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Questions :

1. What is SAP Learning Hub ?

A complete cloud-based SAP Enablement solution that provides unlimited access to SAP Education
handbooks e-learning and Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer delta learning maps. Learning Hub
subscribers can also participate in SAP Expert moderated online learning rooms and have the right to
purchase SAP Live Access which provides access to original SAP Education training systems for hands-
on practice
2. What can I find on the SAP Learning Hub?

The SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based learning management system that

enables instant online access to the huge SAP Education knowledge base, i.e.
the full set of SAP solutions, in the desired formats (including standard trainings,
e-learning, learning rooms). Also available on the move: the SAP Learning Hub
provides you and your colleagues with access to current content 24 hours a day
and 7 days a week.

3. How I access my account?

4. From where I can access the platform?
5. How much time can I spend on the platform?
6. What is the purpose of the SAP Learning Hub?
7. How can I find a course?

From the SAP Learning Hub home page, find the Find Courses data entry box:

Fill in the topic you wish to study and press the GO button.

8. How can I find out more about a course?

Use the Search Function to search for a course. When the results are displayed
click the course name to see the course content.
9. The courses can be printed?


10.The learning content can be downloaded?

Only from the mobile

11.How to acces SAP Learning Hub from mobile devices?

See detailed information at this link http://cdn1.training.sap.com/cdn/help-


12.What is curricula?
13.What is SAP Learning Room?

A Learning Room is SAPs innovative method for bringing the advantages of a seasoned
SAP instructor and classroom interactivity to an on-line class. Learning Rooms are
special on-line sites dedicated to a particular class, curriculum or topic. A Learning Room
moderator with expert knowledge will post the rooms objectives and guide participants
through achieving them. Depending on the individual learning room, youll see assets
such as exercises, videos, assignments and discussion questions.

Learners can participate to any degree they choose theres no need to do more than you
feel necessary to optimize your own learning. And you can build relationships with the
moderator and your fellow learners through the capabilities of SAP JAM our easy-to-use
social learning application. SAP Education schedules Learning Rooms for specific topics
throughout the year. They exist for a clearly defined period of time usually 6 to 12
weeks. Learning Rooms are open to all SAP Learning Hub subscribers without additional
charge. And we are always open to suggestions for new Learning Rooms from our

SAP Learning Rooms are interactive virtual spaces where you can ask
questions of a knowledgeable SAP software expert, collaborate and network
with fellow learners, work on challenging assignments, and review exercises
right at your desk. SAP Learning Rooms include learning maps, which allow
you to find and stay on the path appropriate for your journey toward
obtaining the knowledge you need, all based on access to topic-specific
courses and handbooks. In SAP Learning Rooms, you can study at your own
pace using training objectives and content provided by the instructor. You can
interact with other learners by using the hubs rich collaboration functionality.
Instructors can post videos, answer questions, and make assignments.

14.What can I find in the SAP Learning Room section?

15.How can I sign up for a Learning Room?
To register and access Learning Rooms please follow these steps:

1-Please go to Learning content space and browse all the courses. Select Delivery Method: Learning
Room. The available permanent Learning Rooms will be displayed as learning items

2-Select Learning Room by clicking Add to Learning Plan. The course object will appear in the My Active
Courses section.

3- Select Start Course and accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking on Yes. The course will appear in
the completed courses section.

4-Receive notification in your Learning Room space confirming registration. Important: Notification may take
up to one hour.

5- Locate your Learning Room under Groups in the Learning Room space. Join the Learning Room and
begin interacting with other learners and SAP Experts.

16.What is SAP Live Access?

-SAP Live Access gives SAP Learning Hub subscribers live hands-on on-demand access to fully configured SAP
Education training systems exactly the same as those youd work with in a traditional SAP classroom.

Subscribers can practice their skills by executing handbook exercises from SAP Education or just experiment
enabling them to gain the most value from their SAP Learning Hub subscription.

SAP Live Access is an optional add-on to SAP Learning Hub; you can purchase access in individual blocks of 20
hours. Theres nothing to configure; just log on and learn.

Remember SAP Live Access is available only to subscribers to SAP Learning Hub

17.How can I purchase SAP Live Access?

-The live access it is given only by demand. Firstly, you have to ask the
Partner/ PM permission.

SAP Live Access gives you on-demand, live access to training systems from SAP Education for
hands-on learning. This environment is only available to SAP Learning Hub subscribers. You can
purchase 20, 40, or 60 hours of access to selected SAP training systems and complete the
exercises described in our course handbooks . Because of the administrative costs of running
the live systems, there is an extra charge for the SAP Live Access environment.

To find out what systems are currently available for SAP Live Access, click on the SAP Live
Access link on your SAP Learning Hub home page.

The SAP Live access is on a limited period of time?


The live access is offert for a maximum period of 30 days. During this time,
the system can have two type of statuses, such as suspended or running.

And the consumtion time is 20 hours, this means that the system can be in
running status and accesible for a maximum time of 20 hours. We
recommend suspending the system whenever you are finished working on an

Find more useful information about this function , by clickin this link

18.What are the technical requirements for using SAP Learning Hub?



19.Can I get a Certificate?

20.ill an SAP Learning Hub subscription help me prepare for SAP Certification?

Absolutely. Youll have access to the official SAP Education curriculum: the
same materials thathave helped prepare thousands of SAP certified
professionals. Youll also have the benefit of learning directly from the
moderator and other participants in the Learning Rooms.

21.Someone will follow my progress?

22.With who can I discuss if I have a problem with my account?
23.I use Google Chrome browser and have issues consuming my e-Learning.
What should I do?
Please note that SAP e-learnings are not fully compatible with Google
Chrome browser.
Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.
24.How to proceed if I forgot my password?

Click on the Login link and then click on the Forgot password link.