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CODEX: SPACE MARINES FAQ Q. In the Terminator armour description on page 25, it Q.
Q. In the Terminator armour description on page 25, it
Q. What are the conventions for the Libarian’s familiar?
says that models with Terminator armour may deep
strike only if the mission allows it, but then the
Terminator squad’s entry says that they can deep strike
even in missions that do not allow this special rule to be
used. Which one is it?
Is it a separate model with its own base or just modelled
onto the Libarian? And, if he has a bike/jump pack is he
slowed down by the familiar.
A. It’s a separate model, but it always moves at the
Librarian’s speed.
A. All models in Terminator armour may always choose
to start in reserve and deep strike onto the battlefield,
regardless of the mission being played.
Q. Do drop pods count as immobilised (and hence worth
15VP) the moment they touch down? Also, are any
immobilised hits on them counted for weapon destroyed
Q. Is a Company Standard the same as a Company
A. Yes.
A. Yes, throughout the book the words ‘standard’ and
‘banner’ are used interchangeably.
Q. How far does a deep striking Land Speeder count as
moving (under 6", 6-12", over 12")?
Q If I upgrade a Company Banner to the Sacred
Standard or the Chapter Banner, do the effects of the
new banner stack up with those of the Company Banner
or do they replace them instead?
More than 12".
If I upgrade a close combat weapon to master-
A. The effects of the Company Banner are replaced by
those of the new banner, so the banner loses the effect
of a Company Banner, but will have the effects of either
crafted, do I get to re-roll one missed hit once per player
turn (ie. once per combat round) or once per game turn
(ie. every other combat round)?
the Sacred Standard or the Chapter Banner.
Once per player turn (ie. every combat round).
Q. What are the ‘Furious Assault’ and the ‘Expert Rider’
Does the Commander’s Rites of Battle special rule
special rules?
A. Whoops! They are the ‘Furious Charge’ and the
affect only squads or does it also affect other
independent characters?
‘Skilled Rider’ universal special rules respectively (as
described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).
A. It affects every model in the army.
Psychic Powers
Q. Heed the wisdom of the Ancients trait – does it allow
Q. Veil of Time Librarian power – does it allow re-rolls on
taking Dreadnoughts both as Heavy Support and as
Elites (Venerable ones) or must I choose to have them
either as Elites or a Heavy Support? In other words, can
I have six Dreadnoughts in my army?
ALL of the listed tests, or just ONE of ANY of those
Any and all!
A. Both as Heavy Support and as Elites! So, you can
have up to three Dreadnoughts as Elites – which must
be Venerable – and up to three as Heavy Support, any
of which can be upgraded to Venerable.
Fury of the Ancients Librarian power – does it require
line of sight to a target?
A. No.
Q. Does a Techmarine’s twin-linked plasma pistol on the
servo-harness give an extra attack in combat?
A. Yes.
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