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Observation Task 5: English Language Lessons

Observe an English language lesson. If possible, try to obtain term/topic plans

and a lesson plan. Make notes about what the teacher does and photograph
(with permission) and note what the children do in each of the stages of the
lesson. Create a table which clearly illustrates this.

Structur What the Language What the comment

e of teacher does Teaching children do s
lesson Method
Start of The teacher The teacher The students This is a
lesson start sharing let the they are good
greetings the schedule students focused and strategy
with students repeat they listen to for
warm up then she take behind her. the teacher. students
the to let
ent attendance. them
activity focused
time with her.

Main The teacher She used Students are The

activity asks students the poster, thinking teacher
to find white board about the gives
consolidati adjective for and pen. action and them
ng the the picture the adjective chance to
target and find a by asking think and
language good action of each other. to learn
the picture by from each
group work. other.

End of The teacher The teacher The students The

lesson/pl asks the uses the are sharing students
enary students white board the are
Review / group by and she information working
Assessmen group about collects all then they tidy together
the adjective the up. that
e.g. and the action information strategy
Reviewing of the picture from the let the
the session
then she let students. students
finishing the students learn.
off the tidy up.