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Selected topic:

My selected topic for this research study is web engineering, and the ethical issues and morality
of web engineering. As we see the internet world around us and the increasing use of websites,
it also brings the ethical issues with it, so we gona discuss those ethical issues and morality in
web development. In this research study we are discussing:

Ethical issues
Related work

Web engineering has played a major role in the internet world. It has created a new virtual
world. Today as we use internet, we use hundreds of website for different purposes. We use
social websites, informational websites, media websites, educational websites, sports websites
etc. The entire world is shrink in palm on smart phone and laptops. Its all due to the innovation
in internet and this innovation is due to the web engineering techniques. Its a fact that
innovations also brings the different issues and problems. Here in this research paper we will
discuss about the ethical issues and morality of web engineering. We also discuss the
introduction of web engineering and related work to it. These all issues and topics are discussed
in this paper. And in the end we will discuss our conclusion on these topics.

Web Engineering is the application of systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approaches to
development, operation, and maintenance of Web-based applications. Web Engineering at this
stage is a moving target since Web technologies are constantly evolving, making new types of
applications possible, which in turn may require innovations in how they are built, deployed and
maintained. Within 15 years the Web has grown from a group work tool into a global information
space with more than a billion users. Currently, it is both returning to its roots as a read/write
tool and also entering a new, more social and participatory phase.

At the end of 2006, Time magazines Person of the Year was You. On the cover of the
magazine, underneath the title of the award, was a picture of a PC with a mirror in place of the
screen, reflecting not only the face of the reader, but also the general feeling that 2006 was the
year of the Web - a new, improved, second version, user generated Web.

This was meant that the present or the upcoming we would be user defined or uploaded. In
present time we got many websites that not only offer free domain name and hosting but also
gave thousands of templates and themes so user can choose it. In present age it takes
minutes to create your own website. Such sites are blogger or word press etc.
Every day there are new innovations and techniques are introduced in web engineering. In
beginning it was a simple techniques to post data on internet. But now if we see there are
variety of new things like social sites etc. Android and iOS apps are developed of websites for
the easy access and use of smart phone users. Business applications are being developed for
the different institutes. Websites with complicated algorithm are been developed for complicated
problems and solutions. So web engineering is developed to a entirely new level.

There are many different problems and issues that web engineering is facing. There are ethical
and moral issues to web development. There are a lot of different issues of ethics to web
engineering in terms of data and the techniques that are used in development. In further
discussion we will discuss all such issues.

Ethical issues:
As trained professionals who provide services to customers, Web developers must be familiar
with the ethical issues and laws that pertain to businesses operating on the Web. Currently,
many laws related to Web businesses and practices are not completely clear; others are
evolving each day as court cases and legislation are addressed and settled. However, the law is
only a baseline for the conduct you should observe some practices may currently be legal, but
the lack of a forbidding law does not necessarily make them acceptable.

The generally agreed-upon ethical standards for Web professionals have developed from years
of experience, and many have been inherited from other professions. Examples of ethical
behavior for Web professionals include the following:

Do not send unsolicited bulk e-mail, or spam.

Do not buy domain names that you do not intend to use (a practice also known as domain
squatting or cyber-squatting).

Do not knowingly spread malicious program code such as viruses or worms.

Do not pass along chain e-mail messages, especially those that imply threats.

Be honest with your customers, and do not overcharge for technical services that they may not

There are many other issues that includes the copyrights, cyber attacks on websites privacy etc.

Privacy issue includes different threats by hackers or even by developers. Cyber attacks by
hackers including phishing, viruses, seizing cloud data and cookie proliferation etc. This kinds of
cyber attacks can get the personal data of users on the website or even confidential data like
locker codes, credit card number and codes can be misused. This kind of data can also be
leaked by the even developers itself.

Copyright issue is a big threat to the developers. If you are a developer and you post some
kinds of informative data on any topic and that is copied then the developer that researched and
collected the data got no benefits. Because the data is copied on other sites. Google copyright
policy is strict and it has control on this issue but the data that is stolen in hard copy is still a big
threat for the developers and users on websites.

Morality is conformity to ideals of right human conduct. Morality tells us the knowledge of what is
right and wrong in human conduct. The morality terms could be different in different societies.
Morality in web engineering have a lots of points. A developer should gave following benefits in
terms of morality:

Freedom of use.
Weighing your options.
Should not heart potential business.
Content should not be illegal.
Should take care of privacy of users.
Should not misuse of personal information.

Related work:
There is a lot of work done during past decade in web engineering. Coming era is also the age
of web engineering, new innovations and new techniques. A lots of business applications and
problem solving sites are been developed. These kinds of dynamic websites have collected the
internet users on one platform. Such like sites like facebook, Wikipedia etc. A lots of ethical and
morality work is needed to be done. A need of international law is feeling but its not easy.

After all the debate and discussion on the paper we conclude some points. Ethics and morality
both are different in different societies. But these issues can not be neglected because there
ignorance is causing violence in cyber world. There is a need that a code of conduct should be
passed that should be implemented on all the web engineering firms and all the web
developers. This would stop the many wrong things in the world of web and internet.