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Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 1

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Table of Contents
1 Get the Power of the Pin
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2 History
Valve Operation
For over 18 years, many of
the worlds top companies
3 Advantages Over The
Competition have experienced performance
advantages of our advanced
emergency shutdown valve technology.
These companies have come to trust our
4-7 About The Pin
technology because they understand what
uniquely sets us apart and gives us the edge
over other emergency shutdown valves and
8-10 How We Test Our Valves low pressure shutdown valves on the market.
So, what sets us apart from the rest? Its something
we call The Power of the Pin.
11 Client List The buckling pin is the heart of each advanced
Applications high and low pressure isolation valve and is vital
Industries Served to its function, accuracy and consistency.
Contact Information By modifying the pin, we are able to control the
valves performance from small changes to more
dramatic changes. It is for this reason that each
pin is carefully crafted using a precise
manufacturing process.
This process ensures that each valve will perform
its function accurately, consistently and within an
Our valves have solved the toughest
extremely tight tolerance something other
problems around the world for 18 years
products on the market simply cant achieve.
with a 99.99% satisfaction rate!
Our unique, patented pin technology has been We invite you to find out more about our exciting
used for over 18 years in more than 17,000 valves technology by reading this information, visiting
around the world with an impressive satisfaction our website at www.bucklingpin.com and calling
rate of 99.99%! It's also safe for the environment! our sales representatives.
best overall value on the market and
keep people, systems, products and the
environment safe!
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 2

History of Buckling Pin Valve Operation

In 1991, our company was asked to solve a It closes in milliseconds for pressure isolation.
common problem for field gas wells. The well
pressure was 1,000 PSI and the allowable
transmission pressure set by the Department of
Transportation was 350 PSI. Stem area
on which
The pressure from the gas well was reduced flowing
through a restriction called a choke valve. If the pressure
valve were to cut out, the pressure to the meter acts to put
axial force
run and to the transmission line would be too high. on the
The conventional solution was to put a relief valve Buckling Pin
before the meter run and flare the gas from the
relief valve. The cost of the relief valve and flare
system was somewhere between $3,000.00 to
There were several disadvantages of this method.
It required yearly testing of the relief valve. It also
required maintenance of the flare system. There
was also costly product loss of the flared gas.
To solve these problems, we proposed a unique
shutdown valve that would allow full gas flow to
a set pressure of 350 PSI. Once it reached that
set pressure, the valve would close. Our closing
OPEN - Pressure below set point
sensor and actuator was a simple accurate pin
that would buckle to allow a piston to move and
close the valve seat. Problems with the choke or
other cause would be corrected, the buckled pin
would be replaced and production would resume
immediately. The results were impressive. There
was no production loss, no transmission pressure
violation and no air pollution.

Over 5,000 Buckling Pin valves are now in

operation for this purpose. Since then, other
applications have been found. Our valves are
used to protect downstream equipment if a
pressure regulator should fail open and also
protect downstream pipe to plastic tubing from
excess pressure.

CLOSED - Pressure at set point

Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 3

Advantages Over the Competition

1 We have thousands of valves operating worldwide
with a satisfaction rate of 99.9% in over 18 years!
2 Pins buckle at set pressure
3 No worker safety concerns
4 No product loss
5 No environmental pollution
6 No fragmentation
7 Extremely accurate
8 Low maintenance costs
9 Low pin replacement costs
10 Full bore isolation in milliseconds
11 Pin can be replaced by one person in only one minute
12 Minimal downtime
13 Works close to set point
14 Senses upstream pressure only
15 Pins are rugged and can be stored at the valve
16 No costly handling
17 It is easy to tell when a pin is buckled visually or
remotely when using a proximity sensor
18 You dont break the line to change the pin
19 Buckling stress is lower than yield stress
20 Few inspections
21 Replacement pins can be produced quickly
22 Replacement pins can be shipped immediately
23 We make custom valves to your specifications
24 We take on mission impossible projects
25 Reliability can be checked in the field under pressure
26 It is safe for your system providing emergency
isolation for high and low set pressures
27 There is no size limit large or small
28 There is no pressure limit for high or low
pressure settings
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 4

Pin Lots
The Buckling Pin raw material is ordered in large 0.012 prior to buckling. Because the elastic limit
lots with certification that the entire lot came from of the Buckling Pin material is not reached until
the same batch of material with the same heat full buckling, the set point is held.
number. The Buckling Pins then are centerless
This Buckling Pin bowing is critically important for
ground to four or five decimal places, depending
the valves proper functioning. Over long periods
on pin diameter, to meet our stringent specifications
of use, there may be some seal cold vulcanization
and tolerances.
to the adjacent cylindrical surface. Due to the
Buckling Pin diameters vary from 0.010 to 1.250 bowing which allows a slight movement of the
in small increments. There are three proprietary piston, the seal stiction is removed prior to the
alloys each is highly corrosion resistant and buckling of the Buckling Pin at set pressure. This
selected for the ambient conditions at the prevents the seal friction from building up over
application. With alloy #3, the Buckling Pins time. The set pressure is held.
ambient temperature can vary from -100F to
+400F and the modulus of elasticity will vary no
more than 0.3%. Pin Preparation
In order to meet customer specifications, Buckling
Pin Calculations Pins are cut and tuned in the valve. This cutting
process is performed using proprietary machines
When our team knows the effective piston diameter which give the Buckling Pin a burr free, perfectly
and set pressure to protect the users system, we flat end, with an overall length accurate to 0.0005.
can calculate the axial force on the Buckling Pin
The seal friction and piston weight modify the
for a specific application.
calculated Buckling Pins length to a slight degree.
The Buckling Pin alloy, diameter, and length are This difference is overcome by performing a series
then selected by utilizing Eulers Law with the of tests on each valve and slightly varying the
optimum slenderness ratio. Buckling Pins length until the proper set pressure
is reached. During these tests, the valve is oriented
These initial calculations are used for a starting
as it will be in the actual application.
point in the testing and setting of the valve. This
method of determining the Buckling Pins This process may take as many as 3 to 5 test
dimension nails down the pin length and diameter Buckling Pins to get the exact pin length. Once
in about three trial openings. these tests are complete, the Buckling Pins
parameters are then fixed and recorded.
The Pin Buckling Process The Buckling Pins are then cut and buckled in the
valve three times. The test results and all pertinent
The Buckling Pin ends are supported in the valve information is sent with the valve order. The peak
by close tolerance bushings. This causes the pin force at buckling is measured with an accuracy
to buckle accurately at three places, assuring that of 0.01% using calibrated vaetrix electronic gauges.
the force to buckle the pin is much greater in This locks in the valve accuracy, on average at
comparison to the seal friction within the valve. set point between +/-1% to +/-3%. Additional
Another key feature is the slight bowing of the Pin Buckling Pins are now cut for customer
before buckling. Pressure increases allow the requirements and three tests in the Tinius Olsen
piston to move up slightly prior to buckling. compression test instrument. The results are then
archived for correct settings of replacement pins.
In a test of 2 valves, it was found that the bowing
of the Buckling Pin allowed the piston to move up
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 5

Pin Labeling
Once the Buckling Pin specifications are Three Buckling Pins are tested in this manner for
determined, each pin is then labeled. The label archive results.
contains the Buckling Pin code, the valve serial
This test is used because it is free of valve friction.
number, and the set pressure of the valve.
These results assure that Buckling Pins from a
Each valve is assigned a unique serial number to new material batch can be tested in an identical
which all design calculations, sizing information, manner to conform to the original archived results.
and production drawings are associated. Proprietary methods are used to bring the latest
This information, along with the valves set material batch to conformity.
pressure, simplifies the re-ordering process by
giving the customer all the information we need
to reproduce replacement Buckling Pins. Pin Diameter Variations
In addition to the label, a name plate with serial To show you how the pin diameter affects
number and all relevant information is attached performance, we conducted the Diameter
to the valve bonnet. We also stamp the serial Variations test. (see below) We took 4 different
number on the valve bonnet should the name diameters (0.12063, 0.12571, 0.15618,
plate be accidentally removed. These steps make 0.18741) all cut to the same length of 6.9951.
future orders of pins or valve parts very easy. Pins We then took 5 samples of each diameter and
ordered before noon on business days are shipped determined the ultimate load at the buckling point
the same day. with our Tinius Olsen Machine.
In the Diameter Variations table, we have listed
Pin Archiving the average ultimate buckling force for each
diameter. As the diameter slowly increases, the
Our Tinius Olsen instrument is capable of slowly capacity of the pin increases dramatically. This
adding a force load to a Buckling Pin while illustrates that even a diameter change of 0.00508
recording and providing real time feedback of the can effect the load capacity of the pin and why
applied force, the distance compressed, and the we are so meticulous in getting the Buckling Pin
buckling point of the Buckling Pin once it is reached. measurements right.

Diameter Variations

Diameter (in) % Difference Ultimate Load (lbf) % Increase

0.12063 - 249.008312 -

0.12571 4.17% 294.253781 18.17%

0.15618 30.0% 564.913319 126.87%

0.18741 55.8% 1225.693782 392.23%

Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 6

Pin Length Variations

In this test, we took the same diameter material force required to make the Buckling Pin buckle.
(0.09005) and cut it to varying lengths (3.9945,
In the table below, we have listed the average
4.0932, 4.1936, and 4.2910). We tested 5
values for each length.
samples of each length to determine the ultimate

Length Variations

Length (in) % Length Difference Ultimate Load (lbf) % Decrease

3.9945 - 243.511804 -

4.0932 2.49% 239.834812 1.53%

4.1936 4.98% 232.151709 4.89%

4.2910 7.43% 212.647204 14.51%

POCO Pin Design Variation

This intelligent design allows the user to change The changes in set pressure are accomplished
the set pressure of the valve by simply changing by varying the diameter and length between the
pins. This is done by affixing pin spacers on each spacers of the actual Buckling Pin. Were able to
end of the Buckling Pin while keeping the overall meet customer requirements for multiple settings.
length of the pin assembly constant.

POCO Pin Design Variation

Variable Active Pin Length

Fixed Fixed
Diameter Diameter
TAG INFO: Variable Pin Diameter
Valve Size
Set Point

Fixed Pin Assembly Length for a Specific Valve

Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 7

Eulers Law
Axial Force on the Pin Causing the Pin to Buckle Pin Diameter4 x Pin Material Modulus of Elasticity
(Piston/Plunger Area x System Pressure) Pin Length2

Tinius-Olson Test
1.7 milliseconds for full pin buckling (for actual 1 Model C @ 900 psig valve event)
Ability to work close to set point .75%

Limiting load by Eulers Law

Increasing compression load

Pin within the elastic limit

Using Standard Rupture Pin and End Retention Method

Increasing time
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 8

Stress Tests STRESS TEST 1 (98% of Set Point)

In these pin tests, Stress Test to 98% of Set Point
we load the pin to 140

98% of set point 9 111.4 lbf 111.6 lbf 111.4 lbf 111.2 lbf Set Point
114.3 lbf
Test 1 Data
111 lbf 111.2 lbf 112.1 lbf
consecutive times 120
111 lbf 111.1 lbf

and then buckle 98% of Set Point

95% of Set Point
the pin on the 10th 100
90% of Set Point

compression. Each
test showcases the Material:
ability of our design Alloy 1
Test Date:
to operate just 12/03/07
Force (lbf) 60 S Bish
below set point Pin Diameter:
0.07940 in
without Pin Length:
4.9930 in
fatigue of the pin or 40 Ultimate Force:
114.3 lbf
risk of an early Ultimate PSI:
23100 PSI
rupture. The tests 20
also show the
accuracy of the set 0
point. 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450

Time Elapsed (sec) Dec 3, 2007 2:54:08 PM

STRESS TEST 2 (98% of Set Point)

Stress Test to 98% of Set Point

Set Point Test 2 Data

110.6 lbf 111.1 lbf 111.4 lbf 111.6 lbf 111.1 lbf 111.2 lbf 111.4 lbf 111.1 lbf 110.9 lbf 114.2 lbf
98% of Set Point
95% of Set Point
90% of Set Point

80 Material:
Alloy 1
Test Date:
Force (lbf) 60 S Bish
Pin Diameter:
0.07940 in
Pin Length:
4.9915 in
40 Ultimate Force:
114.2 lbf
Ultimate PSI:
23100 PSI

0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500

Time Elapsed (sec) Dec 3, 2007 3:05:13 PM
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 9

How We Test Our Valves

Every valve manufactured by Buckling Pin is 500 milliseconds behind if the pressure increase
Technology is shipped with a Valve Certification is uniform. To reduce the delay error, we use
Document unique to each individual valve. These the following maximum test times:
Valve Testing Certifications are prepared to the 0% to 50% of set point 1/2 minute
Customers exact specifications set forth by the 51% to 90% of set point 2 minutes
Sales Order. Each valve undergoes Quality Control 91% to the buckling point 2 minutes
checks at various stages of production. The
Pin Testing: Before each valve is shipped to the
production process is controlled from the
Customer, Engineering performs a final test on
inspections of raw materials received, to in-
our Tinius Olsen instrument. This machine
progress tolerance checks, and welding quality
measures and documents the force to buckle the
inspections. The final and most critical inspection
pin material used in each valve. A test set of at
is done by personnel that do final assembly and
least three pins from each job are tested to record
testing of each valve. If any deficiencies show up
the buckling pounds of force. These test results
here, Quality Control will be notified and any parts
give us an archive benchmark, free of seal friction.
not meeting the requirements will be reworked
If the Customer needs a replacement pin or an
and scrapped. When Assembly and Quality Control
o-ring, the original test information will be available.
have approved all components, the valve may be
In addition to that, all the Customers job prints
assembled and tested.
and information are kept.
All valves are given a Bubble Test to verify the
Each valve has a Serial Information Tag that
integrity of the valve body, a Seat Test to verify
includes: Valve Type Size Set Presssure PSI
the pistons Class VI seal, and a Shell Test to
Capacity in SCFM or GPM Serial Number
verify the sustained pressure integrity over time.
Pin Data and Date. This Tag is attached to the
When these three tests have been documented,
valve bonnet. The valve bonnet is also stamped
the assembly personnel will begin testing to
with the serial number. All Pins are tagged with
determine the exact pin material, length and
the Pin Code, Valve Serial Number and the
diameter to achieve the Customers required
specified Set Pressure.
pressure setting. Once the setting is determined,
we will run a series of at least three additional
tests to verify consistent operation under air
pressure. Valves with set requirements over 3000 Buckling Pin Technology Test Certificate - Serial Copy
PSIG will be tested with water Hydro or other
materials specified by the Customer. Each valve
tested is given a Test Certificate with this
information documented and signed by our Quality
Control Inspector.
Special Testing such as X-Ray, Dye Penetration,
and Extended Shell Testing can be provided at
the Customers request.
In testing for a valves set point with an electronic
pressure or vacuum gauge, it is important to know
the incremental event sample time. Usually the
time is one second. During this second, four
readings are taken and the average of the four is
displayed. It is obvious that the average display
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 10

Quality Assurance, Product Testing and Research

Gives precise pin buckling force for We measure pin length to
archive information on each valve four decimal places.
to assure exact replacement pins.


We test valve set pressures Tinius Olsen test results are
to 21,000 PSI. kept on record.


We test valve set pressures to We heat treat valve parts and
50,000 PSI and are now working tweak the pin modulus as
on a stand to 100,000 PSI. required.


Used to test large valves Determines how close our valve
to 21,000 PSI. can operate to set point.
This valve shows 2% max.


We carry a large stock of pin Piston speed when the pin buckles is
materials to meet immediate pin determined by the distance between
orders. One bin is shown. frames at up to 5,000 frames/sec.


Cuts our pins to the exact length We research our seal tensile
with polished square ends. strength.


Determines pin diameter We do careful research and
to five decimal places test our seals up to 6,000 PSI
with air.
Buckling Pin Technology Advanced Pressure Isolation Valves 11

Client List
3M DuPont NASA
ABB VETCO Duke Energy Field Services Olympic Pipeline
Agrium Eastman Chemical Parsons
Air Products El Paso Natural Gas PEDVSA
Allied Signal Encore Production Petrobras
Alyeska Pipeline Enterprise Products PPG
Amalgamated Sugar Exxon Mobil Proctor & Gamble
American Azide Exxon Mobil Chemical Raytheon United Engineers
American Cyanimid Fluor Daniel Rohm & Hass
Aramco Foster Wheeler Santos
Arizona Chemical General Dynamics Sappi Fine Papers
BASF General Electric Savannah River Site (SRS)
Baxter Medical Georgia Pacific Shell
Bayer GE Plastics Shell Chemical
Bohai Oil Goodyear Shell Offshore
British Petroleum (American) Huntsman Chemical Southern Natural Gas
British Petroleum (UK) International Paper SW Foam
Buckeye Pipeline Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) Stepan
Carnation Koch Engineering Stone Container
Chevron/Texaco LTV Energy Teppco
Conoco/Phillips Matco (Malaysia) Weyerhauser
Conoco/Phillips Pipeline Miller Brewing Company Woodbridge Foam
Columbia Natural Gas Monsanto
Dow Chemical MW Kellogg

Industries Served
Chemical Processing
Oil & Gas Production
Pipeline We Custom Design Advanced
Relief Valves To Solve The Most
Difficult Problems Worldwide!
Contact Information
(405) 789-1884
(405) 789-1942 fax
8226 SW 8th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73128