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A Food Chain

Food chains describe the flow of energy through an ecosystem. Primary producers pump
energy into an ecosystem from an environmental source, and this energy is then passed from one
organism to the next.

Plants are the first level in the food chain. They convert the energy in sunlight to make
their own food using a process called photosynthesis. Plants are called primary producers in the
food chain.

Animals eat the plants that use the suns energy to grow, Animals are called consumers.
Animals that eat plants are called primary consumers. Primary consumers obtain their energy by
consuming the energy stored in the cells and tissues of primary producers. Primary consumers in
turn become prey for stronger animals. Animals that eat other animals are called secondary

Animals store the energy in their bodies. Every organisms needs to obtain energy in order
to live. The stronger animals eat the weaker animals through the steps of eating and being eaten.
This process goes on to the strongest animals as the top predators. As the top predators die, it is
now the turn of the decomposer to break them down into organic materials to the environment.

In short, each part of the food chain is directly connected to the other, just like the links in
a chain.

Adapted from: Encarta 2005

Task 1. Answer these questions correctly according to the text!

1. What is meant by food chains?

2. Where do the primary producers get its energy from?
3. What happens to the energy from one organism to the next?
4. Why are the plants considered as the primary producers?
5. How do the plants make their own food?
6. What belongs to the primary and secondary consumers?
7. Do you think animals are able to make their own food? Why?
8. Do you think primary secondary are stronger than primary consumers? Why?
9. What is meant by the top predators?
10. What happens to the top predators when they die?
11. Which part do you think is the general statement of the text? Why?
12. Please mentions the sequenced explanations and give the reasons!

Task 2. Find the meaning of these words or phrases in the reading text!

1. Earliest =
2. Initial =
3. Change =
4. Known as =
5. Get =
6. Keep =
7. More powerful =
8. Stage =
9. Continue =
10. Highest position =

Task 3. Please pay attention to the diagram and answer the questions!
1. H

many possibilities of food chains can you find in the food web?
2. Please find out:
a) Producer
b) Primary consumers
c) Secondary consumers
d) Top predators
3. What do you think will happen to the lions and kite next?
4. Do you think the processes in the food web are like the links in the chains? Why?
5. Based on all questions above, please give a try to define what a food web is!