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Velasquez 1

Gissell Velasquez

Professor Connie Douglas


20 April 2017

Multi-Genre Proposal

This multi-genre project connects to an inquiry idea, the relevance of the Electoral

College in 2017. The Electoral College is a system of a little more than five hundred individuals

who take our state votes to have a final say. They conclude who wins the election and include

everyone. Furthermore, each Genre gives you more insight to the topic.

Group one would include a Magazine Article/Cover this will be a more informative print

media. It will give an idea or insight to what the Electoral stands for and a viewers perspective.

It is a more creative yet informative section piece. This connects to citizens and the people

because they enjoy gossip and learning about things through insight magazine or social media.

Group two includes a visual aspect with wording included. For this topic, Ive decided to

create a poster collage about the Electoral College. I will use newspaper, magazines, and online

pictures to create this helpful tool. This fits my audience being citizens because many new and

older voters still do not understand how our system works. I have a specific article in mind to

support what the Electoral College is and items that explain it.

Group three is the visual display portion in which I will create a survey and graph that

will answer the inquiry question, Is the Electoral College relevant in 2017? Asking around fifty

students will give a better result poll and better data. This is a good example due to the

requirement being citizen or individuals who are eligible to vote. This will give an understanding
Velasquez 2

of the citizen perspective, simply representing their voice. It will most importantly show true

voices speaking what they believe currently.

Group five is the creative writing portion of this project being a pledge. In the pledge I

will restate what the Constitution and Electoral college have promised over the years and

currently. The promises they made to voters and citizens in the aspect of being inclusive even to

small states. This will bring together all the components showing it is important to have a

balance in society and what creates that unity.

The final group is number six the structured component. The structured component will

be the most impacting as it will try to convince the people that voting is important and the

Electoral college is what binds our choices in making the next opponent president. The

persuasive essay will guide why we need the Electoral College and more importantly what would

happen without it in our system. This will conclude my genre project with an exclamation point.


In this writing assignment, the subject will be the Electoral College. My strategy includes

educating the citizens step by step in each genre. The expectation being to come out with more

knowledge or understanding from each example. In the end wanting the audience to decide if

after all the information there is an importance in still having our Electoral College in place.