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Nokia FIU Commissioning Tutorial

FIU Overview:
Nokia Hopper Manager provides an easy to use interface to
the following units:
Nokia FIU 19(E) indoor unit
Nokia RRIC indoor unit
Nokia Flexi Hopper (Plus) outdoor unit
Nokia Metro Hopper outdoor unit
The manager can manage only one node at a time.However, several instances of Nokia
Hopper Manager can be run in parallel to allow management of several nodes simultaneously.

User Interface:
The main interface of Nokia Hopper Manager is the Equipment View window, which allows
access to many of the configuration and identification items of the network element. These
items can be accessed through the normal Windows
interface elements of menus, pop-up menus, toolbar and status bar. More information about
these items and the windows and dialogues can be found in the reference section of this help.

Nokia Hopper Manager makes the commissioning of a new FIU 19 or RRIC based network
elements easier by guiding you through the process with a new commissioning wizard. The
wizard contains several pages of information and settings that must be configured to bring the
new network element into use.
Nokia Hopper Manager enables easy maintenance of the FIU 19 or RRIC based network
element. All test and measurement capabilities of the FlexiHopper units are available from the
These include setting loopbacks, alarm monitoring, built in tests, signal quality and error
In addition Script Tool is a part of Nokia Hopper Manager and allows you to write your own
scripts that can be used to perform many testing and maintenance functions.

Starting Nokia Hopper Manager:

To start Nokia Hopper Manager first start the computer and Windows. From the Windows Start
menu select Programs,Nokia Applications and then Nokia Hopper Manager.
When Nokia Hopper Manager is started the main window appears. From this window you can
reach all windows in the Manager. No other windows are initially open.
Starting Commissioning:
Launch the Nokia Hopper Manager. Connect the cable to the FIU. Connect it and the go to the
new in File Menu. And select indoor unit and any plug in and click to the next.
Select the outdoor unit for each flexi bus and click on continue commissioning.
A window will open which will ask you about the FIU specification like equipment name etc.
and then click on next.
Define the mode of operation e.g. single, stand by mode etc.,protection method etc.
Define the capacity. Dont forget to click on in use. Click on next and reach to the
window name as Radio.
Feed the given TX frequency, interleaving status, power etc.according to the given plan. Click
on next and reach to the finish.
A window will open name as Equipment view which will show
you the created configuration.
Cross Connection:
A cross-connection bank defines how the 2Mbit/s signals are routed between the Flexbuses
and interfaces in the FIU 19 indoor unit. The indoor unit can contain up to four cross
connection banks. Only one bank is active at a time and you must make the switch to the
other bank manually. There are two methods of editing the cross-connections: the first is via a
graphical interface, the other by editing a list. Use Cross-connections View to open the Cross-
You can edit exiting cross connection. There will be to view of cross connection as List and
You can also delete existing cross connection and rename it.

Soft Patching