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EPC240 Practicum 2a 1

Higher college of technology

What does it mean to be a teacher?

Practicum 2a

EPC 2403

ID: H00327121

Section: AB, Semester 3

Date: 9-02-2016

Teacher name: La Tonya Bell

EPC240 Practicum 2a 2

Teaching is helping someone to understand, success and learn new information. The

teacher should create a learning, comfortable and helpful environment for the students

to develop and increase their thinking, skills, and behaviour. There are many different

ways for teaching in the classroom such as using the bloom of taxonomy to guide and

encourage students in the classroom. However, this essay will include the difference

between entertainment and engaging lesson in the classroom and different skills the

teacher needs to provide in the classroom.

When Teacher provides facts, dates, theories and stories, the teacher is improving and

increasing the students learning. Students can get and search for the information

everywhere on YouTube, Google, and blogs but the teacher gives them the skills that

they need to improve. For the Classroom skills, Teacher is the source of the students

and they trust what she says, the teacher should teach the student how to get the

sources that include validating information, synthesize information, leverage

information, communication information and the problem solve with information to

help them get the correct and useful data.

Students need processes to learn in the class so the blooms of taxonomy in the

classroom will develop and improve their skills in the learning, there are many

different levels of the bloom of taxonomy such as: Remember, understand, apply,

analyze, evaluate and create. The best one to use is the creating because this will

students imagination, thinking and movement For example in creating student can use

blogging, planning, designing and animating to provide the skills, in evaluate students

EPC240 Practicum 2a 3

can select and support many different information, However in the analyse students

can use the comparing and organizing skills to develop their learning, However for

the applying they can solve and use so solving a problem can be part of the Appling

skill, but for the understanding they need to describe and discuss between each other

or pairs, the final one is to remember that include memorising and define.

For Teaching Teacher needs to use specific tools in the classroom this tool is the

laptop, cell phones, pencil and books, tools can attract the student but it is not the

source of the bad behaviour that happens in the class so the teacher needs to focus on

the type on asking the student to solve the problems, student can discuss and talk to

each other to solve a problem so this will increase their communication level.

All the lessons needs to be challenging, engaging and relevant to get their focusing

and attention so there are a difference between entertainment and engaging lesson,

entertainment can be for fun, enjoyment but it is short lived in the students mind, on

the other hand, the engaging lesson is for learner and its have a long terms results .for

engagement there are a lot of steps and process we need to follow, find some sites and

do some research to support your skills, start from the begging and try to build step by

step to get a better engage , share and collaborate with others , planning will play a

big role in engaging also you need to ask others .try what you did and see what

happens .

In conclusion, The teacher can create the environment of the class and she needs to

use skills, plans, knowledge and different strategies.

EPC240 Practicum 2a 4

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