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2017 5 14
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Mother 's Day Song Lyrics
Mommy, Mommy,
How kind you are.
Mommy, Mommy,
You have been sad for me.
Your kindness nourishes my soul.
Your melancholy nurtured me to grow.

You are the embodiment of love of God;

You are the moon shining in the night sky.
Human can't live without a mother.
The building of society can't be no pillars.

I want to congratulate you.

I want to sing for you.
If the world has no mother,
How could human being extend and survival for long?

A song composed for May 14, 2017 Mothers Day

Written by Johnson K. Gao

Two versions of song sheet are attached below.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved, but allow nonprofit copy delivery. If

singers want to sing this song or sell it in the form of a disc, he/she must
obtain the written consent from the author, or share the remuneration
with the author, otherwise it will be deemed to be the infringement.
Contact: jkgao@hotmail.com or jkxgao@gmail.com

following file is the refined Chinese version of the Mothers Day Waltz.

The first person, a music teacher Mr. Lou Shao-kang, made a feedback to my
song. Welcome other people to criticize.

2017.5.6 (9:14 AM) to me


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