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News May 5, 2017
Religion: We read the Bible story about the Good
Samaritan in 2 religion textbooks and 2 Childrens
Bibles. We completed our own booklet about the
*Please return library books by
Thursday of each week.
Reading: We are reading the first Flat Stanley book
*Please continue to visit the Mathletics
of the series. We are continuing to work with parts
site each week. This is a great way for
of speech and synonyms. Our vowel sounds for
each child to sharpen math skills.
this week are different spellings for the er sound:
ar (dollar), ear (early) and or (doctor).
*Commitment Week Schedule: 1st
grade families are assigned
Language Arts: Using the information we found
Wednesday, May 10. You may come
about penguins, each student is writing an
in before school or after school to
informational booklet about these birds. Each book
complete registration for next year.
covers 4 topics about these birds, a table of
contents, and a poem. Some children chose to
*Flat Stanley letter writing
draw pictures and some chose to use pictures
project begins on
found in books, magazines and the internet.
Monday, May 8.
Math: We will complete both measurement and 3
dimensional shapes chapters by Tuesday. We will
begin to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

Social Studies: We are learning about identifying

and caring for our natural resources. We are also
learning more about different landforms that cover
the earth. We are reading timelines to find out
information about different topics.
We are beginning our
second inquiry based unit
next week. This time we
will learn about
dinosaurs. We will use a
Field Museum variety of resources to
Our field trip was a great success! The 3D help us find out more
movie about the Galapagos Islands was about these amazing
beautifully done. Thanks to Mrs. Hayes, reptiles.
Mrs. Flynn and Mr. Barnes for coming
with us. We visited the Egyptian tombs, the
dinosaurs, the animal exhibits and more.