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Analysis of Goldstar Shoes using Multi Attribute Model

Submitted By: Group A

Ashim Sharma
Sugyata Sitoula
Construct a multi-attribute model for Goldstar sport shoes (pick at least 4-5 sport shoes
brand in town). Based on your findings, suggest how sports shoe can improve and establish
a brand image via the strategies described in the chapter. While doing this exercise identify
minimum 2 segments of sport shoe customers and run your surveys separately.

Product Category: Sports Shoes

Most influencing factors that were identified from a literature review of a research paper
(Harmankaya, Guzel, & Filiz, 2013) are taken into consideration in order to test whether the
same factors were the ones influencing the purchase decision of Goldstar and other sports shoes
in Nepal. The factors identified from the paper are quality, durability, Suitability with dress up,
price, user friendly, shape and color, brand reputation and aesthetic feature.

From the research paper (Harmankaya, Guzel, & Filiz, 2013), the attributes that received greater
preference than 80 % are given weight 10, those with 70%-80% are given weight 8; those with
60%- 70% are given weight 6; those with 50%-60% are given weight 4 and the attributes with
less than 50% are given weight 2. This weight is applicable for Segment A ( SA). For Segment
B (SB), various people in the segment were asked to give the weight for the attributes. Here,

Segment A (SA) = College Going Students

Segment B (SB) = Job Holders

The ratings for each of the factors on the basis of the buyers are given below:


N Attributes SA SB
1 Quality 10 10
2 Durability 8 10
Suitability with dress
3 up 8 9
4 Aesthetic 8 10
5 Price 6 8
6 User friendly 6 8
7 Shape & Color 6 10
8 Brand Reputation 4 6
9 Comfort 6 10

Multi-attribute Model for Goldstar shoes

Brands Chosen: The brands chosen for this model are Goldstar,Adidas, Nike,Puma and BF
Deer Hill. All these brands are very popular in Nepal.

Findings and Analysis:

Segment A:

For Segment A, quality, durability and price are of very high importance. According to this
finding, Goldstar have been able to meet this requirement to some extent. However, Goldstar
has not been able to live up to the customers expectations to the attributes such as Suitability
with dress up for Segment A. for all the attributes that segment A regard the most, Godstar have
been able to meet them, just like foreign brands. Goldstar is a bit more preferred by the
consumers than the other Nepali Brand BF Deer Hill in the overall score. But BF Deer Hill has
exceeded the expectation on the consumers on the attributes like comfort and user friendliness.
While making a choice of the sports shoes, brand reputation was the factor that segment A
preferred the least

Segment B

For Segment B, Comfort and durability are the major determining factors in purchasing a sports
shoes. According to this study, Goldstar has been able to meet these requirements of the
customer in Segment B. However, the other foreign brands have been delivering value,
exceeding the expectations set by the customers in factors such as comfort. Goldstar also has
been delivering good value in terms of durability and as compared to other foreign brands, only
lagging behind PUMA. However, there a number of factors where Goldstar has not been able to
live up to the expectation of the consumers such as Brand reputation, shape and color and style.
On the other hand other foreign brands are performing really well on these features and thus
acting as a competitive disadvantage to the brand. Apart from that, it has not been able to
perform at par with even its domestic competitor i.e. BF Deer Hill.

Marketing Implications:

Durability has stood out as its competitive advantage and thus, Goldstar should promote itself as
a durable product. That is where it can come close to its competitors and gain better acceptance
from customers. In the factors such as quality and price it has done fairly well and it still can
prove to become competitive if a throughout campaign is developed. Goldstar has to focus on
these three aspects in a dire manner if it aims to develop its customer base and win better market
Harmankaya, A. P., Guzel, D. S., & Filiz, R. A. (2013). Factors Affecting University
Students in Shoes Selection: Turkey Example.