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15 min



15 min



Student-Teacher: Fatima Nasser Alshehi


Course: EPC 1401

Grade Level:1 Subject:Math Strand: 3d shapes Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

1SGD3 - Identify and describe simple 3d solids

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the students use? Be specific)




-shape dice




Preparation (what do you need to make or check before class?)

-I need to make sure that the lesson plan and the materials are ready before the class begins.

Key vocabulary 3D shape Sphere Rectangular prism Pyramid Cylinder cube

-tooth pick



Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

t plays two songs about 3d shapes ( learn about 3d shapes l jack Hartman l ,3d shape that I know ) -s will stand and hear the song and repeat after -t will ask them questions about the video.for example, (what shapes did you see in the video) -t will introduce the activities

Independent Experience (small group activity 1) -t explain the first activity which is forming 3d shapes using playdough and tooth pick such as cube pyramid, sphere , cylinder and rectangular prism. -s will work on the activity given

Independent Experience (small group activity 2) -t will explain the second activity which is rolling the shape dice then find the shape on the paper and color it.for example, “Ali rolled the dice and it showed a pink cone so he have to find the cone shape on the paper and color it pink”. -s will begin working in the activity

Independent Experience(small group activity 33) -t will explain the third activity which is cut and paste the correct shapes into the boxes.for example” Mariam cuts a ball shaped picture then she pasted into the sphere box”. -s will work in the activity as directions.

15 min



Independent Experience(small group activity 4) -t will explain the forth activity which is coloring the shapes depending on the key colors for each shape.for example” maha saw that the cube represent red color so she colored all the cubes in the paper by red. -s will work on the activity.

Independent Experience(small group activity 5) -t will explain the last activity which called by 3d shape clip card, for example, "Mariam take a card, and it has a picture of a can and four options below. cube, cylinder, sphere, and pyramid, she knew that the can represent cylinder shape, so she takes the clip and stick it to the cylinder name -s will work on the the activity as instructiobs given.

Closing and assessment -t will ask the students to sit on the carpet -s will sit in the carpet -t will show them different types of shapes -t will ask them what is this shape called?-s will answer for example pyramid