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Bachelor of

Date: 14-3-2017 Noora ebrahim
Time: 9:00 t0 9:45 Zamzam
MST: Rqaya Class: Grade 4
Unit: Our amazing body 26

Prior Knowledge (What knowledge are you building in?)

They already know different animal names (bird ,cow ,cat ,dog , duck ,frog ,horse ,
hippo, worm ,bug ,fish)
Also they know the sound and the action. what they are doing (swimming
,sleeping ,eating ,crawling ,flying ,running and jumping ) , also they know how to
write a full sentence using the action words .

Lesson Objectives: (What will students be able to do by the end of the

(These must be SMART objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely)
At the end of the class, all students will know the name of the animal in the story
(itchy bear-neil griffiths ) , and the places .
To know what a character might think or feel
-to learn and use adverbs and adjectives

Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved
the goal?)
(How will you evaluate the objectives that were identified? Have students practiced what you are asking them to
do for evaluation?)
Students was able to answer the activities correctly and able to respond quickly during
Working together share information showing their attention and participate. Students also
using adverbs and adjectives in their daily conversation.

Personal focus (related to PDP): In this lesson I am working on my

PDP: Learning new vocabularies, enhance my communication skills and confidence in
Gain student attention (using attractive activity and aims )
Work on classroom management.
Materials: (What items do you need for the class to run smoothly?)
Paper, colors, pencil, poster, puppet, worksheet

Lesson reflections: (What went well? Why? What could be improved? How?)


TIME (Activity and Language
Welcoming -To introduce Teacher will give e
1 the student the lesson group the puzzle
Intro/warmer/op Give each -to gain Teacher will ask th
ening activity 5m group puzzle students what did you hav
(bear ) attention for animal ?
the main lesson Do you know whe
animal live ?
Whats the color
animal ?

Reading the -Student will

10 m to story using know and learn Teacher will introduce
2 15 m puppets new vocabulary showing to them the c
then will introduce the
, name of
story such as (cover p
animal page , author name , i
( mole ,owl
,squirrel Teacher will read wit
,millipede ) part and expression , recog
of body of language ,infer wh
character might think
-Student will
match the Ask the student to rep
name of animal words from the story
with picture Ask the student to poi
easier to picture and the part of
memorize Show me where is chi
-to identify
different books Teacher will raise the
whenever the creature
the story
Teacher will instruct s
raise their hands when
animals thats on their
-to apply the -teacher will give
lesson by instruction about
3 20 min Group setting answering the activity:
activity -group the studen
-to gain four and in every
retention of the there is different
lesson answer
-to improve -instruct them to
social skills every table as the
-to evaluate finish whether the
their readiness answering or not
and learning on to move to anoth
the lesson until they return t
original spot

Table 1- -to learn Teacher will instru

Matching different students to match
4 worksheet adverbs sentence in the p
-to know Then tell them to
Table 2- different body in their group the
writing parts task
sentence - to improve -in table 2 the tea
writing instruct students
sentence the question in th
Table 3- worksheet by writ
picking sentence.
questions -to improve oral -teacher will tell s
pick questions in
and the group lea
tell the rest of the
Table 4- to answer the que
describing the -to learn more -teacher will tell s
picture adjectives describe bear in t
by putting words
(ex. Sad)

-to review the Teacher will ask s

5 5 min Reflection lesson question about th
Assessment/Eval -to answer the and the lesson
uation Activity tasks Ex.
Which animal was
story ?
-teacher will chec
answers in the wo
together with the

Extra activity
1- Memory cards
2- Labeling the part of body