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Breanah Boyd

English 102


21, April 2017

Dangerous illness killing off a selection of the population?

The effects of this disease have poisoned the minds of various individuals into thinking

that the pigment of one's skin is a detrimental factor in how they should be treated or viewed as a

person people. Racism is the number one infectious disease in our country today killing off many

people daily. It is understood that this cannot be fixed in one day with just one new law,

therefore, we should start with one major issue. Our war between police and the African

American community needs to come to an end. This war is the most lethal of all and has been

going on for years and has sadly becoming routine. Police training plays a huge part in police

brutality, and it seems when situations come to surface they act more like trained executioners

than professional enforcers of the law. With improved training methods, and community

policing, race relations, as well asnd police and community relations, can be improved


The people who are put in power to discipline those who have done wrong should be

unbiased and trained to detain any African Americans without their first step being to kill them.

It looks as if police are now trained to neutralize anyone who is resisting arrest when they should

be only trained to incapacitate the person who has committed the crime:. In the first three

months of 2016, 12 percent of blacks killed were unarmed, compared with 6 percent of whites,

(Lowery). Not only are the number of killings by police are higher for African Americans but

they are unarmed citizens that can be contained if the officer was properly trained. Most of the
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officers doing this are Caucasian officers. A Human Rights article stated that a Caucasian man

from ... San Diego got out of his parked car with a loaded 9mm pistol and proceeded to point it

at police officers and small children who were playing in a local park. The police proceeded to

spend the next hour trying to talk the man, Lance Tamayo, into putting down his weapon.

(Leon) wWhereas an innocent African American teenager, Michael Brown, was unarmed and

murdered by a white bias police officer. CNN news reported that The officer drew his weapon,

and "he said, 'I'll shoot you' or 'I'm going to shoot' " and almost instantaneously fired his weapon,

hitting Brown, Johnson said. (McLaughlin) He brutally took the life of someone's son, brother,

and friend who had not even experienced life yet. He was not able to attend college or get

married and have children and his mother suffers without her baby boy daily.

There needs to be law that enforces community policing so the community can be more

familiar with the officers who are protecting their area. Officers are able to build bonds with the

families to help keep up the area. Overall, community-policing strategies have a positive effect

on citizen satisfaction and trust in the police, as well as in the reduction of individuals' perception

of disorderly conduct, including drug dealing. To improve race relations in communities, police

should be at forefront as data supports its positive effects.

In conclusion, I believe that if the community and police interacted with one another

more the community would have more bonds and trust making the community safer. The police

killing would decrease. With improved training methods, and community policing, race relations

as well as police and community relations can be improved significantly. This process can be a

part of a brighter future for people of all races and ethnicities.

Boyd 3

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Rubric for Online Opinion Piece


Policy The policy The policy The policy The policy The policy
change: change is change is fairly change change needs to change is
clear and clear and needs to be be significantly missing.
20 pts. specific. specific. clearer clearer and/or
and/or more specific.
overall it is

Ethos: The writers The writers The writer's One or more of The writer
arguments arguments are arguments the writer's did not use
15 pts. are strong. good. The are adequate. arguments and any
The writer writer The writer evidence is effective
introduces introduces and may not significantly arguments
and uses uses some introduce or weak. Intro- or
highly- well- respected use all ductions may be evidence.
respected sources. sources. lacking for most No intro-
sources. or all sources. ductions of

Pathos: The writer The writer The writer's The writers The writer
uses strong uses good appeals to the appeals to the did not use
15 pts. strategies to strategies readers' readers values any
appeal to appeal to the values and and beliefs is effective
the readers readers' values beliefs are inadequate or appeals to
values and and beliefs. uneven, often uneven. the readers'
beliefs. though overall values and
they are beliefs.

Logos: The writer's The writers The writer's The writers The writer
organiza- organizational organizational organizational did not use
15 pts. tional structure structure and structure effective
structure provides good logic are provides organiza-
strongly support for the adequate to inadequate tion and/or
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supports arguments. support the support for the logic.

the Logic is good. arguments, arguments. The
arguments. but are logic is often
The logic is sometimes uneven.
straight and uneven.

Research: Research Research Research Research No

strongly provides good provides provides research is
supports the support for the adequate inadequate evident
argument argument and support for support for the and/or or
10 pts. and is is correctly the argument. cited on
correctly cited on the argument, Citations on the Reference
cited on the Reference though it Reference page page.
Reference page. may be are significantly
page. uneven. incorrect.
Citations are
correct on

Writing Skilled Good writing. Adequate Deficient writing. Serious

Fluency: writing. There There are a writing. Surface errors writing
are few, if few surface Some sometimes make deficien-
any, errors. errors but they surface it difficult to cies.
15 pts. Writing is are not errors are understand the Surface
clear and distracting. distracting, writer's message. errors make
concise. Writing is clear though they Writing is it very
and concise. don't impede generally unclear difficult to
overall and/or wordy. understand
communica- the writer's
tion. Writing message.
is mostly Writing is
clear and/or unclear
a bit wordy. and/or

Design is Design is Design Design is not There is no

professional mostly somewhat visually design and
Design: and intended professional professional appealing; there no
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for an online and intended and is minimal considera-

audience. for an online somewhat consideration for tion for an
10 pts. Text wrap audience. Text intended for an online online
and graphics wrap and an online audience. audience.
are used as graphics are audience.
needed. used as Text wrap and
Selected needed. graphics
graphics are could have
appropriate been better
to the policy. implemented.

*Rubrics are subject to minor changes. Students will be notified if changes occur.
Total 81 (minus 5% for one day late) = 77


You convey a great deal of passion for your topic, and you have some good research and

reasoning to support your argument, but your policy change is vaguely written, and you did not

include a graphic, as was required in the assignment sheet. Additionally, you had several

awkwardly written sentences that made it difficult for me to comprehend certain parts of your

piece. In the future, follow all assignment requirements.

Dr. Wynne