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Mail -jepederson @sbety-com pagevety Statement from All My Sons Moving & Storage Hillary Reynolds HiMe. Pederson, Below are statements from All My Sons Moving & Storage regarding the story you are currently working on. Thank you for the oppartunity to respond “Ail My Sons Moving & Storage is committed ta its customers and praving the best possible moving experience We are disa ppointed and surprised to hear about these customer complaints and will contact each of them personally to resolve any outstanding issues. We will also review internal procedures and management at our Little Rock location to ensure, or minimiza, future concetns, keeping in mind management has changed since these particular moves, ane that occurred in 2015 and two in late 2026. Our company handles thousands of moves a day nationwide, and while we have a low percentage af complaints, one is toa many. Regarding Google Reviews “in February, All My Sons Moving & Storage implemented a new customer check-out system that encourages Feedack via an automated prompt that directs them to Google Reviews. We are pleased to see the high volume of satisfied customers nationwide wha opt to complete this survey.” Best regards, Hillary Reynolds Polin Public Relations https:/outlook.office.com/ows ?realm=sbgi.mail.onmicrosoft.com