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TEXT: JOHN 4:23-24
Many believed that worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth is all about knowing the
five element of Worship and observing them weekly.
Many believes that once they are added to the Lords Church, its means that one
has started worshiping God in Spirit and in truth.
But today I will like to tell you that worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth is not
limited to those point mentioned above.
Christ was trying to teach us the real meaning of how to worship God in Spirit and
in truth when HE met with the Samaritan woman at the well and I will like us to
take a look at the conversation between them.
John 4:5-24
There are three very important thing I see there that I will like us to consider when
trying to Worship God
1. The spirit of God (Life giving Water) vs 14 and John 6:63
2. Location for Worship (No Specific Location for worship) Vs 21
3. Knowledge of God (Knowing who we are worshiping) vs 22

Character of the spirit of God required for worship

Christ described the spirit of God by calling it a life giving water in verse 14,
saying that the water will become a living spring that will never dry, meaning that
when we have the spirit of God, we are meant to be in continuous connectivity
with God just like a foam that is thrown inside of a well, it will always be wet as
long as there is water in the well.
And Christ is letting us to be aware of how important we all need this life giving
water in the book of John 16 vs 5-14, stressing it in verse 13 that it is this spirit of
God that will guide us into all truth e.g. Truth about what is right, wrong and
the truth about God HIMSELF.
Christ in vs 21 made us to understand that we will not need to go to any mountain
or be in any building before we can worship God, this mean that the proper
location that God should be worship is in heart, so therefore, wherever we are, we
have the direct access to communicate with God and we are meant to always stay
connected with HIM because of HIS Spirit that dwell always in us.


According to Vs 22, Christ want us to realize that before we can really say that we
are worshiping God, we should have the knowledge of the God we are worshiping,
that if we dont have the knowledge of whom we are worshipping, we are just
going to be worshipping in vain and the only way we can do this as well is by
having the spirit of God in Us.
Just for example, if you are not the one that dig a well and you want to know how
deep is that well when it still contain water in it, then you will need to get inside
the well.
That is what Christ meant when He said that it is the spirit of God that will lead us
to all truth.

In vs 14, Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the life giving water He would give
her would become in her a living spring, and that she will never be thirsty meaning
that the spring of water will be in her will never run dry.
In the book of John 16:13, Christ said that when the Spirit of God comes, He will
reveal the truth about God and HE will lead us into all truth.
When we combine those two passages together, it means that one can only Worship
God through the guidance of the Spirit of God and also that anyone who truly have
this spirit of God will always be in the position of worshipping God at all time and
in every moments

3 main point that everyone should take Home from here

1. The worship of God, if one is been guided by the spirit of God should not be
limited to a place a particular time, that is it should not be only Sundays one
need to worship God or only when the Church meets but every moment of
our lives
2. There is no specific location where we must be before we worship God but
to always engage our heart with God and to always communicate with God
in our mind wherever we are and in every moment of our lives through
prayer and supplication.
3. The book of john 8:34 says that everyone who sin is a slave to sin, meaning
that whenever we allow ourselves to be use by the devil by lying or any kind
of sin we might commit, we are worshiping sin and not God. So therefore,
let us watch our self and watch what we do whenever we are in the gathering
and whenever we are not in the gathering of brethren, our heart is meant to
always be in continuous communication with God and our lives should
always reflect the glory of God we are connected to, so it must not be
limited to a place or a time.

Matthew 15:8:- our heart needs to always be connected with God because out of
the abundance of the heart speaketh the mouth
Roman 12:1:- we are to present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God that in every
moment and every place, we must live to bring glory to God and not to please our
sinful body.
When we do this, we can always be assured that we are worshipping God in
Spirit and in Truth. Thanks and God bless

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