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Multiple Choice Fractions worksheets grade 1 Pick the right fraction represented by the shaded part of each shape: First one is done as an example; » 13 1 2 6 6 alo x ale we i 3 4 4 wf= & aly alo i 2 ale ne ele alw Nie Ale ale g ae alu la In ale 6) 7” wie Al an Al wf 8) wl ala we woe w 9) I>>vrexkce wnfuo BLY alu als af USeritng Adding fractions (like denominators. Grade 4 Fractions Worksheet Find the sum. eae 2 fay “atte “ata = “Betas Plats 5s S fire On he Way5e Bleis ‘Daline vending 6 math for KS © wwe kSlearning com Name: —__________ Score: Teacher: —____________________ Date: Equivalent Fractions erste itgt tts 5 15 25 35 3 9 12 15 21 2) Se ete fe Pee 3) — =~ ee te Pee 4) =e 6) — s+ 2s =— = — = Ro See eqweyes ese 8 SF =yQ Paint 9) — =e ee 2 Pe 10) a 3 Equivalent Fractions a eel ae 4 8 3 @ Getting to School oi Use the bar graph to answer the questions. LK eon 15 THN mn Agtoup of students at Parkside Elementary School made a bar graph to show how they get to school. How many students ride their bicycle to school? Do more students ride their bicycle or get a ride in a car? How many more students take the bus to school than take the train? How many students ride in a car to school? How many students take the train and walk to school combined? How do most of the students get to school? i Cone eR 0 Copyrghe sant re Eacrnon cn ea ai enti The graph shows the number of tays sold on Monday ct Andy's Toy Shop. Soles at Andy's Toy Shop Use the graph to answer the questions Elephant buck Deum @® @ wv uw Toys 1) How many ears were sold? 2) How many more elephants than ducks were sold? 3) Which toy old the most? +2) How many elephants and drums were soldin all? ‘5 Which toy did the shap sell more, car or duck? Printable Math Worksheets @ wwwumathworkshests‘ids com