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Guest Speaker Session:

When consumers have a lot of choice and the differences in brand is significant
and the product is low involvement it indicates variety seeking behavior.

Challenges with variety seeking behavior: A small proportion of income is spent

so quick decisions are made and for marketer it becomes difficult to hammer their

As people in low involvement category are variety seeking and open to

experiment with new brands, the threat of new entry is high. Sunsilk and Pantene
are market leaders but their loyalty is still around 20%.

To stand out brands need to remain top of the mind through constant advertising.
This has particularly been Unilevers approach.

Research of Karachi tea market: Tapal top of mind. Lipton Vital-High Brand
Recall. High Brand Recognition-Tezdum. Awareness-Meezan.

Unilevers Pearl Dust-Churra Chai is focused towards Interior Sindhs target

market because they prefer that blend.

Sunsilk is typically 11 months on air as its TG is young females so they have to

stay relevant to the audience.

Clutter breaking campaigns: Surf Excel Ramadan ad had an emotional hook

because when there are lots of competitors you cannot just fight on a functional
benefit-it does not leave a lot of room for the brand to grow.

Since Ramadan is a time focused mostly towards foods, beverages and Rooh
Afza, Unilever wanted to make Surf Excel a part of this season as well.

Innovation is key to adding excitement to the brand. Advertising same variant is

boring for the TG and a new variant also has positive halo effect on other brands
on the point of purchase.

Every year Unilever add a new variant and pull back one variant from its Ice
cream portfolio. When Jiggly jelly was introduced, the TG didnt understand how
to eat the ice-cream, hence it did not bring the same excitement to the brand as
expected. An ad was launched the ad to teach the market how to eat it. Lick,
Wait, Jiggle.

Limited products or limited time offers is another way to attract variety seeking
Consumers nowadays need instant gratification so long process like Lucky Draws
do not bring the same result as a free cup, spoon etc.

Lux Style Awards, Sunsilk PFDC and Cornetto Pop Rock are ways of creating
excitement through activations.

Choice of Medium:

o TV still gives the highest reach. OOH were especially effective for
Ice cream category to remind variety seeking customers.

o Facebook is an engaging medium and it allows the data to be

tracked easily. However the receptivity is questionable as so many
brands pass in a persons newsfeed.

o Search engine optimization is highly expensive and roughly cost

around 5m.

o YouTube introduced a Mast Head on the websites homepage. It

cost around .5m per day and usually brings in only 500000 views if
you are lucky. Impressions can be more than that. So brands have
only got 50000 in many cases.

o An insight found after advertising on FB and YT is that the brand

name should flesh within the first 3 sec. If you have strong brand
and a good story line you can afford to bring the brand late in the

o Companies are now linking their digital campaigns with an online

link to link the campaign with the point of sale and track its
effectiveness. But even then the sales are not good as online
shopping is still at nascent stage in Pakistan.

o Cost per rating point for TV is extremely low but on digital you are
spending a lot of money but CPRP still very high.

o Lipton green tea is a niche market. It is positioned on benefits, it

never talks about the fact that the green tea taste better because
green tea is an acquired taste.

o Nationally tea market: TOM-Tapal and Lipton. Brand Recall-

Vital, Brook bond Supreme and Tezdum.

Lux campaign to give tickets for Awards did not work as customer do not want to
wait for the reward for a long time. Magnum did a similar campaign but the result
were rolled out within 2 weeks, hence it worked.
Similarly when Lipton Mega Dana was introduced it hardly got 300 entries when
it promoised to give Mercedes to the winner.