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R. ONeill
1029 22nd st. Apt. 404 Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 823-9808 E-Mail: oneillm6@wwu.edu


Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Management Concentration Graduation: June 2017

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA GPA: 3.50
Current/Future Coursework and Skills:

Project Management Customer Service Business Law

Business Ethics Behavior Management Business Finance
Inventory Management Microeconomics MS Office Proficiency
Business Statistics Operations Management Marketing

Work Experience

Ross Dress for Less June 2016 June 2017

Retail Management Intern
Conducted an in-depth store assessment of a neighboring store and presented my findings to a
panel of Store Managers and the District Manager
Walked the District Manager through my home store while assessing Ross 5 Focuses
Fulfilled the role of a manager on duty (MOD) correctly and efficiently during opening, mid-day,
and closing shifts
Increased sales by strategically merchandizing product on the sales floor on a weekly basis
Coached employees about opportunities to improve their cashier performance and store recovery
by providing constructive feedback and following up on a regular basis
Engaged in two separate conference calls regarding human resources and loss prevention, and was
given scenarios to make the call as manager, utilizing strong decision-making skills
Screened hiring applications as well as conducted several phone interviews in order to assess the
candidates qualifications

Abercrombie & Fitch, Bellingham, WA November 2014 June 2016
Sales Associate
Increased sales and customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service
Managed daily operations by being informed about inventory, store policies, and fashion trends
Ensured the store was presentable for opening by going above and beyond the store requirements,
as well as closed the store by cleaning fitting rooms, counting cash, and organizing merchandise
Implemented floor sets to showcase new merchandise which enhances customer experience

GeoTK LLC, Vancouver, WA June 2010 August 2015
Special Projects Manager
A construction supply company that provides erosion control solutions for various construction companies
Efficiently trained and managed teams of two or more in the construction of geosynthetic products
Prepared, assembled, and delivered various geosynthetic products to multiple customers across
the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
Maintained great customer service by staying knowledgeable about products and services offered
and answering customers questions about the company


Benson Vision Source April 2017 May 2017

Acted as a hiring manager in order to fill the companys open positions
Sorted applications into different categories based off of hiring criteria that I created
Interviewed candidates for the opening positions
Made the final decision regarding who should move on to the next phase of interviews and who
should be rejected
Presented my findings to the office manager at Benson Vision Source
Successfully filled all open positions

Greenes Corner April 2017 May 2017
Acted as a marketing consultant in an effort to increase sales for the business
Talked with the owners of Greenes Corner about their current marketing strategy and what
direction they wanted to take
Collaborated with my group to come up with our own suggestions for how they could market
Presented our findings to the owners of Greenes Corner