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Terrace Mining

Rini Novrianti Sutardjo Tui, ST, MBA, MT

Classification of Mining Methods
Terrace Mining Method

Mining Method

A multi-
It is necessary to
use intermediate
cyclic or
method, the whole
mine moves
transport to
over the ore reserve from transport the overburden to
one end to the other, but where it can be tipped back
not necessarily in a into the
single bench. previously mined void.
Typical Terrace Mining Operation
Terrace Pit Mining
Equipments in Terrace Mining

Intermediate cyclic or continuous transport (eg.

trucks and shovels, or conveyors)

The uppermost layer of overburden is normally

mined using hydraulic excavators and trucks

When soft material exists, uses a bucket wheel

excavator, conveyor belt and stacker

Dragline is not suited to this type of mining due

to the limited dump radius of the machine and
the much larger width of a terrace mine
Geometry of Terrace
Factors Controlling Terrace Pit

Bench heights are

Benches often give
often controlled by
more gradual over-
the digging height of
all slope
the shovel

Terrace Pit
Terrace Pit Control

Trucks and shovels often control OB movement rather than draglines

Trucks and shovels need room for equipment to

Dragline has limited
drive across without getting tangled up or
boom length
caught on steep slope

Need for ramps tends

to favor shorter pits
Tends to favor wider
rather than having Favors narrow pits
long moving range
like dragline
Evolving to True Open Pit

Benches advance down the dip

Pit length is limited for manageable network of

truck haul roads

Overburden is not deposited in the same pit