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Video Storyboard

Name: Andree Dione Simmons Production Title: Reducing Cost in Education by Going Global

Crew and Talent: TBD

Outline: In this video segment, I will be discussing the perceived attributes of the innovation of reducing cost while
introducing globalization of learning in the educational system by leveraging existing growing technologies like
Face Book, Skype, IM, and Twitter.

Treatment: The video will be shot utilizing a desk and a green screen in the background that will assist in changing the
background environment to coincide with the major topics of the discussion (i.e. early classroom setting,
moving into the current classroom setting, then taking a look at the classroom setting affected by the economic
crunch, and then concluding with the global interactive classroom).

Equipment Needs:
Camera _______________ Audio ____________ Other ________________

Tripod ________________ Tape ______________ Other ________________

Scene Sketch Shot Description Audio Comments
Flying images of students of Musical background
Introduction of speaker and topic (a few all different nationalities. Voiceover introducing the Est. Time: 1min 0sec
images seen below) Images of communication speaker and the topic
Images of

The speaker sitting behind a Speaker providing and

Introducing the Innovators desk audio overview of the topic Est. Time: 1min 0sec
Green screen background and flows into the
Office setting displayed on introduction of the
green screen innovators of a new
generation of learners, our
Images of young adults youth
flash across the screen.

Images of computers are Speaker discusses how

Type of Learning displayed across the screen education systems will Est. Time: 1min 0sec
move to virtual classrooms
not only in higher
education, but in a high
school setting as well.
Images of social networking Speaker discusses how
Contributors to the new learning logos and cell phones are social networking, Est. Time: 2min 0sec
Environment displayed across the screen computer, and cell phone
technology will assist in
developing these virtual
classrooms. The fact that
most of these technologies
if not all have been
mastered by young adults
is the main implementation

Images displayed of a angry The speaker discusses how

Rejection to this innovation teacher!! Also highlighting the biggest non-supporters Est. Time: 2min 0sec
her age. of this innovation will be
the people we are counting
on to deliver instruction:
the teachers!!! Because
technology is like speaking
a different language to
older instructors, the
innovation will be under
major scrutiny with this
The speaker sitting behind a Speaker providing and
Closing desk audio conclusion of the Est. Time: 1min 0sec
(speaker sitting behind desk) Green screen background topic wrapping up the
Office setting displayed on overall concept of
green screen reducing cost while
introducing globalization
through social networking
by identifying perceived
attributes of the innovation