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Behavior Consequence

1. Teacher assault or verbal abuse Principals office immediately,

possible removal from the class
2. Using profanity, vulgar Principals office, detention with
language, or obscene gestures teacher, inform students parents
towards another student
3. Throwing objects Detention
4. Disrupting others/Abusive Detention, possible informing of
conduct to others the students parents if continues
5. Theft Principals office, detention,
informing students parents
6. Using racial obscenities Suspension
7. Fighting with another student Suspension
8. Defacing school or others Detention
9. Truancy Warning, if continually an issue
10. Talking back Detention
11. Sleeping in class Warning, if continually an issue
12. Habitual tardiness Detention
13. Talking without raising hand Warning, if continually an issue
14. Inappropriate Familiarity Detention
(kissing, hugging)
15. Possession of a weapon Expulsion immediately
16. Unauthorized leaving of class Warning
17. Noncompliance Detention
18. Cheating, plagiarizing, or lying Detention, a zero on that
19. Eating in class Warning
20. Using a cell phone during class Phone taken away until the end of
21. Bringing toys to class They will be asked to be put away
22. Harming classroom pets Detention
23. Getting out of seat without Student will be asked to ask
permission permission next time
Samantha Milton
Professor Saladino Portfolio Project 9