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Metal Exports Produced by the SASI group (Sheffield) and Mark Newman (Michigan)

Metals include copper, nickel,

aluminium and zinc. This category
also includes metal items such as tools
and cutlery. Some metals are exported
before being manufactured, others
are exported after being
manufactured. Of the money spent
on worldwide trade, 3.8% is spent on
metal exports.
Only 52 (out of 200) territories are
net metal exporters. The largest
exports (US$ net) are from Germany,
the Russian Federation, China and
Chile. Whilst a quarter of all net metals
exports come from territories in
Western Europe. As a region Western
Europe produces relatively low net
metal exports.
Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide net exports
of metals (in US$) that come from there. Net exports are
exports minus imports. When imports are larger than
exports the territory is not shown.

Rank Territory Value Rank Territory Value

annual earnings from regional net

1 Iceland 1222 43 DPR Korea 4.75

metal exports in billions of US$

2 Bahrain 948 44 Argentina 4.64
3 Norway 429 45 China 3.95

South America
4 Chile 271 46 Indonesia 1.76 15

Middle East

Eastern Asia
Southeastern Africa
Land area 5 Australia 154 47 Poland 1.39

Western Europe
Technical notes 6 Taiwan 132 48 Japan 1.05 10

Northern Africa

Eastern Europe
Central Africa

North America
Data source: United Nations Conference on Trade

Southern Asia
and Development, 2002. 7 Luxembourg 116 49 Colombia 0.93

Asia Pacific
*There were no net exports of metals recorded 8 Canada 83 50 Cameroon 0.85 5
for 148 territories.
9 Kazakhstan 82 51 India 0.73

Metals include, but are not limited to cutlery,
tools, copper and aluminium. 10 Germany 81 52 Somalia 0.00
See website for further information. 0
US$ worth of annual metal exports per person living in that territory*

Copper prices have a very stong effect on the peso Pablo Correa, 2006
www.worldmapper.org Copyright 2006 SASI Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan) Map 071