartner.Givereasons.
. d o t h ew a s h i n g - u p r nlop the floor
. tidyyourroom . setthe table
. clearthe table . feedthe pet
r polishthe furniture/the floors . takeout the rubbish
. changethe sheets . vacuumthe carpets
r cleanthe bathroom r dustthe furniture
o cleanwallVwindowVtne c n r r t a r , l r : r rr l n t h o <
^ ^ ^ t . . ^ - ^
d5 5ry d5 d ..

oven/thebathroom . cleanout the fridge a- h' ' -.,

d) uu>y d> d ..
^ - ^

r everydaylmorn ing/week/month/etc a sb l i n da sa
. once/twice/th
reeti mesa daylweek/month/etc
. daily/weekly/monthly

A: Howoftendoyoudothewashing-up?
B: Once ortwicea week.
@ A: I don't.

My grandfather
is as blindas a bat.He can't see
Workin pairs.Usethe phrases in the language anything
boxto actout dialogues asin the example.
Usethe activities
in Ex.4. 8 Spendtwo or threeminutesrevising
havelearntin thislesson. yourbooks
Can/Could you . S u r eN
. op r o b l e m l
.. ? . SureThat'sfine
Do you mind(+ -ing) . Yes,of course ffiWrihns
) . l'm sorry,but ..
re Do you thinkyou . l'd liketo, but Portfolio:Writea shortparagraph
could...? . l ' m a f r a i dl c a n ' t I friend(40-60words).Write:
. name. whatheisheislike,givingreasons
A: Doyoumindsetting thetableT . yourfeelings
B: l'msorry,
butI mustvacuum thecarpets.
L o o ka t m e l l ' m s t a n d i n g
hprp tndev
: h:ndcorre

ledio< enr{ nanflaman

y o u n gm a n - b u t l ' m r e a l L y
over200 yearsold!
# thisspecialpotioncomes
from the Amazon. lt
makesyou lookyounger
a n dl i v el o n g e r !

R e a l l yW
? ow! Hic <A.rof is cimnle -

he drinks a bottle of
this potioneveryday

ls he really2OOyearsold
o r i s h e k i d d i n gu s ?

H m m T h a ts o u n d sg o o d l ' m
getting marriednext month I honestlydon't know
I want to look muchyounger l've only been with him
o n m y w e d d i n gd a y for 150 yearsl
) Speaking
Presentsimple, 2 Thenusethequestion
Fillindo,goorhave. wordsto findout
presentcontinuous, about yourpartner's
daily and
routine free-time
presentperfect 'u' _ 1)..... b r e a k f a s V l u n c h / d i n2n) e r out for a meal
GrammarReference 3) the washing-up 4) for a walk 5) .... ........to
b e d 6 ) . . . . . . . . . . s h o p p i n7g) o u t w i t h f r i e n d8 s) .......
2 Reoding & Listening
the shopping9).. homework 10) housework
a. Lookat the cartoon.Whatis 11) .... jogging 12) ... for a swim 13) . ..... . to work/
the manselling?Whatis school14) ... ....to the cinema15) . a shower/a
aboutit? Listenand
readto findout. . How often .? . W h e r e .? . How..?
. W h e n. . . ? . W h a tt i m e. . ?
b. Lookat the verbformsin A: Howoftendoyougooutfora meal?
boldin the cartoon.
Find B: Oncea week.
examples of:
3 Whichtenseis usedfor:timetables?
Readtheexample. future
. a 0ermanent State Usethe notesto actout shortexchanges.
. anaction happeningat or
around thetimeof speaking
. a habitor routine TOURSTARTS
. a frxedfuturearrangement 6ffi
. anactionwhichstarted in IHVEHOTEI
thepastandcontinues to ,'J5
the present

Whattenseis usedin each

A: Whattime doestiz-, *,.:;li
s. ,',earemeeting
B: lt startsat 9:00, ot8:00.
r 4 a I think TheLordof theRingsis fantastic
b l'm thinking of buyingTheLordof the Rings.
4 Thinkof your day.What haveyoualready/just/ 5 a Thiscaketastesdelicious.
notyetdone?Tellyourpartner. b She'stastingthe soupto seeif it'sspicy
lhaven'tdonemyhomeworkyet. 9 Put the verbsin bracketsinto the present
I'vejusthada coffee. simple/continuousor presentperfectsimple/
a. Workin pairs.Usethe phrases to findout
whatyourpartnerhas(never) 1 A: .. (you/see)
. playthetrumpet. makea snowman
B: No, .. (not/talk)
. ridea horse. speak to a famousperson
to hersincelastmonth
o goto India. drivea car . eatcaviar
2 A: Why
A: Have youeverplayedthetrumpet? (you/taste)the milk?
B: No,I haven't.
/ Yes,
I have, B : It ...... (smell)strange.
I t h i n ki t . . . . . . . . . . ( g oo f f )
b. Tellthe classaboutyourpartner. 3 A : Where . ... (you/go)?
Johnhasneverdrivena car. B : Shopping.

4 A: You (look)tired

5 Read
rndrnr*.roJfiffi:1ilff:." B : Y e s |. . . . . . . . . . . .( w o r k )
since9 o'clockthismorning.
Shehasbeenworkingforhimfor a longtime.
5 A : W h e r e. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ( T o n y / l i v e ) ?
Shehasbeenworkingforhim since1992.
B: InLondon butat themomenh t e . . ......
1 Howdo we formthe presentperfectcontinuous? . (stay)in Bahrain.
2 How do we usefor/since? 6 A: .... (you/come)
3 Whichquestiondo the sentences
answer? to Ann'spartytonight?
B: l'd loveto, but | ... . . (fly)
Usethe verbsto write true sentencesabout
yourselfand your family.Usesinceor for. to London.Theplane. .
(leave)at 10:30.
o study . work o pl6y o liyg

I'vebeenstudyingFrenchfor twoyears/since
2004. Sentence
Stativeverbs 'ffi$. I Q Thesentences below are about chores.Complete
GrammarReference the secondsentenceso that it meansthe sameas
Readthe theorybox.Explainthe meaningof the first. Useno morethan threewords,
bothsentencesin eachpair.Makesentences 1 | hatedoingthe washing-up.
of yourown. I don't . . . . . t h ew a s h i n q - u o .
"aaion 2 Takeout the rubbish.
statvev"eros d.;aiinei iiitJ iaill"iir.lar.iin
(eg. ltke,l*w*,kat*,w*n{,n**#,{*rg*t,rernemb*r, Could y o u ...... rubbish?
supp*se) 3 Sheduststhe furnitureeverytwo weeks
Theydo notusually havecontinuous forms.
Somestativeverbsdo havecontinuous Sheduststhe furniture ... monrn.
11 Tgalp - .""
4 lt'sa weeksinceI lasttidiedmy room
| . . .. . . . . . . .m y r o o mf o r a w e e k .
1 a Lindalooksunhappy.
5 Canyou pleasemop the floor?
b Lindais lookingfor hernecklace.
D oy o um i n d . . . .. . . . .f l o o r ?
a Tina'ssilkscarffeelsverysoft.
b Tinais feelingunwelltoday.
11 Spendtwoorthreeminutesrevisingthe
a Tomhas hisown flar. grammar youhavelearntin this
b Tomis havinga showernow. lesson.
using them.
I Reoding

2 phrases
Whichof thefollowing dowe useto
introduce: others?
1 H e l l ot h e r e !
2 We haven'tmet before.havewe?
. e e tB o b .
3 J a n em
4 Pleased to meetyou
, a yI r n t r o d u cJea n eS h a r p ?
5 M r S m i t hm
6 | don't believe we'vemet before.l'm BobGrant
7 How do you do?
8 H i - I ' mM a x .
9 Mr Smith,l'd likeyouto meetPaulBrown

, Completethe conversationwith sentences

from Ex.2. Listenand check.

Jane:Hi, Max!Thisis a greatparty,isn'tit?

Max: Hellothere!Yes,it is ETI We work
togetherat Smith's. Bob,thisisJane,my
Jane: FTl, aoo
B o b : Niceto meetyou too, Jane.
Max: Oh! | don't belreveit! There's
our boss
and hiswrfestandingoverthere.
B o b : Oh no! He'scomingover.l'llseeyou later
M r S m i t h :Goodevening,
Max: Hello.ETI Jane,thisis my boss,
Mr Smith
Describing to meetyou.

* Speaking Readagain.What arethe relationships

a. Lookat thepicture.
M r S m i t ha n dM r sS m i t h h u s b a n ad n dw i f e
Janeand Max strangers
hasgot: curly/wavy/straighVshorVlong/
M a xa n dB o b neighbours
brown/fair hair?
Boband Mr Smith co-workers
a moustache/a beard/glasses?
Janeand Mr Smith employer
is: plump/thin/slim?
shorVtal l/ofaverage height? 4 Workin groups.
Portfolio: Youareat a party. I
bald? Usethephrases
in Ex.2 to introduce
in their earlyllate people. yourselves.
Record {

b. Choosea person in the pictureanddescribe

him/herto yourpartner.
Plav' a person
inteamsTaketurnsdescribing t
i(r ^Lr rL :. U
< J<J /\ rhl o
L liynl hl tL , h
h .i' n'nc n +r\ Thn
w ul il ll d
Maxis tallandslimwithshortbrownhair.He'sin his u, I ldll,
ytr>, CLL/. | | lg

c:':'team tryto guess

is. I
earlythirties. gotglasses
He's anda beard. {
Relationships Socialexpressions
Listening 7 Matchthe exchanges.

5 a . Listenandmatchthe peopleto the nTl Goodnisht a Justfine.thanks.

andthento their ET_l Havea niceweereno. b Takecare Havea nice
to Jean.
Therearesome How'rethings?
ETI day.
wordsyou don't need.
ET-l Byel'm off to school c Sleep
now d No.no. lt'smy turn.
ET_l Letmebuyyou e Nevermind.You'rehere
Iu n c n . now.
trT_l Sorryt'mlate Thanks.
Thesameto you

lmproving pronunciation
b. Workin pairs.Writedownthe names
of threepeopleyou know Exchange Focuson stressand intonation.This
helpsyou sound
more natural.
papers andfindout abouteachperson.
A: Who'sSarah?
B: She\mybestfriend. Expressing
A: Whatdoes shelooklike?
B: Sheis tallandslim,withlongblackhairand 8 ;. , Listento the sentences.
Listenagainand repeat.
greeneyes. . What beautifuleyes! . Thisis a lovelyparty,
A: Whatis shelike?
. What a lovelyscarf! isn'tit?
B: She's
funny, friendly
. How funnyhe is! . Thisisjustgreatl
) Listening
9 Lookat the picture,ln pairs,discuss
it as in the
6 ,,Listen,
choosethe correctpicturefor examole.
eachquestionandput a tick(./) in the
1 WhichoneisDavid?

2 Whichone is Kim?

A: Where doyouthinkthe picture

B: It wasprobably
A: Whatcanyousee inthepicture?
B: lcansee...
A: Whatarethe peopledoingT
tsAnn goingto do on herbirthday?
B: They seemtobe...
A: Doyougetonwithyourneighbours? etc

10 Spendtwo or threeminutes revising

havelearntin thislesson.
Doyouwrite lettersto yourfriends/pen-
t lnderstanding rubrics
Howoften?Whatdo youwriteto
eachotherabout?Askandanswerin pairs. To planyour pieceof writing,readthe rubric
carefullyand underlinethe key words.Key words
indicate:the type of writing,the target reader,who
x&q*m*.r you are,the writing style,the reasonfor writing
and the topics you are goingto wrlte about.These
2 Annaisan exchange studentin the UK.Read
will helpyou decidewhat you will write.
herletterto herfriendandputthe paragraphs
in the correctorder. 'V*x*rKwxwra
| . F\ Readthe rubricandunderlinethe keywords.
DearPenny, fil
Whatinformation do theYgiveYou?
ETI My host family are wonderfull Mr Brown is i!'
'l I fl Youhaverecentlymovedto anothertown.
really funny. Hes always telling us jokes. Mrs '[ from a
this is part of a letteryou received
Brown is great, too. Shes a fantastic cook and : : frignd '
keeps making me cakesand lots of other lovely i ,;... .y.s',*.*:d',id*'q$wds"!*rds*di*Hi*d#":

thingslTheir daughterCindy is our age.Shesreally Hope gou like the new oreo. Whot are
gour neighbours[lke? Have gou mode
cool. We often go shopping together'Last, but not
onu new Jriends?Whot obout gour
1east, theres Andy, Cindy's fourteen-year-old
new ctossmotes? Write backsoon.
brother.He is quite shy and likes playingfootba1l. Jennu
t6T_-]Anyway,got to go now - l've got an English {ryroffitrdp:vtr#irp,r*

exam tomorrow KeePin touchl yourfriend's

Nowwritea letteranswering
I rea11ylike going to school herel The (100-120words).
teachersare very helpful. lt's great fun learning i: in the plan,
Answerthe questions
another languagel My classmatesare a1l really thenwrite your (100-120
letter words).
She helps me out and is

very kind. Charlieis the classclown. Hes always

gettinginto troublefor makingeveryonelaugh!
ET_l How are things going?Just dropping you a I
line to tell you about life herein York. Dear + (Jourfriend,'sfirst name)
Love, Introduction
Anna (Fara 7) How are you going to Sreet lour
.fnend?I{rby are You tariting tbe letter?
Main Body
3 Readthe letter and find examplesof shorf (Paras 2-3) Wbat are your new neigbbours like?
forms,phrasalverbsand everydayvocabulory. Wbat new friends have You made?
What are lbeY like?
ffip wun g f il&*wErNg YffiYffi
are eYW% What are Your classmateslilee?
4 in the followinglistasOR
Markthe phrases 'Wbat
(Pan 4) are your closing remarks?
or CR(closing
(openingremarks) remarks).
How will yow sign oJf
n Writebacksoonandtellmeyournews
o Sorry I haven't beenin touchfora while.
o Hi!What'sup?
. H i lG u e swsh a t ? \A/hv : ro vn t t ;,..-
: , ,t' lwas on time
. l'mwritingto letyouknowthat. IATC \T:N /
: untilI sawa signthat:r
. Can'twaitto seeyou.
said"SLOWDOWN- j
. Well,that'sallfromme.
. Byefor now.
r Gotto go now.
hat comesto mindwhen TheBritishsenseof humouris
youthinkof London? very subtle.A lot of people
Evenif you'venever0) bstr lhere, find it hardto understandour
youwillprobablythinkof BigBen 1 jokes. This is probablythe
What reason3) ... ........
. we have
il,,. aboutthe British? Again,even a reputationfor beingvery
i f y o u ' v e1 ) . . . . ..." . m e t sarcastrcHoweve;our sense
anyBritishpeople,youwill of humourallowsusto mare
probably comeup with ideas fun of ourselves
suchaspunctual,reserved, a comicallight.
or polite. But
We areverypolite!We say
and "Thankyou"
a lot.We eventhankthe
busdriverfor the ridewnen
we get off the bus!A lot of
peoplethink it isextreme,
4) .. ....politenessis
an importantpartof our

The Britishare famous for
depictinga typical
their sfrff upperlip. lf you
Englishman isa man
keepa stiffupperIip,you are
wearinga bowlerhat
tryrngnot to show you are
2) . readinglhe
the fact that
Dmesnewspaper. However,
we don't show5) .....
in England
we don't haveany!

,3F(i|ry+1."if .t?r,.r:,lf,ir,jr.1s,r1

) Reading&Listening W Speaking
't Whichof the followingadjectives wouldyou 4 Whichof the adjectives
in Ex.1 do you
associatewith the British?
Why?Discuss it in pairs. associatewith the peoplein yourcountry?
. reserved . loud . old-fashioned . organised Discuss
it in pairs.
o cold r eccentrico sensitiveo tolerant
5 Spendtwo or threeminutesrevising
. punctual o sarcastic
o polite
havelearntin thislesson. yourbooks
Z a, Lookat the title of the text.Whatdo you andtell yourpartner.
expectit to be about?Readandcheck.
6 Project:Work in groups.Thinkof some
b. Readandcomplete
the gaps(1-5).Listen stereotypesrelatedto the peoplein your
thewordsin bold. country.Writea shortarticlefor an
3 Saythreethingsyou remember
fromthe text. with pictures.
*wm#-xvz Wildlife habitats are only found rn the
Listenandreadthe song.Howis it relatedto Portd habitatsare smallerthan woodland
thetitleof the unitandthe pictures? habitats.
l*is|*:n, {* tk* rnll *{ t** ',vi!d
*v*ryb*d'y, H a l f o f a l l B r i t i s hw i l d l i f ei s i n d a n g e ro f
{-*!ling*rte;:yxrialt,*nd r*!!ing*vt:ryrfuit'd disappearing
{*tfir;g*r;t fr;r{z*!'p,
{*r * vv*'yt* surviv* Thorparen'tanvnlacesleft for animals
to live
| . ' Y | 9 ! L -

' , {xlfi*g **t {*r {r**d*m, *nd tryiit7 t# ;t{}y #fiv* tn.
M a n y a n i m a l sh' a b i t a t sa r e n o l o n g e rt h e
2 eachpicture,usingthe notesbelow:
Discuss same.
. type of animal:mammal, reptile,amphibian, etc Thereare fewer pondsthesedaysbecauseof
o naturalhabitat man
land- jungle,forest,
woodlands, prairie,mountains,etc 9 lt'stoo lateto saveanimals from extinction
water- pond, river,lake,wetlands, ocean,etc 1 0 M a k i n ga p o n d i n y o u r g a r d e nc a n h e l p
o endangered by wildlife.
hunting/fishing- for food,for itsfur/etc,aspets,etc
habitatchanges -fires,cuttingdowntrees, pollution,
buiIding houses/roads/fences,etc lmagineyouwork for the Environment Agency.
Chimpanzees aremammabthatlivein forests.Theyare Usethe headings in the textto talkabout
endangered because when
therrhabitatis destroyed British
theforeststheylivein arecut down.Peoplealsohunt L*sh*rzxwng
themforfoodor to sellaspets.
6 Youaregoingto listento someonetalking
ffiww#&rary aboutendangered species.Listenandwrite Yes
or Nonextto eachsentence.
3 a. Lookat thetitleof thetextandthe
headings.Whatdo youthinkyouaregoing 1 There
arearound12,000 endanqered
to readabout?Listen. readandcheck. specres
2 TheRedDataListgivesdetails
Getting the main idea of humans
Everyparagraphcontainsa main idea.Findingthe TheEuropeanbisonis endangered
main ideaof eachsectionhelpsyou understand of hunters.
the author'spurpose.
5 Theredwolfisendangered
findthe mainideain eachparagraph.
b. In pairs, manhascutdownthetrees
Whatistheauthor's purpose in writing? Thinkof tenwordsyouhavelearntin this
(1-10)about ln pairs,makesentences
lesson. usingthem.
4 Lookat the sentences
wildlifeandhabitats.Readthe text
carefullyandmarkeachsentence asI ffiWrihnA
- 1.J'
(true)or F(false).
Thenexplain the
meanings of thewordsin bold.In Workin groups.
Portfolio: Collectinformation
thinkof anothertitlefor thetext. abouttwo wildlifehabitats in yourcountryand
'l Britain the animalsthat livethere.Writea shortarticle
hasa widevariety of wildlife
aboutthem(50-80 words)for a teenmagazine.
to live
needa lot of space
2 Allanimals
Decorate yourarticle with pictures.
meansall the plants,animalsand other livingthingsfound in the
lvild. Thesecanbe mammalssuchassquirrels,reptileslikethe sandlizard,
fish,insects,andtiny littleanimalsthatyou can'tseeeasily.

What etrffif;"Hebfitets?
lJabitatsare the placeswhere plantsand animalslive. They are all around us
- on the land, in the water, in the city and in the countryside.Habitatscan be
large,like woodlands and farmlands, or small, like ponds and hedgerows.
Some animalslive in reallytiny places,like the spacebetweensand grains!

Whatis fuapperning?
In the UK alone,there are about 37,000 differentspeciesof animalsand 65,000
differentspeciesof plants.Sadly,though, over the last 100 years more than 170
plant and animd specieshavecompletelydisappeared.
Today,about 1 5% of all Britishwildlife is still at risk, especiallyanimalssuch
as the otter and the brown hare. Unlesswe do somethingto help, things will
only get worse.
The main reason why some types of plants and animals are becoming
endangered species is that their habitatsare lost or have changed.Animals
like moths, birds and bats have lost their homes as people have cut down
ihe hedgerowsthey Iive in. Also, a lot of ponds are no longer suitablefor
ihe animalsand plants to live in becausethey are polluted, or people have
f i l l e dt h e m i n .

we d#3
We need to save many species of endangered British wildlife from
extinction before it is too late. You can help by supportingenvironmental
groups like the EnvironmentAgency that are working to protect our rare
n,ildlifeand habitatsfrom the danger of disappearingforever.You can even
create a small wildlife habitat yourself, by making a pond at school or in
),our garden.
Fora leaflet
about yourownwildlife
howtocreate pond,
O Environment


c hi n c hi l l a
tr* rrzw.ls"*
?"'&,r*z;'a Wr;rzr{
You1) makea wildlifeoond 7) . .. .. softunderthe liningso it
in your.garden
whether doesn't teara. You can use old
yY: gi: t':l:::i:\y_or int hecitv newspapers
if you like
Wdfu*w? 1lf&rt*rv.tfuwt?
Thebestttme2) year,to.99i, Dig the hole for the pond.you
Thent ; pondwtll be , makeit the size
is rn November.
^by_^^^^. i: and shape
that you
3) thesprins
:-- ;;;i nii ii #-t. *;U
* --j I if - 1-
i.:i :::; 1":n:'iliolr...o
wtu*r*,,* 1
Whereyouput the pondis4) ........... shallows aroundthe edges.Clearaway
importint iirst, it needsto b. on t"u"t all the put
stones, in the newspapers
groundl.Secondly, to be I
it 5) . .............
thatis quitesunny
butatsol Mfu,e*
withsomeshade2. q\
- t . . . . . . . . . . . t. w
. .o
. w e e k sy o u c a na d d
W,{&v** ,wi*fu? | pond plantsin and aroundthe pond.
The pond needsto have a lininq3 As 10) ...the animals, mostof
6 ) . . . . . . . t h a t t h e w a t e r s t aiyns.v i t u r nu p 6o n t h e i ro w n- n o t
can buy a flexiblepond linei from a i once'but overtime
gardencentre You also need to put

Lookat the picture. *; * , -- -*-

]^eanh 3toy",ofpiiitx t;;;";rp
In pairs,say: , apull apan, get a
hole 6appear
. wherethepicture
. \A/hrt \/nr I ran qoo Reading
o whatthepeople
. whattheyareweanng/feeling 3 a . Readthe title of the text aboveandthe headings.
pairs, the questions.
try to answer Readandcheck.
Listening the text with the correctword for eachspace.
b . Complete
2 a. Youaregoingto listento
somebody talkingaboutwhy 1 A can B could C may D might
treesareimoortant.Listenand 2 A i n B a t C o f D t o
choosethe correctwords. 3 A ready B a v a i l a b l e C complete D arranged
4 A very B too C much D many
*.; ..' ' : ' / : ; : : ' : ' \

5 A must B can C has D should

: \ : ! -

". \ a
* ' ' h ' h h " ' q * . ' * b " "
6 A because B s o C t o D for
7 A nothing B anything C everythingD something
8 A most B least C best D worst
9 A When B Later C Before D After
1 0 A for B far C with D t o

4 a. Usethe verbsto completethe phrases'.

adopt, send,use.
1 ... ....... a campaign to protectthe environment; 2
money;3 .. . trees;4 r u b b i s h5;. . . . . . . l e t t e r s
to localpapers; 6 an animal;7 .. .. publictransport

waysyou canhelpprotectthe
b . Workin groups.Suggest
b. Usethe notesaboveto givea environment.
shorttalk on why treesare A: Ithinkweshouldplantsome
important. a qoodidea.Wecanalso...
B: That's
Speoking Matchthe pairsof words,then usethe phrases
Lookat thepictures.
to discuss to completethe sentences.
technologyandmodern life. expressions
in yourlanguage?

tn 9reen
)U fresh
red _ !-;-.,
d udr>y
brown - ,'errV
1y a
rS grass

t0 1 Janehasgot a lovelysuntan- she's

rf 2 lwent to bed latelastniqht,but I feel . . . .
t h i sm o r n i n g
Whenhe startedworkingfor the companyhe

but now he is muchmoreexperienced.

4 SnowWhite hasskinas white as snow and

*;: 8

faster q there
isa lotofair
havebetterliving losetheir
1 Unless we do something
conditions habitat
produce will ...... out (becomeextinct)
things factory
faster pollutes 2 I can't out what type of
andbetter thewaier
insectthis prctureshows (see/understand)
communicate better
I people
3 lf we don't start protecting
people's can 1
lives people
m a n ya n i m a l w
s ill out of
besaved starvation
placesto live (haveno more)

A: Manhasmadecarsandaeroplanes, 4 Tomis . . out - he'sbeendigging

so we can
travelfaster. a holefor a pondall morning(exhausted)
B: That's
true...butontheotherhand,thereisa lotof 5 PaulSterryhas. .. . out a book
airpollution. wi ldlifephotographs.(published)
of beautiful

9 Spendtwo or three minutesrevisingwhat you

Underlinethe correctpreposition
in bold. havelearntin this lesson.Closeyour books
Checkin your dictionaries.
Makesentences and tell your partner.
3rs usingthe phrasesin italics.
A lot of animalsareot/inriskofextinction. slWrlffing"

2 We mustprotecthabitatsof/fromdisappearing
3 Youcan helosayeanimalsof/fromextinction Portfolio:Workin groups.Prepare
a leaflet
4 Chinchillasareat/indangerof extinction. advertisinganEnvironmentDayyourgroupis
5 'Wildlife' organising. youaregoingto do.
Modal verbs - "mlrst" I
"havg to", "should"I Wfum
"ought to", "mustn't"
You1) ......... treat thecountryside asyouwould
@ yourhome.
G r a m m aR
r eference o Besafe- planahead andfollow anysigns
Readthe speechbubbles. Which When y o ug o y o u
f o ra w a l k , 2 ) , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .c, .h. .e.c.t.kh. .e
of the modalsin boldexpress: weatherforecast before yousei off andreferto upto-date
. prohibition(it's wrong/against ma0s,
thelaw)? c Leave gates andproperty asyoulindthem
. advice/suggestion (it'sthe right You3)........,.. climb over fences orhedges ortouch
t h i n ot o d o ) ? machinery.Infields you
withcrops 4)....................,...... follow
. obligation/duty/necessity (its the thepathsaround theedges. Donotwalkacross them.
o Protectplants andanimals andtakeyourlitterhome
You5) .....droplitter- it is dangerous to
andcanspr:ead diseases.
r KeeF dogsunder closecontrol
Bylaw,you6)........,.. keep yourdogona shorl lead
You must/have to o Considerother people
followthe trafficsigns. You7) .......... showrespect forlocal people. Drive
slowlyanddon'tblock gateways withyourcar.

) Reoding & Listening

Youshould/ i Readthe text aboveandcomplete the gapswith must,
ought to respect mustn'tor should.Listenandcheck.
the elderly.
species 4 youaretakinga schoolclass
lmagine on a tripto the
Tellthe students
what theymustlmustn't/should/
)speaking shouldn't

2 Lookat thesignsbelowMake Word formation (formingnounsfrom verbs)

or should
to explain
what Useyourdictionaries
to complete eachsentence
with the
theynnean. nounderivedfromthe word in bold.

1 Thereis a meetingon elephant .. next
2 W e ' v eg o t a h u g e. . . . . . . . .o. f p a i n t i n gby
s this
artist (COLLECT)
3 You can ask questions
at the of the
I0 Br programme (C. ONCLUDE)
KIPTolt ttAlf
Thezoo announced that therewill be a
1 People in staffbecause
of financialdifficulties(REDUCE)
thepublicfootpath. Recycling
"Will"l"Going to" Timewords & the future "@
GrammarReference GrammarReference
Matchsentences 1-3to whattheyexpress:
10 a. Readthe examples. Whattensedo we use
a plon/intention,
future a prediction
basedonwhat aftertime words(when, until,before,
wesee,o prediction
basedonwhatwethinUbelieve. as,ofter,etc)to referto the future?
1 Lookat thosedarkclouds!lt'sgoingto rain.
2 l'm goingto joinGreenpeace thisyear. whenshegetshere.(timeword)
3 I thinkhewill succeed. BUT:Whenwillshegethere?(question
a. Peter's to
intothe present
b. Puttheverbsin brackets
helpthe environment.
or future.
1 joinan environmental
1 CanI seeAnn beforeshe
2 makea pond at school(/) (leave)?
3 go on a schooltrip to the countryside
2 We (wait)until
4 takepartin a clean-up campaign (/)
5 buywildlifeposters(X)
S h e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( m e e tD
) ave
6 visita wildlifepark(/)
A: Aretheygoingtojoin an environmental
group? W h a tw i l lh ed o a f t e rh e . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
B: Yes, (finish)school?
What doesshewant to be whenshe.
b. Whatareyougoingto do to helpprotect .....(growup)?
the environment?
future perfect
".*W' 11 Completethesecond sentence
sothat it means
GrammarReference sameasthefirst.Useno morethanthreewords.

I Whichverbform expresses: a previously programmes,

1 Withoutbreeding manyanimal
arrangedaction?an actionin progress at a . , . _ /r_l r s a p p e a r .
<norio< m:rl

certaintime in the future?an actionfinished Without breedingprogrammes, manyanimal

beforea certainfuturetime? soecres out
1 Thistimenextweekl'll betravelling to Spain. 2 Why don'twe takethe children to the zoo?
2 Thistimenextweekl'll havefinishedmyproject We . . the childrento the zoo
3 l'll be seeing
Anntonight 3 My intentionisto helpthe environment.
t l'm h e l ot h e e n v i r o n m e n t
b . Putthe verbsin the correcttense. 4 lt'sagainstthe law to droplitterrnthe street
1 A : How longhaveyou beenin thisclub? You . . .......lrtterin the street.
B : Rv tho ond nf lrrno I 5 The law saysyou must keepyour dog on a
I . (be)with them for a year. shortleadnearfarmanimals

I 2 A " Aren'tyou meetingBob?

B : Bythe timewe getthere,he
By law. to keepyour dog
on a shortleadnearfarmanimals.
lxt .. . (leave)
3 A : When'syourScience test? 12 Spendtwoorthreeminutesrevisingthe
( s i t )i t
grammar youhavelearntinthis
hrs B : T h r st i m et o m o r r o wI . . . . . .... . . . ..
lesson. makesentences
using them.
4 A : We
he Tomtonrght Wouldyou liketo come?
B : l'd loveto but I can't

9 Whatwill you be doing:at 6 o'clocktomorrow Portfolio:Useyouranswers in Ex.7b to writea

afternoon?at 8:30Sundoyevening?Whatwill shortletterto yourfriendaboutwhatyou are
you havedoneby the timeyouare30? goingto do to helpprotectthe environment.
- i w*'u',j-;:";'"'r.n' .+ -':r
aiq.i riil,tL*lid*ii*ld;iiilLidt!,!i*r1ri'r.ii.:!,j.::i...::::'."

Matt: Don't you just loveit here?Forestas far as you can see,fresh
a i r s, i l e n c e . . .
John: Yes,it's great.l'm getting hungry.though,so let'stake a
Matt: All right- but not for long.We'vestillgot plentyto seel
Lookat the picture.
J o h n :O K
Listen to the sounds.
Matt: What areyou doing?
lmagine youareexploringthis
John:Throwingmy rubbishaway.What'swrongwith that?
area.What canyou see/hear/
Matt: Pickup yourrubbish!We werejust admirrngnature,and you
decideto droplitterin the forestl
2 lntonation .John:Sorry- | didn't think of that. Anyway,it's not likethere'sa
rubbishbin here!
Matt: That'sno excuse.
You'repollutingthe forest!Animalslivehere
Peoplecamphere.Theydeserve a cleanenvironment.
J o h n :W e l l .I s u p p o syeo u ' r er i g h t .t ' l lp i c ki t u p .
Don'tyoujustloveit here? Matt: That'smorelikeitl
| , :. _..rr:r.iiiri:rrii1r,.*.1:,,,.or.,,,..,,,"***ta*.Uu*Ur,.q*U*S*Ui8!*rft{**$$ryrrt?
Whatareyoudoing? *

What's wrongwiththat? Makingsuggestions

& agreeing
Pickupyourrubbish !
Sorry | didn'tthinkof that. In pairs,usethe language
in thetable,the ideaslistedand
That'sno excuse yourown ideasto actout conversations asin the examples.
Well,I supposeyou'reright. . helpsaveforests / uselesspaper/ plantnewtrees
r cutdownon rubbish paper,
/ recycle plastic
andglass / reuse
b Reading
Thesentences abovearefrom o protect / joinanenvironmental
wildlife group/ createa
the dialogue.
Whatdo youthink wildlife
habitatin ourgardens
the dialogue
isabout?Listen, . saveenergy/ usesolarpower/ useenergy-efficientlightbulbs
readandcheck. A: Let's
helpsaveourforests paper.
a goodidea!We
B: That's couldalsoplantnewtrees.
4 Readthe dialogueagainand
A: Goodthinking.
completethe sentences.
1 Matt likesforestsbecause
2 J o h nw a n t s. .
a Let's a OK.Why not?
3 Matt getsangrywith John a Why don'tyoulwe. .? a That'sa(n)excellenVgood
a How about(+ ing)? a G o o dt h i n k i n g
4 Johncan'tfrnd ( W h a ta ) g o o d / g r e ai td e a !
O Why not (+ infl? a
5 Matt persuadesJohnto
6 Lookat thepicture. Usethequestions
it in pairs.
I Where/ picturetaken?(lna...)
2 What / you/ see?(lcan...)
3 How/ people/ feel?(They ...)
4 Why / they/ do this?(Because ...)
5 How/ you/ help/ environment? (/...)

Listening for specific information

Beforeyou listen,read the questionsand try Expresslng
to guesseachanswer.Listenthe first time and
checkyour guesses. Check eachansweragain I Speoking
carefullywhen you listenfor the secondtime.
8 Readthe example.Lookat the factsandthe
I languagebox.In pairs,actout dialogues
the example.
Youwill hearsomeone talkingabout
A: Scientistshaveidentified
forests.Readthe questions.Canyouguessthe
offishin theAmazonBasin.
correctanswer? Listen,andput a tick(/) in
B: Isthatso?
the correctboxfor eachquestion.

1 WhydoesDavid
Theysupport60%of the world'swildlife
Tharr nrnrrido inh<

Theyhelpkeepthe climatein balance. FS,{TS

Why do somecompanies
do research
on forest | /s ol the world's fresh wqler is
plants? in the Anqzon Bqsin.
to find new products Only 2OO,OOOIndinns live there
' a'.L '

to find differentkindsof food nowcdoys.

' More lhen 2Oo/oof the world's
to discover
new medicines
orygen is produced lhere.
In somepartsof the world, forestsprovidethe
Inrel nonnlo rn,ifh

FI-l mostof the foodtheyeat. Really!lsthat so? Howinteresting!

| neverknewthat!
tt-l-l woodto makealltheirfurniture.
f,f] theonlywayto heattheirhouses. whatyou
Spendtwo or threeminutesrevising
Mostof thewoodtakenfromforests havelearntin thislesson. yourbooks
N-l isusedfor paper. andtellyourpartner.
El-l isburnedasfue,
il iscutdownfor timber.
Whatharmsforests the most?
I H o "O i i y o ug e t , See that tree'1
FTI humanactions that blackeye? overthere?,/
ETlclimate chanse ,&
WhatdoesDavidsaywe candoto saveforestsT
tAT_l planttreesandrecycle

paper YCS..

tt-l-l rllell,t didl-tf;

il choosewoodproductsfromtreesyou
w%mwtwffi ffixywtt/lnd i rect quw%Kwffitrx%
Readtheadvertbelow.Whatisit about?What 3 a. Readthe questions below.Howdoesword
doesit give?
information questions?
orderdifferin directandindirect
Wwwbwwgf \wsv't Wfuetttwse
I stwrt? WhereisTom?(direct)
W}:W:WWWWW,Wb. Usethe expressions
in the boxto change
"tr,'?*u Formore the directquestions questions.'
to indirect
I &, & informotion
u uW,
%.,'&'. W, onentryform,
writeto: Can/Could me/letme know ?
you (please)tell
u.A q"d "a"T John Boxier, I wouldliketo/beinterested
to know/findout ...
in Aslit.onh{*uror:irLl
Park ZZShelleyRood,
Lonco$erLAI5PH 1 Whattime doesit start?
wffi,,W w%.&,:,w,@WW
w:6pW. 2 How muchdoesit cost?

t' x*sY?
ffig;wt \N&se*nI a\wsavxg
&mteI ewtra*s? 3 Do I needanyspecialequipment?
4 How longdoesthe naturewalk last?
lf youwantedto joinin theactivity,
wouldyouliketo have?In pairs,
c. Findall the questionsin the letter.Which
makecomplete questions fromthe notesin blue.
onesaredirect,and which are indirect?

2 Readandcomplete the letterwith the phrases
(a-f).Whatis eachparagraph about?Howdoes 4 Portfolio:Readthe rubric,answerthequestions,
thisletterdifferfromthe oneon p. 14? thenwriteyourletter(100-150 words).

letterusing youmade.
W D . i t h r e g a r dt o y o u r
. . . . . . . .w
odvertisement in the EveningReporter. I om
interestedin tokingpartin thenaturewotkand
,;',mxl$" ,.',
I wouldlikesomeJurtherinJormatlon aboutit. W&w:'6'*wi6?'
W 2) . . . . . . .,.d o e si t c o s o t ngthing
to tokeport or is it Jree?I woutdatsolike to
Jind out whot tlme the wolk starts,as wetlos
how [ongit losts.
W g . . . . . . . .l .w, o u t dl i k et o k n o w ,hx:::::,BrianJones,
whetherI needto wear speclalctothingor
bring angthingwith me.4)
wi[[ reJreshments
be providedor do I hoveto
bring mg own?5) , coutd
,,oriril, _ .,_.._

fuwThank Uou in advanceJor gour hetp. Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss + (tbe surname of the person)
6) .............. t o h . e a r t Jn rgo mg o u .
Introduction What are your opening remarks?
Ynttr< <inroroltt
I v 4 | J J ! | ! L ! | L l y ,
(Para 7) rVby are you uriting?
Main Body |Vbat infonnation do you uant?
(Paras 2-3) Wbat questiottstuill you ask?
Conclusion j[/hat arc !ou" closing rentarks?
a To beginwith d F i nal l y (Para 4)
b I look forward e Forexample
Yorn'ssittcerely- 4'our full rtatne)
c I am writing f lnaddition
2 Readthetextandmarkthe
f (true)or F(false).
Thenexplainthewordsin bold.
1 Pesticides
arechemicals ..
2 Pesticides
3 protect
Pesticides wildlife.. .... What are pesticides?
4 Pesticides
aredangerous. A'pest'isanylivingthingthatharmscropgroMh,carries
diseaseor causesdamage.Some rnethodsof pest
Readagain.Whatdo the control are natural,but other methodsuse chemicals
wordsreferto? Flyspray,rat poisonandsimilarthings
you mayusein everyday lifeareall pesticides.
4 In pairs,
fill in thegapswith
the numbers below.Listenand Why do we needpesticides?
check. Farmersuse pesticides
to protectcropsfrom insects,
. 37 . 500 . 400 . 31,000 and weedswhile they are growing.Theyalso
preventrats and mice, flies and other insectsfrom
Did you know? helpus controlantsandcockroaches
Pesticides in our
1) tonnesof pesticides
are homesanddestroymitesandticks.Pesticides in wood
on UKlandeachyear andwoolrnakeourfurnitureandclotheslastlonger.
2) . .. pesticideshave been
Why are people concerned about the use of
: a n n e dr nt h e U K .
Pesticidescanbe useful,buttheycanalsoharmpeople,
in the last10 years.
wildlifeandtheenvironment. Thisiswhytherearestrict
5 pesticidesare approvedfor use in controlsovertheirsaleanduse.
crganic farming. but non-organic
Many peopleobject to their use becausepesticides
iarmerscanuseabout4) cancontaminate our drinkingwaterand causehealth
7 Speaking Someof the mostcommonlyusedpesticides aretoxic
5 Spend twoor threeminutes to animals andhumans andlargeamounts makeus ill.
revising They can give us headachesand stomachache,
and damageour skin, hair and nails,and leadto weight
tellyourpartner. loss.Expertsbelieve
thatsomeof themcanevencause
b Project cancer.

6 Goto a supermarket nearyouand

makea listof allthepesticides.
& Grammar Useof English
Fillin the missingword.
3 Completethe secondsentence so that it means
1 Cutting treescandestroyanimal the sameasthe first.Useup to threewords.
habitats. Blackhaspublished
1 Heather a bookabout
2 H e rb r o t h elro v e tso w o r k H ei sa . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . endangered
3 Tonykeepsa(n) . .. . .. on thingswhenl'm away. H e a t h eBr l a c k . . . . . . .
4 H e t r i e st o k e e po n g o o d . . . . . . . . . . . .w. i t h out a bookaboutendangered species
h i sn e i g h b o u r s . 2 lt's againstthe law to drop litter on the
Richard . . after hisfather.Bothhave pavement.
got blackhairand blueeyes You .......... l i t t e ro n t h e p a v e m e n t .
6 Canyou . out the rubbish? Couldyouchange the sheets?
7 Please
do me a ...... . Watchmy house Do you the sheets?
when I'm away. Our neighbourtakescareof my baby sister
8 Thisawfulmusicdrivesme whenevermy parentsareat work
9 They'vebeenstudyingEnglish..... . lastMay. O u rn e i g h b o u. r. . . . . . . . . . . . . ... m y b a b ys i s t e r
10 He'salwaysas . . . .. asa bee. whenevermy parentsareat work.
(10marks) Canyou describe Peterto me?
2 Circlethe correctitem. Canyou tell me what
We can . ......a wildlifehabitatby makinga
pon0. Complete the sentences
4 with the correctword
A recycle B fill in C create derivedfromthe wordsin bold.
You . . . .. let yourdog barkall night. 1 Youmustbe very..... whenyou
A don't haveto B shouldn't C must drive. CARE
A lot of peoplearestilldyingof 2 Ann isa very person.IMAGINE
A erosion B habitat C starvation 3 We mustsaveendanoered
Cindytriesto get with herneighbours
4 M r H a r r i issv e r y . . . . . . . . . . .h; e d o e s n ' t
A along B clear C after
do childish
or sillythings SENSE
H o r < i c t o r i'c" v"a.r'r r, , Sho rnrritoc n^amq

A sensible B creative C organised (8 marks)

Could you pleasedo the washing
tonight? Communication
A u p B out C off
A l o t o f a n i m a lasr ei n . . . . . . . o f e x t i n c t i o n
5 Complete
the exchanges.

A illness B danger C risk a What'she like? d That'san excellent

b Don'tworryaboutit. idea!
He has cleared
the table
c Couldyou tidyyour e Pleasedto meetyou
A already B since C yet
M a n yp l a n t sa n da n i m a lasr e . . . . .. . s p e c i e s .
A natural B wildlife C endangered A : Whydon'tyoujoinan environmental
10 W h y d o n ' t w e s e n da l e t t e rt o t h e . . . . . . . . . .
A : We haven'tmet before.havewe? l'm Judy
A fresh B tocal
He istalkative
and friendly
the correctwordfor eachspace.
Srrrc Nln nrnhloml

l'm sorryI didn'tmeanto forgetyourbook irj

of peoplel) ....,... thewoddlive
(10mdrks) ,li
in cities,The2) of peoplelivingin citiesis
:) 3) ..,,,..,.,.bigger every yeor,In Europeond the
Listening 'rl

USA,80o/" of liveincities.
Youwill heara conversation betweenClaire Peoolemoveto citiesto:
andherfriend,Tom,abouta school tripto a . 4 ) . . ,. . .. ,, o j o b
safaripark.Decideif eachsentence is correct o be neordoctors ond hospitols
7 or incorrect. tick(/)YES.lf it is
lf it is correct, . go to school5) ,, ,,,,, university
:I tick(/) NO.
not correct, . be neor shops,cinemos,restouronts ond
sports focilities
Yes No
Claireand herclassmates
Wheno lolof peopleliveincitieslhereoreproblems:
. People
payingfor the trip. rr 6) , ,..,. o lotof rubbish.
. Corsondfoctories oollutetheoir.
2 Theschooltour will lastone day. E E . Peoplebuildcitieson formlondso thereis
3 Claireis boredwith the detailsof
7')....,...,londforgrowing food
t h et n p o Peoplecleor wild oreosto buildcities,so
d Twoof Claire's classmates
won't plonts ondonimols 8) ., ...,. theirhcbiiots
g o o n t h et r i p . ttE . Somepeoplemoveto cities 9) ..,,...,,.,..
Tomhasmanaged to overcome findjobsor o home,Threebillionpeoplelive
h i sf e a ro f w i l da n i m a l s rI] in cities,but one billionhaven'tgot o house,
l0) . ...... wofer,electricity oro job,
Claireis lookingforwardto the trip E E .:li
r$ftfi1l1tl{,rr.: lerr"',,, i.'r iiri':

1 A d L B i n C o n
2 A number B rest C part
Writing 3 A making B getting C rising
4 A rooK B search C find
Thisis partof an e-mailyou received
pen-friend: 5 A or B but C else
6 A rarse B d o C create
T h ep e r s o nI a d m i r em o s ti s m ym u mW
. hat 7 A |^--
tE)) B few C many
8 A rose B miss C spend
9 A o- tt).u^ B and C but
1 0 A clean B public C local
QA marks)
(Total= 100marks)
Nm*fff ffimfrq,,,
describepeople's appearance & character
Write an e-mail answeringyour pen-friend's talkandwriteabouttheenvironment
questions(100-120 words). writea letterto a frienddescribing
dy (20 marks)
writea letteraskinq for information

t '
l:t::,' )'tt:"':::

-ffi ** "-tpw.#.

W Reading & Listening

a. Lookat the titleandreadthe
introduction.Whatdo youthink
' ; i i r l r i r , " , I l l
li("iIri:iiri'l rillli\l" t;\l [ifir{:riiNrilirr
b. In pairs,
thinkof onethingyou li,illr ri
l'ri'l"i,,irl ifirirriri|ll iiri:'lii,li,!iti;rirl'i!i|,,.
canreduce, oneyoucanreuse
andoneyoucanrecycle. Listen RFDLJEE
Everytime we turn on the tap or the lightswitch,we're
andreadthe text. Doesit
wastinEvaluableresources!Here'showio reduceyouruse
mentionanyof yourideas? of theseresources:
2 Readthestatements andmark
$ Use energy-efficientproducts.
themI (true)
or F (false).
e Turnoff lightsand electricalapplianceswhen you'renot
thewords/phrases in bold. u s i n Et h e m .
1 Takingthebushelpsreduce Paper,etc:
pollutron T $ Buyin bulk - thishelpsavoidexcesspackaging.
2 Usinorecharoeable
batteries Fuel:
I Usepublictransport- this helpsreduceair pollution.
helpsthe environment
by reducing waste - don'tleavetaps runningwhenyou
S Usewaterefficiently
3 Alwaysuseplasticbags ,ft aren't
s - them.
w h e ny o ug o s h o p p i n g "$tlsjr!$r'q{"[F,r,wr]$\qylL!fr[q$:qT$4$]g-u4l@j!.rellsi$rllp}ni-$ttlss

4 R e u s ge l a s sa, l u m i n i u me,t c
incto:d af rarvrlina
By reusingmaterialswe can In a lifetime,
5 Youcan'trecycle
mobile cut down on the amountof averagepersonthrows
phones rubbishwe haveio get rid of. away600 timestheir
weightin wastelWe i
W Speaking 0 Shanebooks,magazines can reduceour waste
ano newspapers. output by recycling.As
3 yourbookandtellyoul'
Close well as glass,
Giveawayold items you
threewaysof helping
the aluminium, plasticand
don'tneed (suchas
environment. clothes,CDs,games, pape[ you can also
DVDs,etc)to charity. recycre:
4 Whatarethe peopledoing
wrong?Whatshouldtheydo? Use rechargeable
C Mobilephones&
batteries. compurers
0 Use canvasor clothbags Motoroil
whenyougo shopping
insteadof plasticones. 0 Fluorescentlight
C Printerink

5 Thinkof tenwordsyouhavelearntin thislesson.

In pairs,

W Project
A: Billiswasting In groups,
Partfolio: andprepare
collectinformation a three-
B: Hecansavepaperif hesets... rninutespeech '3
aboutthe Rs'.Record yourselves.
Units 3-4

. express dissatisfaction*
askfor details
a t a l ko n t h e p h o n e
a makepoliterequests
a dpqrriho nirf rrro<

ts Practise..,
a pastIenses
) Before
youstart... a usedto - would
a ronnrfod cnoorh
JflssL, I

. What makesa goodnerghbour?

a reportingverbs/modal verbs
r What do you do to helpprotectthe
a idiomsrelatedto holidays,
environment? a formingadjectiveswith negative
) Lookat Module2 phrasalverbswith off,down

Findthe pagenumbers
for pictures
F Write...
) Findthe unitandpagenumber(s)
for c a shortarticlefor a magazine aboutyour
. worstholidayexpelence
accommodation symbols f . a letterto a friendfrom a holidayhotel
. tour advertisements E r a shortparagraph describing someof the
. a streetsign E
r thingsyou usedto do on holidaywhenyou
a cartoonstrip t]
. wereyounger
a literatureextract E o a story(1stpersonnarrative)
. a leafleton how a visitorto yourcountry
) Listen,
s h o u l db e h a v w
e h i l ed i n i n go u t
. transport . an e-mailto a pen-friend aboutyourschool
. accommooatton life
. holidays
& holidayproblems r a ffor
a and
nr e n d .against
en:in<f oq<:rr
. feelings
. good manners
o education& schoolactivities Gulture HolidayCamps

) Learnhowto ... Curricular Pvgmalion

. b o o ka g u i d e dt o u r
yor: had a hotidaywhenesennething
or everything went wrong?
Ev*rycnewantsto have a good time whenthey go on holiday,and it
can be very upsettingwhenthe dnearnhotidaythat you'vesaved up
fon and &emkedflsrward to a[[ year &e'lnals
ie'rtsyour worst nightmare.
F{ereanesCIffiebad experiencesand pro[:lemsfrorn readens'ho[idays"
'trffi ou can just imagine the scene. We had just
fiit finished a lovely picnic in a remote mountain Sometimesthingsgo wrong
forestin centralFrance.Relaxedand happy,we made
throughno faultof yourown,
our way back to the road where we had left our car,
only to discoverthat we had lost the keys! lt was but someproblemscan be
gettingdark and there wasn'ta soul around.I don't avoided altogether.
thinkwe had everfelt so terrified!Noneof our mobile Simplethingslikewearinga
phones had any reception so we just had to wait.
high factor sun creamor
Eventually, hourslater,we heardthe soundof a car comingalongthe road.Amazingly,
the car was the same modelas ours and we waved frantically for the driverto stop. checkingthe expiry date on a
He tried his key in the boot lock and magically,it opened,revealing the keys.They passportcouldsave a lot of
must haveslippedout of my pocket.I can'ttell you how relievedwe felt! (KatyBanks)
timeand inconvenience.
goingon holidayto San Diego,USA.
,,;, _:l e were Otherthingsshouldgo without
r, ;l We'd booked the holidayonline six months
saying,suchas bookingyour
earlierand I hadn'tbotheredto checkour passports.l'd
just assumed evefihing was OK. So you can imagine holidaythrougha reputable
my surprisewhen we were told at the check-indeskthat travelcompanyand taking
we couldn'tfly becauseour son's passpoftwas out of
out travelinsurance.
date. My wife and daughterchecked in and off they
went. Nick and I rushed home,got his birth certificate lf you want to know how to
and triedto get a new passport. avoidcommontravel
Therewas a hugequeue at the PassporlOffice,so I pushedto the frontand cried,"My problemsand how to stay
family'sgoneon holidayand my son urgentlyneedsa new passporl!" Withinan hour
healthyon yourholidays,
we had his passporl.We rushedto the airporl,but they told us we were too late and
the nextflightwas at 5 am. At this pointI lost my temper. we spentthe restof the day wwwtrav*N-adviee"ne#
wandering aroundthe duty free. We finallyarrivedat our destination twenty hours or
later,exhaustedbut relievedthat we couldstartour holiday.(NigelBarker)

-t+ hen we arrived at the resort, we were very You'llalsofindmoney-saving
+"i happy.The hotel was nice and the staff were
HfiSffi,*ffi ideasand adviceon planning
poiiteand friendly.The beachlookedfantastic,too - lovely
whitesand and not a soul in sight. Then we found out yournexttrip.
why. As we were walkingalong the beach we noticed a irlextweek: What can gn
signwarning peopleagainstswimmingin thisarea.There
wrongwhen you are buyinga
was a nastysmellto go with it. We had to spendthe entire
holidayroundthe hotel pool insteadof swimmingin the car.
sea. We were very disappointed. (Bob& Steve)
Lead*3sn When talking about their holidayproblem,
Boband Stevesaythat
to themusic
andthesounds. A it wastheirfault.
thequestions. B it couldhappento anyone
C it ruinedthe holiday
Where are you? (on a tropicalisland,in the
D it took them a longtime to recover.
mountains,in a forest,bya pool,in a countrycottage)
What are you doing? (sunbathing, swimming, Whichof the followingis the bestdescription
relaxing, offthedivingboard,camping,etc) of Charles
3 Are you aloneor with company?(family,friendg A a writerfor a weeklymagazine
4 What is the weather ltke? (boilinghot, freezing B a journalist
who onlywritesaboutbadnews
cold,warmandsunny,chilly,etc) C an advicecolumnist
5 How areyou feeling?(happy,relaxed,tired,peaceful, D a magazineeditor
4 a . Explainthe words/phrases
in bold.Whichof
them are phrasalverbs?
2 Readthe lastsentence of eachtext.Whatare b . Completethe sentences
with phrasesfrom
the textsabout?Whatcouldgo wrongwhile thetext.
on holiday?Listen,readandcheck.
We wereexcitedabout going to Madrid.We
h a db e e n . . . . . . .i.t a l l y e a r .
i$Ue"Srrr1_q 2 ThebeachwasemptyTherewas
Founoption multiple choice 3 Yourpassporthasexpired.
lt's ............
Read the text carefully.ldentify the topic, the
4 I w a s v e rayn g r y|.. . . . . . . . . . . .
generalidea of the text, and the reasonit has been
written.This will help you answerthe questions. L9scm&mg
& SpemkFmg
Read the text again;then answer the questions
one at a time.Checkyour choiceagainstthe text. (1-a)tothe
5 a.rListen
andmatchthe speakers
theyhadwhileon holiday.

3 Readthe article.Choosethe best answer- A, a sunburn g lostor stolen

B, C or D - for questions1-5.Givereasons. b delayed flight passporVcredit
c flattyre -^tAA,,^^^^^
Lor u/ ru9ga9tr
1 What isthe mainpurposeof the article? d foodpoisoning h theweather
A to describesomecommontraveloroblems e dirtybeach/hotel problems
i customs
B to give readersthe chanceto talk about f smallroom
what happened
to them on holiday
C to adviseus how to avoidholidayproblems b. Haveyoueverhadanyof theseproblemson
D to makefun of people's travelproblems holiday?
Whathappened? your
Tell partner.
2 WhatdoesKatysayaboutherholiday? Lastsummer wedecided to spendourholidaysin a
A lt wasgreat,apartfrom one incident. friend'scountrycottage,As we weredrivingto the
B Shedid not enjoyit at all. villagewegota flat tyre.lt tookustwohoursto fixit
C Shewishedit wasliketheirotherholidays. beforewecouldcontinue.
D lt was a new experience.
3 What would a readerlearnabout Nigelfrom
the text?
A He loseshistempereasily Project:
Thinkof yourworstholidayexperience.
B He likesdoingthingsat the lastminute. (80-100
Writea shortarticlefor a magazine
words). o
Write: whereyouwent . whowith
C Hecrieswhenthingsdon't go hisway.
. weather. whenit happened r whathappened
D He alwaysstayscalmin an emergency
b , Completethe followingsentences
wordsand phrasesfrom Ex.3a.
Readthe sentences.What meansof transport
is eachpersonreferringto? Which is your We hadtoo muchluggage to flt in the .....
favouritemeansof transporton holiday? sowe put someof tt on tte backseat
It was verywindy and the planemadea very
a l'll meetyou on deckin fiveminutes.
b u m p y. . . .
b Comeon! lt'sboardingnow at gate25 lf we
Thepolicestoppedme because I wasn'twearing
don't hurry.we'll mtssitl
c ShallI giveyou a lift to the office?
W e e n j o y e od u r . . . . ,. ,.. immensely,
d Excuse me lsthisthe riqhtolatformfor the
thanksto the fantasticcrew,who madesure
2 . 1 5t o L o n d o n ?
the passengers hada goodtime.
e Puton the helmet,holdon tight and let'sgo
Aswe cameintothe ... . we were
Listening amazedat how manyothershipswerealready
2 Listento theannouncements andmatch Our journey took ages becauseour train
themto the formsof transportabove.Which stoppedat every... . alongthe wayr
1 Make sentencesof your own for five of the
otherwordsin Ex.3a.
4 Fillin: by ohalong,towardsoroff.

3 a. Matchthewordsin the listto the meansof 'l

Theywalked ....... the platform.lookingfor
Compare with a partner. Canyou thetrcarriage.
2 We took the busto the beach,but the children
c cabin. carriage. landing. buffetcar . seatbelt w e n t . . . . . . .. f o o l
o platformr check-inr boot o porto station
3 Mostpeoplepreferto travel.. . . .. plane
. rushhour . cruise. roadmap o flig1,1
4 As soonastheygot . . ..... the ship,theywere
. takeoff boarding pdssc compartment . deck

surroundedby locals
tryingto sellthemsouvenirs
5 We movedslowly... . .... the rearof the plane,
lookingfor ourseats.

5 Complete the sentences

with verbsin the correct
form/tense, thenexplain

the phrasalverbs.Choose r$g
oneanddrawa picture ssep
to illustrate

As soonasthe taxiarrived,
they ....
off for the airport.
Sometour repstry to ... orftourists
by charging too muchfor organised tours
My brother me offat the airportin
plentyof time for my flight
Thewholefamily ... . Tomorfat the
h a r b o uwr h e nh ew e n t o n h i s2 - m o n t hc r u i s e
O n t h e w a yh o m e t, h e c o a c h . . . . .o. f f i n
L o n d o ns ow e c o u l dd o s o m es h o p p i n g .
a bit nervousuntil the planehas Reading
off andis in the air.
8 a. Lookat thetitleandthe picture.
of accommodation doesthe text describe?
Matchthe idiomsto theirmeanings, do youthinkthe place
6 thenuse
themto completethe sentences.
similar in yourlanguage?
1 hustleand bustle
2 pickand choose
spendvery little in
orderto savefor sth
rhnnqo <olortivalv
3 scrimpandsave
c unnarme0
n safeandsound d busy,noisyactivity
5 ^^,",
o9oirl e occasionally hetheryou are lookingfor a rural
retreator a city break,GrangeHotel
when Paulreturnedfrom his givesyou the bestof both wodds lt is in the heartof
t r i p. the beautifulEnglishcountryside,but stillonlyfrvemilesoutside
Theycouldn'twait to get awayfromthe the crty
of the cityand havesome Our pleasant and friendlystaffwill do everythingto makeyour
peaceand quietfor a while staymagicaland memorable, whetherit is for one nightor a
Lisalikesto havea weekendawayevery... . . fortnight Ourservice
issecondto none
We offercomfortable and stylishroomsaswellasa wide range
4 llarryis so rrchhe can of facilities,
an excellent a swimmingpool
fromthe mostexoticholidaydestinations and a fully-equippedgym for you to enjoyduringyourstay.All
5 lf we bookthisholiday,
we'll haveto our roomshaveair condrtroning,
telephone,hairdryerand TV.
for the nextfew months Thehotelalsooffersampleparking,conference
to attordrt. service
anda laundryservice.
rfe Bookonlineat www.grange-hotel.co.
I )
or call0'1539533666
a. In pairs,matchthesymbols
to theirmeanings.

s+i't:ij3rs"$.irry:tyrj4:rwff qsrypEr4{it}qsgmq.SlEssglffi

b . Readthe text againand answerthe

ht , n,:

,1. ;,.i , questions.

i I , t , " , t l ,
, . . . , . , . " . . . ^. .: ., . . . .; , ; . . . . . . - . . . |1i , , , , , , , , , , . . , :
1 Whereisthe hotel?
1*ke swimminp gool l7 | lwheelchairaccess/ 2 What facilities
healthclub/gym disabled
facilities 3 What otherfacilities
aretherein the hotel?
telephone t a i rc o n d i t i o n i n g 4 How canyou booka room?
parking FTI restaurant
M hairdryer
roomservrce m facilities
conference f'd@*"\J

-+- Project:
Youareon holidayat the GrangeHotel.
Writea letterto a friendof yours.(70-80words)
0. Whichfacilities/services
aremostimportant Include:
to youwhen yougo Discuss.
on holiday? . whereyouare . whereyouarestaying
he poolisimportant . whatfacilities
it hasgot(e.9.restaurant,
A: Tome,a swimming I like
rse tosunbathebythepoolwhenl'monholiday. etc) . staff/service
'in r howvoulikeit
I agree.
Pastsimple,pastcontinuous, 2 A: What (you/do)
past perfectand past perfect w h e nt h e p h o n e (ring)?

continuous '"*W B:| ..... (wash)my hair

G r a m m aR
r eference and | .. (not hear)it.
3 A: Tony . (surf) the Net when
) Reading
he . . .... ( f i n d )a g r e a td e a to n
Readthe text andsaywhattenseeachverbin a trip to Paris
boldis.Lookat the GrammarReference
section B : I k n o w ,b u t b y t h e t r m eh e . . . ..
andsayhow eachtenseis used. (tell)me aboutit I
(already/book) my holidayto Berlin
A: How (you/miss) yourflight?
was time for a holiday!| 1) had been working
1t B : W e . . . .. ( s h o p i)n t h e
I hard for months and 2) had decided to spend
two weeks in a S-starhotel in the Bahamas.I had duty freeshopand we
bookedreallyearly,so I was ableto get a greatdeal. (not/hear)the announcement
MaybeI wouldbe mixingwiththe richand famous! 5 A : . .. (you/stay)in a
As soon as | 3) approachedthe receptiondesk and hotelduringyourholiday?
announcedmy name,therewas a flurryof activity. B : No.We . ...(rent)an
BeforeI knewwhat4) was happening,the manager apartmentfor two weeks
had ordereda porterto grabmy bagsand show me 6 A : Why was Steveso angry?
to the penthousesuite. A largebasketof fruit and B : I guessit wasbecause he ....
goodies5) was sitting on a table,and an invitation
. .. (wait) for threehoursbefore
to jointhe managerof the hotelfor a complimentary
h i sf l i g h tw a sa n n o u n c e d .
dinnerwas lying on a silverplatter.
7 A Jane (look)exhausted
I had neverstayedin such a luxurioushotel before
when I saw her.
and I thoughtto myself,"How kind and helpfulthe
B: She .... (not/sleep)
at all.
staff arel" | 6) gave the portera big tip, unpacked
my bagsand headedto the bathroomfor a long,hot She (wait)all night
shower.lmaginemy shockwhen,a few minutesafter longfor herfamilyto arrive
I returnedto my bedroom,the porterreturnedand
askedme nervouslyto pack my bags and leavethe
3 Makeas manysentences
asyou can.
1 drive/ an hour a startraining
A quick call to the managerclearedup the whole 2 buy/ souvenirs b ferry/ arrive
mystery.lt seemedthat I had the same name as a 3 w a i t/ a l lm o r n i n g c losemy passport
famouswriterand the managerhad mistakenme for 4 l i eo n / b e a c h d get / flat tyre
her! They were very apologetic,but it wasn't long 5 sleep/ in tent / steal/ purse
e someone
beforelwas in the regularroomI hadactuallybooked! I hadbeendrivingforanhourwhenI gota flattyre.

4 Usethe timeadverbs
to makesentences
o yesterday . bythetime e two weeksago
. while. lastyear. for hoursyesterday
. fortenleof5o alldayyesterday . lastsummer
o yet c already. before
A carbumped
intothebackof usyesterday.

2 Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctpast

tenseto completethe shortdialogues.

1 A: How . (be)yourholidayin Spain? ln teams,continuethe story.Tryto usea

B: Great,thanks.| .. . (have)a
varietyof pasttenses.
time. Wewerealllooking
Readthe text below.Listento W Speoking
the soundsand continuethe
narration. a. Lookat the pictures.
Whatdid/didn'tSharonuseto do on
It had beenbrightandsunnyall
morningandwe werehavingfun
on our boattrip aroundthe island.
Thenthe weatherchanged, all of go to the beach
a sudden,andthingsquicklytook go scubadivingX ith my parents.f,
a turn for the worse

UI ammarReference
a. Readthe theory.In which
wouldinsteadof usedto?

Wouldand usedto can be used to

talk about past habits.As a child,I
usedto/would go to the seasideevery
b. Whataboutyou?Mimethe activities.
the class.
Usedto can also be used to talk
about paststates / usedto loveit, but Sentencetransformations
nowI prefersightseeing
INOT:/ **-ld loveit.) Foreachquestion,completethe secondsentenceso that it
meansthe sameas the first. Useno morethan three words,

b. Fillin usedtoand/orwould 1 Tomtelephoned

duringlunchto inviteusto go camping.
wherepossible. Compare We . whenTomtelephoned to inviteus
answers with yourpartner. ro 90 camprng
2 We pitchedour tent andthenstarteda campfire.
1 As a child,my mum
After we our tent, we starteda campfire.
. go to France
on holiday.
3 lt rainedeverydayfor the wholeof the campingholiday.
My dad
It didn't ..... for the wholeof the campingholiday.
havea boat that we took out
4 As a child,I went campingwith my familyeverysummer.
on the lakeeachsummer.
As a child,| .. go campingwith my family
We ....... gofishing
everymorningon holiday.
5 Afterworkingas a tour guidefor ten years,Bobopenedhis
W h e nl w a sy o u n g e|r ., . . . . . . . .
own campsrte.
staywith my
BeforeBobopenedhisown campsite,.... ;....asa
: l
tour guidefor ten years
He ........ h a t eg o i n g
to museums
when we wereon Thinkof thegrammar youhavelearnt
structures inthis
holiday Iesson.
Closeyourbooksandtella partner.
Whenwe went to SpainI
. navea
Project:Writea shortparagraphdescribing
someof the
pet cat when I was four
thingsyou usedto do on holidaywhenyouwereyounger.
, Listento the soundeffectsandnumber c. Swaprolesanddo the samewith the
themin the orderyouhearthem.Whichare picturebelow.
related to wind,andwhicharerelated to rain?
Whatarethesewordsin yourlanguage?

T 0 t o w tr drizzle ! nowt
T p o u r T swirl
2 Lookat the picture.Howdoesit makeyoufeel?
. worried annoyed o frustrated
. confused
. scared. relaxed
*:1,rr:.whileon holiday?
,_ Tellyourpartner.
? Li5tening

4 Listen
andfill in the missing
the numberedspaces. Listen

Describing pictures
When describingpictures,describethe peopleand
activities as fully as possible.lmagine you are
describingthe pictureto a personwho can'tsee it,
so be as detailedas oossible.

3 a. Lookat thepicture.
Usetheideasto describe
it to yourpartner,
doesn't look
at it.

Bookinga guidedtour
I Reading

5 a. Lookat the questions belowfroma

dialogue betweena touristanda ticket
seller.Whowouldaskeachquestion? Write
f for touristor 15for ticketseller.
o people? . place?. timeof day?. weather? . Howongdoesii iasi?
. activities?
. clothes? . feelinqs?
n colours? . W h e nw o u l dy o u1 t < e :goo ?
. C a nI h e l py o u ?
b. Nowyourpartnerlooksat the pictureand . l st h e r ea t o u ra t 3 c : : : < ?
tellsyouhowwellyoudescribed it. . r l o i 'r, a ' y p e o p i.e' . . : - : o o k n gf o r ?
" b.. Completethe dialoguewith the questions i'W;;;; if.,. i"f f piefiresto form negative
from Ex.5a.Listenand readto check. "*irq
tadjectives:un_ in_(consistent_ i
A: Goodmorning 1) ,inconsistent),mis- over-(crowded-:,
B. Yes- l'd liketo booksometicketsfor the crty i overcrowded), dis-(organised-disorganised)
1 f r i e n d l y2 c o m f o r t a b l3e c o n v e n i e n t
A: certainly.2)...................
4 rnformed5 populated
B: Justtwo adults- my friendand myself
A: 3) b sPeaking
wewantto gothrsafternoon.
B: Actualy, 4) ..... 8 Usethe usefullanguagein the boxandthe
notesbelowto actout exchanges in pairs,as
in the example.
A: No,butthere'soneat 3:15
B: Thatwillbefine 5) . room small / viewnotverygood
A: An hour.Herearevourtickets. f 10,
That's ' hotelstaff...rude/ unfriendly
olease . coachtrip..long/uncomfortable
B: Hereyouare " hotel. old-fashioned / dirty
' sightseeingtour . . expenstve 30
/ onlylasted
A: Thankyou. Enjoythetourt
' camplng holiday " weather awful/ campsite
6 Youhaveseentheseadvertisements. ln pairs,
takethe rolesof a touristanda ticketsellerand
actout dialogues to theonein Ex.5b.
I wasn'tsatisfied/happy r Whatwasthe
with.. problem?
a I didn'tlrke/want . What waswrong
a The was not what I had with iVthem?
inmind r What do you
Th^ ,^,-- ^^+ ^^^l
r I rE vvo) | ru L guuu mean?
e n o u gh .

A: lwasn'tsatisfied
B: Why?Whatwasthe problem?
A: ltwastoosmall. etc

9 Thinkof whatyouhavelearntin thislesson.

Closeyourbooksandtell a partner.
F{istoric \brk
Take an hour-long walking tour
-rf the best-preserved
Lnthe UK and learn all about its
hrstoryand architecture.
Times: 10 am, lZpm,Zpm sonro $ay
Monday to Friday with his
Tickets:Adultsf5 Children: f3 penfriend
for the D i dh e
summer ^^^,.J
I tccu

Word formation (adjectives

with holiday?
Readthe table.Formnegative for
adjectives No,but his
thewords(1-5).Checkin yourdictionaries. parentsdid
m*mrfuw& wwwffi@x#s;
What'syourfavouritekindof story- romance,
a funny writea short
incident,etc? paragraph to
L**W&rx6 setthe scene
s\wwq*r (i.e.where/when
Readthetitle.Whatdo youthinkthestoryisabout?Readand thestorytook
put the paragraphs
intothe correctorder.Listenandcheck. place,whothe

| | At first shejust lookedat us curiously.

Then,a few VwallrKusrrn
minuteslater,sheclimbedout of the pooland startedto
;, movetowardsthe jeep As shecamecloserand closer,Saliki 6 Readthe rubric,underline
r quietlyordered usbackintothejeep.I hadjustput my foot on keywords,thenplanyourstory.
the firststepof the jeepwhen I felt myselfslipping.The next Usethe pointsbelow.
thing I kneWI wasflat on my backstaringat the sky Whiletwo schoolmagazine
46The is havinga
peoplefranticallydraggedme intothe jeep,Salikislammed hisfoot
ffishort storycompetition.
downon the accelerator Soontheangryelephant wasfar behindus g Thestoryshouldbeentitled: A
l-_]sittingin the jeep,I couldn'tstopthinkingabouthow luckyI '$
hadbeen I wasextremely gratefulto the members '
of my group,and wrong.(100-120words)
we wereall reallythankfulto Salikifor beingsuchan expertguide.
Afterall,he wasthe onewho hadsavedthe day. Beforeyoustartwriting,thinkabout:
[-l Wh.n I firstwokeup rnthe strangeroom,I couldn'tthinkwhereI Theme: Whatwillyourstorybeabout?
was.Slowly,as I listened
to the soundsof manydifferentkindsof birds Main Character: Who are vou?What
singingand smeltthe exoticfragrancesof flowerscomingin throughmy areyoulike?
window,I realised lwas in Africa!lt was reallvtrue - this was the Setting:Wheredoesyour story take
beginningof mysafari adventure place?(inspace,
in ltaly,in yourgarden, in
fl nft"r gettingdressed,
I went to meetthe othersin my group.We animaginaryplace?)Whatisthe weather
hada delicious andthenjoinedourguide,Saliki,
breakfast hisjeep.
beside like?
As soonas he hadgivenussomeinstructions aboutgoingon safari,we Problem: Whatistheproblem youface?
climbedintothevehicle andsetoff.we hadnot drivenveryfarwhensaliki
Do othercharacters help you solveit?
slowedthejeepso that we couldwatcha herdof elephants bathingin a
Whatdo youdo to solve theproblem?
muddypool Thewholegrouplaughed asthe biggerelephants
the backsof the youngermembers
Resolution:Whathappens in the end?
of the herd.Suddenly,howeve[one
of the biggestelephants
Howdo youfeel?

7 Portfolio:Usethe planbelowto
Listthe eventsin the ordertheyhappened.
Retellthe story,
givingit a different

4 a. Lookat the words/phrases

in bold.Which:linksimilar
showtime?showcause/effect? -+ir:"q;;1;i-

Introduction (Para 1)
b . Linkthe sentences.Usethe words in brackets. setthescene
1 I got to my room I startedto unpack (assoon as) Main Body (Paras2 & 3)
eyentsin order they happened-
2 I changedmy clothesI went for a nightout (then)
climax event
3 I was excitedlt was my firstvisitto Rome (because)
Conclusion (Para 4)
4 I packedmy suitcase. I ordereda taxi (before)
end the story- feelings
5 I realised
I didn'thavemy passport.
I startedto panic.(when)
ICon you imoginespendingyour holidoyon o compsitewith
?,000other people, being woken up of 7:30every morningwith
morning,compersl1from o loudspeoker?Soundsowful,
Coesnrtit? Well,it's how mony British people used to spend their
summerholidoysin the ond 60s,Compersstoyednot in tents
bui in comfortoblecholetsof differentseosidelocotionsoround
-he UK,Thebiggest
ond mosfpopuloroneswere runby BillyButlin,
pAuttln's holidoycomps were excitingplocesfor oll the fomily.
were oll sortsof octivities,
competiiions. Everycomp hod itsown miniotureroilwoyto rideon.
rhere were swimmingpools,odventureploygrounds, ond theotre
showsto suit people of oll oges, There were olso bobysitters
so porentscould go out for the evening.
|One unusuolfeofure wos thot there weren't ony restouronts!
Compersusedto eot in lorge dininghollsot set iimes,ond if they
didnft get there on time, they didn't get ony foodl Thiswos one
fecson why there were loudspeokerseverywhere - to remind
oeopleof meoltimes! i:..:-!rr!:!e4a*:a,i{tsrlin*rlr,tre..ieja,f *9--}!.-E-v*'jjy{

}'However, timeschonged, ond by the eorly l9B0so lot of the

3ompswere closed Cheop pockoge holidoysobrood goined populorityond holidoycompswent out
.e cf foshion.Todoy,three Butlin's remoinin ihe UK.Thesedcys,guestsstoyin spociousoportments
in cnd luxuryhotels,eot of o wide ronge of restouronts, ottend concerfs,pontomimesond the lotest
^novies,or hove fun of woter porksond funfoirs,One thing hosn'tchonged, though - they stilloffer
nexpensive fomilyholidoys,

1lp)tr6l!t2\:1ll$l lif lY

7 Reoding& Listening 3 Findwords/phrases in the text that mean:

amusement park,dated,fixed,
l? Listento the announcement.
Whattypeof cosy,
holidaydoesit suggest?
W Speaking
b . Lookat thetitleandthe holidaybrochure.
Whatcouldsomeone do at thesecamps? 4 Workin groups.Usethe text to prepare
a one-
Listen,readandcheck. minuteradioadvertaboutButlin's camps.
Readthe text and answerthe questions.
5 a. Are/Were
1 Wheredid the Britishuseto go on holiday? yourcountry?
2 What couldsomeone do at Butlin's
3 Wheredid the campers eat? b. Whatwouldyouridealholiday campbe
4 Why did holidaycampsgo out of fashion? your
like?Tell partner.Thinkabout:Iocation,
5 ArethereanyButlin's
campstoday? accommodation,entertainment,activities,food
6 What canguestsdo therenowadays? anddiningfacilities.
would be...ltwould
Do youeverspeokwithyourmouthfullof food?Do youforgetto coveryour
mouthwithyourhondwhenyousneeze? lf youoreguiltyof these'crimes',
youshouldenrolon on Etiquette
on oldinorycourse,lt's o coursein monners, Youwillhove lessons in oood
monners ond howto behoveinsociolsiluotions
Theperson whoteochestheselessons isMoggieo'Forrill of the petiteprotocol
school,ond hersiudents oreogedbetweensixondtwelveyeorsold.shethinks
thisisthe besttimeto teochkids.At thisoge theyoreveryeosy," o'Forrill
whentheyget older,it'shorderforthemto breokbod hobilschitdrenot this
ogewontto be polite.Youconseethotthey'retrying.
Moggieinstrucls the childrento speokproperlyon the phone ond wolk
correctly,oswellostellingthemoboutbosicioblemonners, Thesecrosses nove
becomepopulorbecouseporentswontwell-behcved childrenbut thevore
too busyto teochmonners of home
so,whotdo the children octuollythinkof thiscourse? Theclosses hoveproven
to be populor with mostof the children, ond theirteochersof schoolhove
nolicedthotthe youngstersorelreolingeochotherwithmorerespectTheyolso
feeltheskillstheyhoveleorntwillbe useful to theminthefuture.Donny,oged
nine,commenied,lf I get invitedto the WhiteHouse,I knowI won't spill
onything onthe President,
MoggieO'Fonill herself
believesthotsuchskillscon be life-chonging We'llhove
childrengrowing upwhovoluemonners Moybewe'llsee o chongeindirection for
thebetferinsocietyThot,however, rernoinsto be seen.Onlytimewilltell.

Lookat the pictures.Whatissomeone doingin eachpicture : yawning
without coveringtheirmouth
qt sb?talkingbehindsb's
hand?puttingtheirfeetonthetable?laughing back?talkingloudlyon thephone?
Whatdo alltheseactionshavein common?

& L&sem$exg
2 a. Lookat thetitleof the article.Howis it relatedto the pictures?
Whatdo voL:^ r< youaregoingto read
b . Readthe text againand,for questions1-5, 3 Match the words in the two columns.Useth
choosethe best answel A, B, C or D. phrasesto makesentences of your own.

What rsthe wrrter'smainpurposein writing 'l

take/have a good manners
the text? 2 break b lessons
A to talkaboutpupils'bad habits 3 teach c with resoect
B to try to changesociety 4 treatsb d bad habits
C to encourage children
to respect
D to discussa way to improvechrldren's 4 Completeeachsentence with the correct
manners preposition.
Checkin the text.
1 Don't speakwith your mouthfull
M a g g i eO ' F a r r it lhl i n k sy o us h o u l d cake.
A teachmannerswhenchildrenarestillyoung. 2 J o h ni ss p e a k i n g . . . t h e p h o n e
B givelessons
on mannersto teachers. 3 A n n i s n ' ta t w o r k .S h e ' s. . . . . . h o m e
C showparentshow to teachtheirchildren 4 W h a t d o y o u t h i n k. . . . . h i si d e a s ?
D instructparentsto be lessbusy 5 She'sverypopular. . herclassmates.
6 Youshouldtreatolderpeople. . . respect.
What would a readerlearn about Maggie
7 Whatwe learnat schoolwill be useful.
fromthe text?
A ShecannotteachMaths.
8 Becareful
notto sprllcoffee yourdress.
B Sheknowshow to be polite.
C Shecanonlyteachsrx-year-olds Explain
D Shestudiesat the PetiteProtocolSchool
5 thewordsin bold.Choose
two or three
anddrawor mimetheirmeaning.

A theycanmeetthe President.
B theylearnaboutthe future. w
C theyarehelpfulfor theirfuturelives Dividethe classintoteams.A studentfrom
D theylearnnot to spillthingson people teamA mimessomething that is badmanners.
TeamB triesto guesswhat it is.
5 Whichof the followingisthe bestdescriptron ASI: (mimes
Team speakingwithmouthfull)
of the PetiteProtocol
School? Team
BSI: Youshouldn't
speak withyourmouthfull
ASl: Sorry.
lhis is the only
schoolof its krhd Spma&<6mg
in the world, It is a school Workin groups.Oneof youis MsO'Farrill,
for childrenwho to two parentsaboutthe
who is speaking


Portfolio:Youhavebeenaskedto makea
coarses leafleton how a visitorto yourcountryshould
for young
puPtls, ./ and rely on it to behave whilediningout.Dividethe leaflet
heh then br@ intotwo sections,with Dosand Don'ts- that
is,onefor goodtablemanners andonefor
up their children, bad.Workin pairsanddecorate yourleaflet
with photographs or yourown drawings.
i. : . .., , ri i 1 oo a -h ^\,^m/^ +^-+
ot I c^dt I t/d Lc)L

2 ger b your homework

Complete the listswith thesewords.Add 3 takdpass/mess
wordsof yourown.Compare answerswith a c lessons
partner. d on a course
4 nave
. French . headteacher o Mathso primary o Art 5 stu0y e English/Maths/Music
. secondary o Geography . high. nursery 6 enrol f high/lowmarks
. Music. headmastel . pupil. Science . library 7 pay attentionin class
o stateo prrvate . lab. playing .
fields university
r classroom . playground o canteen . gym b . Useverbsto completethe sentences.
. librarian. college
1 Do you attentionin class?
2 He...... M u s i cl e s s o nosn M o n d a y s
3 S t e v e... . . . . . . . h i sh o m e w o r n
4 Joanis a test tomorrow
5 Shedecidedto ..........
. on a cookerycourse.

5 Underline
the correctword.Checkin your
the restof the words.

studyingfor a (qualification/
Tonyis at university
ree)in EnglishLiterature
Owen got six GCSE(passes/grades/marks/
Speaking results)in hisexams
A (headmaster/teacher/tutor/professor)
Use everyThursday to helpmewith Maths.
wordsfromthelistsin Ex.1. Therewereover250 studentsat Dr Apoleton's
1 What type of school do you attend? ls it (lecturellesson/sem
inarklass)on the M inoans.
single-sexor co-educational? l'm doing a 6-month business (curricu.[um/
2 Which is your favourite/least
favouriteschool course/programme/schedule) at college.
subiect? Brianis a (pupil/student/learner/schoolboy)
How many days a week do you attend at OxfordUniversity
Whattime do classes
starVfinish? He (graduated/lefVdropped
4 What facilities
doesyourschoolhave? LeedsUniversitywith
a degreein History.
5 Whichyearsare compulsory? When can you I haveto hand in my thesisnext week The
leaveschool? (close,deadline,end, term) isWednesdav.
6 Areyou planninganyfurtherstudies?
7 Haveyou everbeenbiamedfor sth you didn't I ii'.iri I tl,'i':,1;tl

do? Has anyone ever threatenedyou at

6 Complete
the sentences
with the correctidiom.
When?Why?What happened?
. liveandlearn. learnone'slesson
Listening o learnsthbv heart. readsb likea book
) Listento Slavatalkingabouthisschoollife
1 Claire the poem for the test.
andmakenotesusingthequestions in Ex.2.
Compare'your 2 Tomwas ill after eatingtoo ml
much.He won't
schoollifeto Slava's.
do it again- he I

3 After being married for twenty-five years. r

can.. ... my husband
a. Matchthe verbsto the nounsto make
I didn'tknow our teacherhad eiqhtchildren
phrasesrelatedto thingsyou do at school,
W e l l y, o u. . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . !
asin the example.
&ske $s* f-"? Students who do not attend class must
% # bring a note from their Parents l
Fillin the correctverb explaining reason for absence.
7 l
formthenexplainthe NO EXCESIIONS! .
phrasal verbs. #s
hre*6* A All studentsmustpresenta noteif theymissa class.
f e l tt h a t h e h a d . . . . . . . . . . t h e t e a m
B Parents mustcometo schoolto explaintheir
downwhen he missed the penalty.
Ann . .. . downand startedcryingas
Studentscan'tattendclassif thev haven'tqot
shecouldn'tansweranyof the questrons!
a note.
of the lecture.
. ....down the mainpoints
'i;1Got somefree time afterschool?
4 Vicky's gradeshave... down.
5 Afterdinnershe... downto do FieldtriPsto exhibitions

Reoding Learnaboutphotography

I a, Lookat texts1-4.Whattypearethey?
Youdon'tevenneeda cameraas
b. Readthe texts.Whatdoeseachmean? ..r",ti9Jlt:1,:14:r.. r, i j,: *.ii ,. ,:.ti, .,:,. i t: .

Circlethe correctletter,A, B or C.
A TheFhotographyClubmeetson weekdays
B You must havea camerain orderto join the
Your Drama Neachercalled. This everinq's Photography Club.
rehearealfor nexl Wed,needay'o ochoolplay C Joiningthe Photography
Clubis free
will be al Bpm, not 7pm' Oon'f forqer' lo
brinq your coelume becauEeit' will be a tull
aee you laIer,
'i:. i 9 a. Readthe theory.Aretheresimilarstructures
in yourlanguage?

A Therehearsal
is nextWednesday.
We can use the followingsuffixesto form nouns
B Joey must have his costumewith him next
from verbs: -er (drive-drive0, -or (act-acfor)or other
Wednesday. nouns: -ian (library- librarian)
, -ist (art- artist)
C The rehearsal
this eveningis goingto be later
thanplanned b. Nowwritethe nounsfor the following,
Checkin yourdictionaries.
sentencesof yourown.
. dance. Collect
. comedyo piano. examine
Hi,Diana- . operate. music. organise
. perform
Just a quick note to remindyou to bringyour
Chemistry notesfromlastweekwithyou to school Q Thinkof tenwords/phrasesrelatedto education
tomorrowso that I can copythem,I was sick and youhavelearntin thislesson.
t. missedbothTuesday's andThursdalslessons, and usingthem.Tellyourpartner.
t't I needto catchup beforethe examnextFriday.
Thanksa lot! ylWriAng,
, I
Project: in Ex.2 to sendan
A Debbiewantsthe Chemistry
notesbyThursday. e-mail
to yourEnglishpen-friendaboutyour
B Debbiemissedmorethanonelesson school
C TheChemistry
examison Tuesday. You
asked meabout mvschoollife.
I've got a way R e m e m byeorus a i d
for you to save you'dgive me110if
W e l 1y ,o ud o n ' t
s o m em o n e y . I p a s s e dm ye x a m s ?
haveto pay me.

Reportedstatements 3 lansaidtheywouldmeetmeafterschool.
G r a m m aR
r eference a " l ' l l m e e ty o ua f t e rs c h o o l . "
a. Readthetableandanswerthe questions. b "We will meetyou afterschool. "

: ?i1""lo.t.1. i - .nenorya
fnee5rr 4 Pamsaidthat she had beenstudyrngin the
" l ' m t e n , " s a i dA n n A n ns a r d( t h a t s) h ew a st e n librarythe previous
;:'"Ir'in (m I ( m'icici-peia
m liuoyin{t"li;;Al"
Sru0yrng (trai)srre I a "l was studyingin the Iibraryyesterday

:saidto Pete -rnirc <tr rrlriinn herd afternoon"

"l'vedonemy essay, Bensaid(that)he had b "l have been studyingin the librarythis
saidBen .donehisessay afternoon"
ttt^^"^'r +L'^ ^"^- ^aid
I fjo))cu Lr rc c^d| t/ " ) iRosesaid(that)shehad
Rose. passed the exam.
-'"- - ":- -"'-- ' 3 Put Nickand Linda'scommentsinto reported
li waidoiiisry
j h o m e w o r k ,s"e a ns a i d l s e a nt o l d B i l (l t h a t )h e h a d I speech,usingsaidor told as the reportingverb.

to Bill
h e e n d o i n' Y
oh" 'i-s h
" -o' m e w o r k : "--til' . , "E-
my book," Jimsaid(that)he would : ','i' rnamazeO . ' S h ew a sl u c k ,
lanr'l ma hr< hnnlz
I I S r up a s s e d b e c a u s es h e
i,,.,,,,,,,,, ; " - . t h ee x a m ! h a r d l ys t u d i e
-+ -ll
oL oil.
Which verbsdo we useto reportsomeone's ."1
words?Whichverbdo we use,in both'direct f. i
and reported whenthe personspoken
speech. 1 l

2 How do tenseschange? Franand @

I didn'tknow'
3 How do pronouns / possessives
change? i wikefailed + 1 ^^ +
LilO L.
4 Aretheresimilarstructures
in yourlanguage?

) Reading 4 Turn the statementsinlo reportedspeech.

b, Readthejoke.Whichspeakerusesreported 1 "l don't want to go to sc'toortoday,"said

Whatwerethe person's
speech? actual Jimmy
words? "When you finishyoi,. nomework,you can
n l a v o r r t s i d e" ( a - e : = .I : I - e r S o n
2 Choose
3 " l haven't' rishe: -- : : :c: yet," said.lane
1 Theteacher weregood
toldSimonhismarks 4 " T o m f i n i s h e c) : - : : : s - . , ' t o n t ha n d h e ' s
a "Yourmarksaregood" -::: r.
lookingfor a -, .: : :o Lisa
b "Yourmarksweregood" "Tony was :: -: 5 - l'-ework yesterday
2 HesaidhehadseenJohnat school. a f t e r n o o n . ---- * - - , - : d F r a n
a " l ' l ls e eJ o h na t s c h o o" l " l w t l lt t ' . . : - : : , - - r - t , c u rm a t h s , J" a c k
b "l sawJohnat school " saidto '-=
Reportedq uestions/com
mands/ Reportthe sentences.
requests 1 "How areyou?"TomaskedJane
2 "Canyou lendme f5?" BobaskedLinda
a. DanmeetsFrank.Lookat Frank's
sentences. 3 "Whatwasthe examlike?"Juliaasked5am.
lseachonea quesfion,commandor
4 "Can I useyourruler?"he askedme
5 "What'syourfavourite
A r ey o uc o m i n g
to the party? 6 "Givemeyourdictionary.
shesaidto me.
Whattime 7 " Don'teat in the classroom ! " the teachersaid
willwego? to us.
8 " S t o pa r g u i n gl!' m t i r e d , "s h et o l dA n n
8 : 0 0D. o n ' tb e
late, please. 9 "You shouldmake a plan beforeyou start
Tomsaidto lan.

b. NowDanistalkingto hisfriend.Readhow Reportingmodalverbs
he reportsFrank's
questions(1-3). I Lookat thetable.Thenturnthe following
sentencesinto reported

l will/would r would, may --+might, must + musVhad

to, can r could(present/would be ableto (future)
Would,could,usedto, mustn't,should,might andoughtto
do not chanqe
i**.,----',-'***_' ,.'--, '.'.--,_*.1

1 "Youmuststudyharder,"shesaidto me.
Frankaskedme iflwhetherI wasgoingto the par1y. 2 "Davidcanhelpyou later,"shesaidto me
Heaskedme what timewe wouldgo. 3 "We'llgo on an excursion," the teachersaid
Heasked/toldme to meet him at 8:00 4 "We cancometomorrow,"Ann said
He asked/toldme not to be late 5 " Y o us h o u l d n l' ti et o h e r , "h e s a i dt o B i l l
6 "He canspeakFrench fluently,"shesaid.
1 Whichverbis usedto reportquestrons?
2 Whichwordsare usedto introducea reported Sentence
questionwhenthereis no questionword?
9 Herearesomesentences abou.tschool.For
3 How do we reporta positive/negative
eachquestion,complete the secondsentence
command/request?Whichverbscanwe use sothat it meansthe sameasthe first.Useno
^i: to reporta command/request? morethanthreewords.

Reportingverbs "@- 1 "Let'sstudytogether,"

saidto me
G r a mmar Refer
ence E m m a. . . .t o g e t h e r
6 "Do you enjoythe lessons?"
Mollysaidto me
Lookat the Grammar Reference section.
Choose a verbto reportthe statements. Molly . . . . . . I. e n j o y e tdh e l e s s o n s .
"Where'syourhomework? " the teacherasked
. promised
. suggested
. explained
r denied
1 "Let'sgo to the concert,"Philipsaidto Ann. Theteacher hishomework
2 "l didn'ttakeyourpencilcase!"Kathyshouted. WAS

:) 3 "l'll bringit backtomorrow.Reallyl"Alexsaid. 4 "l failedthe exam,"shesaid.

4 "lan can'tplayfootballtoday,because
he has S h es a i ds h e the exam
ay d e t e n t i o n ,S" a ms a i d . "Giveyour reportsto your parentsto sign,"
5 " l ' l l h e l py o us t u d y , h
" es a i d the headmaster saidto us
CK 6 "Let'sgo to the library,"he said T h eh e a d m a s t e r a s k.e. .d. : . . . . . . . : . o u r
reportsto our parents to srgn
b Reoding

G o o dm o r n i n gP. a r k l a n dPsr i m a r y
SchoolHow canI helpyou?

W h o i ss p e a k i n gp ,l e a s e ?

Onemoment,MrsWatson.l'lljustcallthe staffroom
l'm afraidMissGibsonisn'tthererightnow.Wouldyou like
tn lo:rro: ma<<:no?

B : 4)
A : l'll makesureMissGibsongetsthe message. ::],;,tlllil{;]]',
B: s)

2 in thetable.Which
a . Lookat the sentences
couldyouhearin a telephone conversation
anda customer?
a secretary
between: twofriends? 4 a " Completethe phraseswith: help,give,lend,
hand in, borrow, handout, write

1 to . . . . . . . s b ' sd i c t i o n a r y
a How canI helpyou? . lvlayI speakto ,
2 to .............. s bm o n e y
a Who'sspeaking, pleasgT please?
3 to . .. . . sb with a schoolproject
a l'm afraid. . isout of . lt's
4 to sb a lift to school
the officeright now . CouldI leavea 5 to . yourhomework
I w i l lp u t y o ut h r o u g h . message? 6 to ...... . ontheblackboard
a Hi,Patspeaking . Hi lt's...Canltalkto 7 to .. ohotocopies/tests
a Sorry,he'sout o Canyoutellhimto call
mewhen he'sback? b . Usethe usefullanguagein the tableand
the phrasesin Ex.4a to act out exchanges.
b. Listento threeshorttelephone
Whichoneisformal?In whichonedoes
someone leavea message? Could/Can you . Yes,of . Actually,I
. ., please? coufse . Sorry,but . .
Portfolio:In pairs,useexpressions
fromExs.1 Wouldyou ? . Yes,cenainly . I'm afraid. .
3 o

& 2 to actout thesetelephoneconversations. a DoA//ouldyou o [ .ig-- . l'm sorry,but

mind - r n g ? . CK lcan't..
o phoneyourmusrc to askif youcan
. No,I can't
r h : n n o f h o t i m o n f r r n rr r n i : n n l a c c n n
. phoneyourclassteacherto sayyouareilland
arenotcomrng today
to school lo':::: ::" - ' : -' :tctionary?
A: Could
o phoneyourfriendto invitehimout B: Yes,

I Listening b. Nowdescribethispicture.
assesses performance.
Youaregoingto heartwo friends talking
abouta course
theyaretakingat school.For
letteLA, B or C.
1 Maryison herway
A to herICTclass
B backto herhouse.
C to meetTom.
2 MarvandTomarein
A theirsecondyearof ICT
B the sameICTclass.
C differentICTclasses
I n t h e b e g i n n i n gM, a r yd i d n ' tt h i n ks h ew o u l d Srumw$.$mbuHs
.",d .F d .@* @a.4!s#

A enjoyherassignment
lmproving speaking skills
B likehernew ICTteacher
Express your opinion, giving reasons,and asl<
C be interested
in herICTclass questionsto elicit your partner'sviews.All good
shehasto speakersare good listeners,too. Listen to your
partner.Thiswill help you understandwhat he/she
A makesureherinformation iscorrect.
thinksabout the topic.
B correctthe information shefinds
C b e m o r ec a r e f u l w i t h e rp l a n n i n g
7 a. In pairs,discuss
the following:
Tom'sassignmentisall about
o l]n rrnt I r<a I rnmnr rtor in d
n rrnr rr
A pricing
B buyingrefreshments. . DoyouenjoyICT(lnformation &
C usingexcellent
mathsskills. Communication Technology)?
Tomtold Marythat histeacher . W h a td oy o ut h i n ko f o n l i n lee a r n i n g ?
A gavehim f25 for hisproject
B is goingto givethe moneyfor the party. b. Assess
C hasmadethe studentsa promise. about:
. grammarandvocabulary
pictures o pronuncration
r interactive
) Speoking
6 a. Lookat thepicture below.Usethephrases 8 Thinkof ten newphrases
you havelearntin
it in pairs.
to discuss thislesson.

I gavemy
paperto Jimmy
A B He wantedto
Where/ picturetaken? In/At
pdrcr rL).
What i you see? I cansee
W h a t/ h a p p e n i n g ? The. has
How/ peoplefeel? I thinkthey
ffiwfltaragshm*t":w#- awd f,,{}H-S4
In pairs, for andagainst
thinkof reasons
studying online.
O n l i n el e o r n i n gi s b e c o m i n gm o r e p o p u l o rt o d o y o s
more people hove occessto computersond the Internet.
Lrxwbamp lndeed,there ore those who believethot computerswill
2 a. Readthe essayandcompareyourreasons reploceclossrooms in the neor future
with thosein the text. Ii is true thol there ore o numberof odvonioges to
leorningonline One, you con studywhenever you choo.se
presents ond you con find o weolth of informotion on the Internet.
b. Whichparagraph: statesthetopic?
presentsthe argument And, lessonsdo not lost for o limitedlengthof time. So,
thearguments for?
teocherscon onswer ony questionsyou moy hove in
against?concludesand givesthe writer's
opinion? To begin,
But, there ore o numberof disodvontoges
onlinestudenlsconnotshoreond discussideosin the woy
L&*ubwrw they do in o clossroom. Also, the equlpmentneededis
expensiveond informciionon fhe Internelis not olwoys
3 In for andagainstessayswe usesophisticated occuroteFinolly, workingon your own requireso lot of
wordsto linkideas. Replacethewordsin bold self-discipline whichyoungchildrenin porticulor do noi hove
in Ex.2 with the following:
in the essay t
l n c o n c l u s i o n I, b e l i e v e h o t e v e n i f l e o r n i n go n l i n e
hos some odvontoges, ihe disodvonioges outweighthem In
. Finally
. Toconclude . although
. Inaddition
my opinion,childrenwill olwoysleorn best when they ore
o Tostartwith. Ontheotherhand. Lastly in o clossroomwith o reol live teocher
. Asa result. Tosumup . Furthermore. Firstly
o Whatismore. Consequentlv . However
Y*xlr *wrre
5 Readthe rubricandthetable.Thinkof topic
sentencesandsupportingsentencesfor each
flrunv5xru"sr point.
Topic sentences
": Yourteacher hasaskedyouto writeanessayfor
Begineachparagraph of the mainbody with a topic '.:, andagainstwearinguniforms
at school.Write
sentencewhich introducesor summarises the main ': your (100-160
essay words).
This should be followed by
idea of the paragraph.
supporting sentences which give details and
examplesto developand supportthis idea. . encouragedrscipline,studentsconcentrate better
. helpidentifyintrudersin the school
in the essay.
the topicsentences
a . Underline . helpstudentsresistpeerpressureto buytrendyclothes
Suggest ones.
. areuseless outsidethe school
. limit freedomof exoression
to the
b . Matchthe topicsentences
6 in the plan,thenwrite
Answerthe questions
Even sitexams
should (100-160
youressay words).
2 grades
I I I Final shoulddepend on

They get usedto the idea, and it is good Introduction (Para 1)

practicebecause they learnthe correctway to What is the topic.2
preparefor exams. Main Body (Paras2 & 3)
Firstof all, studentsare awarefrom the very Wbat Are 1l.tpprr,s L.r,t:s.t
beginninghow importantthe resultswill be ;r'S:tFPr.tlilbem.2
Wat nre ll.ts 1'pp5,.,i;.;
for their future.ln addition,teachershavea Conclusion (Para + |
standard methodfor gradingstudents. W b n t i s . t r . t tt ' " a : i - : . ; : t

) Reoding

Ji a. Lookat the text.Whattypeis

it: a novel,aplay,a cortoonstrip?

b. Whowroteit? Whatis it {
about?Readthe biography

wasborn in ,t,:,,1,$... t4
to poor parents. Sgmation ,':
. .:t::r, F
InIB76, he moved
MRS PEARCE.lretuming]This is theyoungwoman, sir.,l,,.1'
to London. While
there,he became
HIGGINS. Why, this is the girl I jotted down lastnight. She's
no use.lTo thegirl]Be off with you. I don't want you.
worked as a
iheatrecritic.In lB92,hewrotehis
tirst play, Widowers'Houses.He went
THE FLOWER GIRL. I ain't comehere to askfor any ,'.,t,,,1,,'
on to write manymore plays.
compliment;and if my money'snot good enoughI cango ,,3:
fogmalion(1913)is the storyof elsewhere. ,,.ii
ProfessorHenry Higgins,a professor
IIIGGINS. Good enoughfor what? i.1i
of phoneticswho makesa bet that he
THE FLO\AtsRGIRL. Good enoughfor ye-oo. Nowyou l1l
canturn a commonflower girl,Eliza
know, don't you? I'm cometo havelessons,I am.And to pay ;i,f
Doolittle,into a lady in sixmonths.
for'em, too. l..e
He succeeds, andbecomesquite fond
HIGGINS. WELL!!! What do you expectme to sayto you? ,,.J
of Eliza, but sheeventuallyleaveshim
THE FLOWER GIRL. Well, if you wasa gentleman,you ,:,,;r,
io marry the upperclassFreddy
might askme to sit down,I think. Don't I tell you I'm bringing ,r1r
you business', ,.l.ttjti;
HIGGINS. Pickering,shallwe askthis baggageto sit down or ,.lii
a. Lookat theextract. shallwe throw her out of the window?
2 Howmany
peopletakepartin thisscene? THE FLOWER GIRL. I won't be calleda baggagewhen I've
offered to pay like anylady.
PICKERING.lgentlylWhatis it you want,my girl?
THE FLOWER GIRL. I want to be a lady in a flower shop
insteadof sellingat the cornerof TottenhamCourl Road.But
theywon't takeme unlessI cantalk moregentle.He saidhe
couldteachme.Well, hereI am readyto payhim - not asking
anyfavour- and he treatsme asif I wasdirt.
MRS PEARCE.How canyou be sucha foolish ignorantgirl
asto thinkyou could afford to pay Mr Higgins?
THE FLOWaERGIRL. Why shouldn'tI? I knowwhat lessons
costaswell asyou do; and I'm readyto pay.
HIGGINS. How much?
, THE FLO\ryERGIRL. Nowyou're talking!
HIGGINS. Sit down.
MRS PE{RCE. Sit down,girl. Do asyou'retold.
THE FLOWER GIRL. Ah-ah-ah-ow-ow-ool No!
PICKERING.Won'tyou sit down?
V Listeninq THE FLOWER GIRL. Don't mind if I do.
HIGGINS.What'syour name?
THE FLOWER GIRL. Liza Doolittle. .:..::

:.ffi?ry'l:i,',, 49
r i i i i i r , t t : i i i r r r l

llrlr,, , iliia iii:ill'llI :

::,: :,:,::::,:::

. "..,,"',,,u,"rrtq;'t".1 -A'l,,llr.-lll1flf,iltr,,liiiffi

& Grammar 9 You talk in the lrbrary.lt is not allowedl
A o u g h tt o B can C mustn't
Fillin the missingword.
10 Geraldand Pat to the Southof France
1 Thenexttrainfrom Liverpool
to Hullwill arrive threetimesnow
a t . . . . .... . . 2 i n 1 5m i n u t e s . A havebeen B went C weregoing
2 He won't make that mistakeagain He's (10marks)
3 He likedthe poem so much he learntit by Useof English
Comoletethe secondsentenceso that it means
Pennyhassuchbad . She'salways the sameas the first. Useup to three words.
talkingwith her mouthfull
Sandra down in tearswhen she 1 "l don't know how to usea comouter"she
heardthe bad news. said
6 He . .. . to hateswimming whenhewasyoung. Shesaidthat she . . how to use
7 R o b e rlti k e s. . . . . .... o n t h e N e ti n h i sf r e et i m e a computer.
I Can you Jim off at the stationon 2 "l'll seeyou soon,Mary,"Annesaid
yourway intotown? A n n et o l d M a r ys h e . . . . . .s. o o n
9 Makesureyou havechecked the exprry SheaskedBobwhen he wouldbe ready
" W h e n. . . . . . . . . . . r e a d yB, o b ? "s h ea s k e d .
on yourpassportbeforeyou go on holida,
10 The beachwas empty with not a soul in "Don'tforgetto bringa coat!"
H et o l d m e . . . . . . . . . .t .o b r i n ga c o a t .
(10marks) "Areyou leavingnow?" he asked.
Heaskedif . then
the correct
item. (10marks)

1 H i s t o ri ysa ni n t e r e s t i.n. g
. . .... t o s t u d y
Completethe sentenceswith the correctword
A class B lesson C subject
derivedfrom the words in bold.
C h i l d r esnh o u l dl e a r nt o . . . .. m a n n e r s
1 S h ew i l lb e a g r e a t. . . . . . o n ed a y P I A N O
A grow B value C break
2 Pay to what he says. ATTEND
He . lastyear
from LeedsUniversity 3 My brotheris so . . . .. he canneverfind a
A graduated B applied C studied t h r n gI ORGANISED
Ann never hertemper 4 That dog looks very ! Keep away
A misses B forgets C loses from it! FRIENDLY
He doesn'thavethe right to becomea (8 morks)

A charms B skills C gifts
We .. hardallyearsowe neededa holiday Completethe exchanges.
A had beenworking B worked
a Wouldyou liketo eavea message?
C havebeenworking
b CouldI speakto the ^-ranager, please?
Dan when he got a
. in the countryside c Of coursenot
flat tyre. d Why?Whatrr,ras rie o:oojem?
A wasdriving B drove C haddriven e Yes,l'm not sa:s'3 ', :^ ),ourservice
Youmustwearyour whenyou aredriving.
A seatbelt B boot C roadmap

rrig,r._:rrrrrrr:rr:r rrr;irr.' rrr'.9 ::ierr'- rr:,,1:

i . " " 1 Y r

: : : : :-: ::

1 A : You'vedecidedto enterthe competition.

B : Onemoment,l'llseerf she'sin Writeyourown shortstoryabouta holiday
2 A . (100-120 words).
B : It'sallright l'llcallagainthrsafternoon Q0 marks)

3 A : Wouldyou mindopeningthe door?

4 A . lstherea problem,
sir? 8
5 A : I didn'tenjoythe mealverymuch!

Africais oneof thennost
Youwill heara conversation betweenSally \ outh
ff beautiful
5 l-/ intheworldanda favourite destination
andherfriend,James, aboutthesummer and travellers.
FromKrugerNationalParkto the Kalahari
the newschoolyear.Decideif eachsentence is Desert,SouthAfricaprovidesa greatintroduction to
corrector incorrect. lf it is correct, (/)
tick YES. Africa,butit hasmoreto offerthanstunninglandscapes"
tick(/) NO.
lf it is not correct, lf youvisitSouthAfrica,makesureyou stopoff in
YES N O CapeTown.Thereis so muchto see and do, you'll
nevergetbored.There'salwayssomething happening
1 Sallyissorrythat the summer
in this excitingcity,and it has greatshops,too.The
holidayhasfinisheo tl E moreadventurous cantakea tripup TableMountain
tn. 2 Mondayis not a gooddayfor or takea boattripto seegreatwhitesharksandseals.
$) JAMCS E T CapeTownhassomething foreverybody.
3 MissCounterteaches
Geography. E E SouthAfricais a placethateveryone
leastoncein theirlifetime!
Booknowfora holiday you
4 JamesthinksMr Shawis a good
Mathsteacher E tl A^A,Ar' A ^ ' A A A
5 Jamesand Sallyarenot good
ND 1 SouthAfricais not verypopularwith
at foreignlanguages. T E tourists.
ED 6 Sallyhasarrangedto study
2 TheKalahari Desertis in CapeTown.
vay Spanishthisyear E E 3 Thereis not muchgoingon in
)LY ( 1 2marks)
6) 4 Youcanseesomebig,scaryfishthere
Writing 5 Theauthorrecommends that everyone
Thisisa magazine
advertfor a shortstory shouldgo to SouthAfrica
(20 marks)
f p'mffl,,,
(Total= 100marks)

Wearelooking aboutyourholiday
forshortstories i
experiences.. goodor bad! Wheredid you go?
a talkandwriteabouttransport
Whatwasit likethere?Whathappened? Howdid
a talkandwriteaboutholidays
thingsturn out? Wasyour holidaya dreamor a
a talkandwriteaboutgoodmanners andeducation
a wfltea shortstory
a expressdissatisfaction/ask
for details
Soget wrrtingnowandyoumayseeyournamein a makepoliterequests
* * ",$u$$
All plantsneedcertain1) .................(base)
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and otherminerals. Thesekeepthe plants
(live)and helpthemgrow.Oxygencomesfromthe atmosphere,
2) .................
and mostplantstake in othernutrients fromthe soil.But someplantslivein soils
that do not haveenoughof the minerals they need,and havebecomecarnivorous, meaningtheyeat meat!
Theyget extranitrogenfromthe bodyof insectswhichthey catchin traps.
Carnivorous plantshavecome up with3) .................
(differ)waysof catchinginsects.The leavesof the
Butterwort are stickv,so insectswhichlandon the leavesget stuck,andthe plant4) (slow)digests
them.The PitcherPlant,on the otherhand,haslong,hollowjug-shaped trapscalled'pitchers',
at the end of its leaves.Insectsfly to the pitcherbecauseof its colourand smell,thenfall downintothe
trapand cannotescapebecausethe sidesare 5) (slip).In the caseof the VenusFlyTrap,whenan
insectlandson one of its lobes,theysnaoshutand trapthe insectinside.In thisway,carnivorous plants
havemanagedto adaot6) .................
(perfect)to theirenvironment.

W Speaking
a. Namesomeunusual plantsin yourcountry.
Wheredo theylive?

b. Labelthe diagram
of the plantwith the
wordsbelow.Whatarethesewordsin your
language? W Reading &Listening
. leaf . flowerr stem . roots. bud . stalk
2 a. Howdo plantsusuallyfeedthemselves?
Readthe firstparagraph
of thetextand

b. Readthetextandcomplete eachgapwith
the correctwordderivedfromthe word in

Explain words.Askandanswer
the underlined
basedon thetext.

W Project
Portfolio:Choose a habitat(awoodland, a river
bank,a grassland)in yourneighbourhood and
do a plantstudy.Identifythespecies
of plants
youfindthere,andfindout asmuchasyoucan
aboutthem.Makea poste;andeitherstickon
photographs of themor drawthem,thenwrite
a shortparagraph aboutthem.Givea short
presentationto yourclass. yourself.
Units 5-6

! l,i

) Pr actise...
o relative (defining
clauses / t{
. comparatives& superlatives
. exclamations
. articles
. quantifiers
) youstart
Before . adverbs
o Haveyou everhada badexperience whileon o roflovivo nr^n^r rn<

holiday?Tellthe class. . phrasalverbswith over,in

. What is a typicalschooldaylike?
Lookat Module3 o a shortartrcleabouta mythrcalcreaturefrom
F i n dt h e p a g en u m b e rfso r p i c t u r e1s- 5 . yourcountry
. an e-mailto yourpen-friend abouta scary
for dreamyou had
. a shortparagraph abouta festivalin your
. an advertabouta ghostlytour r country
. on how to usea gadget
instructions r . a 3rd-nerson narrative
. a piechart T . an advertfor a walktouristscantakein your
. a 000Kcover E IOWN

a shortreviewof a film you haveseen

) Listen,
readandtalkabout... instructions on how to senda text message
. mythical
creatures a paragraph abouthow teensin yourcountry
. moods& feelings communicate with friends
r hndv l:nnrr:no a letterto a frrendrevrewinga CD
' typesof films
. entertainment
r gadgets
ftreGhostH'nl olYot
. the lnternet
F Learnhowto ... Gurricular
) i r invif o nonnlo R
q , qzl lrr r
vaL nl / rofr r<a
. askabouta problem& offerhelp
. recommend something

to the musicandthe sounds.
Howdo thesounds
makeyou feel?

Lookat the pictures.

Howaretheyrelatedto the title of the
unit?Whichtimeperioddo youassociatethemwith:fhe
or future?

***-di; ;;.9i& ti:;?*riii':rt

Workin groups.Whatdo you knowaboutthesecreatures?
. a longspikytail?. a longneck?. brgclaws?o a glossy
. thebodyof a bird?. a hornon itsforehead? . onlyoneeye?
. thebodyof a lion?. aneagle's headandpointed ears?. the
bodyandlegsof a horse?. nineheads? . large,

Readthetextanddecideif thesentences belowaref (true)or F

Whatisthe writer'sreasonfor writingthe text?
1 Thiswebsitewasdesigned for peoplewho are
in mythsand legends
2 Dragons belongedto powerfulmagicians
3 Thereis onlyone famousSphinx, the one fromThebes.
+ TheSirens attractedsailors
with theirbeautiful
5 Peoplebelieved unicornscouldhealthe sick.
6 TheHydrahadsixheads.
7 All giantsweremeanand nasty
8 Griffinsoftenprotected
of valuable
9 Centaurs had humanbodiesand horses' heaos.
1 0 All the creatures
in the text comefrom Greekmvrns

Match the underlinedwords in the text with the following


1 killing 2 numerous3 unforgettable 4 tempted 5 shiny

: 6 stickingout 7 huge 8 bravery9 protect10 guide

6 Replacethe phrasesin bold with words/phrases

from the
text. TheHydrahadnineheads,
1 Midaswas unaffectedby anypoison. of which was connectedto a
2 The Egyptians longneck
believedthat the pharaohswere gods and
neverdied. TheAncrentGreekshada lot of
3 AncientGreekswere scaredof the Hydra old, popular stories about
4 The Sphinxwas hatedbecause mythicalcreatures
it would kill thosewho didn't
{ Dragons can be found in countlessstoriesaround the world. The storiesusually involve the slayingof the dragon
by a hero. Dragons are slmbols of evil, magic and power, perhapsbecausethey often guald a treasure in a cave.
Tlpically describedas monstrous,lizard-like creaturesthat can breathe fire, havebig claws,wings and a long spilry i.le
tail, it's no wonder they are storybookfavourites.READ MORE> > ':ll'

The Sphittx is a mysteriouscreature from Egypt and Greece.It had the body, legs and tail of a lion, a human head 3
(sometimesmale, sometimesfemale) and large, strongwings. The most famous sphirx from Greek legendswas in
Thebes.It askedtravellersa riddle. Those who could answerthe riddle were allowed to passand those who could
notwere killed.
The Sirens come from Greek mythology.They were very attractive creatureswho were half woman and half bird, :.:i
with wings and claws.They lived on an islandbetweenItaly and Sicily,and their beautiful voicesand haunting songs t,::l

lured sailorsto their deathsby making them steer their ships straight towards the island and crashonto the rocks. {
D Unicorns were magical mlthical creatures that looked like horses.They first appeared in ancient m1'thsfrom
Mesopotamia, China and India. They were strong, wild and fierce, with ela$y white coats,blue eyesand a horn
plqiqctilg fralq their foreheads.Peoplebelievedthat if they drank from a unicorn's horn they would be immune to
all poisons.
The Hydra was a huge snakelike monsterwith nine heads.Each head was attachedto a long neck, and if one was
cut off, two would grow back in its place.They feature in Greek and African mythology.READ MORE> >
Giants were huge human-like creaturesthat appearedmainly in European folklore. They were tall, fat and ugly,
and some had only one eye.They were feared and hated becauseof their cruelty, stupidi{r and fondnessfor eating
people, although friendly giantswere not completelyunheard of.
G Griffins were giganticm1'thicalcreaturesfrom the Middle East and the Mediterranean.They had a lion's body and
an eagle'shead and wings,with pointed earslike a horse.With the speedand sight of an eagleand the strength and
courageof a lion, griffins often protected vast treasures.REAI) MORE> >
H Centaurs, from Greek mlthology, were half horse and half man. They were human from the waist up, with the
body and legsof a horse.There were tvvoraces:the first were wild and violent creaturesthat lived in the mountains
and the forests;the other were gentle,wise and intellectual. READ MORE> >

7 Workin groups. questions

Prepare basedon the
text.Exchange with another vpWrihng
group.Whichgrouphasthe mostcorrect
answers? Portfolio:Writea shortarticleaboutany
mythicalcreature fromyourcountry(60-80
; r


i;.' words).Include:
r whatit lookedlike. whereit lived
I comefromyourcountry?
. whatit drd
Arethereanyfamousstories aboutthem?What
it in groups.
didtheylooklike?Discuss yourprojectwith pictures.
r l

ffiil 3 Matchthe nounsto the

Speoking Whichmakeyou feel:peaceful?
a. Lookat the pictures.Who's:happyandexcited?
ongryond scared?
andshocked?Usethe words/phrases
describethe people.
ttTt birds a cracKtes
ETI leaves b howls
eyesshining6t-- FTI wind c rustle

whiteas a sheet
t4T_lchains d creak
trTt fire a rr++l^

reTtthunder f rumbles
smilingfrom DTI floorboards g s r n g
redin the dlnh-nearto ear ""{nn
face teeth Complete
shaking chattering
4 the sentences
\T*ql|U oneof the phrasesbelow.
withfear 1
Explainthemin yourlanguage.
handson hips KNEES . fightto thedeath. livein fearof
\ knocking . scared to deathof
I . frighten
tapping thelifeoutof
1 t'm snakes
lohnstoodwithhands 2 Thedog nextdoor
me everytime I
b. Whatgesturesandfacialexpressions
do peoplein your leavethe house.
countryusewhen they arescored,
angryexcited,etc? lwould . .t o
protectmy family.
2 a. Circle
theoddwordout.Checkin yourdictionary. Villagers
nearthe forest....
attacksfrom wolves
1 petrified,sleepy,
scared 4 exhausted,sad,ttred
2 pleased,afraid,terrified 5 shy,surprised,
, ' i ' . 1 , - '
3 ecstatic.happy,bored
5 Fill in: of, ot, from, in or with.
b. Useadjectives
fromEx.2a,andthe ideasbelow to act
out exchanges 1 Shetrembled... .. fearasthe
asin the example.
1 watcha horrorfilm 5 seea snakein the garden 2 He finallymanagedto escape
2 heargood news 6 witnessa bankrobbery the dragon's
3 find a mousein the 7 havemy tooth takenout 3 You'dbe reallysurprised
kitchen 8 havea baddream how many people thought
4 almostcrashmy bike g spendall nightstudying
A: I watcheda horrorfilmlastFriday, 4 Theysaythat the monsterdied
B: Wereyouscared? a brokenheart
A: ScaredTlwaspetrified! 5 He gasped . horrorat the
i i
s i g h io f t h e s n a k e
. - . , { .

Onomatopoeicwords are words that soundlikethe noisethey 6 a . M a t c ht h e i d i o m (s1 - 5 ) t ot h e
describe(e.g.hiss,pop,etc).Use of suchwords makes definitions (a-e).
descriptionsmore vivid.
[t-fl ri.e; < ec ihe dragonin
c o l db l o o d
ETI to get information
Trying fromhimis like thequestions.
b. Answer Thensaythreethings
gettingbloodout of a stone! youremember
FTI My familymeansmoreto me than friends. 1 What is bodylanguage?
After all,blood is thickerthan water. 2 How do we usebodylanguage?
ET_-] Hesweatedblood to set up the company. bodylanguage?
3 Why isit importantto understand
FTI Crueltyto anrmals makesmy blood boil 4 What examples of bodylanguage arementioned
a work extremelyhard in the text?
b familyrelationshipsarethe mostimportant
c verydifficult F;i'if ;.r:;a:I rilliibS
d in a cruel,unfeeling,
8 Usethephrasalverbs
e makesomeone
to completethe
usingthe idioms.
b. Now makeup sentences sentences. one
Hecommittedthecrimein coldblood.
anddrawa picture
itsmeaning. hanH
illustrate tnke

1 lt took herquitea longtimeto . .. .

w Reoding
the shock.(recoverfrom)
r a. Read
Whatcouldit mean?
H e . . . . . . .. . . . . . . t. o. t h e s i d eo f t h e r o a dt o s e e
wherethe lightwascomingfrom.(stop)
Readthe text to find out. 3 He the cardto Ann (pass)
4 I don't knowwhat me, but I started
shakinglikea leaf!(suddenly happento)
He v h e nh r su n c l e
. . . . . .t.h e c o m o a nw
A new studentwolksup to you slowly,smiles, ond died (9et controlof)
mcys,"Excuseme - where'sthe lob?" Do you think
they'redesperote to findthelob?Think oboutit.They're tliiirordlso itlren coLn'fu:!ecl
openlyond opprooching slowlywiththeirheod
Theyoreonlytryingto gel to knowyou.
lril'red. I Underline thecorrect word.
Bodylonguogeisthe quiet,secreilonguoge which 1 Thesmokeraised/rose highintothe air.
s the mostpowerfullonguogeof oll. Accordingto
2 Theboy'swild behaviour problem.
is a serious
expeds,our non-verbollonguogecommunicotes
about50%of whot we reollymeon.Thetone ond
3 He remembers/reminds me of my uncle.
speedof our voice occountfor 3B%,whilewords
''lremselves olso 4 Thedog lay/laiddown nearthe fire
contributeonly7ok.Non-verbol signols
hovefiveiimestheimpoctof verbolsignols.
Non-verbol communicotion isfomiliorto usfrombirth, r Listening
A bobydoesn'ttolk,butii smiles or criesto expressitself,
Curbodiessendoutmessoges constontly, ondwe don't 1g OVou willhearTomandHelen talking
olwoysreolise thot we ore communicoting o lot more a dream. Where wasHelen in herdream? What
thonwe soy.We understond whotsomeone's gestures happened? Howdidshefeel?
ond bodyposition indicote,ond we sendout ourown
messoges, too - but we rorelystopto thinkobouthow
we do it.Rubbing oureyes,cleoringourthroot,topping s6Wri+1n4
our toes,scrotchingour nose,openingour ormsor
keepingourlegscrossed ollsendoutstrongmessoges. Portfolio:Writean e-mailto yourpen-friend
Itisimporlontto be oworeof ourownbodylonguoge, abouta scarydreamthatyouhad(80-100
os well os to understond whot otherpeople'sbody words).lnclude:where youwere(inthedream),
longuogemeons,sowe con ossess ond reoctto them whathoppened, howyoufeltondwhy.
i effectively.Afteroll,octionsspeoklouderthonwords,

here was a 0) f,'n'r*in the past when the
peopleof Britaincelebratedthe end of
summerand the beginningof winteron
All Hallow'sEve, which is 1) ......31st October. In "!ffr"t"tt:tY1|/:{ffi'e':
2) ......days, they thought that bad things always came with the long ,
dark winter nights,3) ......
they built fires which
they danced around.They also performedritualsto keep 4) ......
Therewere many peoplewho believedthat there were ghostsevery-wrreiir
whose beliefswere very simple,thoughtthat if trey:wo
scarycostumesand masks5) ......
they left theirhomesafterdark,16" rosekj;,,rai
and monstersthat roamedaround6) ......night would not recognisethem." ,
r' rr::3
They also left bowls of food outside their houses for these invisibleghoutsr,,1,r,,
TL^" ^l^^ t^rL r^ --"1- -r a

thinkingthiswouldstop7) ...... fromtryingto get in.

Today, the British continue to celebrate this 4,.r97,:::a.:.,:ttt*..r,,taaa:::::::..tLa4:11:iffi:':::t'a::''t'wr;t*'\try'::t'

tt. tlme C period D age

festival,which is now called Halloween, on 31st 0 A Years
l Ain Bon Cat D to
October.Theydo this by 8) ...... up,wearingmasks
Bthese C previousD those
and puttingcandlesinsidelanternsmade 9) ...... 2 A l a t e
3 Aafter Bso C next D then
pumpkins.They leave the lanternsoutside to
4 Aback Bdown Gout D up
frighten10) .. witchesand ghosts,just as people
in the pastdid,but todayit is justfor fun. 5 Aafter B s o o n C while D when
6 A in Bat Gto D on
7 AtheY B t h o s e C them D these
8 A c o v e r i n g B P u t t i nCg wearingD dressing
Refative clauses'''',:,#,ii 9 Awith BbY Cof D from
G r a m m aR
r eference
10 Afor BawaY C o f D out
W Reading &Listening
a. Thinkof threequestions
youwantto ask
aboutHalloween. 2 Theyarenot put betweencommas.
Readthe textandseeif
youcananswerthem. 3 Theygiveextrainformation
4 Theycannotbe omitted
b. Choose
the correctword,A, B,C or D,to
5 Theycanbe omitted
the gaps(1-10).
complete Listenandcheck.
6 Theyare put betweencommas
W Speaking b . Fillin the relativepronouns.Is eachrelative
clausedefiningor non-defining?
2 Completethe sentences
aboutyourself.Whichof Use
the underlined
wordsareusedfor:people? things? commaswhere necessary.
animals? time?Findexamplesin the text" My cousinLisais the sort of girl .. . loves
1 | don'tlikestories
which/that dressing up.
2 l'd nevergoto a place
where J i m . . . . . l o v e st e l l i n gs t o r r e s a y sh e s a w a
3 I likesomeone who/that ghost
4 | oncemeta manwhose/that .. 3 Thebook .. he isreading isaboutdragons.
5 lt wasthistimelastyearwhen... 4 That'sthe boy , . sisterisan actress.
5 This is the shop you can buy good
3 a. Readthe examples,
thenmarksentences clothes
1-6asD (defining)or
ND(non-defining). On our ast holclay we went to Spainwe
madea lot of nei,n,' friends
wholovesscarymovies, hasa hugecollection
DVDs.(non-defining M y s s t e ri s s : i o . / i r ga t C a m b r i d g.e. . i s a
famousunt'.'e 's:.,,
Peoplewho don'teat meatarecalledvegetarians.
ngrelativeclause) 8 Thecostur: ;ou'rewearingisgreat
Whichof thesentences in Ex.3b canbe Word formation (adjectives
writtenwithoutthe relative ending in -ful/-less)
COmpafatiVeS & SUpeflatiVeS Adjectivesendingin -ful showthat the person/thing '
crammar hasthatquality.
a beautifulgirl(indicates
endingin -lessshowthat the person/thing '
a. Lookat the pictures
andthe examples.
How ; ,adlectives
do we formthe comparative/superlative? i describeddoesn'thavethat quality.a fearless
Lrsa Joy

6 Readthe theory then fill in the correctform of

the words in brackets.

1 BradPitt is a (success) actor.

e a se x t r e m e l.y. . . . . . . . . . . . . .(.h. .e. .l p ) .
2 H i sa d v i c w
3 He was so shockedat the film that he was
. . . (speech).
4 D o n ' tb e a f r a i do f t h a t d o q- i t ' s . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
- ': hasgot shortharrbut Sue'sgot shorterhair (harm).
hairof all
J;1 haswt the l::e.es,t
ar Lisa,

b. Compare
Completethe secondsentencesothat it
Lisa Sue loy meansthe sameasthe first.Useno morethan
careful ,/ threewords.
; ng well /,/ 1 The Draculacostumewas better than +h^

funny '/ ladybird

relpful ,/,/,/ Theladybird
costumewasn't the
old ./ Draculacostume
tall /,/ 2 John,whosesisterisAnn,wasthe winner
It wasAnn's wasthe winner
butJovisthemost 3 Mikearrivedat the partybeforeJohn.
careful. Mikearrivedat the party John
Readthe examples.
Usethe structures
to wizardcostumewon a prize.
4 Billy's
completethe exchanges. B i l l yw a st h e o n e . . .. w o n
. lt'sgettingcolderandcolderasthedaysgo by a pnze.
. Jackistwiceascleverashisbrother. 5 Herhatwas nicerthanthe others!
. Theearlier we leave,
the earlier
we'llarrive. H e rh a tw a s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . all!
. Heisn'tastallashissister.

1 A: What do vou thinkof Ann? W Speaking

B: Well,sheisn't In pairs,talkabouta festivalin yourcountry.
about:thenameof thefestival,whatyoudo to
2 A: lt lookslikesummeris herealready celebrate, thereasonfor thecelebrafion.
R' Yoc it'c nottinn pronouns
relative andadjectives.
(hot) everyday
3 A : I w i s hI w a s . . . ( s l i m y) o u
B: Don'tbe silly.You've a lovelyfigurel
4 A: What'syourhurry?
B: The (fast)we pack,the (60-80
Project:Nowwritea shortparagraph
(fast)we can leave. words)aboutthisfestival.
7 Reading (How) N o ,l ' d r a t h e r
Wouldyou o Thatwill be not
i' , tistento the music.lmagine
youareat a l i k et o (very)nice. o (l'msorrybut)I
spookyHalloween party.Describe
the scene. (+infl? o l'd ho nl:d fn can'tbecause
Thinkabout:whereitis, whenitis,
whoisthereand WhaVHow (+inf) l'm (+ -ingform)
whatishappening. about (+ . With o (nt rnnl< nnnd

-ingform)? pleasure but (+clause)

l'matmyfriend's in thegarden.
house ltsmidnight.
Do cometo . l'd like/love
to. o Unfortunately I
. I wouldn't can't(+inf)
2 a. Readthe firstandthe lastexchanges
in the
Pleasecome missit for . l'm afraidI
dialogue.Whatdo youthinkKimisgoing
to do on Saturday? to the world cant
b. Act out dialogues
for the following
John: Hi, Kim.I haven'tseenyou for ages.How situations.
o Invitea friendto a fanrydresspartyat your
Kim: I'm fine,thanks.I movedhouserecently
so place.Yourfriendaccepts.
l'vebeenverybusy o Decline aninvitation to drnner
John:Soundsas if you needa rest! Listen,l'm person to a festivalinstead.
havinga Halloweenparty on Saturday o Invitea friendto thecinema withyou.Your
night.Wouldyou liketo come? frienddeclines.
Kim: lt's verygood of you to ask me, but l'm
too busy I still havea lot to do in the Making decisions
4 a. A friendof yoursis havinga Halloween
John: Oh, come on! Everybody needsa break
partyandhasaskedyouto helpwith the
n o w a n dt h e n
decorations.Lookat the pictures
Kim: Yes,you'reright.Totellyouthe truth.I am
decidewhichthreethingsarethe most
gettinga bit fed up with it alll OK.I'd love
to Whattime?
J O n n How
: about 7? We can chat a bit before
the partystartsat 8
K i m : Soundsgreat!| can'twait.
J o h n :Great!l'llseeyou on Saturday, then
K i m : l w o u l d n ' tm i s si t f o r t h e w o r l d l

b . Readthe dialogueand answerthe


1 Why hasn'tJohnseenKimfor a whiie?

2 What doesJohninviteKimto?
3 Why doesKimrefusethe invitation?
4 W h yd o e sK i mc h a n g eh e rm i n d ?
5 Whattimewill the partystart?

3 a. Readthe table.Workin pairs.Usethe
phrases in thetableto actout a dialogue r'iitie iwitch'shat
likethe onein Ex.2a,givingit a different
ending. i
) Roleploy I Listening

b. In pairs,useyourideasin Ex.4a to actout a. Youwill heara conversation

the dialogue below. friendsabouta Mexicanfestival.Read
A : I thinkwe shouldhavesome because
the keywords.
at Halloween.
B : Yes,I agree I don't think we need. . or
i6.. tistenandtick(,/) Yesif the sentence
- they aren't reallyappropriate,are or Noif it isincorrect.
they? &
A: No,not reallyWhat aboutsome.. . . ?
B : G o o di d e a H
. o wa b o u t . . . . ?
A: Hm- maybenot for Halloween ffiffi ffiffiffiffiffi
B: Perhapsyou're right. We definitelyneed
t h o u gh.
A: That'strue.I thrnkthat'senough
B: OK.We'reagreed,then - we'll have... . ffimywSthm ffiemdf;m#mwmmm
. . . . . . .a. n d . . . . . . . L e t ' sq e t s t a r t eId

a. Listen
r Whatawfulweather!. Whatscary costumes!
. Whata spooky house!. lt'ssucha scaryfilm!
. lt'ssofrighteningo
! lt'ssospooky in here!
. Howcoldit isin here YesNo

b. Howdo we formexclamations? Arethere

1 Tomspenthisholidayin Oaxaca l T
2 Thefestivalis celebrated
in yourlanguage?
throughoutMexico. TT
Nowlookat the pictures
3 Thefestivallastsfor two days TT
with what,how,such,so.
4 Peoplewearcostumes. TT
5 find the festivaldepressingT I
6 ln the end,Juliawantsto go to
the festrval trI
8 Thinkof fivephrases
youhavelearntin this
Closeyourbooksandtell a partner.

W h yd o
skeletons drink
so muchmilk?

It's goodfor.
the bones.


We'veall heardaboutpeople swimming withdolphins, but waited impatiently
forthesharks to appear,andsureenough,
whataboutsharks? Well,that'swhatOliver didlastyearin withinminutes,fivehugeGreat Whites cautiously
Hehadalways dreamt of goingto theGreat Barrier thecageandstarted circlrng
it.Theywereso closehecould
Reefandit wasexactly as he hadimagined -
it clearblue seetheirsharpwhiteteeth.Oliverhadneverrealised how
waterandthousands of exoticfish.Oneday,as he was beautiful
theseanimals wereandhowgracefully theymoved.
along thebeach,hesawa signadvertising tripstodive Suddenly,oneofthemcrashed against thecage,
withsharks.Thiswashiskindofdiving! over.Pickinghimself up,he sawthedoorof thecage.lying
Thenextdayhewalked excitedlyto theharbou[ andsoonhe open, thelockbroken!
wasonhiswayouttosea.Suddenly thecaptainswitched offthe Heknewhehadto makeit backuoto theboat.Heswamout
engine.Somesharks hadbeenspotted swimming nearthe of thecageandgrabbed theropethatconnected thecageto
boat.Heputonhiswetsuitandstepped carefully
inside thecage theboatoverhead. Butinstead of attacking
thatwouldtakehimundennraterandprotecthimfromanyattack. swam slowly
around himashewasclimbing uptherope.
through shark-infested
waters, trappedina cage, is not Hereached theboatin safety, awarethatthishadbeenthe
everyone'sideaof fun,butOliver wasabsolutely thrilled!He mostamazing experience of hislife.Canyouguess whathe

w%mw%wffi Replace
the underlinedadjectives
in the text
belowwith alternatives
fromthe list.
Readthe title and listento the sounds.Whatdo
youthinkthestoryisabout?Listen, readandcheck. . happy. terrible. pleasant
. huge
. fresh. oeaceful
It was a 1) nice summer'sday and Tom was out
iffi_.--w-s$ffiffi:ffi walkinghis dog in the 2) nice.quiet countryside.
Tomfelt 3) goodto be in the 4) goodair Justthen,
Beginning/Ending a story
something5) bad happened.A 6) bjg manjumped
An interestingbeginningcatchesthe reader'sattention
out of the bushes
and orabbedTom'sdoo.
and a good endingmakeshim feel satisfied. You can
startJenda story by:
using direct speech Y*a*rtu^xwwz
"l told you not to go there,"John soidangrily.
asking a rhetorical question Lookat therubric
Who wouldgo intoan abondonedhouseolone? theplan.Thenwriteyourstory(100-150
addressing the reader directly
Hoveyou evercome foceto face with o crocodile? f' A teen magazinewants its readersto send
in storiesthat begin with'. "lt wasa darkand
2 a. Readthe story.Whichtechnique(s)doesthe storm! night.Johnwoson hiswayhome."
writeruseto start/endhisstory?
b. In pairs,suggest

Complete the phrases

with adverbs
fromthe -."i""i.i,,"!

text.Usethesephrases of yourown.
in sentences
Introduction (Para 1)
1 4 .... approached
If,/ben/Wherecloestbe story takeplace?lVbo
2 5 moved is/are the main cbaracter(s)?
3 6 swam
Main Body (Pans 2-4)
\Wat happens?Wbat are the eventsin order?
Conclusion (paru 5)
4 Usinga varietyof adjectives
makesthe storymore lVbat happensin the end?Hozado(es)the
Findandcircletheadjectivesthatthe character(s)feel?
writerusesin the story.Whateffectdo theyhave?

ou'Il laugh, you'll scream,you an emotional journey that includes

mav even crv - but vou'11 practicaljokes, optical illusions and
definitely have fun on the Ghost Hunt audience participation. The tour
of York. It's an hour-and-a-half-long concludeswith a visit to Caesar's
tour of the most hauntedplacesin and Restaurant,where customersmay
around the city centre of York. find more body parts on their plates l1:.1:'r,ri.i:

Whatever the weather,your guide than they ordered! Believe me when I

will appear at7:30 pm, formally ,:tii'
say it may well be the bestfun you'll
dressedin his traditional Victorian have in ages!Still not sure?Then
coat and top hat, ready to lead you read thesecommentsfrom some :ii:i:,.
through the maze of streetsthat make satisfiedcustomers:
up this medieval city. Ringing his ,.i:'liro
deathbell, he will take you on a "A fabulously entertaining tour which all of us
enjoyed immensely."
walking tour of the darker side of the
The O' Sullivan F amily (P ort smouth) -7'?oOrn
city and tell you its fascinating ghost
stories.As well as telling you the "What a laugh! Looking for-wardto going Ev;RY
spookiestghost storiesyou've ever
heard.your hostwill give you an
interesting and hilarious history
lesson,with a laugh a minute.
again! Thanks. You made my night."
Alison Hunt ( Cambridge)

"The ghost hunt was wonderful - entertaining

im*tb:lir - '- .
to book
and informative. I will definitely return for *'"
Highly entertaining as well as more ghosthunting next year!"
frightening, the tour will take you on Jill Durhanu ( Califurnia)

) Reoding&listeninE W Speaking
lo I Lookat the photos.
Whatdo youthinkis Workin pairs.
Tryto persuade
rd happening? Whyisthe mandressedin this goontheGhostHuntof York.

2 Readthetextandcomplete thesummary,
then miWrif.n+
explainthe words/phrases
in bold.
-he Portfolio:
Workin groups. Findinformation
GhostHuntof Yorktakesplacein the cityof abouta walkthat touristscantakein a town
i) . . lt startsat 7:30pm 2) in yourcountry.Makenotesunderthe
r the Shambles. lt costs3) andf3 for followingheadings andthencreateyourown
lt lastsfor 4) hoursandtakes advertisement.
rlacewhatever the weatherThetour guideleads . where/when it takesolace
_,ou through the streets, ringinga bellandtelling . howlongit takes
_,ou ghost 5) Thetour endsat . whatthetourincludes
o/ wherethe oeoolehavean unusual . howmuchthetickets are
lin ner.


T4.. *'*. "o,"*'-s -s' il_
( ) Listen
to themusicandthesounds.
Describe ;fr;d'd--,"rd..,fi;;f;-$";;:;yT:;;*;ffitr
C Theylikeddressing
up likesoldiers.
Whatishappening? D Theythoughthischoiceof careerwasfunny
Whatdoesthe writersayabouthisworkinglife?
2 Whichisyourfavourite
typeof film? A Heenjoyedworkingon 2001:ASpaceOdyssey
. historical
. science-fiction
o action. comedy B Hedidn'tenjoyworking on StarWars.
. romance . horror. drama. war . thriller C Heenjoyedworkingon the Indiana Jonesfilms
. cartoono westernr detective D Heenjoyedworkrngon TheLordof theRingstrilogy
havein common? What might the writersayabout specialeffectsin
ffieme$Erxg A They'renot asgoodastheyusedto be
B They'vehelpedto makesomegreatfilms
a. Readthe title of the text and lookat the
C They'remoreimportantthana good\story.
pictures.What is the text about?Listenand
D Theycan'tget anybetterthan theyard..r:row.
readto check.

4 Completethe sentences
with the underlined
b. Readthe text and, for eachquestion,
words in the text.
choosethe correctanswer,A, B, C or D.
1 Happiness isa wonderful
Whatisthewriter'smainpurpose rnwritingthetext?
2 | like actronfilms where lots of stuff qets
A to describe
B to saywhat he likesaboutdifferentfilms
3 A lot of science-fiction filmsare aboutaliens
C to talkabouthiscareer in the filmbusiness
D to explain
the historyof special effects
T h i sf i l mi sa b o u ta t y r a n ta n dh i s . .
What would a readerlearnaboutfilmmakers
from o n t h e p l a n eM t ars
the text? 5 Theyarrivedand into the party,
A Theywant to fly. whrchwas quiteboringuniiltheygot there.
B Theyareinvading the Earth 6 Computergeneratedimageshave
C Theywill destroyfreedomacross
the universe. for years,but theyget better
D Theywant usto belrevethe impossible. a l l t h et i m e
7 Astronomers stilldon': <io,,,,,
a lot aboutour
3 Whatdoesthe writersayabouthisfamily?
A Hewantedto zapthemwith a raygun.
,-3 -Erowalksoff into
B Theywerehisfirstaudience.
t h es u n s e t
thatwasalltheencouragement I needed. I finallygotintothe
film business in the 70s.Stanley Kubrick hadamazed
everybody withhisbeautiful iiln 2001: A Space 0dyssey andI
foundmyself working ona similar filmfora young guy called
George Lucas. Hekepttalking aboutrobots, orswords made
outoflight,andsuperfast spaceships, andI keptsaying, "Sltre,
l iongtimeagoina galaxy far,faraway... people used to George, buthowarewegoing to make it?"Well,intheendwe
=trieve whatever theysawwiththeirowneyes.Butdoyou founda wayandStarWarswasa massive blockbuster.We
'-allybelieve amancanfly?Doyoubelieve aliens
areinvading made twomoreSfarWars films,andI hadagreat timeworking
:ar1horthatanevilempire willdestroy freedom across the onIhelndiana Jones movies, butthenalong came Jurassic
LryQ15Q? For the makersof films like Supernan, Parkin 1993andthatchanged everything.
r"tependence DayandStarWars, theirmission is to make
r:.:believe Computer animation hadbeenaround fora longtime,butnow
andthat's whentheycome tosomeone likeme.
wecouldmakeanykindof creature wewanted. Suddenly, it
l''ertheyears, l'vetravelled
through time, breathed lifeback seemed likeevery filmhadto haveCGI(computer generated
-io dinosaurs andblownupentireplanets. Today, I workat imaging) andI thinksomepeople forgotthatfilmsstillneed
rdustrial Light&Magic, butmyinterest inspecialeffects goes imagination.I enjoyfilmslikeTheLordof the RingsIrilogy
:ackto mychildhood. I remember seeing thealieninTheWar because they've gotdrama andemotion aswellas great
)i TheWorlds zapsomesoldiers witha raygunandI thought special effects,butmykidslikecomputer animated filmslike
:l mysel{, "l wanttodothat," Myfather hada home movie Shrek. Sometimes I tryto imagine whatkindoffilmsthey'llbe
:amera andI filmed mybrother pretending to bea soldier. watching whenthey'reolder,butthenI lookbackat howfar
enI filmedsomefireworks exploding. Mymumwentcrazy we've already come. Whocould have dreamed anyofthis
,,,henshesawit, butmydadthought it wasreallyfunnyand wouldreally happen?

Matchthewordsin boldto theirsynonyms. Spem&<6mg

1 support 3 liberty 5 reflect In pairs,
thinkof questions,
thenactout an
2 shoot 4 huge 6 task interview betweenDickSummers anda
basedon the information
in thetext.
Readthe sentences. Which is about a: CD?film?
game?concert? play?Usethe underlinedwords -EstemSrxg
to talk aboutyour favouriteCD,film,etc.
the film review.
1 With an excellent
cast.grippingplot and lotsof
thisissureto be a boxofficehit!
T i t l e :1 ) . . .
2 Thetitletrackisthe best,but the wholealbum Directed
b y : B r i a n2 ) . . . . . . .
is worth a listen,and sometunesmay even
S t a r r i n g : T i3
m) a sD a v eD o u g l a s
RobertDowneyJr givesa 4)
3 D e s p i tteh e s i m p l ep l o ta n d d u l lg r a p h i c tsh, i s
asDr Kozak.
is engaging,quite difficult
An exciting
filmfor 5)
and lotsof fun

4 Thecastplayedto a fullhouseon opelfngnight

andthe audience lovedtheirperformance ,'-Writinq

5 Thepackedstadiumrockedandthe bandgave
Portfolio:Writea shortreviewof a filmyou have
a fantasticlive performance
of sonqsfrom
throughouttheirlongcareer o title. a C t O f S / d i f " r - rtn rn l n f r v n r, r ^ p i n i O l

3 Fill in: seguel,trilogy, specialeffects,blockbuster,
computeronimated,plot, boxoffice.Checkin
In pairs,listasmanyplaces
asyoucanthink your dictionaries.
of wherepeoplego for entertainment.
1 T h eS t a r W afrisl m sw e r eh u g e . . . . . . . . . . . .h. .i.t.s .
b . Completetheword(s)tomatcheachdefinition. 2 T h r e ef i l m sm a k eu 0 a . . . . .
Areanyof thesewordsin yourlist? 3 A .. . . continues the storyof a previous film
4 . ............ . . .m a k ef i l m sm o r ee x c i t i n g .
1 Yougo hereto watcha film. c 5 S h r ei ksa . . . . . . . . . . . f. i.l.m .
2 Youcanmeetyourfriendsherefor a coffee. 6 T h i sf i l mi ss u r et o b e a s u m m e r ....."...
7 The .. wasborinqand predictable.
Youcanrideon a rollercoasterhere.
r____ p 4 FiII in: sfars,filmed,directed,f eatures,is set.
4 Yougo hereto watcha play.t 1 M o s to f t h e S t a r W a r s f i l m s w. e. .r.e. . . . . . . .i n
5 Yougo hereto watcha musical
performance. a studio.
c h 2 TomCruise in a lot of actionfilms.
Youcansee paintings
here. 3 Thefilm in outerspace.
a__ q__ 4 T h ef i l mi s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .b.y. S
. . t. e. v eS
np i e l b e r g .
Youcangoten-pin bowling
here 5 Shrek. a greenogrevoicedby Mike
b a Myers.
Yougo hereto watchanopera.
o n

c. In pairs,talkaboutwhichof theseplaces
youcanfindin the areawhereyoulive. Whichoneshaveyou
a. Lookat theitems.
a crnema
B. There no
aresomecafdsin myareatoo,butthere's DVDprayer
Fill in: audience,subtitles,DVD,dubbed,band, camera
performance,downloaded,track, olbum,
applause,songs,crowd, films, website,horror.
1 A: I don't likewatchingfilmsif the language
hasbeen . I preferto read
B: Really? | don'twatchmanyforeign
2 A: Therewasa hugeroundof .. ..... from
t h e. . . . . . . . .a. .t t. h ee n do f t h e. . . . . .
B : Y e a hT h e . . wentwild!
3 A: Thissong is my favourite on the
B : YeahThey'remy favourite ...,too. (PDA)
A : I renteda reallygood . last night b . Usethe verbsto completethe phrases.
calledShawnof theDead. Thenrankthe objectsin Ex.5ain orderof
B : Thatsoundslikea . . ..... film Wasit? importance to you.Compare answerswith
A : No - actually,it wasa comedy. a paftner.
A : | . . . . . . . . . .s. .o m eg r e a r o n r om y . send(x2'r. lisien1x2;o 1s6e1jo play
iPodlastnight. . take . Stofe . 1,,13161
r 63ll
B : R e a l l yT?e lm
l et h e n a m eo f t h e . . . . . . . . . . .s.o. .
1 frletos
I canseeif there'sanythingI mightlike.
2 :3X: -eSSageS
3 . . ...the latestgames
4 . ...to yourfavourite
5 . . . . .e - m a i l s 8 Fillin:onor in.
6 . ....addresses.
Is there anythingworth watching on TV
7 . ...........fi1ms
t o n i g h t ?l ' m . . . . . . .t h e m o o d f oart h d l l e r
8 .. . .. pictures
lsawX-Meni//atthe cinemalastnightandlwas
9 to music,news,talk shows,etc
fhc eriac of mv seat !
10 . Vp r o g r a m m e s
. . . .T
3 | needto chargemy mobilephone.Wherecan
A: Tome,themobile phone isthemostimportant
ofall, Ip l u g. . . . . . . .t h e c h a r g e r ?
becauseI cancallmyfriends orsendtextmessages. 4 | tune........ to thisradiostationeveryda;
B: Tome,thegames consoleisthemostimportantof
all,becauseI canplaythelatestgames.

I Complete the sentences
6 a. Readthe instructions
with the correctverb
the correctorder.WhichgadgetfromEx.5a
phrasalverbs in bold.
f \ "Siwc

1 l t ' sr e a l l lya t ea n dI ' mt i r e d l t h i n kl ' l l. . . . . . i n

2 | don'tfeellikegoingto fhe cinema- l'm going
t o . . . . . .i n .
3 O K .| . . . . . . . .i.n. H o w d o y o uw o r k t h i sd i g i t a l
Afterthe concertwe founda B&Bto . ....us
i n f o rt h e n i g h t .
5 Please don't in when l'm talking

g 6 We got to the stationjustasthe train . .. ...in.

7 M y p a r t - t i mjeo b a t t h e c i n e m ao n l y. . . . . . . .i.n.
aboutf1 00 a week.

10 Fillin a wordfromthe listbelow-thenexplain

the idiomsin bold.Aretheresimilaridiomsin
. whale. Dutch. leg . storm

b. In pairs,usethe instructions
to actout a 1 Wehada of a timeat the party
dialogue abouthowto usethe gadget. 2 S a mp a i da n a r ma n da . . . . . . . . . .f .o. r.h. i sn e w
A: I don'tknowhowtousethis.What doI do?
push 3 Mobilephones havetakentheworldby .......... .
B: Well,
first theon/offbuttontoswitchit on.
A: Thisone? OK.lt'son.Whatnow? etc 4 W h e nI g o o u tw i t h P a u w
l , e a l w a ygso . . . . . . . . . . . .
- that is.we eachpayhalfthe bill
to the phrases,
Matchthe adjectives thenfind
the oddwordout,asin the example.

Writea text givinginstructions
on how
to senda text messageon yourmobilephone.

Articles 2 A A lot oflA few my friendsdon't likegoing
G r a m m aR
r eterence t o t h ec i n e m a .
) Reading&Listening B : Well,much/manypeoplepreferto watch
a. Readthetextandcomplete the gapswith a, DVDsat home.
an or thewherenecessary.
Listenandcheck. 3 A : Little/Fewadults know how to use the
Howarearticlesusedin yourlanguage? Internet.
B: I disagreeI think thereare only a few/a
littlewho don't.
4 A: All/Severalmy family uses SMS How
cultureis having1) .........
B: Some/Notany of us do, but my dad still
2) .........
rest of the world, especially
in 3) .........
hasn'tgot a clue.
film, food, musicand fashion.In 4) .........
Tokyoyou can
find cutting-edge fashion, experimentalmusic and
I Speaking
5) .........
reallyfunky,trendyyouth scene.6) .........
of Shibuyaare 7) .........
city'smost popularareafor youth 3 Usethe informdtionin the piechartto make
Usemost,ofew,some, several,
herearehip kidswith all 8) .........
gadgets.9) .........Japaneseteenage girls spend their
moneyon 10) .........
hottesttrendsin clothesand music,
and 11) .........teenageboys invest in 12) .........Iatest
computergamesand 13) ......... Someyoung
Japanesepeoplehave startedtheir
own fashion houses and
design companieswhich
o f 1 5 ) . . . . . . .w
. .o r l d b y
b . Answerthe questions.
1 Whichisthemostpopularteenage spotinTokyo? GrammarReference
2 Whatdo.Japaneseteensspendtheirmoneyon? 4 a. Readthetheory.Giveexamplesof yourown.
3 What aboutteenagersin your town? In pairs Aretheresimilar in yourlanguage?
themwith Jaoanese
Adverbsdescribehow, how often, where, when ]
Quantifiers andto what degreesomething happens.
GrammarReference (Nowdoeshe walk?- manner)
(Towhat degree?- degree)
2 a. Whichof thesewordsgo with countable/
uncountablenouns?Whatarethesewords thebustowork(Howoften?- frequenry)
usedfor?Listthemfromthe leastto the lsawhimyesterday.(When?- time)
most. ., Hewasworkinginthegarden. (Where?- place)
- .,,,._".*_----.,"-
several- few- all- many- a few b . Put the words in orderto makecomplete
2 some- little- a lot of - a little- everv sentences.
What type of adverbis each?
3 each- not anylno
1 DVDs/ allafternoon / we / watched
b . Underlinethe correctword. Givereasons
and 2 warted/ Bob /for the taxi/ by the door
with the other words. 3 slowly/ chewed/ )ane/ herfood
4 disappointing/ the film/ rather/ was
A: Each/Every of us hasa mobilephone.
5 to the cinema
/ goes/ rnriihherbrother/ usually
B: Yes,but few/somepeoplearen'tsofortunate
Questiontags @ Reflexivepronouns
GrammarReference GrammarReference
Readthecartoon.Dothequestionformsaskfor Matchthe examplesto the uses(a-c).
or confirmation/agreement?
1 Hecuthimself.
2 Shewentbyherself
3 | don'tbelieve butsomepeople
it myself, do.

a the subjectandthe objectarethe same

b to emphasise
the subject
= 'wrthoutanyoneelse'
c (witha preposition)

9 Completethe sentences
with reflexivepronouns.

1 A: Who areyou goingto the cinemawith?

B : l ' m g o i n gb y
2 A: What'swrongwith Sarah?
B: She's
3 A : C a nI g e ty o ua d r i n k ?
B : N o ,t h a n k sl.' l lg e to n e
4 A: HasJennygot a new mobilephone?
B: Yes,but shedidn'tpayfor it .
) Listening the party?
5 A: Who isarranging
tags.Listenandtick. B: We aredoingeverything..
tiiil;i \

(sure) Sentencetransformations
1 T h a t ' sn o t a n e wj a c k e t., . . . . .? ,
10 Here
aresome sentencesabouttechnology.
1 You'llwriteto me, .. ? Complete
thesecond sentence
sothatit means
3 l'm dressedsmartlyenough, same
. . . . . . .. 7
Mostteenagers in Americausethe Internet.
W e ' v eb e e ni n v i t e d. . . . . . . . . . . . .,. . ?
T h e ya r eo n l y . . . . . . . . American
5 If lfag f lga ff t I o: tn t t thvn u, , tr :n^
a9w, )
who don't usethe Internet.
6 Ynr r'vc nnf cnor rnh ?
Not manypeoplecanwritecomputerprograms
T h e r e a r e a. . ....whocannot
Echotags writecomputerprogra ms
l'msurea mobilephonecan'tbethatexpensive
a.r Listenandreadthe examples.Arethere A m o b i l ep h o n ec a n ' tc o s t h a t . . . . . . . . . . ... .i.t ?
similar in yourlanguage?
structures Thereisn'ta betterMP3playerthanthisone
Heleft.Hedid,didn'the?(confirmation) This........ .. MP3player
Hedidn'tcome. Hedidn't,didhe?(confirmotion)
Hedidn'tcome. Hedidn'tT(surprise)
b . Respond
to the following. Portfolio:
Preparea simple questionnaireabout
1 It's7 o'clockalready(surprise) howteensin yourcountrypreferto
2 Maria'shersister. (confirmation) communicate withtheirfriends.
Collect the
completedquestionnaire,preparea piechart,
3 He isstillat work (surprise)
thenwritea shortparagraphanalysing thefacts.
4 It'sa veryfunnyfilm (confirmation)
5 I haven'tseenthat film (surprise) Ies- tVo
a. Lookat the logos.Whichis:asearch
engineT a shopping
anencyclopaedia? a,uSFon$om'
a film site?
b. Doyou knowthesewebsites? Which u 6&wr*
wft*r*nnrA ;3*

Whichof the followingare:


1 wvwv.ebay.co
V Speoking
2 www.google.com 4 Lookatthepictures Inpairs,
andtheheadlines. talkabout
3 benfreeman@freemail
co.uk thelnternet.
4 .yenster_85@registeredsite.
com . whatVouusetheInternetfor & howoften
5 www.channel5/competition.net
au . howusefulyoufindit
o Internet
safety ,:3,31.'$.,.?,'.
How do we sayeachof these? t:llY.:..%
@ t
Readthe addresses
then listenand check.


Youwill heara conversation

betweentwo friendsaboutthe
Internet. Listen
anddecide if
Spame-mailon the rise
eachsentence iscorrector
incorrect,andtick(/) boxA for nukingl;";;;;*,n p
ffi;,ins r,er
Yesor B for No. a. Matchtheverbsto the nouns.
Yes No
Sarah thinksthatAndy rTt delete a computer
spends too muchtime ETI can'tcheck b software
online I I FTI can'tconnectto c a file
At first,Sarah ETI can'tinstall d the server/lnternet
understands whyAndy fs-f_lcorrupt e e-mails
likestheinternet. r-;-r-l
tr I t o t I crash f a disk
Sarah thinkstheInternet
issafe. b. In pairs,usethe problemsin Ex.5aandthe useful
tr f
language to actout exchanges,
asin theexample.
a pessimistic
attitude. tr I
Andytsconfidentabout . What'swrong? . Letme/Doyou want me to
the safetymeasures . What'sthe matter? havea lookat it?
hehastaken f I o What'sthe problem? . C a nI h e l p ?
SarahthinksAndyis r What'sup? . Perhaps I canhelp.
when he
usesthe Internet. Itr A: What'swrong?
B: I deletedafile bymistake.
A: Perhaps I canhelp.
Reading C o m p u t e rhsa v ed e f i n i t e .l y. . . . . . . . .t.h. et i m e
it takesto do a lot of repetitive tasks.(short)
im a. Readthesesentencesfroma dialogue.
What One problemwith usingcomputers is that it
do youthinkthedialogueisabout? can . youreyes.(weak)
. G l a dl c o u l dh e l p . R u ny o ur a n t i - v i r upsr o g r a m
r e g u l a rtloy . . . . . . . . . .
. You're practically gluedto thatcomputer
screen that yourcomputeris keptclean.(sure)
. Maybe youcanhelpme. 5 Manypeoplewho usethe Internetsayit has
. Whydon'tyoutryagain? . . .. theirhorizons(broad)
. That's donethetrick.
o WhatamI doingwrong? Recommending
b. Completethedialoguewith thesentences 8 Readthe exchanges. In pairs,act out similar
fromEx.6a.Listenandcheck. exchanges,usingthe ideasbelowand the
in the languagebox.
A : Hi,John.How'si t g o i n g ?
B : O h ,h e l l oK
, i m .I didn'tseeyouthere A: What do youthinkof thisnewvideogame?
A : Yes,lknow.1) B: lt'sexcellent!
A: What isthat new computershoplike?
B: Actually,
I'vegot a problem.
2) B: lt's not very good I wouldn't bothergoing
thereif I wereyo-.
A: SureWhat'sup? 3 A: Haveyou beento the newspain Bath?
B: l'mtryingto checkmye-mailbut I can'tget into B: Yes- it's fantastic!Don't missthe chanceto
it. lt saysto checkmy userlDandpassword, but g ot h e r e !
I didthat 3)

Thesethings are usuallycasesensitive.

know.Forgetting . lt'sgreaVfantastid . lt'sterrible/awful/
a capitallettercanmessit up.
B: Really?
Yes.You'reright.5) ...... excellenVwonderful/etc ! d i<:nnnintinn/of r

. lf I wereyou.l'd buy . I wouldn'tbuyone/go

one/gothere/tryiVetc there/trvit if I rnrere vou
A: No problem.
. Don'tmissiVthechance o Don'tbotherl
c. Act out yourown dialogues,
usingthe ideas tn nn tharo/<oo itlotrl . I wouldn'tbother
below. . Youshoulddefinitely buy l n n i n n t h o r o / o t r \ i f I
\)rvrr r:, rl

one/goltryiVetc. wereyou
. screenfrozen/ triedeverything
/ restart the o lt'swellworth a look/etc n lt'snot worth iVthe
computerusually works c lt'sa musthave/seel money/alook/visiVetc
. deleteda filebyaccident
/ can'tfindit i look
intherecycle bin- youcanusually restore it . n e ws h o p p i ncge n t r*e* * * *
fromthere r eD*
. N i g h t m aC
r latestHarryPotterf i l m* * * * *
Word formation (verbsfrom o B a t m aDn V D* * *
Readthe rule,thenformverbsfromthe
to completethe sentences. play
,'Veusethe prefixen- or the suffix-en to form verbs Everyline
from adjectives to givethe meaningmake.- Make', Well,l'm glad of it.
sureyou enoblethefirewallonyourcomputer. Wehad to : to meet
* id?: !!: !:::y:!_ts i n: i,!h:,?:! : Shakespeare
: :: !-l?:?:,?_1:
I thoughtyou
1 Digitalphotography makesit easyfor people
to . . (large)
. .....theirown pictures.
*Kmw'*wffi Background
o Thefilm/story
typeof music?Who's . Thisbookisabout..
yourfavourite Tellyourpartner.
singer? . ThisCDwasrecorded
q&*wwr . TheplotisexcellenVinteresting.
&wwW" o lt hasamazing
2 a. Readthe letter.Whichparagraph mentions: o Tho lvrirc:ro nrpet

likingtheCD? o Thespecial
a recommendation?
nomeof CD?information o- T| h| ol L rL eU cJ tL ir <
J c
J ut y1Lpt 1
w6t u1l l| l1o /' 2
L lm
l rzinn
l 9/ f/ r n
l Of l l L O ) L l L

aboutCD? o Thesoundisrich
o_ l t ' c n n t rL :qtr rLhr vr ) irru rr rnLoJ ."
rLJ yvr

. Thesinger'spowerful
Dear Julie,
ffiF Hil How are you?
of hisbest.
ri )orry I haven't been in . Don'tmissit.
touch for a whilebut I've r lt'swellworthseeing/playing.
been really buay. Anyway, . Youreallymustsee/read/listen
to lt.
I've finally 6ot oome free
time,so lthou1ht l'd droplou Ymaxw
a line and tell you about a
4 a. Readthe rubricandthe informationin the
6reat new CD fve bouqht. I listen
to it all the time and I know it'a
box.Thenanswer thequestions
in the plan.
juat the aort of thin6 you like, too! 1flThisis part of a letteryou received
from an
'Eaaape' penfriend.
f,lff' nra CD ia called and it'a by Enrique iTEnglish
lqleaiaa,one of the beat-oellin7)paniah artists in the
ln gour next letter,pteosetetl me otl
world. It'a a brilliant CD with thirteen tracks to enjoy. aboutgourJavouriteCD.Whg do gou
fib' iU'o an album filled with many different typeo of likeit?Whotsongshasit got?
eonqo, from upbeat pop tuneo to romantia ballada. My 1]s*I'a1W

favourite oon4 io'Here'. lt'o a beautiful elow aonq and yourpenfriend's

Writea letteranswering
Enrique'o voice is full of emotion ao he oin4o it. Thetitle
track'Eacape' ia qreat, too. It will haveyou oin7inqand
dancinqin no time with ita catchy tune and rich sound.
ir' '-
l+. lthink the album haa aomethinqthat willappealto ii:
everyone.You ahould add thia CD bo your collection. I'm
oure you'll like it. Anyway, I'd better qo now. Write soon. ,: Introduction
t (Para 1) Greetings- reasonfor uri,ting
Main Body
(Para 2) Whatfacts should you include?
: :':'-
iigql4g".l$,!le1*e1o"",,.,,ry,l:t.1.s5..rtr':i-e1.li@:,I;l'i'.:!:? (.e.9.narne, type,etc)
b. Readthe letteragain.WhatdoesAnnlike (Pan 3)'\X/hat does the CD contaim? (tracks,
abouttheCD? coiltnl el7tson artist'spetformance)
(Para 4)Wt'do y'oulike it?
3 Thinkof yourfavouritefilm/book/CD.
Usethe Closing Remarks
to talkaboutthem. (Pan 5) \Y-batis t'ottr reconTmendation?-
closittg rctrtarks

b. Writeyourletter(120-180 words).Youcan
usethe Ietterin Ex.2 asa model.
H G Wells(1866-1946) was
the first authorsto wdte
$#m !t
,]cut time travel, space "tre
$t ald alieninvasion.He
Thefifthcylinder,I whspered,
,fr*ru;ii+r 6 i?"t;s*1.irar, *i"{*,t+.
, rs most famousfbr his science-fiction
"rrels, incluilng The Time Machine
therurnsl ffi$
therebegana metallic
thena violent
hooting, #,
, S95)and TheInvisibleMan (1897).In likethe hisingof an engineThese
andthena hissing noises ff{4i
7e Warof the Worlds(1898),Martians continuedoccasionally,
andincreased as timeworeon, Soona re
, i: Iheir advanced
technologyto invade thudding
thatmade everything
aboutusshakebegan andcontinued fffi
:'nh in hugemachines,equippedwith Thecylinder
wasalreadyopened inthecentreof thepit,andonthe
:ri raysandchemicalweapons,
to attack faredgeofthepit,oneof thegreat
-i:nanS. itsoccupant,
theevening skyAt firstI
hardly thepit andthecylinder
noticed becauseof theextraordrnary
mechanismI saw,
andbecauseofthestrange that
b Reoding& Listening
werecrawling andpainfully
slowly theground
across near
Lookat the bookcover.Whatkind Themechanismcertainly
ftrstlI wasoneof those
of novelsdo youthinkH G Wells complicated
frameworks thatwenowcallhandling-machines,
wrote?Readthe biographical
studyof which hasalready helpedour scientific
informationaboveto findout.
lt lookedl kea sortof metallic withfivejointed,
Listen to thesounds and andwithanexiraordinary
agilelegs, number of lointed levers,
matchthemto the words/ andreachingandclutching
phrases below.Whatdo you Itsmovementsweresocomplexandperfect
thatat firstI didnotseeit
t h i n ki sh a p p e n i n g
L?i s t eann d asa machine,
of itsmetallicgleamThefighting-machines
readto findout. coordinated
andanimated to anextraordinary
. comparewiththis
beatrng noise
. WhenI lookedagain,
thebusy machrne puttogether
hadalready several
h i s s i nogf a ne n g i n e
. m e t a l lhi ca m m e r i n. gw h r s t l i n g ofthepieces
ofapparatus it hadtakenoutofthecylinder
intoa shape
. violent hooting. thudding remarkably
to itsown;anddownonthelefta busylittledigging
hadcomeintoview,lettingoff jetsof green
machine vapourand
Readthe extractandanswerthe working thepit Thiswaswhathadcaused
itswayround theregular
questions. beating
lt whistled
asit workedSofar
asI could
froma lVartian
1 Whereisthenarrator?
2 Whatwasthehandlinq
m a c h r nl iek e ?
3 Whatdidit make?
6 Discusswhichof the adjectivesbelowbestdescribe
4 Whooperated thedigging narrator's
. amazed. surprised o shocked . scared
Readagain.Whatdo the . sad tenseo relaxed n disaooointed
wordsreferto? Givereasons.
thewordsin bold.
W Speaking
Whatdidthehandling machine
looklike?Listthewordsusedby youwerethere.Howwouldyoufeel?Whatwould
the author.Useyourlistto describe youdo?Tellyourpartner.
the machine to yourpartner.

.. ::::::,: ' :l:
,:. .
,,:,,,, ..,:',t:,..,,,
"':,t .:.1 ,,,,,.. .

trtl:il: l,,,aiuri?llll:

,',,".'.tt Vocabulary & Grammar Useof English

t'... Fillin the gapswith the correctword. Completethe secondsentence sothat it means
the sameas the first.Useno morethanthree
.:r,tl: 1 S u c hr u d eb e h a v i o umr a k e sm y . . . . . . . . ... .b o i l
,:,','.'.,t,tt: 2 Areyou OK?You look as as a sheet
l:,:,::; 3 ThisMp3 player up to 1,000songs partywas betterthan the
1 The Christmas
:,,rrrr.' 4 I'm scaredto . of cocrroacnes. Halloween
i1t:,,' 5 He must be happy - he's smiling from TheHalloweenpartywasn't
....to ear. party
6 Thebandgavea greatlive. of their Ann'sfairycostumewon a prize.
mostfamoussongs. Ann wasthe girl ... . . won a prize.
7 Hetook . . the companyafterhrsfatherdied ShearrivedbeforeTony.
8 Hedoeslike . -fictionstories. T o n ya r r i v e d . . . . . . . . . . h. .e. .r
9 D r a g o n sa r e m y t h i c a.l. . . . . . . . . . . .t.h. .a t c a n Mostyoungpeoplehavemobilephones.
breathefire. Thereare . .....who don't have
10 He sent me a text me ro
aSKrng m o b i l ep h o n e s
meethim at 6:00 5 He saidno one heloedhim fix but I don't
(10marks) believe him.
H es a i dh e f i x e d . . .. , b u t I d o n ' t
Circlethe correctitem.
She trembled fazr :</
tho ni:nt,.
:r,_, (10marks)
:nnrn:rhod hor

A with B of C a t Fillin the correctword derivedfromthe word

John .. overto the sideof the road to in bold.
havea rest 1 J a n ei s a v e r y. . . . . . girl. She always
A handed B came C pulled makestime for others. HELP
I tune . . .. . to Radio2 everymorning. 2 Thereare many fish in the
A o n B i n C u p aquarium BEAUTY
We met a girl . .. .. .. fatherwasa diver. 3 l w a sI e f t . . . . . . .b.yt h es h o c k i nnge w s !
A which B that C whose SPEECH
The kitten neverstops runningaround lt's
lgyy to USethe Net
very...... PLAY
A Each B Every C Most
5 Vlydoglooksscary,but he's . really!
A v r i il st h e . . . . . . . s i n g eirn t h e w o r l d l HARM
A best B better C worse (10marks)

L i s t e tno t h e b i r d s. . . . . . . .i.n. t h e t r e e s .
A creaking B howling C singing Communication
(ho t:rrnht hnrnrtn r<o : .^mnr rtor
Completethe exchanges.
A herself B himself C myself
a I wouldn'tmrssit for the worldI
T h e. . . .. . . b r o k er n t oa p p l a u saet t h e e n d .
b What'swrong?
A cast B band C audience
It'snot worth the money.
1 0 H e. . . m eo f m y u n c l e . d Wouldyou liketo cometo my partyon Saturday?
A looks B reminds C remembers e l'm reallyscaredof heights!

1 A : Reading
B : I deleteda file by mrstake
2 A : Please cometo my party. Readthetext andanswerthe questions.

3 A : What do you think of this

4 A : lf youoreeverinScotlond inSeptember,
B : There's nothing to worry you shouldpoy o visitto the Edinburgh
about. Festivol. lt iso hugecelebrotion of culture,
5 A :
whereyouconseecomedyshows, musicol
performonces, ploysond muchmore,
ThefirsiEdinburgh tookplocein
B: Soundsgood,but l'm away
1947.lI wos seenos o woy to re-unite
that weekend. Europe throughculture, ofterWorldWorll,
The festivolwos so successful thot it
ottrocted more performersthon there
Listening wosroomfor.Afterneorly60yeors,the festivolisstill
goingstrongondgrowing biggereveryyeor,
Youwill heara girlinvitinga TheFestivol is o ploce wherenew tolentis discovered, os the
friendto a Halloween party.Fill principleis thot onyonecon opplyfo performthere,Lostyeor's
out the details
on the invitation festivolfeotured27,000performonces in 240differentvenues.There
below wereso mony performers thoi it wouldtokeyou5 yeors,ll monihs
ond l6 doysto wotchollof thembockto bock!
WithoverI 35million ticketssoldlostyeor,it iscertoinly
be.Formoreinformotion oboutthisyeor'sfestivol,go to
?:ttp :I ltyw'.N.e dtWe, c*$l

1 Wheredoesthe Festival
2 Whattypeof actscanyouseethere?
3 How longhasthe Festival
4 Whatwasthe purposeof the firstFestival?
5 How manyticketsweresoldlastyear?

Writea shortreviewof your
| #mFl,,, Srlrtl:
talkandwriteaboutmythical creatures
favouritefilm(100-120 words).
talk& writeaboutfestivals
Includethe title,actors/director,
invite& accepVrefuse
the plotandyouropinion.
writea 3rd-person
(20 marks)
talk& writeabouta filmI'veseen/a
CDI like
talk& writeabouthowteenscommunicate
askabouta problem & offerhelp
recommend sth
Nothingtastesbetter1) fruit and vegetablesthat you have grownyourself,and
growingthem is a fun and healthyhobby.You don'tneed a big garden,2) ............ they
can grow well in pots,grow bags,hangingbasketsand windowboxes.
Evenif you are an absolutebeginnerwithonlya balcony3) ............ spare,you can
growyourown plants.All you needis a littleeffortand 4) ............
Firstly,choosewhichfruitsand vegetablesyou 5) ............
liketo grow.Tomatoes,
aubergines,strawberries, springonions,lettuce,beetrootand manytypesof herbscan all be
in pots.Youcan alsogrowpeasand beansif you add a caneframeto the pot.You
6) ............
can buy the seeds from a garden centre.Then all you need are some large pots and a3
7) ............
of bags of compost.Sow the seedsaccordingto the instructions on the packet .
andmake8) ............ of plantsin separate
varieties pots.Choosean area
thatis shadedbutgetssomesunlight.Watertheplantsstraight9) ............
thesummer. In a 10) weeksyoushouldbe ableto enjoythe

Howmanyof the fruitsandvegetables

in the pictures
can W Listening
youname?Whataretheycalledin yourlanguage? Doyou
growanyof themin yourgarden/on
yourbalcony? 5 a. Youaregoingto hear
someone talkingabouthow
W Reoding to makeyourown compost.
Listenandputthe stepsin the
2 a. Lookat thetitleof thetext.Whatdo youthinkit isabout?

b. Readthroughthetextoncequickly. Howmanyof the andgarden

FT-l rittit withkitchen
in the pictures
arementioned? waste.
IET] wait 2-3 monthsand then
Readthe text againandchoosethe correctword,A, B,C or
mixit up.
D,to complete eachgap.Listenandcheck.
reTl Rrrvrnmnn<t hin

l A a s B of C than D from ETI Add somesoil

2 A whereas B UELq U )C C but D although ETI Putcomposton garden.
3 A f o r B on C i n D t o fF-n Putbin on an earthsurface
4 A alotof B much C many D lots
5 A should B couro
b. Listen
C would D had
to makecompost?
6 A b r o u g h ut p B developedC made D grown
7 A pair B rnr rnlo C two D duo
8 A sure B confirmed C definite D positive 2 Project
9 A after B off C from D away
Workin groups.Growyourown
1 0A l i t t l e B few C some D lot fruit,vegetable
or herbin a plant
pot.Reportbackto the classon
4 Findsynonyms
in the text for the wordsbelow. itsprogress.
. complete
. plant(v) . kinds. routinely
. work(n)

ts 7-B

warn otners
reporuan emergency '..1
makesuggestions& ] ,

. conditionals
youstart . wishes
. clausesof purpose/result
. Thinkof two festivals
in yourcountry.
Describe . the passive
themto the classWhichdo you likemost?
o causativeform
. Whichisyourfavourite its plot
film?Describe . every,each,either,neither
to the class.
o idiomsrelatedto work,crime
. formationof adjectivesfrom verbs
. phrasalverbswith through,away

o an articleinterviewrng
a personabouttheirjob
. a shorte-mailto yourEnglish pen-friend
o an e-mailto a friendof yoursaboutsome
thingsyou regrethavingdone
. a letterof application
F Listen,
readandtalkabout... c an articleabouta populartouristattractionin
yourcountrywhereyou canseepeoplein
. j o b s j,o b s k i l l &
s qualities
special uniforms
. clothesat work
r a listof Dosand Don'tson how to defend
. selfdefence& how to staysafe
r typesof crime
. an essayproviding to problems
. the importance of havingrules

) Learnhowto ...
. t a l ka b o u ta m b i t i o n s GultureCliP:rne Ravenmaster
. agree/disagree with opinions the rules
. givean eye-witness account Cut(Gitizenship):
. express annoyance & calmsb down
Eco-triends: 77
*m '#:J


in oneminute. b. Readthe text and mark the sentencesY
(Yes),N (No)or DS(doesn'tsay).
Whatjob doeseach
b . Listento the sounds.
remindyouof?Arethesejobsin yourlist? 1 Angelastarteddivingwhenshefinishedschool.
2 Angelahaspassed two divingexams.
2 a. Lookat the pictures.Whatdoesthe person 3 lt is importantfor Angelato earn a good
in eachpicturedo for a living? salary.
4 Angelais adventurous
I thinkLaura's
a ... 5 lt helpsto haveother skillsas well as diving
b. Fillin: work,get,wear,do.Usethe phrases 6 Angelaworkson herown
to makesentences aboutthe peoplein the 7 Coralreefsare in danger.
pictures. 8 We can't do muchto help protectthe coral
1 a gooosalary reefs
2 fromhome 9 Angelaoftengetshomesick.
3 . longhours/shifts/weekends 10 Angelahashadno difficulties
with hergroups
4 a suiVauniformto theoffice so far
5 . a lot of travelling
c. What do we learnabout coralreefsfrom
Whataboutyourfamilymembers? Whatdo the text?
theydo?Usethe phrases
to talkabout
themin pairs. 4 Completethe sentences
with words from the text.

buthedoesn't 1 You need to study to get q.... before
mindashelikes job
his a lot.What aboutyours? becoming a doctor.
My... 2 After unrversity, It . to becomea teacher.
3 Kindness and patience are necessary
q . . .. . . . . i f y o uw a n tt o b e a n u r s e .
4 T y p i n ga n d f i l i n ga r e e s s e n i i as l. . . . ...fo"
Read thetitle,theintroductionandthe secretaries
questions in thetext.Whatdo youexpectthe 5 lt took him a whilerc a . .. to the nev,
articleto beabout?Listen,readandcheck.
work environment
5 Matchthe underlined
wordsto theirsynonyms.
' frightening
. feeling. takecareof . moveon Makenotesunderthe headings, thentellthe
. danger. thrownaway. get o ideal classaboutwhatit is likebeinga diving
Whatpartof speechis each? . qualrfications
. personal e pros/cons


to someone talkingabouthisjob.
Project:Interviewa personabouthis/herjob.
Whydoeshe likeit? Whatnegative Usethe headings in Ex.7 to prepare
questions.Interviewthe person,thenwritea
doeshe mention?Whatjob do youthinkhe
does? shortarticle(60-80words) abouthim/her;
to theoneaboutAngela.
Needsto have... good computer/ organisational
skills;a good
telephonemanner;a drivinglicence
/ university
a. Matchthe wordsto form
Must be good at ... forergn
languages,lCL maths,
compound nouns.
workingalone/ aspartof a team;explaining things
trTt b u s a rnStructor Shouldbe ... careful,
trTt b a n k b agent patient,polite,reliable
FTI web c clerk Must be interestedin halninnnthorc roa{ing,workingwith
f4fl security d programmer children/animals/etc
trTt travel e driver
A teacherneeds
to havea university andmustbe goodat
tr-t-t F- -+^
r q L L w ",
f guard
DTI ski g worker
trTt computer h desrgner
b. Choosetwo jobs from Ex.1a.
Usethesephrasesto makeas 4 of sixpersonality
Readthe descriptions types,Whichtype(s)
manytrue sentences about likeyou?Whichof thejobswouldyouliketo
eachjob as possible, do?Doesthismatchthe personality
work: shiftsI from nrneto five/
sixdaysa week/ overtime / in an ffi**k-t*kar;Youliketol fr*mw*ra*ildr{?a*;
You **w**&&6*kilwffi:
office/ rn a factory/ from home/ be in charge lrketo see very
with yourhands/ behinda desk/ Youfocuson things CUTIOUS

g o a l sa n dl i k throughto and enjoy

with a computer/ outside
to reachyour t h ee n d pro0rem
be:yourown boss/ self-employed
/ t2rnat V^r I andyou solving
/ poorly-paid
well-paid / underpaid
see pay YouIike
/ successfu
opportunities attention to know
the work is:borinQ
/ creative/ andtake to detail. how
/ interesting/ repetitive
/ them.You Youlike things
challenging/ satisfying want to be order, work and
l'm not sLtre,
but I thinkbusdriverswork richandsuccessful routrneandstructure to testoutyourrdeas.
shifts.Theyare rather poorly paid. I stockbroker,pilot,
ca)rilctI scientist,doctor,
guesstheirjob is boring,because they uh ut J rt rc i n
r ca)<J < t m 2 tn t2anvac rl
r ta accountant astronomer, detective
drivethesamerouteall day. -,, i,_

Speaking Youliketo
Wr*#\s.wfi: Youlike
get being
2 Whataboutyou?Whatjobwould
things with
you love/hate
to do?Why?
0 0 n ea n O vsvPrq
Icouldnever lwouldn't
bea ...because d o n ' tl i k e and
likeworkingshifts. vvd) LLr9 working
tobe... time.You o)PorLU

aregoo0 a ream
with your Youarea
In pairs,usethe notesto talk hands nnnd

aboutwhatskills/qualitieseach differentwaysof .and liko tn qnond l i s t e n earn dl i k e

job requires,asin the example. d o i n gt h i s . time outdoors helpingpeoplewith
artist, photographer, nnltaom2n a2rnanfar
. teacher. architect. la\,\yer
o tourguide. librarian . songwnter mustctan farmer, eledrictan, teacher,nurse,soctai
. officeworker. vet. secretary mechanic worker
Fillin: payslip,applied,dismissed,
unemployed, Tomisbrilliant
at makinganysubject
vacancy, resign,promotion,retired. (comprehend) to smallchildren
Beinga teacheris always (interest)
1 A: Haveyou founda job yet?
becauseeveryday is different.
B: | . to join the army,but I Now he hasfinisheduniversity, Leeisa .........
haven'theardanythingyet. (qualify)architect.
/. l s y . o u r b r o t h e r s t.i .l .l . . . .?
N o .T h e r ew a sa . . . . . . .a. t t h e
localfactory,so he'sworkingtherenow Choosethe correctword in the secondsentence
Haveyouheard? JonesfromSales was.. .. .. . to completethe idiomsin bold,whosemeaning
a. N o .H ej u s t . . . . . .e a r l ys o h e is givenin the firstsentence.
Are theresimilar
canspendmoretimewith hisfamily. idiomsin yourlanguage?
I can'tbelieve
I didn'tget that . . ! 'l
Laurabelievedtheywouldaskherto leave.
Youshould ........ job
: A.
Shethoughtshewouldget the bag/sack.
How'syournewjob going,Sam?
2 Thisfactoryoperates
alldayandall night
It'sgreat.I can'twait to get my first
(a)roundthe clock/hours.
3 Billstoppedworkingandwent homeat 6 pm.
fil'h r II osor in. Checkin yourdictionaries.
At 6 pm. Billcalled/named
it a day.
l l ' d l i k et o a p p l y . . . . .t h e p o s t . 4 Henrywasaskedto leavehislastjob.
I h a v ew o r k e d. . . . . . a s i n g esr i n c e1 9 9 5 . Henrygot fired/shotfrom hislastjob
3 How longhaveyouworked Accounts?

7 (ompletethe sentences with the correctword. 10 Complete thesenten

(heckin yourdictionaries. with the correctverb
usingthe restof the words. Choose a phrasal verl
drawa pictureof it.
I haven'thada salary/wages/payrisefor four
years. C a ny o u . . . . . . . . . .m e to Mr Smith
please? (connectby phone)
Until he earns/gains/winsmore experience,
there'sno chanceof him gettinga betterjob. John'sworkingon a difficultprojectbut l'm
3 Sarahis a teacherby job/career/profession. s u r eh e c a n. . . . . . . . . . i t (complete
A Evewants to make herselfa(n) occupation/ successfully)
in the musicindustry. 3 Their plans for opening a new branch
5 Jack works for a sales business/industry/ d u et o lackof money.(failed)
company 4 Sue a painfultime when shegot
5 Why don't you the localpaper
(lookat quickly)
for a vacancy?

m Read thetheory,thencomplete thesentences

withthecorrect adjective
verbs in bold.
Workin pairs.Makeup a storyincluding
,',: cailiilm;dj6ftives "l phrasal
verbs.Theclassvotesfor the beststory.
Ti6ile r6sw[6-ihel uffiles
'able (imagine- imaginable), -ible (sense- sensible),
- ''ie (impress- impressive),
-ed (please- pleased)and
' ng (please- pleasing). *

1 Youhaveto be ... ... . . . (create)to be Project:

Writea shorte-mailto yourEnglish
an artrst. friendaboutyourdreamjob.Say:whatitis,whyit's
2 Samcan'tfind a (suit)job yourdreamjob, howitmatchesyour
GrammarReference lf youweren'talways Whenyou breakyour
W Reoding late,Iwouldn'tmindso promises, I get angry.
a. Readthejoke.Whattensesareusedafterif? muchYoupromised to And I promised to
Complete fromthetext.
thetableusingsentences b eo nt i m e d, i d n 'yt o u ? p u n i s hy o u .

Don'tbe late
again lf youaren't Mywatchstoppedlf it That'sOK;Dad- | won'tget
ck by 9:00,you'll hadn'tstopped,
lwould angryif youbreakyour
be in trouble havebeenon time promise,too!

4 isquiteunhappy.
Helen Readher
-ry,*;.!-:r91!191-1l5l1use Maincrause thoughts,
o i rrwn.n; p;. nf*1"ffii*i ffid;**-- thesecond
using conditional.
breuk a T dnn't h:ira anorrnh
^ ^t;l^.+i^^^
I lyawrpr*rnises, 1.!getunqry" \ _ . 1 U1Or T L O L I U T J
l-n fi nd : hal-far inh
: I
I ltf
itf+ - irnrill/rnrnn't
i w i l l / w o n ' lte(acn /a< n
I 1 limperative)+bareinfinitrve I d o n ' te a r ne n o u g h
2 l f + . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l. w
. . o. .u l d / w o u l d n ' t ( c o u l d / m i g h t ) money to buya f1at.
" + bareinfinitive
'','--....",'' I feeltired
J t t a I w o u l d / w o u l d n ' t+ h a v e+ n a s t n a r t i c i n l e i 3 oecause
r g0 t0 oeo
b. Whichtype refersto anunlikelysituationinthepresent?
I d o n ' th a v ea n yf r i e n d s ,
orprobablesituationin thepresent/futureT
situation *,
so I feellonely.
tofactsin thepastTa general
contrary truth?

Workin pairs.Howdo thesesentences Iflhadmorequalifications,

I could
2 differin meaning?
Checkin the GrammarReference.
lf hedoesthisprojectwell,he'llgetpromoted. **- Speakrng
Unlesshedoesthisproject wel[hewon'tgetpromoted. Workingroups. Whatwouldyoudo
When hedoesthis projectwell, he'llgetpromoted. i fy o u . . .
. werePrime Minister
fora day?
3 Complete
Whichtypeof conditionals
iseach . hada lotof money?o sawa mouse
one? . gotlostinthejungle?
1 Whenshe. .. (finish) school, she (look) . yourexams?
fora job. Workin pairs. Whatwouldhave
2 U n l e sTso m . . ( b e )d e t e r m i n ehde, . . . . . . h a p p e n ei fdy o u . . .
r ido ','r,oker uplatethismorning?
3 lfyou . . .( e n j o yy)o u jro b ,y o u. . . . . . . . . . . .( b e )l u c k y . .ad 3s-. yourpocketmoney?
4 Whenyou.. .. (see)Mr Smith, . ....(tell)him . ^aJ-: rcqeyourhomework?
to comeimmediately . 'ec :ee' rorninanother country?
5 Whenyou . .. (mix)redandwhite,you (get)pink . - . r , ' , : -t 1 m i l l i o n ?
Startwith a truestatement I d i d n ' t g e t t h ej o b .
yesterday,thensaywhat couldhavehappened I wish/I1''r:rtiyt hitd
if youhaddonesomething different. got the job"
I d i d n ' t k n o wt h a t c o m p a nw
y as
5 1 ;I wokeupat Bamyesterday.
hiring newstaff, so I didn't apply .r1,,
52: Whatwouldhavehappened if youhadn'twoken
upatBam? T h ei o b I h
53;Iwouldhavemissed 3
theschool bus. etc not,v
is very t

4 . Vlysalary
of purpose
Clauses 't'l: I c a n ' th a v e
E a. Readthe examples. 5 lhe careerI want.
. (to)-infinitiveHecalledtosayhe'dbelate.
. in orderto, so as to (moreformal)They are 10 Workin pairs.Saytwo thingsthatyouwish
youcoulddo/be,andtwo thingsyou regret
workingovertime inordertomeettheirdeadline. (not)havingdone.
. so that l'llgiveyouhisnumbersothatyoucan
callhim. A: lwishI hadtakenmyfriend's
. for + noun phraseHewrotethearticlefor lf I hadtaken
money. B: lwishlweremorepatient.
. with a view to + -ing Shegota degree in lf lwasmorepatient,
deilgnwitha viewto becoming a stylist.
& Lisfenrng
b. Jointhe sentences,
usingthe wordsin 11 Listento Mary.Whatdoessheregret?What
brackets. wouldhavehappened if shehadmadea
1 He is studyingEnglish. He wantsto travel
abroad asto)
2 Markis savinghard.Hewantsto buya car.
(sothat) 12 Herearesomesentences aboutthe music
3 Thecompany is interviewingnow.Theywant industry.Complete the secondsentenceso
to hirenewstaff. (with a viewto) that it meansthe sameasthe first.Useno
4 She got a mortgagefrom the bank.She morethanthreewords.
wantsto buya house. (inorderto) 1 Deirdre
5 Everyone stoppedworkingat one o'clock. Deirdre
wishes moremoney.
Theywantedlunch(for) to get the job.
You needa lot of experience
Unless exnerienced vou
won't get the job.
GrammarReference Melworkedall nighton the musicvideo.
a. Readthe sentences. Whichis:awishabout Melspent . on the musicvideo
thepresent/future? oboutthepast?
a wish/regret Johnis a stylistfor a rockstar.
Whatwordsareusedto introduce wishes? Johnworks for a rockstar
Whattensesareusedafterthesewords? SheworksMondayto Fridayfrom 9 to 5
. I wishI hadappliedforthejob Shehasa .. Mondayto Friday
. lf onlyyouweren'tworkinglatetoday.
. I wishI couldbea rockstar.
. lf onlyI hadwonthatsinging contest.
Portfolio:Thinkof somethingsyou regret
b. ReadGreg'sthoughtsandwritesentences, havingdone.Writean e-mailto a friendof
asin theexample. yours,explainingthe situation
wouldhavehappened if youhadacted
Gettinga job
/ Reading

a. Lookat thequestions.

A Howmanyhours willyoubeworking?
B Whatdo youhaveto wear?
Clothesat work C Howmuchmoney willyouget?
D Did you meetany of the peopleyou'llbe
a. Lookat the pictures. Whowearso uniform,o
a suit,jeons,boots,
hardhot,anoveroll,o blouse,
to work?Whatdo these E Howdidtheinterviewgo?
peopledo for a living?
b. Readagainandcomplete the dialogue.
b. Whatclothes do youthinkaresuitableto Compareanswerswith a partner.
wearfor a job interviewasa:part-timeshop check.
waiterat a cofd?
A: Hi,aettytFTF-I
{ffi B : I got the job! | starton Saturdayl
' E-r_l
A . L o n g r a r u r a u olnzsl l I
Listening for specific information
B : Sixteenhoursa week,weekendsonly,and the
Readthe statementsand underlinekeywords.This payis prettygood- t5 an hourplustips.
will help you understandthe generalcontent of , l=-T---l
the listening. Listen carefully.Try to listen for
A : Yeant\ot oao. 5 | |
synonymsor rephrasing. B : A uniform lt's a biueT-shirt,a red skirtano a
white apron They'veprovidedme with two, so I
) Listening alwayshavea cleanone to wearwhenthe other
is in the wash
2 a. Readstatements
beabout? > m a r t l n r n K rl n+ gl r I
B : A few Theywerereallyfriendly. My dutieswill be
b. Listenandmarkthe statementsbelowasf quiteeasy,too - basically, just takingcustomers'
(true)or F(false).
correct? orders,servingfood and drinks and clearing
1 Clairehasan interviewthismorning away.I thinkl'm gc.rg lo likeit.
2 LynnthinksClaire should wear i A: Goodfor ','s-
a smartsuitfor herinterview
3 At first,Claire
thinksshedoesn't c. Whichof the sentences
haveto dressnicelyfor the interview.
. L o o k- : ':'
4 Claireusuallywearsa lotof make-up . a i r 3 p - : i n oa o h
5 LynnthinksClaire maygetthejob ' A p p] ' ^ t ' : ' : . : :
4, Workin pairs.lmagineyou havegot a part-time yourpartner's
b. Evaluate performance
in terms
job.Usethe ideasbelowto tellyourpartnerall of:
aboutit, Usethe dialogue
in Ex.3 asa model. . accurate . grammar
description . fluency
nights Swaproles.Lookat the pictureand
= , .w h a tI l i k e weara uniform/suit it to yourpartner.
describe Yourpartner
: noneys great
the pay'sterrible
. rful/frrendly
: -,vorkers
Agreeing/disagreeing with
lotsof duties,hard/dirtywork

7 Workin pairs.Studythetableandtheexamples.
Talkingaboutambitions Thendiscusswhatyouthinkthe bestjob in the
) Speaking
to somestudents
Don'tyou agree . D o n ' ty o ut h i n k. . ?
Whatdoeseachpersonwant to
be? that..? . I t h i n k , d o n ' ty o u ?

Mary Tom Helen

b. In pairs,
usethe language
boxto talkabout | (quite)agree. . Youarewrong (there)
yourambitions. That'< rinht/rnrrart . I don'tagree.
Exactly/Certainly. . That'snot right.
I think/believe
so. . Certainly not.
What areyourplans ' l'd liketo be .. Youareright(there). . I d o n ' tt h r n ks o .
for the future? r I want to become... Yes/Ofcourse . Not really.
What do you want to r I hoPeto get ...
be when you grow . I would like/loveto be A: I thinka teacherhasa greatjob.Heworkswithkids
up/leaveschool/finish andshares knowledge.
yourcourse/etc? . I wishI couldbe ... B: I don'treallythrnkso.Hehastospenda lotoftime
What do youwant to ' MYhoPeisto preparing forhislessons
do for a living?
Whatisyouridealjob? 8 Thinkof whatyouhavelearntin thislesson.
Closeyourbooksandtell a partner.
b a. Workin pairs.Lookat thepicture,
to yourpartner.
Talkabout: I LOrr )vccN ctl

languagesin the
. wherethepeople
are . whattheyarewearing worldbut Greek That's
. whattheyaredoing. howtheyfeel good.
in Chinese,
n Io : c o

Greekto me

w%mw%wffi W*rwnm&
Whatinformation do youthinkyoushould 4 Workin pairs.
Whichof the following
include in a letterof application?
Choose from characterise
the styleof the letterin Ex.3?
the list.Compare answers with yourpartner. Giveexamples,
. Workexperience . Hobbies . personal,
chatty. polite. everyday
o Whatyouaredoingnow . Personal qualities . shortforms. fullforms. formalohrasal
. Jobtitleapplying
for . Salary
youwouldliketo get
. Howmuchyouwantthejob 5 Findformalexpressions
in the letterthat
. WhereAffhen yousawit advertised matchthe informalonesbelow.Compare with
r Qualifications
. Familv yourpartner.

2 Whichof the followinggreetings and | | want to applyfor ...

areappropriatefor a letterof
.. that I sawan ad for in
: Rightnow,l'm studying
DearSir/Madam, DearMr Carver,
Yoursfaithfully, Yourssincerely, l h r n ka b o u tm e l o r t h o inh
t,.". ..",-,-,.,..,--.-,,,-*,- *
! DearSallyBrown, DearMr Davis, i I can'twait to hearfrom :
LOVC, Yours. iJ9L
6 Portfolio:Underline
the keywordsin the rubric,
Readthe letterandcomplete
the paragraph thenanswerthe questions in the plan.Useyour
plan. answersto writeyourletter(100-150 words).
. age/qualifications
. reason
forwriting |[t Yousawthis advertisement
in IheCitizen
. closing
remarks. experience/personality ifl newspaper lastMonday.
Writea letterof
1l application.
DearMr Savage,
li '0,1I aw1writing to apply lor
til::t. the positiot't
pi,rt t^,e ihoP assistant at cobweb Wffiffiffiffiffi
Post Part-timewaitressto work weekendsat
*L.otat as advertisedin The Evening Streetscaf6.
') '
| avn6n eighteen-year-old student'I.am . Someexperience
studyingMusicot Prestoncottege'
r- G
u vnvnud rr :qt La sc ) n
wft n
p :ory
. Livelypersonalityan asset
4.. 1 have someexperience as I worl<edin a
I am very Apply in writing to Mr Field,POBox64
Jeport^rnt store last svmmer'
I believe are
liirnaty and polite, which
i ....e-, --1,

'nrrrttlorv _ -,;,;..,,*-,..'',,
- -:F:,r"{,

quialities f or dealing, with

and don't
friio*./t. I am alsohardworl<ing
the iob'
,*ruI hoaeyor,rwill considerme f or l,Vbouill you addressyour letter to?
i'*orti' be happyto attendan interview' Introduction (Para 1)
you s00r1'
lookf orword to hearingf rorn What position are you applyingfor?
YourssincerelY, lVbere and when d,iclyou see it adtterti,sed.?
S*'** $*"rt{" Main Body (Pan 2 & 3)
t"+ "s ,e.
Wbat are yort doing at tbe moment?
Wat is yortr tuork experience?
Para1 lY4tat relevant personal qualities do you bave?
Conclusion (Paru 4)
Para3 Wbat are llotLr"closimgremarks?
Para4 Hou'*^il/ 1.'ousign ofJ?
ff *-
\* . .,i- fi
V Listening&Reading

-ookat the pictures

.afthe text.Whatdo youthinka
does?Readto find

a. Readthetextandmatchthe
sentences(A-E)to the gaps
sentencethatyoudo not need
to use.Compare answers with
a partner.
A Thebirds'wingsareclipped so
ts Thisisno easytask
C At around 5:30intheafternoon,
D Thisresponsibilityfallsto the
E The ravenseat a diet of raw
moat hnilcd o
L yn
:, n s and bird
in blood
egend has it that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of
h. Explain
thewordsin bold. I-r London, it will crumble and disasterwill fall upon England. It
is for this reason that there are always at least six ravens in
ln pairs,
askandanswer permanent residenceat the Tower.
comprehension questions about Of course,someonehas to look after the ravensand make surethat
the Ravenmasterbasedon the
t h e ya r e f e d a n d k e p t i n g o o d h e a l t h m
nformationgivenin the text.
He is one of the Yeomen Warders, also known as Beefeaters,that
:: WheredoestheRavenmaster work at the Tower of London, but his sole responsibilityis to care
work? for the birds.
j: AttheTowerofLondon.
ETI In the morning, he has to get up at as early as 5 am to let the
:: Whatdoes hedo?
birds out of their cages, give them water and prepare their
]: He...etc
After he has cleaned out the cages,the rest of his day is spent
) Speoking
guarding various parts of the Tower, guiding visitors and answering
Workin pairs.Takethe rolesof a their questions. However, he also keeps a careful eye on the birds
l'avenmasteranda reporter.Use throughout the day.
the informationin thetextto act r
| 4 | | At the end of the day he puts the birds to bed. He puts them
out an interview.
back in their cages and locks them up for the night around
9 p*.
Writea shortarticleabout
a populartouristatractionin your The Ravenmaster needs to be dependable, responsible and

countrywhereyoucanseepeople dedicated.After all, it's not just the welfare of the birds he has to
in special
uniforms. Write:where think about - accordingto the legend,the fate of the nation restson
theplaceis,whatyoucanseethere, his shoulders.too!
whotthedutiesof thepeopleare
Lcad-Esn Reading
a. You are comingbackhome from a party.lt's a. Lookat thetitleof the articleandthe
late and the streetsare empty.Listento the followingphrasesfromthe text.Whatdo
musicand describe the scene. youexpectto readabout?Discuss in pairs.
loteot night,jumpsout,performs fancymoves,
b. Whichof the following best describes
drivesawayunharmed, grobsher,puttsherofi
balance, avoidopotentialattack,usecommon
1 l'd betterhurry! sense,wellJitoreas, awareofyoursurroundings,
2 lt'sa lovelynight! makeyourself a target,bestdefence,
3 | shouldhaveaskedfor a liftl fightbaclgself-defence closs,escapean
4 | likeit now - so peaceful
and quiet! attacker'sgrosp
5 What if someone appears
from nowhere?
6 Are thosefootstepsI can hear? b. Listen,
7 Who'sthat behindthat column?
8 | shouldhavejoinedthat self-defenceclass

. ' : . . " :I t ' : -

We!|,,!hat's how they do it in films.Unfortunate

'd,ifferent,Whenthe girltriesto kickthe bad guy,
:r"r1-16-wshe'son thefloor defenceless, withnowh
,rThis liillescenario
should serve to teachyouthr<
in lilms;neverwalkaloneat night,whetheryou area manor a woman;and,mostimportanly, '
rUseyourbrainand notyourbodyto defendyourselfagainstan attacker. ',,,::;,:,:::,
Stayingsafeis allaboutnotputtingyourselfin a potentially
dangerous Avoida potential
attackbeforeit happensby usingyourcommonsense.Thismeansdon'tgo outaloneat night,stay
in,well:lit makesuresomeonealways knowswhereyouare,beawareof yoursurroundings,at
andcarrya mobilephonewithyouat alltimes.Basically,

eseapean attacker'sgi'aspand how to djsableor distracihi,.r:long

enoughfor,you!o escape.
Ask at yourlocalpollcestation,communr:V ',",'3-
c-.lii ct
Readthe text again,then answerquestions 5 Tryto avoidbeinga victim.Neverwalkalone.
1-5.Compareanswerswith a partner.Give 6 He claimslrsteningto musicdoesn'ttake his
reasonsfor your choices. attention away from studying
7 Thereare possibleproblemswhich we need
1 What is the writer'spurposein writing the to takecareof immediately
A to describesomething that happened 5 Underline
B to saywhy peopleareattacked withyourpartner.
C to teachpeoplehow to fight
D to explainhow to defendyourself 1 Hetriedto grab/removeher car keys,but she
2 What would a readerlearnaboutfrlmsfrom
2 The prisoner tried to avoid/escapefrom
the text?
A Theydon't givea realistic
messageabout I
3 We shouldn'tleavechildrenlonely/aloneat
homelateat night.
B Theycanmakesomepeopleveryviolent.
4 Whatyou saidharmed/hurtherfeelings
C Theycan be a usefulway to learnabout
5 Thingsaredifficultin true/reallife.
D Youshouldn'twatchthem on yourown.
3 What doesthe writersayaboutattackers?
A They like to attack peoplewith mobile 6 Youarea safetyinstructor. Readthe text
pnones. again,makenotesunderthe headings, then
B Theypreferto attackconfidentpeople. givethe classa shorttalk aboutselfdefence.
C Theyareawareof theirsurroundings. r howto avoidanattack
D Theylookfor easytargets. . whatto do if involved
in a dangerous
4 What does the writer say about physical r whatto do if beinqattacked
A Youshoulduseit onlyif you areveryangry. ListenimE
B Youshoulduseit as fastasyou can
C Youmustalwaysfight back. f) tistenandcomplete
thetipsfor stayingsafe.
D Youshouldlearnhow to usert beforehand.
5 Whichof the followingis the bestdescription
of the writer?
AlwayssayWHERE youaregoing,WHOyou
are going withandWHEN youwillbe
Leavea 2) .................,,.,,,.,,,..
O Never talkto 3) ............................,.
o Shoutloudly andtryto getawayfromsomeone
if theytryto 4) . yougo withthem,
lf youevergetlostin 5).............................,
the words/phrases
in boldwith the policeofficer, a shopassistant or a womanwith
in the text.
a childfor helo.
The best self defenceis to make sure yo-
aren'tin a weak, unsafeposition
2 Luckilythe driverwas not hurt. @wri+.ng-
{ - v
3 Shewas lyingon the floor.unableto protect
herself Portfolio:Usethe text in Ex.7, aswell asyour
You don't need expert knowledgein this own ideas,to preparea listof DosandDon'ts
situation- just useyourpractical
judgement on how to defend yourself.
Therehavebeena numberof incidentsin iie toii i;entre latelyinvotving
snatchingandmuggings.Forfhis reasonMoretonPoticeare warning.
* $ $q
$ i lpeopleto be carefulthisBankHolidayweekendandto watchoutfor thievesl
T $ :and pickpockets.Police adviseshoppersespeciallyto takea few simple:
!9 eryyrelheydon'ta99oye
lpreggytiols oftl9_ft,*
ylcljms _
Neverleaveyourbag unattended on the back & lf you do not have a bag, hold your purse/
of shoppingtrolleysor on pushchairs. wallet close to your body or carry it in a
Always make sure that your bags are concealedfrontpocket.
securelyfastened. * Keep your cash card separatefrom your
lf your bag has a strap,wear it acrossyour chequebook.
body with the openingsfacinginwards,and & Always remain aware of what is going
holdit closeto yourbody. aroundyou.
Never put your bag on the floor to look at Report any incidents to the police straight
anythingon the shelvesor when trying on away and cancel any stolen bank and credit
clothingin changingrooms. cards immediately. lf you have any
Only keep itemsin your bag that you need, informationabout anyone involvedin crime,
and leaveothervaluablesin a safe placeat call GRIMESTOPPERS on 0800555 111.

3 Readthe newspaper
Readthetitleandthe introduction. Whatis
the purposeof the text?Listen,readand

b . Answerthe questions,

1 Wheredo people
sometimes leavetheirbags?
2 you
Whatshould carryin yourbag?
3 Howshouldyoucarryyourpurse/wallet?
4 What shouldyou do if your valuablesare 4 a. Whichof the peoplein the listarelaw-
stolen? breakers? in pairs.Checkin your

2 a. Lookat the table.Whichof thesewords . thief . security

guard. pickpocket . judge
appearin thetext in Ex.1a? . victim. burglarr juror. mugger. witness
. bankrobber. barrister . detective
. offender
erBme erEmisnaB Verb b. Complete the exchangeswith wordsfrom
0urgrary burglar burgle(sb'shouse) the list.Whichof the people
in Ex.4a is
mu9grng mugger m u gs b eachexchange between?
robbery ro00er rob (a bank) attempt,verdict,
theft thief stealsth into,caught,foundguilty,crime,sentenced,
kidnapping kidnapper k i d n a ps b weopon, gotawaywith,accused
shoplifting shoplifter stealfrom a shop
1 A: You havebeen of the
pickpocketing pickpocket <to:l ch'< nrrrea
. . Do you haveanythingto say
hofnrp \/nr I ero ?

B : T h e. . . . . .i.sw r o n gl!a m. . . . .
b. Givedefinitions
for thecriminals
in the
table.Whatarethesewordsin vour 2 A : D r o py o u r . . .. a n dp u t y o u r
hends ahnvc vngp [g2l! Do not
to . . The policeare on their
A burglar
home. way
. . . ... . . . . r t . 8 a . Usethe idiomsto complete
the sentences.
3 A: Takeyour time and ! ^ l l
tetl the o to takesthdown o a sldponthewrist
whereyousawthe o to catchsomeonered-handed
on thenight
. off therecord
o f 3 r dJ u n e
B: I sawhim the house Checkin yourdictionaries.Aretheresimilar
next door. He just forcedopen a window idiomsin yourlanguage?
a n dc l i m b e d
in. Thestoredetective. , the girl
a ss h eh i dt h eC Dr nh e rb a g .
Usethe phrasesto completethe sentences Thc nnliro offiror
| | ,r
. . the names

. oresscharoes. minoroffence and addressesof the witnesses.

. armedrobbery. crimescene. breakthe law The policetold him this time he would only
get ...... . . . .b u t n e x tt i m e
1 We shouldnever . . he wouldn'tbe so lucky
2 Thepolicedecidednot to ....and Tom agreedto tell the policeeverything
gavethe mana warninginstead longasit was
3 Thebankstaffhavespecral trainingin how to
dealwith an b. Complete thejokewith the correct
4 Trespassingis a frornEx.8a,
5 Theooliceout barriers
to keepthe public
andthe pressback. lictonlTho nnliro:ro Butwe'reon
on theirway.Jump the thirteenth
out of the windowor floor!
t h e y ' l.l
Flllin: before,in, of, with, to, under.Checkin
your dictionaries.

1 Themanwascharged . . . . shoplifting
2 S h eh a st o a p p e a.r . . . .. . . c o u r tn e x tw e e k .
3 T h et h i e v ew . .ej u d g e .
s e r eb r o u g h .t . . . . . . . . t. h - areyou?
I'm not superstitious
4 T h e ya c c u s ehde r. . . . . . . . .t h e f t .
5 The pickpocketwas taken to the station
handcuffs Speaking
6 Shewassentenced .......twentyyearsin prison.
9 In pairs,talkabouthowyoucanavoiddanger
7 Themuggerwasplaced . . arrest
whenout with yourfriends at night.Usethe
ideasto helpyou.
o Takecareonpublictranspotto Staywitha group
offriendso Don'tusea cashmachine unless
Complete the sentences necessaty o Walkin well-litareas. Don'taccept
with the correctverb o Keepyourbagfastened
form. &w&ww &MW o Share a taxiwithfriendso Don'twalkandtalkon
1 Crimein the cityis . . .. .. awaytourists. yourmobile
2 Criminals
deserveto havetheirfreedom
away from them (removed)
{- '-'@@^*v

3 Tanyahas ............ . awayfromhomethree Portfolio:lmagineyouarea teacheraboutto

times.(left) takeyourstudentson an educationaltrip to
4 Thebankrobbers ........
awaywith London. Preparea leafletexplaining
t400,000.(escape) haveto/mustn'tdo to besafeon the streets.
Thepassive r l,r'
4 Usewith or by to completethe following
( l r ammarRefer sentences,
Lookat the
sentencesbelow.Which with + instrumenVmaterial/ingredient
sentenceemphasises I Thewindow wascutwitha specialtool.
what happened to a 1 by + agent Tim's
thanwhata subject did? 1 T h e b u r g l a ra l a r mw a s i n s t a l l e d. . . .. a
security firm.
2 Hishomeis fitted A hinh-torh<orrrrity
subject verb object
James installed a smokealarmyesterday
3 The housewas painted specialantr-
subject verb agent
4 The burglarwas caughtred-handed
A smokealarm wasinstalled by Jamesyesterday
the police.
W Speaking 5 The childwas pulledout througha window
the firefighters
2 Jameswantsto makehishousesafe.Readhis
notesbelow.Then,in pairs,
askandanswer k Reading
usingthe passive,
asin the example.
5 a . Readandfindan example
of the passive
voice.Thenputthe underlined
Todo List intothe passive.

Putup lighJenceoroundgarden
Jencingcomingnext weeK
insta[tburgl'orotorm ffim.{{e&{'&ru
/ beinginstalLedtodag
Jit tockson doorsond
windows e ; fa r o u n d
/ fitted gesterdag y0Ll
instotlsecuritYlight Accordingto a reportouttoday,the UK hasmore
willdo tomorrow closedcircuittelevisioncamerasthan any other
Jit smokeotorms country.
Thismeansthat,in someareas,thereis a
/ did this morning goodchance you'llbe caughton cameraabout10
timesa day.
A: Hasa highfence putuparound
been thegarden? ThereportclaimsthatCCTVcameras in public
B: No.Thefencewillbe
putupnextweek. placesprotectpeopleandprevent crime,as they
andcatchcriminals.lt alsoclaimsthat

u *4ii arll: -tlllit-


,---- -<;:+-;a--.---

senfence| ustizgrthe pastre where possrb/e.
The passive "@'- 4 Usewith or by to completethe following
GrammarReference sentences.
Lookat the
sentencesbelow.Which ;: with + instrumenVmaterial/ingredient
sentenceemphasises 1 Thewindowwascutwitha specialtool.
whathappened to a ; by + agent.Ti"ms-housewasburgledby_aprofessiona
rather ."
thanwhata subject did? 1 T h e b u r g l a ra l a r mw a s i n s t a l l e .d. . . . . . . .a.
2 HiShgmsi5fitto.l : hinh-torftseclrity
a smokealarmyesterday
The housewas painted specialanti-
The burglarwas caughtred-handed
A smokealarm was installed by Jamesyesterday
the police.
W Speaking 5 The childwas pulledout througha window
the firefighters.
2 Jameswantsto makehishouse safe.Read
Then,in pairs,
notesbelow, askandanswer W Reoding
asintheexample. a. Readandfindan example
5 of the passive
voice.Thenput the underlined
Todo List intothe passive.
Put up l'tighJence around garden

fencing coming next
/ being installed todag
'/fit lockson doors
and windows a l la r o u n d
fitted gesterdag
to a reportouttoday,the UK hasmore
closedcircuittelevisioncamerasthan any other
country.Thismeansthat,in someareas,thereis a
goodchanceyou'llbe caughton cameraabout10
timesa day.
A: Hasa highfence
been putuparoundthegarden? ThereportclaimsthatCCTVcameras in public
B: No.Thefencewillbeputupnextweek. places protectpeople and prevent crime,as they
helpidentifyandcatchcriminals.lt alsoclaimsthat
3 In pairs,expand theseheadlinesintofull research hasshownthatputting CCTVin carparks
sentences usingthe correctpassivetense. has reducedcar crimeand vandalism, and that
morecamerason the streetsmayhelpto reduce
CCTVCAMERAS TO BE i streetcrime.
TNSTALLED tNMORT U.TO:* Opponents of CCTV,however,claimthat the
, ,,_
' cameras arean of privacyanda threatto
2 MANCHARGED WITH 30 BURGLARIES personal freedom, Government officials
andsaythatthecameras offerpeoplea feelingof
3 SURVEY SHOWS ONLYI tN 3 security,
andthatonlythosepeople whoaredoing
HOUSES HAVE SMOKEALARMS something wrongneedto worry.

4 "'$#r?rYor%#tJ"" b. Readagain.Whatarethe pros/cons


5 '$?ffi,'B??iT$3X.. havingCCTV cameras

to the report?

4 He was caughtwith the stolenjewellery.
form nnliro :rroctad him
5 No witnesscame forward The policecould
6 Readthe sentences.
nnt nro<< rh:rno<
someone elsedoessomething
for us?


9 Fillin:every,eoch,eitheror neither.
the Grammar Reference.
1 W e c a n. . . . . o o h v c a ro r h v h r r 5- I d o n ' t
m i n dw h i c h .
2 . . . . . . . . .o. f t h e w i t n e s s essa i dt h e s a m et h i n o .
Ben is installing 3 ..... . . town hasa oolicestation.
2 Benis havinga burglar
a burglaralarm. 4 The man demandedthat he shoulo
be chargedor set free.
5 . .......of the two suspects
admittedto the
7 Changethe sentencesinto the causativeform.
1 I am goingto insuremy valuables
2 A locksmith changesMaggie's locksregularly. Sentence
3 A handwriting expertwill checkthe document
10 Foreachquestion,completethe second
for the oolice
sentenceso that it meansthe sameas the first.
4 Timusesa security
firmto guardhisoffice.
Useno morethan three words.
5 A thief hasstolenBrian's
1 The policearrested
the burglarand took him
of result to the station
GrammarReference T h eb u r g l a r. . . . . a n dt a k e n
8 a . Completethe gapswith so or such.Check to the station
e in the GrammarReference. 2 The securityfirm fitted a burglaralarm at
)n' Paul's house
a 1 T h et h i e fw a s . . . .q u i c kt h a t n o o n es a wh i m .
P a u .l . . . . . . . a l a r mf i t t e da t h i sh o u s eb v
t,l 2 Thereis a lot of crimein thisareathat
we arethinkingof movrng.
3 l a ni n s u r e hd i sv a l u a b l ef os r f 1 m i l l i o n
IE 3 My brotheris .. . naughtythat he gets
l a nh a d forf 1 million
ry i n t ot r o u b l ea l lt h e t i m e .
4 Burglarsbroke into Mark'shousewhrle he
4 Therehavebeen..... . . manyburglaries in our
ffi was awayfor the weekend.
area lately that we have bought a burglar
M a r k ' hs o u s e. . . . . . . . . . . . .w
. . n i l eh ew a s
]e awayfor the weekend.
5 r+
rL "
- -^r -+^-"
) L U t y that
.., d )du I we criedin the enc
5 Lynnhada security
in herhome
te b He was driving . . fast that he didn't
A securitysystem Lynn'shome
ln manageto stopin time
b . Link the sentencesusingAsa result,Therefore, 11 Thinkof thegrammar youhave
'tr'g Consequently,For this/thatreason. Iearnt
them.Tella partner.
CCTVcamerashavebeen installedin the city
centre.Theamountof streetcrrmehasreducec,
More houseshavesmokealarmsthesedays
Portfolio:Lookin English
Prisons areovercrowded Criminals
areserving fiveheadlines.
Writethe headlines
out asfull
l e s st i m ei n j a i l .
sentences,usingthe passive
Givingan eye-witness
) Reoding

Tryto put the pictures

in the
orderthe eventshappened. How
aretheyrelatedto the dialogue
below?Readthe firstexchange

Readthedialogue andchoosethe

A: Hello,sir l'm SergeantSmith.

tell mewhat happened.
l z l I
) Speoking
Canyou describe
happened? Portfolio:Workin pairs.lmaginethe driverof the redcaris
The red Ford car was at the givinghis/herstatementto the policeofficer.Takerolesand
junction,and just as it pulled actout the dialogue.
Usethe dialogue in Ex.2 asa model.
out, the greenlbizacameout of Recordyourselves.
nowhereveryfast and they ran
into eachother 7 Everyday
I see So you would say the
secondvehiclewas travelling
at Expressing
annoyance& calmingsomeone
h i g hs p e e d ? down
R l-il--l
t - t l
Readthe example,thenusethe pointsbelowandthe
A: OK. Can I take your nameand
languagein thetableto actout similar in pairs.
addroqq nloa<o7

B: m
A : Wouldyou agreeto be calledas

yourown ideas.

Theamountof trafficontheroads
a witnessat a laterdate? . People
whodrivetoo close
. goingoff at night
. whoplavmusic
Drivers soloudit'sdeafeninq
a Yes,of course.
b I was walkingmy dog on Old
Road . C a l md o w n .
l'm sickandtiredof
c Well.Therewas a ternbleroad . Takeit easy
l ' m f e du pw i t h . . .
dcLroenr, a5you Ldnsee . Relax
I won't tolerate anymore
d Definitely! At least50 milesan . Simmerdown
furiousabout .. e Keepyourhairon.
l'm absolutely
e Yes.lt's KarlPrice,9 BullLane, r Don'tget so workedup
I'vehadit with ..

in Ex.1 A: l'msick
correct? B: Calm down.
) Speoking 7
Usethe usefullanguagein thetableto actout sentences belowanddecide if eachsentence is
exchangeslikethe example below. corrector incorrect.lf it iscorrect,put a tick(f)
A: Don'tparkthere.You'll
geta ticket. in the boxunderA for YES.lf it isnot correct.
B: Yes, you'reright.
I suppose puta tick(z) in the boxunderB for NO.
1 Robis decorating the wallwith ink T I
o Don't(+ infinitive) . You'reright. 2 Staceylikesgraffiti. T tr
lf I wereyou, I would/ . I guessso. 3 Robenjoysdrawinggraffiti. tr T
wouldn't... . G o o dt h i n k i n g . 4 Staceyisworriedthat Robmight
a It'snot a good ideato . That'strue. g e tp u n i s h e d . I I
I It'sa bad ideato o Yes I srnnosevorr're 5 Robhasthoughtaboutthe
o LookA//atch out for .. right. damagehe is causing. tr T
I R o r e r o f r r l /\ rnrnv f I tr n \ 6 TheHeadmaster doesnot think

isa seriousissue. T
1 try to stopa burglarby yourself
/ mayget hurt
2 when you crossthe road/ get knockeddown
7 Robmay join a new club. tr T
3 be out alonelateat night/ it isdangerous
4 leaveyourcarunlocked / get stolen Debating
5 exceed the speedlimit/ paya fine
8 Lookat the pictures,
the headlinesandthe
posteranddiscuss the followingin pairs.Talk
Reportingan emergency
) Listening . whetheror notgraffitiisdesirable
or attractive
u a. Whatnumberdo youcallin yourcountry Inanyway
whenyou needthe emergencyservices?
ln howthecommunity canworktogether to stop
what circumstances vandalism
howyoungpeople canspend theirtimemore
b. Listenandtick(/) the expressionsyou hear.
Whatemergency isthe callerreporting?
a Please comequickly. T
a Are you or anyoneelsein any
i m m e d i a tdea n g e r ? T
a Thankyou for yourhelp,Officer. T
a A patrolcar is on its way to you now T
a H e l ph, e l p ! T comeandjoin us on
7 - 11
a Please statethe natureofthe
emer9ency. I scHoot
Emergency services. Whichservice s
do you require? tr OFVANDAIS
Please stateyour nameand address vnff$s]isrffi
clearly. tr
) Speoking A: Ithinkgraffitiis
awful.Although it canbecolourful
is generallya badthing.
c. Workin pairs.Youhavewitnessed a road
Yes,I agreewithyou.lt isa crimeforyoungpeople
Usethe phrases
accident. in Ex.6b,aswell
todoit - it makes
ourneighbourhood lookreally
asyourown ideas,to reportit to the
ugly. etc
ffiwb*lng r'f,mr?.w&
You'vereadthe followingin a innauv
ift ilil$X$t*lW'iivnnu't
Whatsolutions ; p" Nowadays
canyousuggest? it in
Discuss eitherbullvor are bulliedat school.Bullies
pairs. t hurt their victims in different ways
i physically,
psychologically andverbally.
lt can
{' ;;:; ;,;" ;;;;;;;;;;; 7
;;;;;;;;: i happento anyoneand may be as a resultof
manythings, suchas appearance, socialstanding
victims inwith
or evenfriendship groups.Whatcanwe do,then,to
makeschoola saferandhappier placeforyoungpeople?
"u : p. first,ifyouarea victimof bullying,
itwouldbea goodideato talkto
". ". .....# I an adultyou can trust.Withtheirhelp,you can avoiddangerous
*wKrw &*wW x&wwwr : situations. Remember - voudo nothaveto sufieralone.
a. Read the Which
article. iFlt wouldalsohelpif youspentas muchtimeas in the
2 companyof friends.By doing this, you avoid givingthe bully the
paragraph(s): statethe
: opportunity to pickonyou.Youhavea fargreater chanceof beingable
probIem7summarisethewritels ifyouarewitha groupof people.
to ignoreorstandupto bullies
opinion?containthewrite* p.Another suggestionis to join your school'santiviolence
suggestionsondpossible results/
: programme, you couldstartone in your
if one exists.Alternatively,
consequences? , schoolto combatthe problem.In thisway,you willbe ableto helpnot
onlyyourself, whomaybeina similar
butothers situation.
b. Wereanyof yourideasin Ex.1 p.tnere aremanywaysto puta stopto bullying.
lt shouldnot be
in the article?
mentioned Speakoutandmakeourschools
! tolerated

3 Underline in
the mainbodyparagraphs,
Can Ymxxw
a. Readthe rubricandunderline
the keywords.

4 a. Readthetable.Whichof YouseethefollowingontheLetters pageinyourlocal

to theEditor
thesephrases hasthe writer 'Local
i newspaper. schools arebeingbroken in
usedin hisarticle? ii theevenings andat weekends
by gangs of youths.
What can we
doto stopthisfromhappening?

b. Workin pairs,Usethreeof the solutions

. A usefulsuggestron
wouldbe . . a topicsentence for eachmainbodyparagraph.
o Anothersuggestion/way
to . . decide on theirresults
is/wouldbe to . regular
" CCTV cameras patrols
o lt wouldbe a goodideato . . . facilities
forteensto spendtheirfreettmee.g.youth
. lt wouldhelpif you/we...etc o punishment to fit crimee.g.repairthedamage

c. Portfolio:Usethe planandyouranswers
in Ex.5bto write
Swappapers andcheckyourpartner's
. Thiswould/could ... . Inthisway,.
. lf .. , then... . Asa result,... . By
doingthis,we/youletc would

b. Chooseanyof yourideasin Introduction

Ex.1.Writea topicsentence. (Para 7) Wat is tbe problem?
Thenwritesupporting Main Body
Usethe language
sentences. (Paras2-4) What cn"eyour suggestions/possible
inEx.4a. Conclusion
(Vara 5) Hott,tt:ouldyou sunxmarise
your opinion?
FG ffibv$ruffi ffie#ffiffi
Yfr.#ffi t; .

,'/henpeopleare playinga game,they needto
'cllowthe rules.lf theydon't,the gamebecomes
lf therewereno rulesandeveryone
whatever theywanted,
wasfreeto do
disorganised andunfair, andit stopsbeingfun.lf a behaveselfishly.We needrulesto helpus get ffi
s,udentignoresa ruleagainsttalkingin class,the alongtogether andshowrespectfor eachother. M
otherstudents can'tconcentrate.
Driverswhodon't Havingrules doesn'tstop people &ffi
accidents. breaking them.Wewillalwaysneed ffi@ffi
l'lostthingswe do are governed by rules.These referees andpenalties,policemen ffi@
Tay be unwritten, like the 'rules'of social and orisons. But most of us are
coliteness,or officiallawspassedby parliament basicallyhonest,and knowingthe W
andbackedup by the legalsystem.Punishment rulesmeansthatwe usually tryto
'0r breakingthe rule may vary from being followthem.One reasonwe
criticisedto beingput in prison. do this is to avoid
Butall rulesandlawshavethe samepurpose - to punishment, but the
nake it clearwhatmostpeopleagreeis rightor strongestargumentfor
rrrong,andwhathappens if someone breaksthe followingthe rules is,
rule.Theyaredesigned to ensurefairness, safety quitesimply,thatit makes
andrespectfor otherpeople'srights,and in this the worlda betterolace
they help us work,play and live together forallof us.

''l Thinkof yourself Whatrulesdo

at home/school. Y Reading&Listening
youhaveto followin eachplace?Whomakes Whydo we needrules,andwhat
the rules?
Whathappens if youbreaka rule? 4
wouldhappenif we didn'thavethem?
lmaginethe following Howwould
situations. Discussit in groups,
thenlistento and
youfeel,andwhy?Whatwouldyoudo? readthe text quickly
to seeif it agrees
in groups.
Discuss with the pointsyou mentioned.

5 Readthe text againand decideif eachsentence

1 You'replaying a game,andoneof the other
below is f (true)or F (false),accordingto what
prayers Keeps cneailng. the text says.Thenexplainthe words in bold.
2 You're standing in a queue, waitingyourturn,
whensomeone pushes in frontof you 1 A gameisn'tfun if playersbreakthe rules.. .
3 Youseesomeone ridingawayon yournew 2 Therearerulesaboutmostthingswe do.
bike 3 Anyonewho breaks a rulemaygo to prison... .
4 Thepedestrian lightis green,you crossthe 4 Therearedifferentkindsof rulesand laws,
road,and a driverwho hasignored the red but theyall havesomething in common
l i g h tn e a dhy i t sy o u . 5 R u l e ds o n ' tm e n t i o np u n i s h m e n t .
5 Someone startsshouting at youandpushing 6 Rulesand lawsaremadeto rmprove
you because you havea different skincolour/ o u rl i v e s .
religion/etc. 7 Rulesstoppeoplebehaving selfishly.
8 Goodlawsmakepunishment unnecessary.
1 A: lwouldbeannoyed, becausethepointistosee people
9 Most try to followthe rules
whoisthebestplayer, andcheating spoilsthe
10 Themainreason we shouldfollowthe
rulesisto avoidbeinoounished.
B: I agree.lwould teilthemtofollowtherules;and
if theydidn'tlwouldprabably stopplaying.
W Projeet
C: Yes, it'sagatnst
therulesto cheat.
Workin groups.Decideon a setof rulesfor your
3 ln pairs,try to explain
the meaningof these
thenwritea document to be
expressions. Use your to helpyou.
on theclass
. asa rule . thegolden
rule . whatyouwanttherules (e.g.teach
to achieve
. above thelaw. thelawof thejungle
encourage learntng
. to takethelawintovourownhands
. whatstudents(andteacher) musVmustn't do
o whathaooens if a ruleisbroken 97
" , :l i:Stiitr

& Grammar 10 Sheisa teacherby
A job career C profession
Fillin the gapswith the correctword.

1 You've her feelingswith your

impolitecomments. Useof English
Hewasfound. of murder Completethe secondsentence sothat it means
As he wasawayfrom homefor overa year,he the sameas the first. Useno morethan four
got very .. . . words.
We should . .....aftercoralreefs.
T h ep o l i c ec a u g h t h e m. . . .. . . . . -handed isa presenter
1 George on a cable
Useyour sense, will you? Georgeworks ... . on a cableTV
T h ep o l i c e
w i l l . . . . . . . . . . . .c. .h. a
. r g easg a i n sht i m c n a nn e l .
Breaking I shouldhaveappliedfor the post.
window is a . . .
someone's ..
offence I wish| . for the post.
9 Hedoesn'twork for anyoneHe'sself- Thepolicecaughtthe bankrobberandarrested
1 0 My fatherworks very . hours We him
don't seemuchof hinr Thebankrobber . and arrested
hv tho nnlira
Theyfittedan alarmsystemin our house.
Circlethe correctitem, Our house .. . with an alarmsystem
Patinsuredhercarfor $15.000.
1 . . . .. of the suspects
admittedto the burglary P a th a d . . . . . . . . . . . . ............f .o r $ 15 . 0 0 0
A Either B Any C Neither (10marks)

A risk B jeopardy C shift

Fillin the correctword derivedfrom the word
in bold.
3 They caught t h e b u r g l a ra n d p l a c e dh i m
Vnt t harro tn ha rrarrr to become
3 f l'sI;
A before B with C under
: f:chinn docinnor CREATE
Pennywas really . . . t h a t J a n ec a m et o
It takesa long time to ........ to a new work
nerpany PLEASE
3 Thefilmwas not . for youngchildren.
A organise B adapt C succeed
The muggerwas takento the policestation 4 J a m e sp a s s e hd i se x a m sa n d i s n o w a . . . . . . . . . . . .
handcuffs. rawyer
A i n B o f C t o 5 Y o uc a nt r u s tP e t eh; e i sa v e r y. . . . . . . . . . .b. .o.y .
lookfor peoplewho are.........
Attackers SENSE
A common B vulnerableC unharmed (10marks)

Don'tsaythat! Youmight. .... herfeelings Communication

A hurt B ache C harm
5 Complete
Thereare a lot of ways to avoid a(n)
attack a G o o dt h i n k i n g
A alone B unharmedC potential b I don'tagree.
c What areyourfutureplans?
Theattackertriedto ..........
d How manyhourswillyou be working?
A grab B remove C harm
e I wouldloveto be an actor

A: Reading ,4
B : I want to becomea doctor.
A : lf I were you, I wouldn't leavethe car thejobadverts.
Read Whichjobrequires
youto ... ffi " :
unlocked. 1 work differenthourseachweek?
B: W
2 haveseveralyears'experience? t i
3 travela lot? S t:..::jj..]'tl:..aa::.*.,:
B : Sixteenhoursa week. 4 work someweekends?
get paidtoo muchmoney
I thinkteachers 5 havetheabilityto communicate
with others? W
A : What do youwant to do whenyou grow up?

Listening TVchannel
in Central
Londonneedsa newmember .W
the phone,meetingand greetingclientsand helping
Youwill heartwo friendstalkingabout
whoeveris in need.You must have a friendly 11:1i'6tttt'iil
whatjobstheywant to do. Matchthe person personality
and excellentcommunication skills.The
(1-5)to the profession/career
(A-F). workwillinvolve
somelatenightsandweekend work.
1 Susie No experience necessary - trainingwill be given.
ff-] Songwriter
PleasecallTimon 0207893311 foran interview.
2 Paul m Teacher StartingSalary:f12,000

3 Lily
lcTl vet
DTI or An excitingposition
has openedup in our design
4 Carol ETI rlorist department.Wearelookingfora recentgraduate
FTI Lawyer a degreeingraphic Thejobis challenging
design. and
5 Matthew
youneedto be verycreative.
week9-5;thesecond week1'l-7.
Writing Salary:f12perhour
for a job in your local
Thisis an advertisement
newspaper. Qualified journalistneededto work on a travel
magazine. Theidealcandidateshouldhaveat least3
yearsexperience andlovetravelling.
Youwillbe sent
-ffiMNT-ffiffii$r on assignments all aroundthe worldandbe writing
Dedicated& hard-working teenager(16+) andtravelguides.
articles Pleasee-mailyourCVanda
for well-paid shift work at a summer sample of yourworkto radiantnet@peepo.com
adventurecamp. Salaryis negotiable
Must be able to work both aloneor as oart
of a team,havegood communication skills
and enjoyhelpingothers. (Total= 100marks)

lf you are interested,apply in writing to

DerekGreen,Fun Camps,100 Park Lane, | d,an..
Novq/ .
BrightonBH12AE a talkandwriteaboutpeople's jobsandsafety
a expressmywishes andregrets
a writea letterof application
Writea letterapplyingfor thejob. Makesure
a givean eye-wrtness account
youinclude anyexperience andskillsyou
a writeanessay providing to problems
have,(100 120words)

WWW *mrywmm\
e maytake it for granted,butwateris the mostimportant
resourceon Earth.lt coversB0%of the Earth'ssurfaceand
it'sthe onlysubstance thatcan be foundnaturally
in three
forms:solid,liquidandgas.Wateralsomakesup 66%of thehuman
bodyandwithoutit we can'tlivefor morethana week. rr-:iaS*

Althoughwateris the mostcornmonsubstanceon Earth,we should

useit carefully
becauseonly1%is drinkableand 1/3of allthepeoplein
theworldcan'tget enoughcleanwater.Today,we use3 timesmorewater
thanin 1950,andpeoplein richcountries
use10timesmorethanthosein poor
ones. So where does it all go? Well,a singledripping tap can waste up to 7,600
litresof water in ayear and a leaking toiletcan waste about 260 litresin a day.
At home,we can help by fixing brokentaps and toilets.Havingshowersinstead
of bathscould save about 300 litresof watera week.We should also avoid
using chemicals that pollutethe watersupply,becausewe can't


W Reoding & Listening b. Explain

thewordsin bold.

a. Lookat the titleandthe pictures.

Whatdo W Speaking
youthinkthearticle isabout?
Close two
b. In pairs,thinkof fivethingswe usewater waysto savewater.
for.Listenandreadthetext.Doesit mention
anyof yourideas? A
+ Thinkof tenwordsyouhavelearntin thistext,
In pairs,makesentences
2 a. Readthetextagainandmarkthe
I (true)or F (false).
statements W Froject
1 66okof the Earth's waterisdrinkable Howmuchdo youknowaboutwater?Workin
2 Humans canlrveforseven dayswithoutwater. groups.
3 Peonlerrse'1/3 of thewateron Earth prepare
a quizfor yourclassmates.
4 Having
bathsinstead of showers
5 Wecan'tincrease thewatersupply
U n i t s9 - 1 0

. modals(may,must,could)
o makingassumptions/deductions
) youstart
Before . (to-)infinitive,-ing form
. What'syourfavourite:
film?CD?Talkabout . idiomsrelatedto weather,ball
tnem . phrasalverbswith up,on
o How canyou protectyourselffrom posstble . word formationof compoundnouns
W r ite/Make...
) Lookat Module5 . a shortfactfileaboutan insectof your choice
for pictures1-5
Findthe pagenumbers . an e-mailabouta naturaldrsaster
. a shorttext abouta seasonalor weather-
) for
F i n dt h e u n i ta n dp a g enumber(s) relatedfestival
. ne\^/qnanerheadlines r . an informale-mailinvitation
' a gym floorplan r o an articleabouta winterevent
. a questionnaire r . a festivalfood calendar
. an e-mailto yourpenfrrend givingadvice
abouthow to improvetheirbodyimage
) readandtalkabout.,.
. a surveyreport
. a n i m a l&
s a n i m asl o u n d s . a Didyouknow?articleaboutthe humanheart
. the weather& extremeweatherconditions muscles
. food/drinks & cookingmethods
. sports& sportsplaces
. bodyimage

) Learnhowto ... -
GultureCliP:lce Art Alaska
. talkaboutthe weather
o expressprobabilityipossibility Muscles
o descrihenictrrres
. askfor & givedirections Sourcesof energY
. avoiddirectanswers

l\a.tul r
. ,r:,t..,ata',

KillerBees seacurrents andstronowindsoush

the jellyfish.to shore They usually
NorthandSouthAmerica, disappear whenthe weatherchanges
but originallythey came again However, peopleshouldavoid
from southernAfrica.They are , q * touchingthem,turningthem over
calledkilierbeesbecausethey or playingwith them,because
attackanyonewho comesnear strng is dangerousfor anyone
theirhive,andover1,000people to them.Themoonjellyfish
havediedthisway in the last50 is the UK'smost commonspecies
years.They becomeangry easily andtheygrowup to 40cmin size.
and are not scaredof peopleThey \
canevenchasetheirvictimsfor up to T
"{ ''--j. Crickets
half a mile. They only sting once Cricket swarms are nor
Female beesdie afterstinging,
but during uncommon, becausewhenthey
an attackhundreds andthousands of beesstinq travelin largegroupstheyhavea
aTonce bettersurvivaN rate About50 percentof themdrewhen
they split up comparedto when they don't HoweveL
Locusts swarmscanbe a nuisance, especiallyfor farmers;
Locustscan be up to 15 cm long and travel theydamage theircrops.Manycrickets arenocturnaland
aloneor in groups When the population they make a chirprngnoiseby rubbinEtheir wings
grows.they becomemoresocialand fly long together.However, the colderit gets,the slowercrickets
distancesto differentcountries.
Theycantravel200 km a chirp
day to find food. Swarmsdevelopwhen the locusts
crowdtogetherin largenumbers. Whenheavyrainsare Flies
followedby a drought,locustsswarmto find food and Whenthe weatherstartsto'warmup,people
becomeaggressive. A swarmof locusts
caneatasmuch usuallystart to see flies around However,
foodas2,500hungrypeople! milderweatherdueto climatechanqehasled
to an explosionin the fly population years.
in recent Flies
Jellyfish transmitaround40 serious diseases
and carrythe main
It is quitecommonto seemassive swarmsof typesof food poisoninggerms.Flies oftenswarmbefore
jellyfish aroundthe coastof Britain,because it rains.

Lead-in 6 wolvesoink/howl
7 beesbuzzltweet
a. Matchthe animalsto the sounds.Compare
8 horses
answerswith a partne4then listenand check.
9 bullshoot/moo
1 snakesbleat/hiss 1 0 cricketschirp/cluck
2 catssqueak/miaow
What arethesesoundsin your language?
3 canaries
4 doveswoof/coo b . Whichof theseare insects?Which insects
5 lionsquack/roar canyou seein the picturesin the article?
I love to listento the gentle
sound of the wavesbreaking
o n t h e . . . . . .. ...
I liketo walkalongthe .. ......
& Listening collecting in the summer.
He often spendshis summer
Whatdo you
title,the headings hnliellr< :t tho
thinkthe text is about?Listen,readandcheck.
Theyhavea summerhouseon
S fp a i n .

3 Lookat the sentences below,thenreadthe text againto

decideif eachsentence istrueor false.lf it istrue,tick(./) Speaking
columnA. lf it isfalse,tick(/) columnB.
8 Readthe text againandin pairs,
A B askandanswercomprehension
1 Killerbeescomefrom NorthAmerica. tr tr questions.
2 Killerbeescanstingpeoplemanytimes. tr tr A: Wherecanyoufindkillerbees?
3 Heavyrainscauselocuststo swarm. u tr B: ln North
4 Locustscantravelfrom countryto country tr tr
5 Weatherconditionsaffectjellyfishmovement. T T Listening
swarmshappena lot in the UK.
6 Jellyfish T I
7 Swarms of cncketsareuncommon. tr T I Youwill hearsomeone
8 Thehotterit gets,the fastercricketschirp. tr tr talkingaboutlocusts. Listen
9 Fliescanmakeus ill I n fill in the factfile.
10 Fliesdiewhentemoeratures tr I
4 Usethe underlinedwords in the text to completethese
Thenexplainthe words in bold in the text.

1 l w o u l dg e t i l li f l a t e p e a n u tbse c a u s1ea m . . . . . .... . .t h e m .

2 My brothergetson my nerves - he'ssucha . ....'..
3 In somepartsof Africaa . .,.... . canlastfor years.
4 Swarmsof locustscan cause problemsfor farmers
5 Somefarmers stillharvest their..... . ... bv hand. o Family: grasshopper
r Lifespan: 1) . . .......months
6 M o s q u i t o e .s... . . . . m a l a r i a t o h u m a n s .
o Diet:cerealsand othercrops
o Habitat: 2) . . ., semi-dryareas
5 Matchthe nounsto the animals,
o Size:3) . ....cm,weight:4) g
a of monkeys e of whales o Colour:brown,5) ..... or . yellow
1 a swarm 5 a colony
o Y o u n gc a l l e d6: ) . . . . . . ... .
2 a school 6 a pride b of sheep f of dogs
TIBlS!TS\H{\ff{\.rqr!s... qr}srF-{!\t*$LPqF " FB

3 a flock 1
^ ^^-t,
o voLN c of lions g of ants
4 a nerO 8 a troop d of bees h of cows
I Q Thinkof tenhewwordsyou've
learnt Make
.. 2.. 4 5 .... 6 ... 7 8 . . .
sentences usingthem.Tellyour
6 stingandwhichbite?Checkin yourdictionary.
. dog . bee . wasp. mosquito. squirrel. jellyfish. fly
. spider . ant
. snake. scorpion

Wordsoften confused Project:Writea shortfact file

aboutan insectof yourchoice.
7 coast,
the gapswith the followingwords:shore,
Complete Usethe headings in the factfile
seaside, Checkin yourdictionaries. in Ex.9 asa model.
t .

Lookat the mindmap.Usethewordsto i u./ andthe music.

Nowlistento thesounds
complete the text. Whatistheweatherlike?Drawa pictureof
thescene. yourpictureto theclass.

3 Complete thewordsandphrases with thewords

downpour in the list,thenputthemin thecorrectgapsin
hoil thesentences (1-7).
torrentiql roin
snowfoll ofleluo odrnn aqtnno anr<t . bolt . flash o ray
bLizzord a..... of d a s n o w ..
lightning e a .. ofsunshine
b a......ofwind f a r a t n. . .
c a thunder g a h a i .l . . . . . . . .
sunshine breeze
heotwqve gole 1 A . . . . . . . . o. .f.w i n db l e wo f f h i sh a t .
blozing sun hurricone,/tornodo 2 After the storma . . of sunshinebroke
throughthe clouds.
3 S u d d e n lay .l o u d . . . . . . s h o o kt h e b u i l d i n g
4 A . . . . . . . i. s. a b a l ol f i c e
5 A large. . fell on my head,and I dashed
indoors just in time beforethe storm.
6 A . . . . . . . . .o. f. l i g h t n i nlgi t u p t h es k y .
7 A .. . . . . is likean icecrystal.

4 Whichof theseconditions werethe people

g d,hailstorm,heatwove,
below cau ht in'.blizzar
thunderstorm, pouringrain?Whatdo you
thinkhappened afterwards?

1 Wegotcompletely
wet through.
seewhereI wasgoingandthesnow
2 | couldn't
we hoveto come
it,[[ get betterbeJore ,, t r,^-
w d s d^ +L lr^e^ -d+ s Ld^ *i l^ r+ e
L r ' eO e e p

.m.,.rr.ffiffiSirmffiY!1!&: 3 We were all sweatingterribly I wished it
;rum,6*Wefledru*wu'* wouldrainto coolus down
2 a. Usethe verbsin the correctformto 4 A lot of buildingswere damagedand some
completethe sentences. treeshad beenrippedout of the ground.
. blow , drizzle. howl . freezeo poUt. Shine 5 lt was scaryand noisyasthe hailwas battering
the roofof our car
I hateit when it . I neverknowwhether 6 We were frightened,coldand wet.
to take my umbrellaor not because the rainis
so light
Don'tgo out todaywithoutbootsanda raincoat
- rt's down. Reading
in thisweather.
3 Bnr.You'll........outside lt's-5oC Lookat the headlines.
4 Thesunis . . . Let'sgo to the beach! about?Haveyouheardaboutanysimilar
5 It wasso windy he was nearly. . . ....over. Whereandwhen
eventsin the newsrecently?
6 Canyou hearthe wind . ',..throughthe did it takeplace?
trees?lt soundsveryspooky. pairs.
bv flcads (1-8).Circle
8 Readthesentences the rightword
to complete
the idioms.
w Ww%w
1 Richard He'sgot hishead
is sucha dreamer.
in the clouds/ fog.
Marcieis not verywell She'sfeelingunder
the weather/ temperature
Skier killed in avalanche
It was a sillyargument- just a storm/ blizzard
in a teacup
Thingswere goingso well for him, but then
when it rains,it pours/drizzles.
Greg told everyoneJane'sexcitingnews
&www wffi&effiffiw beforeshedid. and stole her thunder/storm
Donnaputs somemoneyastdeeverymonth

DROUGHT HITS KHNYA and savesit for a roiny/ sunnyday.

Whenhe got hisdegree,he wasso happy,he
was on cloud/ sun nine.
He'sin perfectlygood health.He'sas right as
snow/ rain

Speoking (stopfor holidays)

6 a. Putthe wordsin orderfromthe highestto

the lowesttemperature. 9 Lookat the phrasal
. hot . mild
. chilly. cold . freezing
complete the
. scorching . warm . cool
sentences with the
b, Thinkof yourcountry. Whatisthe
temperature in variousregionsat different
timesof the year?Tellthe class. Sarahcan'twait for schoolto . . .... up for
Duringthewinteiit'sverycold.ln thenorth,it'susually the summerholidays
freezingandit oftensnows.Springtimeisgenerally housewasfloodedsowe ...... . him
My uncle's
mild.lnthesouthit isquitewarmbutinthenorthit andhisfamilyup untilthe damagewasrepaired.
stays cooluntilsummer. etc 3 Sorrywe're late.We were up by the
I was waitinga long time in the rain before
Underlinethe correctword in eachsentence. t h eb u s. . . . . . . .u. p
It's freezingoutside- don't go out without
1 Tornadoes destroyeverythingin/on theirpath.
uP Yourjackett
2 In partsof EasternEuropein winter,travellers
As the weddingcar up outsidemy
should bewareon/of gettrng caught in a
frombehinda clouc.
house,the sunappeared
3 Peoplein the UK oftencomplainoflabout the
rarn 7;Wrihn5,
Hailstormscauseda lot of damage in/to f-*'@--t-t

housesin the area. Project:lmagineyouexperienced oneof the

Peoplehad to dealwith/at a long powercut in Ex.5.Writean e-mailto
afterthe storm yourEnglishpen-friend your
6 Sheisfrightenedoflaboutthunderstorms experience.
Modals(possibility/ 3 I bet the weatherforecastis on in a minute
probability/certainty) "w* 4 It's likely that we'll havea very hot summer
G r a m m aR
r eference thisyear
Readthe cartoon.Whichof the modalverbsin l'm sure Tom didn't drive to work. because
es probability/possibility?
bold express certainty? hiscaris in the dnve,coveredwith snow
) Listening
D o n ' ts u n b a t h e
withoutsunscreen. a-;Youwill hearsomeone
Youmayget sunburnt 4 talkingabouta
columnin thetab|:.

You'reright, but I AVALANCHE

ust lovesunbathing. . happenanytime
I couldsit in the sun o startwith weightof
all day and night. one skler
o be easyto survive
Circlethe correctmodal.What doeseach SKIER/CLIMBER
express?Checkin the GrammarReference. . be mad not to take

1 A: Theysayit should/ might raintoday . Qasicrescueequipmnt..._ .

. be carriedalongat
B: Youmust/ haveto be joking!
1 0 0m p h
2 A: You'rewet throuqh.You must / can oe
. surviveif nearsurface
. survlvea.fter45 mil
B: Yes.Could/ Would I havea towel olease? : i
3 A: Theweathermay / must get worse
B: You can't / mustn't have heard the b. Nowusethetableto makefullsentences.
then- it saidsunshine
4 A: Be careful!The wind must / might blow Makingdeductions/.".i@*
yourumbrella insideout assumPtions Grammar
B: Thanks,but it should / can have died Matchthesentences
to the meanings.
down a bit by now
5 A: Tom'splanecan't / must havetaken off F-fl That'shiscoat Hemusthaveforgottenit.
All flightsarecancelled
dueto the weather trT_l Alanhatescoldweather.
B: Yes.He should / must be stuck at the havegoneskiing.
airport. ET_-] sitt might not know about the bad
6 A: Beingcaughtin a tornadomight / must weatherwarning
be terrifying. t4T_-] Tomcan't havebeenclearingsnowoff
B: Yes.Theymay / can destroywholetowns thedriveway
! lt'sstillcovered
7 A: The storm should/ can have passedby
a lt'spossible thathedoesn't.
b l ' ms u r eh ed i d .
B: Yes.Youcan't / must be rioht
c l'mcertain thathedidn't
d l'msurethathewasn't
Rewritethe phrasesin bold,usingan appropriate
modaland makingany other necessary changes. Readthe sentences (1-6)andchoosethe
1 There'sa chanceit'll rainlater correctword(s)in bold.
2 I'm certainit'sscarylivingin an earthquake
zone. 1 You must/couldhavebeenrelreved to qet
homebefore thestormhit.
2 A hurricanemay/can'thavehit
Florida.Therewas nothing on
the newsaboutit.
3 Be careful!You could/should
hit someonein the eve with
4 Oh no! Marty must/can'thave
beenwaitingfor the busin the
Sapporois the capitalof Hokkaido,the most
r a i na l lt h i st i m e ! 1 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i.s. .l a. .n. .d
o fJ a p a n . NORTH
5 AIex may not/shouldn't have ln February everyyea[ a2) ............ number GROW
heardthe hurricane warning. of visitorscometo its snowfestival.
6 GloriamusVmayhaveforgotten Lastyear;abouttwo millionpeoplecameto see the
tn nrrt crrn rream on! She's hundreds of 3) ........... snowstatuesand BEAUTY
sunburnt allover! 4 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i.c. .e.s. c. u l p t u r et h s a tt h e f e s t i v ai sl IMPRESS
famousfor.The town'sambitionto hold l, ... ..,'.,:.,,1::.,.1.,,

7 Rewritethe sentencesusingpast o n eo f J a p a n ' 5 s ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .w . .i.n. .t .e re v e n t s ,,r...., t.::',:BlG

formsof modalverbs. eachyearis madepossiblebecauseit getsfivemetres

1 | don'tthinktheyleftfor Mexico. of snoweverywinter.
-{hey The festivalis nowan 6) .......... eventthat NATIONAL
rn*ynot hav*leftfrsrf'Aexica"
i n c l u d eas s n o ws c u l p t u r7e) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . COMPETE
2 l'm sureshelostherway.
, in whichteamsfrom all aroundthe worldtake
3 Perhaps he is feelingill.
part.Thesesculpturesare massive,and past entries
4 | don't think he will be seeing
include 8 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .b. .u. i. l.d. i n g p s ,e o p l ea n d FAME
us tomorrow.
5 l'm sureshewasn'tat home. As wellas the contest,thereis a wide9) .................. VARY
6 Perhaps shelostthe way of 10) ...............1r.,,..;,,.: andfun activities on offer. ENTERTAIN

) Speaking
Lookat thepictures.
Makeas transformations
1 0 Foreachquestion,completethe secondsentencesothat it
meansthe sameasthe first.Useno morethanthreewords.

Thereisa chancethat hewill arrivetonight

He......... tonight.
l'm sureGaryhasn'tflownto Detroit;the weather's too bad
G a r y. . . . . . . . . . . e e a t h e r 'tso o b a d .
. t o D e t r o i t ; t hw
He'ssoaking wet - l'm surehe hasbeenwalkingin the rain.
He'ssoakingwet - he . .. walkingin the rain.
A droughtis possible
here.evenin the winter
There droughthere.evenin the winter.
l'm sure didn'tcatch 8 o'clockolane.
he the
He mrssedthe 8 o'clockplane.


I Reoding Project:Writea shortparagraph (50-60words)abouta

seasonalor weather-relatedfestival.
9 Complete the text with the
. When/where . thereare
it takesolace Whatactivities/food/etc
correctword derivedfromthe
wordsin bold. . Howlonqit lasts
) Reading & Listening b . Completethe dialoguewith sentences
a-d.Compareanswerswith a partner.
Lookat the picture.
Wherearethe people? Listenand check.
or impatient? Why? a Yes.We'rein luck.Here'sthe bus
b I think we both might be late for work and
l'm freezing
c Yes.lt shouldhavebeenhere10 minutesago.
d Good.Thiscan't lastfor morethan a couole
of days,then

Acting out a dialogue

Makingup dialogues and actingthem out helpsyou
buildyour conversational slcillsahd becomemore
creative.Tryto use as much new vocabularyas you
can to reinforcewhat you havelearnt.

c. Portfolio:Takerolesandactout the
dialoguein pairs.Giveit a different

Expressing probabiIity/
3 a. Readthe exchanges andunderline
words/phrases probability
that express or
: ir:i:rrlrlti.lti,:i.!,frit#.
2 a. Thedialogue to the picture.
is'reldted What . A: What's theweather liketoday?
mightthe peoplebe talkingabout?Read B: lt'sfrneat the moment, but it miqhtrarn
and check.
. A: Takeyourcoatwithyou
A: Excuseme. Haveyou beenwaitinglong for B: Why?Theweather's fine
thebus? A: lt maybesunnynow butit couldgetcold
B:F-n later.
o A: lt canbeverycoldin thewinterin Russia.
A: lt mustbe latebecause
of the badweather.
B: I hope it comes soon, or I may miss an B: Yes,especiallyin theeast.
o A: lt shouldhavestoppedrainingby now
ET_l Takea lookoutside, willyou?
B : Me too. lt wasn'tthis coldyesterday,
was it?
B: Yes,it has,just likethe forecastsaidit
A : No and the forecastfor the weekend is wouto.
s un s hni e .
b. Findstatementsin the dialogue that
B:trT_-] expressprobabi
A: That'sa relief
B: At leastwe don't livein the north.lt mustbe c. In pairs,
actoutyourown exchanges similar
reallycoldtherenow to the example,usingcan'tandmusf.
A: Youcan'tbecold.lt's
B: lt'sabouttime!
B: WelLl
am,soI mustbecominq downwith
) Listening b. Listen
to someone describingthe same
pictureandevaluatethemin termsof
4 a. Youaregoingto hearsomeone talkingabout grammar, vocabulary
andaccuracy, How
in different
to your
aroundtheworld.Readthroughthe partner's?
sentences the keywords.

c. NoWlookat pictureB anddescribe

it to
A B \
Yes N o ,'L,
Onlyscientists livein the coldest tr f_l
| | r l

placein the world tl

Thecoldestplacernthe world T fl
j ,
li ll
i sa v i l l a g e
The hottestplacein the world T | | ).
is in SouthAmerica.
4 ElAziziais in the Sahara
Desert. tr l i i
5 It almostneverstopsrainingin
tr f-l :!
ii i
landof the clouds'.
Thewindiestplacein the world tr L--l
t i
is in the USA.

b. Listenandmarkeachsentence ascorrector
lf it is correct, a tick(./) in the
incorrect. put
put a
boxunderA for YES.lf it is incorrect,
tick in the boxunderI for NO.

Whatdo youdo in hot/coldweather?Make

Compare answerswith a partner.

In pairs,discusshow the weatheraffectsyour

free-time activities.

go to-thebeach surftheNet I Thinkof whatyouhavelearntin thislesson.

Closeyourbooksandtell a partner.
) Speaking
a. Lookat pictureA anddescribe
it to your
Why doesit
may. rain?

it rainon the

wkmr%wffi 5ubj6ct:

a. Haveyou eversent/received
an e-mail
t1-t_-] Hi. How'sit going?I nopeyou and yourfamily
invitation?Who from/to?What about? arewell Thanksfor yourlaste-niaiilt wasgreatto hear
b. What couldyou inviteyour friend to in
writing? ET-l Guesswhat? l'm goingto a festivalat Niagara
Falls,Canada,next month.How would you liketo go
Abirthdayparty. etc with me?lt wouldbe greatto go together.
ll-l--l lt's calledthe Winter Festival
t - t l of Liohtsand it
2 How would you start/enda letter lo: ofriend?
runs from 4 Novemberto 2 Januarylt has huge
animatedlight displays and fantasticthemednight
from the greetingsbelow.
parades that includepopularDisney characters There
. Hi (+ firstname) o DearMr/Mrs rs also a musicalstage show called WinterWishes,
Love,(+ first name) (+ surname) fireworkdisplays,concerts,ballet performances, art
. DearSir/Madam (+ full
Bestregards and craft shows and much, much more. We're
Yoursfaithfully,(+ name) leavingon 3 December and stayingfor a week until
full name) t h e 1 0 t h .T h e t o t a l c o s t w i l l b e $ 7 0 0 , i n c l u d i n g
flights,accommodation and meals.
Whichof thesephrases would be appropriatein t4T_-] Please say you'll come. Let me know assoonas
an informale-mailinvitation?Decidein pairs. you can so we can makethe arrangements. Hopeto
Whichcanyou useto starVendyour e-mail? hearfromyou soon.
r I a m w r i t i n gt o c o m p l a ianb o u t. . . Marcy
. H i !H o w a r e y o u ?
. Thanksfor yourletter b. Suggest for
a differentbeginning/ending
. I look forwardto hearingfrom you the e-mail.
r Can'twait to hearfromvou.
r Write backsoon! Ywwxv
6 the keywordsin the rubric.Usethe
4 In pairs,rewritethe followingsentencesin an planto makenotes.Thenwriteyoure-mail.
informalstyle.Checkwith anotherpair.
'fi Write
ane-mailtoa friendtellinghim/her
the pleasure
1 | request of yourcompanyat the
H seasonalfestival andinviting
S p r i n gB a l l . 1" him/her
tocomewithyou(100-1 50words).
2 Please adviseme withoutdelay.
3 | lookforwardto meetingyou.
4 Thankyou for yourco-operation
5 | hopemy letterfindsyou in goodhealth.
Dear (+ yourfriend's first name)
x&wwww Introduction
(Paru"J.) Ask bou be/sbe is.
thenreadthe e-mailand
a. Readthe rubric,
Tbank yowrfriendfor tbeir last e-mail.
matchthe paragraphsto the headings.
Main Body
ftf Youaregoingtoa winterfestival
at Niagara (Para 2) Mention thefestiual,
y fattsWriteane-mailtoa friendtellinghim/her Itwite yourfriend, to come witb you.
X aboutthefestivalandinvitinghim/her togo (Vara 3) Describe tbefesttual (d.ate- (tctivities-
i withyou. trauel d,etails).
a Description of festival (Para 4) Encourage yourfriend to come.
b Opening remarks Askfor a speedy reply.
c Request for response andfinalremarks Love,
d lnvitationto festival (your name)
lce Alaskais an amazingeventthat takesplacein
Fairbanks,Alaska. lt bringsthe town to lifein February
and Marcheveryyear.lt is a wonderfulevent that
promotes art. culture, education, international
friendship andwintertourismthroughice.
lt wasallstartedin 1934by KayHuffmanand Clara
MurrayWest Theyusedto organise the Fairbanks
WinterCarnival, with activities suchas parades ano
dog races.After four years,this becamethe lce
Carnivaland Dog Derby,and artistswould carve
thronesfrom ice for the carnival queenand king
this was the start of the town's ice sculotino
In 1988 the festivalwas revived. Teamsof ice
sculptors camefrom Chinaand Chicagoto create
sculptures for the Winter Carnival.They taught
local people how to sculpt ice An exhibition
followed,and in 1990 the first competitionwas
held A team from Francewon first prize.Today,up
to 75 teamsfrom aroundthe worldcompetein lce
Visitorscanwatchthe artistsat work and seeall the
finishedsculptures in a fantastic
can havefun, too, in the Kids'Park,which offersa
wide rangeof activities, includingrides,slides,mazes
andtrainsThisisdefinitelyan eventthat isnot to be
missed!Findout moreat www icealaska.com
W Reoding & Listening
Lookat the picturesanddescribe
what you
see.Then,in pairs,talkaboutwhere,
when,why ^.--.
andwithwhatyouthinkthe sculptures were
3 Readthe text againand explainthe words in

2 a . Readthe title and the first sentenceof each W Speoking

paragraph. Predictthe content,then listen,
4 Makenotesunderthe headings andusethem
readand check. ,Time&place.Reason
to talk aboutthe festival.
forfestival Howit began. Thecompetition
. What
b . Readthe text and markthe statementsas f visitors
consee& do
(true)or F (false).Listenand check.
- * a rr t , l l
with f@wrfft{tgi-
peoplefrom othercountries. { -t,g@V

2 It startedassomething
Project:Thinkof a popularwinterfestival/event
3 Somelocalpeopleknow how to sculpt
in yourcountry.Doesit attractpeoplefromall
rce. overthe worldor is it just a localevent?Do
4 It turnedinto a comoetition in 1988. childrenparticipatein thisfestival? Writean
5 It is not a festival
caneniov. articleaboutit. Usethe headings fromEx.4.
a. In oneminute,listasmanyfestivals
canthinkof. Compare with your
answers 5

b. Choose a festivalfromEx.1 andusethe

phrases belowto describe it to your
partner.Youcanalsouseyourown ideas.
. enjoyspecial dinner. sendcards & chocolates
. lightbonfires . havebarbecues 1 Theyhad chickenwingsas a starter,and roast
. cooka special meal. throwparties l a m b a s t h e . .. .
. watchcolourful parades . havea picnic 2 T h e yd a n c e ad n dh a df u nt i l l t h e . . . . . . .
. getdressed up in multi-colouredcostumes 3 Theykepta minute's
. dressup in scaryoutfits. letoff fireworks of thosewho werelostin the war.
. exchange o pullcrackers
gifts/greeting5 4 Theturkeyis . with minced
. visitfriendsandrelatives to themusic
" dance meat,onionsand nutmeg
Wevisitfriends 5 Theybakedsomepotatoesin the
NewYeals Eveon31December.
andcooka specialmeaLWeexchange gifts. of the fire.
Whentheclockstrikesmidnightwe greetings.
exchange Some
evenletofffireworks. 7 Underlinethe correctword. Compareanswers
with a partner.Checkin your dictionaries.
2 Listento the music. yourself
lmagine in the
1 | don't likesmoked/pickled
2 He hatesbitter/oilychocolate.
fromEx.1b to describe
the scene. 3 Can I have a bottle of still/bubblywater;
&"ilF;w%wwwawng 4 Chillipeppers
aretoo hot/spicyfor me
5 Canyou please chop/gratesomecheese?
3 a. Lookat the pictures.
theyshow?Listenandreadto seeif your 6 Howaboutvanillaicecreamfor desserVstarter?
guesseswerecorrect.Whichfoodsare 7 Thiscakeis deliciousCanI havethe
with eachfestival? prescription/recipe

b. Readthe text againandmarkthe sentences Workin pairs.Discuss
the foodsandthe
(true)or F(false). answers
Compare with a
cookingmethods asin the example.
1 RobertBurnsis remembered on January 25th.
2 Valentine's
Dayiscelebrated in a few places.
3 Poorpeoplein ltalymakea specialsoupin May.
4 Therearea varietyof midsummercelebrations
5 Americans Day.
eatoutdoorson Independence . bakedo roast o nni:tnoc
6 Onlypeople go
fromthe Caribbean to the . boiled. fried . fish
N o t t i n gH i l lC a r n i v a l . . . raw
grilled . chicken
7 GuyFawkes' in the UK
Nightisonlycelebrated . mashed . steamed . vegetables
8 Scottishpeoplelrketo haveverylongpartiesat . scrambled . rice. lamb
the end of the year.
A: Howdoyoulikeyoureggs?
4 In pairs,askandanswercomprehension B: I likethem
questions basedon the text. A: llikethemscrambled.
go handin hand,andtherearehundreds
Foodandfestivals of fesiivals
theyear.We havechosena fewof the morewell-known
throughout onesandarranged
themby monthso that,if you wantto, you can havea go at cookingsomeof the
9.',:, traditionaldishesand specialitiesfor each fesiival.
&&ww&ww bythelargeCaribbean u 3
populationwho livethere,the
t On 25 January, Scotland Notting Hill Carnival has
celebratesthe memory of its becomea huge international
most famous poet, Robert street festival which takes
Burns.Scottishpeopleenjoya place in London,England,at
specialdinnerin whichthe main the end of August every year.
course is a dish called haggis. Thousands of peoplelinethestreets
This is a sheep'sstomachwhich is to watchthecolourfulparade,dancingto the rhythmof
stuffedwith meat,onionsand oatmeal. funkyCaribbean music.Therearemanystallssellinga
Lnmany countiesaroundthe world,Valentine'sDay is rangeof exoticfoodsfromallpartsof theworld.
celebratedon 14 February.People send each other
:ards, chocolatesand heart-shapedbiscuits.Couples * wffiwffiwwww
go out for a romanticmealat a restaurant.
On the very last day of October,people in the UK,
Canadaand the USA celebrateHalloween.They dress
* &e&ww
hpw&w up in scary outfits and have parties where they eat
May is the monthwhen toffeeapplesand a widevarietyof sweetsand biscuits.
the people of Teramo, Bonfire Night, also called Guy Fawkes' Night, is a
Italy, celebrate Sagra celebrationthat is unique to the UK. lt is celebratedon
delle Virtit.They prepare 5 November,when peoplelighthuge bonfiresand let ofi
ninestrone, a kind of fireworks.They eat potatoesbaked in the ashesof the
thick soup made with a fire, cinder toffee and a sticky cake
arge numberof winterand calledparkin.
As part 31 December
is NewYear'sEve
cf the festival,muchof the soup is traditionally
servedto and the people in Scotland 4
the poor. celebrateHogmanay.Parties
Midsummer is celebrated
on 24 Junein manycountriesin lastwellintothe earlyhoursof
many differentways. In Finlandand Sweden,people the followingday,with people
make garlandswith flowers,light big bonfires,dance eatingtraditionalScottishfood
dancesand eatlotsof smokedand oickledfish. such as shortbread and Dundee
cake as well as enjoyinga traditional
* ffiWWWWWWWffi roast dinner.
IndependenceDay is a big celebrationin the United Perhaps you knowof sometraditionaldishesthat
States,and it takesplaceon 4 July.Acrossthe country, we haven'tmentioned or you mighthavesome
thereare fireworkdisplaysand peopleenjoybarbecues interestingrecipesyou'dliketo share.lf so, we'd
and picnics. Popularfoods include hamburgers,hot like to hearfrom you. Pleasewriteto our usual
dogs,sandwiches, potatosalad,baked beansand corn address.
on the cob.

In groups, in yourcountryandthe
M* Portfolio:Workin groups.Prepare a calendar
datestheytakeplaceon. Useyourlistto in yourcountry.Usethe text in
for festivals
presentthemto the class, Ex.3b asa model.
3 a. Matchthe sportto the placeandthe
Groupthesportsin the listundertheheadings:
sport place equipment
watersports; extreme
tennts-_, ---** course ball
Whichof thesesportscanyouseein the
football court- skates
pictures? *%
boxing pitch r2aa| ttrT

golf rink gloves

= paragliding e diving', boxing
* bowling * ice-skating rce-skating ring ctu0s
u hang-gliding * 1snni5, golf
* athletics,, basketball * squash asin the example.
b. Nowaskandanswer,
r: cross-country ',:
running aerobics A: Wheredoyouplaytennis?
e bungee jumping+ skiing B: Ona tenniscourt.
* s6s[nfliving A: Whatdoyouneedto play?
;: football B: Aracquet. etc
,t snowboarding Completeeachsentencewith the correctform
. kayaking
of one of the verbsin the list.

'$ r windsurfing
. Serve. CatCh. miSS. win
. thrOW. SCOre

1 A: Tom'sa greattennrsplayer,isn'the?
B: Yes,he is.He .. sowell no one
b. Whichverbsdo we usewith eachsport:9o
the table.
playor do?Complete canbeathtm
2 A: My teamjust a goall
skiing, '''""',,,''"'-l B: GreatlPerhaps they'llwin the match
3 A : l ' l lt h r o wt h e b a l la n dy o u . . . . . . tt.
football, B: OK
4 A: Do you knowwho . . the match
B: Yes- Manchester United,2-1
A: Let me take the penalty.
2 a. Listenandcomplete the chart.Usethe B : O K- b u t w h a t e v eyro u d o .d o n ' t . . . . . !
verbsfromthe tablein Ex.1bto talkabout A : l st h i sy o u rb a l l ?
what sportsthe studentsdo. B : Y e si t r s C a ny o u . . . . .. i t t o m e ,p l e a s e ?

5 Underlinethe correctword to completethe

sentences.Checkin your dictionaries.
1) boys(25%) guls(17%)
sentencesusingthe rest of the words.
swrmmrng boys(2) . .) g i r l s( 8 5 % )
girls(3) 1 Therewere over 10,000audiences/viewers/
athletics boys(70%) )
spectatorsat the final.
Ll boys(83%) g i r l s( 6 % )
2 John won first position/place/pointin the
aerobics boys(5%) g u l s( 7 2 % )
cross-country boys(5) ) g i r l s( 1 9 % ) Owentakespart in the tenniscontest/event/
runnrn9 tournamenteveryyear.
b, boys(76%) g u l s( 2 " k ) Thesportsdaywasopenedby Daley
Thompson, a formerOlympicAoldmedal
250/o playbasketball.
of theboysat MillfieldHighSchool wi n ner/champion/defender.
5 He playsfor his localfootballgroup/society/
b, Whichof thesesportsarepopular
students yourclass? team

a. Readthe examples
the table. b. Readagainandcomplete
the gaps.Listen
Boxing ispopular olthoughit isdangerous.
ln spiteof beingdangerous,boxingispopular.
Despite beingdangerous,boxing ispopular.

. . . .+ c l a u s e
. . . . ... + - r n gf o r m/ n o u n

b. Usethe adjectives
to maketruesentences
aboutdifferentsports. Body imageand self confidence- Bodyimagemeans
. dangerous
. fun . exciting
o tiring howwe feel0) als*utour physicalappearance. lmagesof
. expensiveboring. challenging . thrilling beautifulpeoplein adveftisements can makeus anxious
" about the way we look. This pressureoften affects
teenagersin pafticular, and 1) .........can be difficultto
enjoylifewhenyou don'tfeelgoodaboutyourself.
Onlyan image- Rememberthat mostof uswillneverhave
7 Matchthe idioms(1-5)tothe meanings
perfectbodies!The imagesthatsurroundus arecreatedto
sellthings,2) .........
we buytheproducts to be as beautiful
1 Let'sget the ballrollingandstartthe meeting. and 'happy'as
the modelsin theadveftisements. However,
2 Comeon! Let'sgo out tonightandhavea ball most real peopleenjoy the companyof a real person
3 l've just started learningFrenchinsteadof 3) ... ...thanan attractive
and it'sa whole new ballgamefor me Value yourself - Concentrateon your good qualities,
4 Dadwon't playballand giveme a loan. not the thingsyou can'tchange.This will 4) .........you
5 The ball is in your court now - you must enjoyotheraspectsof growing5) ........., suchas having
decidewhat to do. friendships andfacingchallenges.
Takeaction - Change6) ......... way you see and think
havea greattime aboutyourself.Decidewhatyou can realistically change
aboutyourappearance. Youcan'tchangeyourheightor
il the nextstepisup to you
shoe size,but you mightwant 7l .........be fitter.Once
t a completely
situation you'vedecided,set realisticgoalsand keeptrackof your
E] beco-operative progress.
t begina process Be good to yourself - 8) .........you feel good,you're
morelikelyto thinkand act positively.
Makea listof things
b. Aretheresimilar
in yourlanguage? you likeaboutyourself and giveyourself
at 9) .........
compliments everyday.Andthe next10) .........someone
compliments you, believeit and say "Thankyoul" Be
gratefulfor all thethingsthatmakeyou great!

,jlPisqie?qiii:il]ft$'q !!na_i:,.5E:.r!,, aa4!ai5r1 rljj.l


1 Hardtrainingcausedmusclestrainin hisleg. I Q Workin groups.Usethetextin Ex.9 to tryto

to havea betterimage of
2 Theathletecontinuedrunningdespitehisinjury. themselves.
3 Nickgot dressedin hisfootballkit and went
to play
whilehisdadwatched. elWrit,n4:

Reading&Listening Portfolio:Useideasfromthe text in Ex.9, as

wellasyourown ideas,to writean e-mailto
9 Readthetitleandthesubheadings.
Whatis yourEnglishpen-friend givingthemadvice
thewriter's Read
andcheck. abouthowto improve theirbodyimage.
Would you like to have a healthylifestyle?Try the

Avoid eating sugar;lsnacKS'

- eatinghealthilyis important
Havea balanceddiet Eatbetween
andYou'llfeel better' drinKs'
to DrinkanyfizzY
everydayif you want
io""o an hour exercising StaYuP late
at nlght
staYin good shaPe ano Letothers'**::",filr.i"Ji.insrirr,it
sometime for socialising oi
Rememberto allow Makethe mistake
relaxatton everYthtng

infinitivel-ing forms A n n c a n ' tw a i t . . . . . . . . ( q u i t )h e rj o b !

G r a m m aR
r eference
I Reading I know.She'splanning . . . . ...(move)to
Londonandstarta Master's degree.
Lookat the Grammar Reference section and
Willyou let me . . (play)in the park?
complete the ruleswith infinitive(with/without
l ' m a f r a i di t ' st o o l a t e. . . . . . . . . .(.g o )o u t o n
to)or -ingform.Findexamples in the textsabove.
1 preposition+........
2 like/love/hate/enjoy
etc+ ... 3 a . Readthe following pairsof sentences.
3 wouldlike/would
loveetc+ . .. . . pairs,discuss
how they differin meaning.
4 can,will,mustetc +
5 wait, can'twait, rememberetc + . . a He hasstoppedeatingjunk food. (finish)
6 l e t ,m a k e+ . . . . . . . . . . b He stopped to have a drink. (temparcrily)
7 look forward to. don't mind, can't stanc a Sheforgot to lock the door.
a v o i de t c+ . . . . . . . . . . . b l'll neverforget visitingMoscow.
a He rememberedmeeting her three years
2 Lookat the GrammarReference section.Fillin
the gapswith the verbsin bracketsin the b He remembered
to pay the phonebill
correctform. Givereasons. a Try cookingwith oliveoil. lt'll tastebetter
1 A: I want ..... . .. . (start)an aerobics
class b He tried to jump over the fence,but he
B:Really?Canl. .... (oin)you? couldn't.
2 A: Johnmust ......... (take)moreexercise. a I usedto eat chocolate
allthe timewhen r
B: That'strue.He'll . . (lose)weight. wasyounger
t l l o w e d . . . . . . . . . ... . ( t a k e )
3 A : T h e ya r e n ' a b l'm usedto eatinglunchat 1:30pm
partin the games.
b. Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correct
B : W h a ta s h a m eT! h e ys h o u l d
(complain) to the committee
4 A: Let's (go)swimming (travel)
A: l'llneverforget............ across
B: I can't.I must .. . .. (buy)a new costume! B: Yes,but you forgot ... . . .....(send)me
5 A: I enjoy..... (go)to footballgames. a postcard.
| can'tstandpeople... .
B: Really? A: Why don'tyoutry ..... . (take)an aspirin?
(shout). B: l'vehadonealready.l'lltry . . .......(relax)
6 A : l t ' sr a i n i n gT.h e r e n
' so p o i n ti n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a bit, if I can
(leave)now A: Let'sstop ... (eat)something
B : H o w a b o u t. . . . . . . . . .( o r d e ra) p i z z a , t h e n ? B: Again?Youshouldstop . .. (eat)
s o m u c h!
4 A: He usedto (walk)to work before 2 A: I thinkwe shouldcut down on fats.
he got a car B: We'd better
to .... . . . . (take)
B : I h a t ed r i v i n ol ' m r r s e d 3 A: Let'sgo to the stadium.
the train *& B: l'd prefer
5 A: Didyou remember.. .
aboutthe party?
B: Yes,but I don't remember (invite)
Lookat the picture.In teams,
Ann taketurnsaddinga sentence to
) Speoking the story,usingtheseverbs:
Thinkof yourlifestyle. thesentences
Complete . decide. lookforwardto . try r p6rn.n.
sotheyaretrueforyou. o start. notice. beafraid. contrnue
. havedifficulty
in . stop . see . behappy
1 | avoid ..
2 | usedto Team
A S1: Lastweekend
3 lstopped.. Team
B51: Itwasa lovely
4 | must
5 I'vealwayswanted Word formation
6 I'm usedto r'-".-""*-'*-"-*'
lwe canformcompound with:
nouns 1
7 ltry , l
i noun + noun carpark;noun + adverbpasser-by;
8 l ' m l o o k i n gf o r w a r dt o . . . . .
iadverb+ noun onlooker;gerund + noun swimmingpooll,
i..,_*_._"- -_,......-^.....-;
5 Lookat the table,then rewritethe sentences
usingthe verb in bracketsin the correctform. 7 Matchthewordsto formcompound
thenusethemin sentences.

".'""-sports ''..
f ball
"' unllzinn
vv9| | \| | ' Y

t, Passer i

1 Shehaslosta lot of weight.(seem)

Sheseems t* havelasra lot af wteight. Herearesomesentences aboutswimming. For
2 He is playingwell.(appear) eachquestion,complete the secondsentence
3 Mike playsgolf on Saturdays(enjoy) sothat it meansthe sameasthe first.Useno
4 Theyusually win homematches(tend) morethanthreewords.
5 He is sorryhe has missedso manytraining
1 Johnlikes swimmrng morethanrunning.
sessionsthis season.(regret)
Johnprefers running.
6 Shesaysshehasbeenswimmrngfor an hour
2 lt'stoo coldto swimin thesea
It isn't to swimin the sea.
5 Readthe examples. to
Usethe structures Youshould join a swimmingclub.
express Thencomplete the W h yd o n ' t a s w i m m i n cgl u b T
structures. I can'tremember the lasttimeI went swimming.
l'd preferto go out. I haven't . .. for a longtime
I prefer(playing)rugbyto (playing)golf It lookslikehe'sa good swimmer.
I'd ratherplay rugbythan (play)golf Heseems goodswimmer.
l'd better leaveyou alone.
9 Thinkof thegrammar youhave
1 A : I liketennismorethansquash. learnt
inthis lesson.
Make sentences
B : Really? | prefer them.Tella partner.
7 Listening

I Youwill heara fitness

advisor talkingto a groupof peoplewho arethinkingaboutbecoming
membersof a gym.Listen andfill in the missinginformation.

'r" .,*i*-r

R n . * l " a
!F@!--_]:: .'-

in the reception

Thegym is openfrom 10 am to
ufu diy. ".t::' :".' '

# -pmsq$[q_p_g_q_=_=:=
_.,,,,.,r _
3) ... .
fully-equipped gym,
4).... ...... ring:,rr',

\-' r
Boxingglovesand exercise
freeof charge.
- \ d#db&te&
\!' yoga and aerobiciilai'* iosi ili... ... pZi
hourandswimminglessons costf 10 per
hour as part of a 6) . . ...,,,,,i,,,-lesson

4r$n!rl1+4r1 il4srr
i;; .:5rsrf'

AskingforlGivingdirections I Reading
a. Lookat the floorplanof CityGymin Ex.1.
Whatsportscanyoudo there?
3 Janewasat the gymyesterday.
saywhat happened to her.
at CityGym. b . Readthe firstexchange
in the dialogueon
p. 119andseeif yourguesses werecorrect.
b. Usethe usefullanguagein the tableto ask
for andgivedirections,
asin the example.
Whatdo youthinkthetrainerwill advise
to do?Listen,

a Excuse me,where'sthe ? c It's/They're next

d. Readthe dialogueagainand correctthe
a Couldyou please tell me I to/opposite/behind/ statements(1-3).
w n e r e. . . in front of, to the
. Canyoutell m e how to lefVrightof ... 1 Janewasdoingaerobics at home.
find/getto . ? TurnlefVright.. 2 Janehasdamagedhermuscle
3 ThetrainertellsJaneto exercrse
me.Where arethechanging
nexttotheswimming po-ol.
T r a i n e r :H i .J a n eW
. h ya r ey o u l i m p i n g ? b. Usethetablebelowandideas fromEx.5a
iane: l'vehurt my leg lt'sreallypainful
to findoutaboutyourpartner. Yourpartner
triesto avoidgivinga directanswer.
Trainer: How did it happen?
Jane: I wasin the aerobics
classwhen I suddenly
felt a sharppain. a A r e y o u . ?. . Not really.
Trainer: Oh dear Let'shavea look,shallwe? a D o y o u. ? . Er .. not exactly.
Jane: Ouch!Thatreallyhurts! a How often do . I suppose.
Trainer: Hmm l'd sayyou'veprobably your
damaged you .? . Sometimes.
tendon.Youshouldseeyourdoctor.You . Not that often,I guess.
rest No moreaerobics
for vou for a whilel A: Doyoueatplenty offruitandvegetables?
B: Er,.. notthatoften,l

4 Portfolio:Youinjuredyourselfin the gym. ) Speaking

Usingthe notesbelowtakerolesandactout a
to theonein Ex.3. Record 6 A friendof yourswantsto losesomeweight.
yourselves. Talkin pairsaboutthe changesyourfriend
needsto make,thendecide whicharethe
r walking - hurtmybackliftingweights
stiffly -

{:w" w
probablypulled - mightneeda
a muscle
yourwrist- hurtmyhand- punching
. holding
thepunchbag - mighthavebroken a bone-
probablyneedanx-ray burgers

5 a. Lookat the poster.
do to havea healthylifestyle?

I coffee,lea,tizzy drinks,

oils,fats,sweets,junk food

I watchingTV, playingvideo
A: Ithinkhe/she cutdownonjunkfood.
B: I agree.
7 Thinkof sixphrases
you havelearntin this
Tella partner.

fruit (pears,watermelon,etc)
ll. I've boiled"
bread,cereal,rice,pasta it for 10
l/football/ minutes andit
" c f i l l ':'i_'.::t
ien't cnft '
tennis,walk,rideyourbike,take ""':
the stairs
rgtmw%*ffi Wwpwwww\mry
Belowis partof a questionnairethatwasgivento 500pupils Lookat the piechart.Usethe
at Greenhill
School, Complete the questionnaire
for yourself. phrases belowto express
Compare answers with a partner. factsin the piechart.
o themajority
of thosequestionedsay...
. a minorrty
of thosequestionedprefer
What do you usually
havefor lunchT . a small/large/high
number of students/
A a mealin the schoolcanteen nponlA otr rhnnco

B snacksfromthe vendingmachines . ten/fifty/etc

percentof people
C a packedlunchfrom home interviewedprefer..
What do you preferto eat?
A a s a n d w i c h B a c o o k e d l u n c hC a packetof crisps
3 What do you usually
A water B fizzydrinks C fruitjuice
4 How manyfizzydrinksdo you drinka day? ;.
A none B one C morethanone lil,

ffiil E W f f i
x&wwwr basketball footbalI volleyball swimming

a. Howdo youthinkthewriterusedthe information

she Themajorityof studentspreferplayingball
Lookat the reportandsay. games...

b. Readthe reportandchoosethe correct

to Ywsar
completethe gaps,Whatisthewriter'srecommendation?
4 Portfolio:Readthe rubricand
o Introduction
. Conclusion
. Food. Drinks underlinethe keywords.Prepare
a simplequestionnaire.
Giveit to
To: Mr Little,PSHEClass Ii, yourclassmates to complete.Use
From: ElizabethSnow,Year7 theiranswers andthe planto
Subject: Eatinghabitsof pupilsat GreenhillSchool writeyourreport.
Date: I lth May tl,
t""1 Yourteacher hasasked youto wiltea
A ,nr
i, lih report aboutthesports andextra-
The aim of this report is to presenttheresultsof a surveyin which :i,
rii curricuIaractivitiesyour classm
500 pupilswere questionedabouttheir eatinghabits. lil,
ll, . takepartin.Write yourreport
B describing whattheydoin theirfree
The majorityof pupilsprefer unhealthysnaclcsand junl<food from time(100-150word).
the vendingmachinesto the hot meals served in the school's
canteen.Threeout of five prefer to havechocolatebars,crispsand
other snacksinsteadof a cool<edlunch.

Fizzydrinks are popularamong pupils.Fifty per cent of the pupils Introduction (Para 1)
asked admitted having more than one fizzy drinl< per day.Only What is the aim of the report?
twelve per cent drink water or fruit juice. Main Body (Paras 2-3)
Wbat are tbe results of tbe suruey?
D (Write them unctrerapproprit te
To sum up,a largenumberof pupilspreferto havejunk food andfzzy
drinl<sinsteadof healthiercookedmeals.I recommendthat the School
Conclusion (Paru 4)
Boardtake action to make unhealthyoptions lessavailableto pupils.
How could you summarise the
They shouldalsopromote schooldinnersand healthyfood.
results of the suruey?Wat are your
suggestions/re comm en d a ti ons?


Exceptfor thinking,everythingwe do depends e#ffi
on our muscles, 1)........we realiseit or not. W
Withoutmuscles we2)........beableto sit,move,talk,
write,read,breatheor evendigestaurfood.

A muscle is a bundle
of elastic (in3) ........
words,it becomes andthicker)
shorter whenit receives
a signalfromour
nervesor hormones. Thereare threekindsof muscle: skeletalmuscle,
Skeletal muscles are alsocalledvoluntary muscles, becausewe 4) ........controltheir
movement when we want to. Thesemusclesvary greatlyin size and strength,fromthe
small musclesaroundour eyes to the large,strong musclesof our thighs.They are
attached5) ........
the bonesof ourskeleton, andeachmuscle canmovea partof the body
in a certaindirection.Evenquitesimpleactions, 6) ........as kickinga ballor smiling,may
Smoothmuscles arefoundin mostof the body'sinternalorgans.Forexample,smooth
musclesin our stomachand intestinemovefood throughour digestivesystem.Tiny
muscles in our eyes7) ........the pupilbiggeror smallerin response to light.All smooth
muscles contractand relaxautomatically, 8) ........our thinkingaboutit, and so theyare
calledinvoluntary muscles.
The third group, cardiacmuscle,is foundonlyin the wallsof the heart.Thesemuscles
contract and relaxautomatically in a powerful,regularrhythmto pump blood9) ........our
body.Our heartbeats an average of about70 times a minute, every10).....,..minuteof our
1 A unless B whether C either D

W Reading & Listening 2 A weren't B couldn't C wouldn't D mustn't

'l Whatkindof muscledo we use
whenwe move,twist,dance, 3 A other B new C different Dor
walk,run,lift weights,
throughandcheck. 4 A have B need C are D can

Readthe text and,for eachgap, 5 A with Bat Cto Don

choosethe correctword,A, B,C
6 A like Bso C same D such
or D. Compare answers with
7 Ado B make C have D get

Explainthewordsin bold.Then,
8 A wrthout ovaont in <nita D beside
in pairs,askandanswer
questions basedon the text. 9 A across between arouno D over

* Speoking '. 10 A one B singl.e

-, .,.!.,::Jil,?1y.,,,,.,,.,,'?'-.1ffi*'','*,*'
4 Makenotesunderthe headinqs.
Useyournotesto givea short w Project
presentationaboutmuscles to ln groups,
aboutthe humanheart
the class.whyweneedmuscles Prepare
muscles. a Didyouknor,vi
articlefor the school
. whatmusclesaremade.of . whot magazine.Writea shortparagraph whatthe
thereare . what
typesof muscles heartdoesandhow,thenlistinteresting facts.
- - --:l
- -:
" , : " - : , - - - . " ,- * . :
t- ' -:
,* o, *

Vocabulary& Gramnrcar U s eo f E n g l i s h
Fillin the gapswith the correet
word. Completethe second sentence sothat it means
the sameas the first. Useno morethan four
1 We had roastlambfor the . course.
2 Youshouldn'tdrinktoo manyfizzy.
3 We giftson NewYear'sEve Why don'tyoujoin the gym?
4 C a nI h a v et h e . . . . . .f o r t h i sc a k e p, l e a s e ? lf I wereyou, the gym.
5 A . of lightninglit up the sky. It'stoo coldto go to the beach
6 Shesavesher moneyfor a .. . . day. It isn't to go to the beach
7 S c h o o l.s. . . . u p f o r t h e s u m m e hr o l i d a y s I likeplayingcricketmorethanfootball.
o n 13 t h J u n e . I prefer. . ... football
8 The of wolveshowledall nightlong It seemslikehe'sgoodat tennis.
9 A n n i s n ' tv e r yw e l l S h e ' fse e l i n g . . . . . . . .. t h e H em u s t. . . . t e n n i sp l a y e r
weatner 5 | haven'tbeenjoggingfor ages.
1 0 W e ' r el o o k i n g. . . . . t o o u rh o l i d a y I t ' sa l o n gt i m e. jogging

(10marks) (10marks)

the correct 4 Fillin the correctword derivedfrom the word
Listento the lions 'l A clown provided
the . at the
A hissing B howling C roaring
child'sbirthdayparty EI\ITERTAIN
T h e yd a n c e d
t i l l t h e. . . . . h o u r s . 2 The paradeat the NottingHill Carnivalwas
A early B later C soon livelyand COLOUR
thanfriedchicken On Sundays,
familiesin Brrtan sit downto eat
A Grated B Mashed C Grilled a. . roastdinner TRADITION
Inthe summerhespends G u yF a w k e sN' i g h ti s a p o p u l a r. . . . . . .
everydayat the ....
A beach B coast C shore
5 Boxingis a cnnri- Ponnla nftan

Therewereover5,000.... at the match get hurt DANGER

A audiences B spectators C viewers
Sorrywe were late.We were up by the
A put B drawn C held
Takeyour coat- it'sa bit Completethe exchanges.
A scorching B chilly a
r Es4il rv a T h e r ei sg o n g t o b e a h e a r w a v e l
We havea new football.. at our school b Er . not exactly
A pitch B court L flnk c lt'sn-"xtto the changingrooms
Kenreallyloves. . salmon d H a v ey o u b e e nw a i t i n gl o n g ?
A oily B smoked C bitter e W h a t ' st h e w e a t h e lri k et o d a y ?
10 Couldvou please somecheese?
A chop B boil C grate


122 :'.,':,,.,,,,.,-,,,,"',,,%
1 A : Reading
B : Yes- abouttwenty minutesso far.
2 A . 8 Readthearticle andfillin thegapswith theword
B : It'sfineat the moment that fits best.
3 A : Excuse me,where'sthe swimmingpool?
4 A Areyou eatingplentyof healthyfood?
5 A : What's the weather forecast for the **GET
weekend? Stop makingexcuses! Everyonehas time to do at leasi
B: 1) littlebitof exercise getting
a day,evenif it means off
2) .. busonestopearlier
of thelift
Listening **CUTITOUT!
Stopsittingin 3) of theTVandplaying
computer games
Youwill heara conversation betweena allnight.Tryto lookat exercise
doctorandhispatient.Decideif eachsentence but it isalsoa goodopportunity to meetupwithyourfrrends
istrueor false,andput a tick(/) in the correct and4) .... a goodtime
True False Youshould
tryto exercise
3-5timesa week5) .,.. around
1 Lisais verysick. E E a time Youcango dancing,
6).... bungee-jumping
do aerobicsor even

2 Lisadoesn'teat manyfruit
* * D U MTPH E
E tl Love juicyburgers
buthavenoideawhatbroccoli is?Fatingjunk
3 Shedoesn'texercise
much. T E foodoncein a whilewon'tdoyoumuchharm,buteating it all
4 Sheis in the swimmingteam E E thetimewillhavea badeffect7) ..,.yourhealth, nowand
5 Thedoctorgiveshersome 8) . thefuture,
( 1 0marks) Youmusttry9) eata 'balanced'
diet- thisisa dietthat
Writing includesa combination
10) .,.. severaldifferent
shouldinclude grainsand pulses,
freshfruit andvegetables,
Thisis an e-mailfromyourfriend,who is not meat,dairyproductsandfatsandoils.
Hi Patty,
Howareyou?I haven'tbeenfeelingso great

Nffifff #mfl,,,
o talkandwriteaboutfestivals
a talkaboutsports places
& sports
a expressprobability/possibility
a askfor & givedirections
a avoiddirectanswers
a writean informale-mail
Writea replyto yourfriendgivingheradvice a writea surveyreport
andtipson howshecanlookandfeel
healthier. .,..."$$tt
W Speoking
a. Lookat the energysources
the box.Whichare:renewable?
In the 21stcentury,
ourneedfor energyis greaterthanit has
. coal. gas . geothermal
everbeen.Fossilfuels likecoal,oil and gas wereformed
. hydroelectric
. nuclear. oil
millionsof yearsago,andwhenpowerstations burnthemto
. Sglar. WaVe. Wind
create electricity,they releaseharmfulgases into the
atmosphere. Theremay be enoughcoal to last for a few
b. Whichenergysources do you
hundred years,but knownoil andgas reserves
willrunout in
thinkarekindto the
lessthan50 years- andthenwhatwillwe do?
environment, andwhich
damage the environment? Manyscientists suggestturninglo renewable energy,which
it in pairs. meanssourcesof energythat will neverrun out,lt can be
produced usingthe wind,the sun,wavesor hot springs. The
W Reading&Listening wind can turn largeturbinesto produceelectricity, while
energyfromthesuncanbe collected in panelsandstoredin
2 Listenandreadthe text to check
Themovement of theseacanalsobe changed into
if youranswers
Whichformof energyfrom
energyby usingwavemachines and,in partsof the
worldwherethereis volcanicactivity,
hotsprings canproduce
Ex.1ais not mentioned?
geothermal energy,Unlikenuclearpower,these are safe
sourcesof energythatdon'tpollute
3 a , Readthe text againand
completethe sentencesin Ourdependence on fossilfuelshasto endsoon,Let'shope
your own words. thatby thetimeallthereservesaregone,therewillbe enough
,| alternativesourcesof efficientenergyavailable, ln the
Burningfossilfuelsreleases .. meantime, whydon'twe try to reducethe amountof energy
2 Knownoil and gasreserves will thatwe use?
d i s a p p e ianr. . .
Renewable energysources
1 Cut a curveinto eachlong sideof the box.
4 Thesun'senergycan ( F i g1 )
5 Hot springs
can. .
6 We shouldtry to 2 Cut out a pieceof cardboard
that will fit into
the curvein the box and stick it on using
b. Explain
thewordsin bold. masking tape.(Fig.2)

Gluea pieceof tin foil to the top pieceof

W Project cardboard, shinysideout. Don't wrinklethe
tin foil.(Fig.3)
Makea solarhotdogcooker
home. 4 Attach a piece of cardboardwith a hole
You will need: a long, narrow punchedin it to eachsideof the box.putyour
cardboardbox; maskingtape; tin hot dogsausageon thewireandstickthewrre
foil;stiffcardboard; throughthe two holes(Fig.4)
a pieceof wire;
and,of course,
a hot dog sausage 5 Thesun'sheatenergywill be directed
pointwherethe hot dog isandwillcookit!
Whatisthesummer Whatdatedoesit falion?

Lookat the statements

anddecideif theyaretrueor false.

1 Thesummer solstice dayof theye