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Lesson Plan

Title Its a Small World

Grade Level 1st Grade
Group Size Whole Group
Subject English Language Arts/Reading Grade One
Standard 3.0 Students read to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate
literature from a variety of authors, cultures, and times.
Objective Students will be able to learn more about different cultural
as well as the cultural backgrounds of their peers, will be
more exposed to different nationalities, cultures, and
customs, and become more globally aware.
Materials Color Pencils, Crayons, several different colors of
Construction Paper, glue, scissors, yarn. Doll shaped
characters that are copied on white paper and popsicle

Activities and Have students listen to the song Its a Small World. After
procedures the students have listened to the song, you will then read
the book that I have provided Its a Small World by
Richard M. Sherman. Once that is complete the students
will then work individually creating a doll from countries
around the world. They will cut out the doll characters
from the sheets that are provided and use the other
materials that are provided to create their dolls. Please
reiterate that they need to be creative and if they need
ideas please show them the book and what other cultures
wear around the world. Once they have created their dolls
they will need to attach them to the popsicle sticks so that
they can hold them up when presenting. Each student will
then present and speak about their doll they created in
front of the class and talk about where their doll is from.
They are to give 2 favorite things about their doll.
Encourage the students to ask questions to their peers.
Assessment The students will be graded on their completion of their
dolls, they will be graded on their presentation of their
dolls to the class. The dolls will be graded by making sure
they utilize all the materials that they are given, neatness
and creativity.