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Grammar Vocabulary
1 Find the mistake in each line. Write the correction 3 Complete the sentences with an expression
below. containing the word in brackets.
1 At home Matt had had done everything for him. 1 I havent got time to cook a dinner
2 I had my clothes wash and ironed it was great! he so lets get a pizza. (from)
3 says. In his shared flat, he has to do everything him. 2 Look at these old photos. I
at the back of a drawer. (came)
4 He still have his room cleaned, as he and his friends pay
3 When you borrow money, you have to consider the
5 a cleaner, but they all have to cook for they. Its a
. (interest)
6 disaster, says Matt. If we would cook at home, we would
4 The company director is seriously
7 have learnt some basic dishes. Ive never cooked me, because he cant pay back the loan. (debt)
8 so I cant even fry an egg. I didnt have so many problems 5 Weve opened a to deal with our
9 adapting if my mother had teached me more. Its difficult everyday expenses. (account)
10 looking after you when youve never done it before. 6 Jenny is frightened of her big brother because he
1 6 . (pick)
2 7 7 When Ryans aunt , he inherited a
fortune. (away)
3 8
8 That tie looks awful. It
4 9
your shirt. (go)
5 10
9 Burglars often houses when the
Marks: __ /10 owners are away on holiday. (break)
2 Rewrite the sentences using the word in brackets. 10 Adam is my best friend because I can always
1 They paid someone to do their decorating. (house) to get me out of trouble. (count)
They didnt . Marks: __ /10
2 She didnt stay for lunch because she was so busy. (if ) 4 Complete the text.
She would have stayed for lunch
My dad travels abroad for his job on a regular 1 .
so busy.
He doesnt usually bother changing money unless the
3 Someone has stolen Saras purse. (had)
Sara .
rate is good. Instead he prefers to take
4 We pay someone to do our ironing. (clothes)
money from a 4 machine when
We dont . he needs it. He usually uses a 5 card to pay his
5 Dylans car is being repaired at the garage. (having) bills in restaurants and hotels. In general hes very careful
Dylan . with his money and hes taught me to look 6 it
6 We asked the shop to deliver our new sofa. (had) too. I get 10 7 money every week, but Im not
We . allowed to 8 it all at once. If I buy sweets one
7 They lost the match because they didnt play well. (if ) day, the next day I have to do 9 . At the moment
They wouldnt have lost the match Im saving 10 for a new mobile phone.
Marks: __ /10
8 We didnt go to their barbecue. They didnt invite us.
We to their
barbecue if they had invited us.
9 I woke up because you switched the light on. (have)
I if you hadnt switched the light on.
10 My little sister already puts her own clothes on. (dresses)
My little sister .
Marks: __ /10

Aim High 3 Unit 9 Test B Oxford University Press 2011 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Reading Language skills
5 Read the text and choose the correct answers. 7 Complete the dialogue.
Dave Kate, can I 1 some money?
Money who needs it?
Kate No, you cant. You still 2 me 20 from the
Twenty-eight-year-old economics graduate Mark Boyle,
last time I 3 you some. What do you need
managed an organic food shop before he decided to
it for this time?
try and live without cash for a year. He got himself a
caravan and parked it on an organic farm where he was Dave I need a new bike.
volunteering. Without electricity he had to find wood for Kate Why dont you 4 your old one mended?
heating. He used a small stove for cooking outside and Dave I dont know where to take it.
solar power for running his mobile phone and laptop.
Kate Cant you mend it 5 ?
He obtained food in one of four different ways: growing
his own, gathering wild fruit and vegetables, exchanging Dave No. Im not very good with bikes. Go on, Kate. Ill
products with friends and, by far the most successful
you back next month when I get my
method, using other peoples waste. On his first day
he found enough food to prepare a three-course meal Kate Sorry, Dave, Ive 8 all my money this
for 150 people. To get around he had a bike, so the month and I havent got any left. Why dont you
54-kilometre commute to the city centre substituted open a savings 9 at the bank? That way
his gym subscription. What did Boyle learn from the you can save 10 for a new bike on your
experiment? That friendship, not money, is real security. own without having to ask anybody for money.
Marks: __ /10
1 Mark Boyle was the organic food shop.
8 Complete the mini-dialogues.
a an employee in b in charge of c the owner of
Dialogue 1
2 During the experiment he lived in
A 1 ?
a a mobile home. b a farmhouse. c his own flat.
B No, I dont. I cant cook. I always have dinner in a restaurant.
3 Mark prepared his food
A How do you pay for your meals?
a in the kitchen. b in the country. c on a wood fire.
B 2 .
4 Mark grew his own food.
I never have enough money in my current account.
a all of b most of c some of
5 Mark discovered that is the most important thing Dialogue 2
in life. A Did Emily buy that dress?
afriendship bmoney csecurity B No, she didnt. 3 .
Marks: __ /5 She makes all her own clothes.
6 Read the text again and answer the questions with a A Did she make her wedding dress, too?
complete sentence. B No. 4 .
She didnt have time, so she asked a friend.
1 What had Mark done between leaving school and
starting his experiment? Dialogue 3
A 5 ?
2 Why was he allowed to park on the organic farm? B No, I dont! I cant afford it. I buy all my clothes in the sales.
Marks: __ /10
3 How did he heat his home?

4 How did he make his laptop and mobile phone work? 9 Write a formal letter to a shoe shop that specializes
in walking boots. Write about 180 words and
5 Why didnt he need to go to the gym? organize your letter into four paragraphs:
Write about where you saw the advertisement for their
Marks: __ /15 shop and why you are writing.
Write about what you need the walking books for and
ask what they are made of.
Ask what colours and sizes the boots come in.
Ask about delivery time and cost.
Marks: __ /20
TOTAL: __ /100

Aim High 3 Unit 9 Test B Oxford University Press 2011 PHOTOCOPIABLE

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