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Vanessa Rachiele

51 Dolores Crescent
Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 1E2
(416) 708 - 0076

To whom it may concern,

I am interested in applying for a teaching position in the Primary/Junior division of the Dufferin Peel
Catholic District School Board. I am a strong advocate of motivational learning. I recently graduated
with a Masters of Teaching Degree from the University of Toronto. I am certain that my abilities as an
educator, my strong academic qualifications, my commitment to lifelong learning and my Catholic
education will serve as an asset to the students enrolled in the DPCDSB.

The full development of a child includes academic and spiritual growth. I want to inspire and guide
students to be the best versions of them, through the teachings of the Gospel. All while expanding their
minds and shaping their futures through the guidance of Catholic faith. I am a very compassionate and
optimistic individual with a strong belief in Catholic morals, faith, and virtues. I have always put my faith
in God, allowing Him to guide me through lifes obstacles. With my guidance, students will be able to
make meaningful connections with the curriculum and the teachings of the Gospel.
I recognize that terms such as achievement and success mean something very different to every learner,
which is why I stress differentiated instruction. I find that by discovering the students interests, and
granting them individual autonomy, I can create engaging and religious lesson plans with truly realistic
success criteria. Discovering interests assists with meeting the diverse learning needs of students. The
value of keeping a student focused and on task throughout an entire lesson is immeasurable. Positive
reinforcement and faith in God, in combination with the aforementioned engaging learning are my best
tools in creating a successful classroom.

My utmost classroom goal is to help students realize their potential for success while influencing self and
collective growth. I am certain that my leadership skills and organizational skills will help to inspire
success and confidence in every student. I am confident of creating a community within the classroom,
one that is honest, inclusive, engaging, and respectful. I believe my certificate in Tribes training
demonstrates competence in this field. Classroom management is built with rules and routine. Rules
provide direction which are followed through with consistency and are enforced by establishing a process
of progressive yet constructive consequences.

I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to your school and towards student success and
spiritual growth. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my teaching philosophy and for the
opportunity to contribute to student success and growth within the DPCDSB.

Thank you,

Vanessa Rachiele