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operation and

management of
Edited by Tim Sandle
and Madhu Raju Saghee
In 26 chapters and over 600 pages this book provides
a unique tool to help you achieve regulatory
compliance. It first creates a foundation in history and
established practice and then helps you understand
how state of the art technology and engineering
solutions can deliver the best practice and so provide
reliable systems performance.

Wide application
Covers all aspects of cleanroom operations for "An essential read for
pharmaceutical cleanrooms, hospital pharmacies practitioners in cleanroom
|and research laboratories. technology"

2017 Edition
Since the first edition of this book in 2013 there have up-to-date. The book also details the leading
been many changes to the approach and methods for international cleanroom requirements and
cleaning and certifying cleanrooms, most notably the regulations: U.S., FDA, EMA, and ISO.
revisions to Parts 1 and 2 of the ISO 14644 series of Many of the authors share best practice
global cleanroom standards. In addition to setting out guidance.
the principal changes in these revised standards,
many of the other chapters in the book have been This updated edition will prove an essential
updated to reflect their requirements, bringing current resource to all practitioners involved in the
practices and Good Manufacturing Practiceregulations operation and management of cleanrooms.

ISBN 978-0-9573491-6-2 (Hb) 245

ISBN 978-0-9956666-0-3 (Pb) 190
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