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International Computer Science and Engineering Society (ICSES) is an international forum

founded by Hamid Reza Boveiri in March 2015 in order to support distinguished scholars and students
that are researching various areas of Computer Science and Engineering Technology. ICSES is going to
provide good chances for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in various
areas of Computer Science and Engineering.

ICSES organizes the international conferences, symposiums and workshops, and provides
sponsorship or technical supports for such researchers having potential to conduct outstanding
research projects in this area of technology. ICSES also publishes high-quality open-access
international free journals in various areas of Computer Science and Engineering.

Currently, membership to the ICSES is free of charge, and interested researchers only need to
download, fill, sign and submit the application form accompanied by a CV (Resume) to the President of
ICSES via the following e-mail. The membership is mandatory for researchers to participate in the
society events, publish papers in the society journals, receiving research grants and so on.

The President of ICSES

Hamid Reza Boveiri


Department of Computer Science

Sama Technical & Vocational Training College

Islamic Azad University, Shushtar Branch

Khuzestan, Iran

E-mail: info@i-cses.com