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Statome 1

Morgan Statome
UWRT 1104
Connie Douglas
4 May 4, 2017
For my E-portfolio, I wanted to emphasize my line of inquiry throughout the entirety of

the portfolio. My line of inquiry is does the legalization of marijuana affect teen drug use?. I

wanted to figure out is marijuana laws affected the way teen approached and dealt with drugs.

Over the course of the semester I did many writings and a plethora of research surrounding this

idea, and I want my E-portfolio to reflect my progress as a writer and researcher. I created three

tabs in addition to the research blog, multi-genre, and reflection pages of my portfolio. The three

categories I chose were, line of inquiry, daybook, and revision and editing.

The line of inquiry tabs main purpose is to show the progress I have made with my line of

inquiry throughout the semester. The first piece of work I included was a writing group, in-class

reflection, regarding our research blog posts. This is the beginning of my journey with my line

of inquiry. It was the start of my research, while also reflecting upon the revisions I need to

make. This piece shows the writer I was at the beginning of the semester, with little knowledge

of my inquiry. I then posted my slam poem following the reflection. The slam poem represents

a summarization of the research I had done on my line of inquiry, while incorporating the bias I

had grown to believe. I believe that marijuana is medicinal not a drug, and I am against drug use

and abuse. I have seen many loved ones lives destroyed by drug addiction, and my slam poem

reflects those experiences.

Next, I included my studio five response. Studio five, was an essay discussing the three

voices that reflect our line of inquiry the best, and reciting how we planned to use the voices to
Statome 2

explain our knowledge of our inquiry. Studio five shows how far my research had come, to the

point I could identify three voices that spoke to my inquiry. After studio five, I added peer

revision reflections we did in class, from the round table essay. The peer revision reflections

show our knowledge of the writing process, different points of view, and lines of inquiry. It

reflects the revisions I needed to make and the concepts I needed to keep in mind in order to

produce a well written paper. Lastly, I pasted my word cloud, as a summarization of the research

from my line of inquiry, throughout the entirety of the semester. It was a creative assignment I

felt I did well on and it reflected all of the different factors that go into my inquiry.

The daybook tab represents a compilation of my best daybook entries, that I feel show

my growth as a writer and reflects the knowledge I have gained thus far. The first piece I chose

to include was studio two, from the beginning of the semester. This studio shows my writing

from the very beginning of the semester, and then a revised version of that using critical

reflection techniques. This piece of writing shows my knowledge of how to write a critical

reflection, while also reflecting on the start of my research about my line of inquiry. Following

studio two, I included studio four. Studio four was an analysis of three slam poem performances.

I included this piece because, it shows my skills in analyzing pieces of work, as well as,

connecting it to the techniques of class concepts. I not only analyzed the performance and

content, but the technique of the writing and performing process as well. After studio four, I

added the documentary reflection we did in class. I wanted to add this because it was a unique

reflection that was separate from the line of inquiry, student learning outcomes, and revision. I

was incredibly moved by this documentary. I reflected upon my emotions, and the rhetorical

appeals used to produce them, therefore I feel it was a good representation of my skills as a

writer. To finish the page, I posted a class reflection from April 4, 2017, that describes my
Statome 3

thoughts, goals, and plans, regarding my multi-genre project proposal. This piece is just an

ordinary, everyday reflection. However, it shows how I plan to improve my writing, as well as

my plan to complete the project. Behind every essay and project, there should be brainstorming

and a plan created. This post reflects that concept of goal making.

For my final tab, I created a revision and editing page. I only included two pieces

that I felt reflected me as a writer and this course. The first piece I used was the Prousts

questionnaire, because it was the very first piece of writing I created for the class, and it hints as

to why I would choose the line of inquiry I did. When I first wrote the Prousts questionnaire, it

was one giant paragraph, without any transition from idea to idea. In the revised version, I

separated the response into several paragraphs. I also included transitions that help the reader

flow between ideas better. I did not change much content because I wanted it to remain an

example of my thoughts and feelings regarding the questions given. All I did was adjust the

organization and structure of the essay. I then included my round table essay. The original essay

was not too bad, however there were many cosmetic errors that needed to be fixed. I had

incorrect MLA formatting, improper use of mechanics, and I did not head the paper correctly.

After fixing the structure of the essay, I dove into the content and added different word choice, as

well as elaborating on a few ideas. Including the Prousts questionnaire and the round table

essays original drafts and revised drafts, allowed for me to show my improvement as a writer

throughout the semester. It also allowed me to show case the formatting and organizational skills

I have learned throughout the course.

Overall, I feel as if my portfolio reflects, not only me as a writer and a student, but as a

person. I feel very strongly about the legalization of marijuana; however, I also feel very

strongly about substance abuse. To many you cannot be an advocate for marijuana usage and an
Statome 4

advocate to just say no to drug use, because marijuana is a drug. I wanted to discover if

marijuana laws increased drug use, and what I have found so far is that it does not. Marijuana is

safe; however, it is still an addictive substance in the eyes of our government, and I want to

debunk that notion. Substance abuse is a serious problem that stays consistent within society,

and I believe that marijuana is not a contributing factor. There is still much research to be done

by myself, and actual data research. There is a limited amount of data available to us on whether

or not marijuana laws contribute to an increase in teen drug use, however, I look forward to

continuing my research until one day there is a definitive answer.