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ror Moadetiers py Nodeliers: = . August 2014 - Volume es eee NV FA 7 www. - - ame co.uk 2 vit in WAY remaliing cud, DOOKS MILITARY Publisher idine Pais ensue Chairman gis teand ® <= In pmo on = —— sistant Editor Mowatt Sales & Marketing Director {fer Guideline Publications Tanke Jeena Design cn au Subscriptions Ceieie abn fg tld Bo ind eg x the ge perercmanersty (ido Ratan Secipton ‘get the. ‘ey Wed kets ose mal tmpaleceyon ce Distributed tothe UKand International news trade by: ‘etmmeto weed a Manat, Saba Soe MMI Shop a a vd Dei t. ee Boia {nut gunmen ‘Trade Sales to Model Shops Sue beso ars sae WS Canada Mode! Trade Sales Desc pune Denn Sees e905 61-6565 fx 5619250 US Canada Postal Service (she Ste Na U5, Printed By np. rg Bldg en eth ee Beane 4 Military Modelcraft international MODELCRAFT 20 Py 36 a2 50 58 AE LEF 148 135 135 135 135 ET Fill’Em Up Domingo Hernandez breezes through Tamiya’s recent Quarterscale GMC CCKW. Béhémoth a Francai Kamil Felix Stzarbala tackles Meng's French monster tank. ‘Showtime: AMT Torrent 2014 Federico Collada reports on Spain's premier modelling event. The Booty of War Fabrizio Pincelli joins the MMI team with some extreme weathering. GroBer Mercedes Federico Collada tackles CM's Mercedes Benz Tiger'.. the Legend Gzgur Guner tackles probably the mosticonic tank of al Beast Killer Part 1 D9 Extreme Bronco Models'SU-152 receives the MMI treatment. Martin Kove get down and dirty with Meng Models'D9R, “ 7 70 The Forum News and Views. News at the Front An in-depth look at latest releases. ‘The Quartermaster’s Store Around up ofthe latest releases, Words and Pictures Expand your media reference library. The Final Post lan Duthie is impressed by two small ‘World War tanks from Hobbyboss. Key to Scales used in MMI @ Simm @ = 36mm @ = 2528mm Q- 2 @ - orm @ = 300mm Q - 2000 Q- 200 D = 900m @ = 70-75mm B= 54m Beast Killer Part 2 Tamiya’s new Nashorn in allits glory. 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Any [aeons wow militarymodeleraftinternational.couuk 5 3 big news this month is that Guideline Publications is finally going digital.A lot of readers and Facebook fans have been asking about this and | can now announce that we will 2 be launching a digital edition to run alongside the print edition of MMI (and our sister magazine, Scale Aircraft Modelling). The focus, as always, ll remain on print and what looks good in print as this isthe thing we believe we do better than our competitors, but the digital MMI wil alow modellers who don't have easy access to our paper magazine to access our articles and reviews. All being well this, ‘August issue will se the launch our digital edition and welll be making the formal announcements at the USA IPMS 50th Anniversary Convention at the Roads Convention Centre in Hampton, VA on 6-9 August. Look out on our website and the Facebook age for more details. This month features some real modelling ‘excellence. First up Domingo Hernandez takes us "through Tamiya’s Quarterscale Refuelling Truck and the American theme continues with Federico Collada presenting a Mercedes-Benz Type 770 ‘captured by US forces, Another trophy of war is the subject of MMI-newcomer Fabrizio Pincellis article. His captured Iraqi T-55 Enigma is a study in extreme weathering. MMI regular Ozgur Giiner presents his take on the Tiger along with the Sherman and the T-34 one of the ‘most iconic tanks of World War I Last, but by no means least, Polish modeller Kamil Felix Sztarbala gives us an extended article on Meng Models’ enormous Char 2C. As well asa full build, painting and weathering article, Kamil takes us through how he sculpted a very distinctive crew, based on an archival image. Alongside our regulars (a report on the Torrent 2014 show, new product announcements and reviews), i's an action-packed issue! Until next month, happy modelling. ews 6 Military Modelcraft international An in-depth look at some of the latest releases NPL nen (Ot) Val Acrylicos Vallejo is one of the most recognized paint manufacturers for scale modelling. They are focused on making acrylic products that comply with EU safety rules and are best known for the extensive range of different paints that are there to satisfy sophisticated hobbyists. If there is any possible tone, chances ate that itis in their range.Last year they introduced thematic sets as part of their/AFV painting system’ which consist of several shades of similarly coloured paints that alow creating contrast and volume ‘on the model using paints from just from one set. There are specific sets designated for Soviet, British, US vehicles and the most recent releases are for German Camouflage 1943/44 (ref.78.414), NATO Armour Colors (ref.78.413) and US Vietnam Olive Drab 8 Miltary Modelcraft international conn (ref.78.812).All three sets contain six paint bottles with ‘one bottle of primer that gives the shadow basecoat and five other shades that allow the creation of gradients of the base colour and camouflage. These bottles are smaller than regular Vallejo bottles (&ml or (0.27 f.oz) and are ready for airbrushing straight ahead after shaking,l tested the performance of the German Camouflage set on my current project a 1/48 Steyr car,and Confirm that these paints work asthey supposed to.The primer gave an without any granularity and was dry within US Vietnam Olive Drab allowing me to quickly proceed with the other shades. When doing small camouflage lines (approx. 1mm) Ihad to reduce the pressure on my compressor but otherwise it was spraying without trouble. Of course these colours are not limited tothe specific subjects they are designed for and | used a grey blue paint from the NATO set to paint the tyres (on the Steyr. Another positive thing about themis the inclusion ofa simple step-be- step application guide on the back of the package so that leven beginners can achieve the light and shadow effects. Another new product from Vallejo that got my attention isa liquid metallic paint (available for Silver 790, Copper 797, Old Gold 792 and Gold 791).They are alcohol based German Pree Rercy German Field Grey and dry within seconds. These ‘ean be polished after drying but the fine metalic pigments ‘mean that this is not really necessary. Finally, for figure painters Vallejo made 2 special sets dedicated to German Field Grey (ref.70.181) and Waffen SS Camouflage ref. 70.180). These were developed together with Jaume Ortiz one of the most prolific Spanish figure painters, and both include eight bottles of paint (the regular 17m size). The Field Grey set contains various shades of (you've guessed it) Field Grey, but the Waffen $5 set contains the necessary colours to paint Plane Tree, Oak Leaf and Palm Tree camouflage patterns in both their summer and. autumn colours.The step-by- step guide comes in the form of a separate leaflet and is more akin toa magazine article. These are excellent sets but sadly even Vallejo can't promise that they will make You paint like Sefor Ortiz! Our thanks to Valleo for the review samples. Dragon continue to make the most of theie Panzer IV moulds and Sd.kfz. 167 StuG. IV Last Production (ref. 6647) fills an important gap in the ranks. This is the fifth version of the StuG IV Dragon have released, following the Early Version (ref.6520), Early Version w/Zimmerit(ref.6576), ‘Mid Production (rf.6582) and Late Production (ref.6612).This kit willbe familiar to those who have built any of the recent Dragon Panzer IV kits: easy to assemble suspension, great moulding detail and ease of assembly. There are a couple of points to note:fist, the kt reverts to the single-run DS Plastic tracks, which ‘modellers will either love or hate, and second, the kit provides the distinctive late patter side skirts in metal with the hangings in plastic with some photoetched detailing These are great and Two interesting and useful paint sets from LifeColor this ‘month. Burned (ref.CS29) is exactly what it says on the box five 22m pots of acrylic paint (Blackened Umber, Exhausted Umber Rusted Umber, Burned Stains incinerated White) and ‘one pot of Ash white pigment. There are some basic instructions on the box showing how to combine the paints inthis set with some well-known techniques (such {a sponge chipping) to achieve some realistic burned metal effects. Hemp Ropes and. allow the modeller to welt you'll reproduce avery eye-catching probably vehicleina hard-edged three- want to tone camouflage scheme. replace Nextupfrom Dragon we the barrel and muzzle brake have one of the most widely and the kit one is supplied in used German prime movers of two halves and will require World War along with some some careful cleanup, Landwasserschlepperitselfis a fine kit,comprising a nice towed artillery. SA.Kfz.10 Markings are provided for Ausf. Aw/Sem PaK38(ref. three vehicles two Dark Grey _sldde-moulded lower ull 6732) sa superb ki, vehicles from the Eastern Front Yatious delicately moulded containing all youneedto anda three-colour fittings and two lengths of DS model ange of vehicles and camouflaged vehicle from the ‘2k Assembly looks very Scenarios from the period _ Western Front. straightforward and the only 1941-1944, Dragon fst Finally; we have aSmalt- __assble flyin the ointment are the tracks:the instructions state that they may need to be altered in length to get the proper it This looks asupert> kitthough and together with the Prototype Nr.kit has all the makings of a great litle diorama. Our thanks to the Hobby Company for the review samples, Dragon kits released their Sdfz. 10 three Scale release from Dragon. years ago and they have made Panzerfahre Fahrendeck mit ‘900d use of the moulds, Gepanzerter releasing no fewerthan nine Landwasserschlepper separate kits based oni. This is Prototype Nr.Il(ref.7509) isa avery complete kitwith afull _scaled-up version ofits 1/35: fengine and transmission,a__ scale counterpart ref. 6669). It choice of front tyres, multipart isalso the companion to the (and workable ifyou'te carefull Prototype Nr.\ kt (ref. 7489) tracks.and some nce vinyl and together the two kits ‘masks for painting the allow youto reproduce the fe avalabe from all good windscreen frames.The Pak38 scene shown onthe boxart. adel shops. isanolderkitthathasaged The Gepanzerter ‘Tarps (ref.CS28) contains six from the Airbrush Company neutral browns (Dark Umber (wwwairbrushes.com), who Hemp,Medium Brown Hemp, kindly supplied the review Dirty Hemp. Worn Out Hemp, samples. Weathered Hemp and Colourless Hemp) Ideal for painting ropes or tarpaulins. ‘Again the box shows asimple three-step painting guide. This is avery versatile set and modellers of all genres willbe abet put this set to good Use. LifeColor acrylics are available in the UK ‘worw.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 9 An in-depth look at some of the latest releases CL | attention The interioris well similar vehicles havent hada Bet sees Sppeinted buttheresfew chance to examine heather at REWER | essuchastheraised —_butthe Kinetic wll ertain bemodelledopen andthe Aksofromkinetc his month + , enty steps festue somecrisp_wehave the second version of , antisiptecuring Thetyres their RG31Mine Protected look very good and are about APC.RG-31 Mk.II Mine- as good as vinyl tryes come Protected Armoured (although their diehard Personnel Carrier with RWS ‘opponents will doubtless call (ref.K61010) isthe US version forsome resin replacements!) ofthis South African- The busy and developed APC fitted with the well-produced Detroit Diesel engine. Kinetic decal sheet have made quite afew suppliesenough changes to their 2012 RG-31 The International markings fortwo (fef.61012) which includes a MaxxPro MRAP generic vehicles. newly configured interior,2 (Mine Resistant Thisisarealy nice new radio rack and ‘Ambush kitof an exciting equipment, RWS (Remote Protected) ‘modern vehicle Weapons Station) screen, as vehicle isa int which provides well as new window frames. an plenty of improved rear door and Us-sraeli project which has seen service with the ‘opportunities indifferent top roof hatch layout. terms of diorama Markings are provided for a Fa modeling ts Canadian SAF vehicle thet le J mriabletrom —fintiotwasaUS vehicle The pr — Tidy Molt meres rca but as Mahan edasans RESET VENLE | Gouuucrymodecom ord wh te MRAP tee area fe pep a op ie olpe Marr Reape veryreasonable $389.5. sinkmarksthat wil need Maictmmstoriies’ — MevDvaicnans22 | ersting that Panda(the dealing wth Ove thsi MouPontapcaegen — auetTNGeate ie, Gubosbranies00)—sratheroxelent rssh tthe smaller ofthe two Upperhullisprovided asarice Rich Modelsand Bronco, issueto exe fans of See itr UMPCs prodded amie oxelsthe Mano vehice, contemporary mitay venides produced by Navistar onepece moulng bUtaS re cRasi42} have ao veties ts aso avaiable from Pees etehereinthekts thee are Teeny ktedthe same or Lucky Model or 45.9. While the USFuelTruck has typicalTamiyafeshion. The foranother Luftwaffe vehicle. the Hobby Company forthe captured mostofthe attention Dike fame'iscommendatly Overallarice addition tothe review samples Tamiya kts are GfQvarercalemodelersthe slmwiththegearlevers Quatescaleranksand available rom all good model release ofa German mmowdedortre whees and recorwmended Gurthanksto shops Doworcyce MsdecarSet mudguards are moulded as (re. 22378) wil azo be owe plece andthe spokes are vrekomed by farsof V8 inevitably oversale but once sae assemble they look very Question of course.the BMW good. The figures are quite TS themost widely used scceptable for 1/4 scale and combhation of Word ior wath some references anda Tamiya’ 1/35 BMW R7S is over steady hand it wouldn't be too forty years old and while the difficult to detail this kit up figures have the same pose, _with some gear and brake this isnot merely a scaled- _ lines etc. Markings are down version of that old provided for three vehicles:a campaigner.The kithas46 Wehrmacht bike from the parts in dark yellow plastic and Eastern Front,a Fallschitmjager allare crisply moulded in one from Tunisia and markings ‘10Military Modelcraft International senenae Pareng & Mating gaa ‘awe, Nofancycamoutage schemes here! The panting Instructions do, however gva good impression of he vehicles ungainly appearance. | Themainhull prs re moulded in typical isp Trumpeter syle andthe is | super The gnarl isa two par afi0some old-fashioned modeling skis willbe neces to getitootng perfect 12 Military Modelcraft international The S51 was an attempt to ‘mobilise the B4 203mm gun bby mounting it on the chassis ofthe KV- M).There isa saying often applied to aircraft that iit looks right thenit probably Isright:tm not sure whether youcan apply this toan armoured vehicle, but with a hhuge gun perched precariously on the front this tone certainly didnt look right! The design was only partially successful as the chassis was not suitable to carry the heavy gun and the crew were ‘almost completely Unprotected. Those familiar with Trumpeter’ excellent KV series will ind much that they recognise here in Soviet S-51 Self-Propelled Gun (ref. (05583). There are sprues from the KV-1(5) series and from their 203mm artillery piece ‘along with some new ‘mouldings to make up the revised hull top and fenders The main parts are in light, ‘grey plastic with 322 parts (though a numberof these Coming from the KV-1(5) kts are not used). The plastic ‘mouldings are good though a trial ft ofthe two halves of the gun barrel showed that a litte filer may be needed here and there. The ar intakes fon the top ofthe hull are ‘moulded solid which isa shame as | believe one or two of Trumpeter’ KV kits supply fetched mesh which would look much better There are ‘wo sprues carrying link and length tracks and these have the track sag characteristic of, some Russian vehicles of the period already moulded in, ‘There are some ejector pin ‘marks on the tracks, but thankfully these ae slightly ralsed and so will be easy to Clean up. There is aclear fret for headlight lenses anda small photoetched fret with a grill forthe rear hull fing for the gun and steps for the ladders which may be challenging to install and align. Two thicknesses of string are provided though | ‘would probably replace these with wire or something similar to avoid the fuzz’ that ‘an sometimes be a problem with this material. small transfer sheet provides a couple of red flag emblems, bbut there is no indication in the instructions of where ‘these should be used and photos show that many of these vehicles were ‘unmarked. Having built afew of Trumpeter’s KV kits can say that the assembly is generally very easy, but maybe alittle extra care will be needed with this kit when removing the delicate hand rails from the sprues and dealing with the ladders. Though not explicitly shown in the instructions, the {gun shields could be lowered toexpand the walkways on the sides ofthe vehicle which ‘may open up some possibilities for those wishing toad a crew.One improvement that could be made that immediately springs to mindis the addition of torch cut marks to the edges ofthe hull sides (parts K1 and K2) and some ‘modellers may wish to. add some heavier weld seams here and there, but al inal this looks like a great kitand I'm looking forward to getting to.grips with it soon! Trumpeter kits are distributed in the UK by Pocketbond and available from all good model shops. ACE ‘Mod937 sca un ie ns | Sa: aTR Accurate Armour ts | seewunwaccuratesrmurcom Alpine Miniatures sae Commande #2 (inccoptonal heads) 38176 ‘Archer Fine Transfers Posh WW Propeganda Posters (ovinted paper) seal tas Sa | : See warrarcheranierecom ACE ie antes eer ‘nolan the UK rm Hanns wanna co) Alpine Miniatures “The Defender of NormandySet limited edition 200 ts) saat ‘as et Si ‘See won alpneminatrescom Alpine Miniatures Panzer Commander Set inl ‘optional heads). 7 13s ie "08 Si: $635 ‘See wor archeranatrscom 14Military Modelcraft International Accurate Armour Avis Saracen 6x6 Ambulance Alpine Miniatures ‘alan Paratrooper Nembo! Divison ine! optonal heads) Alpine Miniatures Panser Commander #1 inl optonal heads) ‘See worwalprerinaturescon ed Sta insignias ry wansters) | Se ‘ee woe archerranstrscom Marcus Ups Talanus, Roman | ttc wari arty Sr Century BC Ret rsa | | et "ac See worar-gronacor ‘alae inthe Ukr stores oer entrants See worwart-grenacom Able inthe Uk from Hire Agents wonabistrenagentscom) ny : ‘ArtGirona 15th Light Dragoons Beneito Miniatures Trumpeter Marni 1760 Balaton Modell Balaton Modell ‘Zulu Vignete seate Somm | _ ATS-712 Soviet Artillery Tractor {15.712 Soviet Atlery Tractor stem | Ret Tra scale ra | Seale a Mos | Se a et awe awrts £5035 | seewemareronacom eee £18A_| ” Secwomnmmnmuribenetocom | Avaabieinthe Ux fom Histor Able inthe Uk rom Histone | Acentswarhitowxagents om) ‘ee vor blatonmodelh ‘ee wor blatonmodelhy Agent (ara hstreragents om) Beneito Miniatures Beneito Miniatures ‘Best Soldiers Studio ‘rth artery Ofc 1679 "aula Waror #2 “The Confederate sealer mm, samm | Seale 73mm fet mers fe VSS | Ret: best 75017 ste. 1855 Sib: erass | SaPr firery ‘See wavcmanturasberaocom ‘See wvminatuaibenetocom See ww minawanbenehocom ‘See worn berieshopeom ‘alae inthe UK om Hiorex ‘valle inthe Uk rom Hstovex ‘lable inthe Uk rom Hstorex ‘alain the UK ro atorex Agenstmmruhistoreagentscom) | | Agents wmnhistorexagents com Agents wi hstorexagents com Agents wvnhistorexagentsom) Dragon Models Dragon Models Dragon Models evtamphagen 347470) Wg Ast Schurzen canta Heteopter sc Ast May 193 13s | sate Ts witeatooper| Frodcton mit Schorzen \% ws | a 3590 | sae yas ins 3 16K | Sir ae | Ret 58 3 See vom dageoodetcom es Eduard Eduard Eduard/ProfiPack onrTesterorar 3) verter wet) Pep VAs ier oder RusaanTankman Se? sate 13s | sel as as | sate” ‘ios = — 36359 36369 ans | Re 9435097 Str eto | Sar eT6A eas | Sie 78K See addon See meerdcom See wioadardcom See miner mitrescom www. militarymodeleraftinternational.co.uk 15 TEE = We =] al ‘Around up of the latest releases Life Miniatures Evolution Miniatures Gen Bernard Montgomery Moder Russian Soldiers 2014 | Scala 0 (bus) Sir: eK pr £40.00 See warn emiiturekt Seewrmevolsion minatuescom | | Agents wwnhistorexapents com Leopard Workshop Leopard 1 Replacement Read ‘Wheels and ers for Meng/TAROM tlerevell kts) sete tas et ‘woot Sars eK Leopard Workshop Leopard 2A4 Manet logs seat "vas iat ‘woot ern See wnleopardciibea Leopard Workshop (Spee hanes Pg Mic Productions Mic Productions MiG Productions sae as _ | Aled Green renstoratonset) | camanteow fnsomaton set) | Garman eo enstematon Se) is woos | et Fo vase | ae ass Sie fra | Site Se fa | Si an Sex munleoprdca Sex monmigpaditonscom fee werent fer wpe MIG Productions MIG Productions Winter Vehicles Transformation Set) | Rust and Decay (ransformation Set) se esnieeemmmeiee rise no 7357 sa ETA Sa ty ‘See woe migproductonscom See wwmigpreductionscom MIG Productions ed Primed (Tansformation Set) Si a See woe amigpreductionscom Minor ‘a Truck for Tamiya kit) scale ins Ret ‘AUMS001 Seewnarminareb cor ¥ ar | Minor Minor Minor Mirror Mo Camvascovertor Ww cton 4nd | Postwar Jeep Wrecker Conversion GAZ-AAIAAADetl Set USA ir Compressor “tructfr Tamiya kt ‘Set orTamiye for intar kt) ins | scale ras | sea ras | sate ans 35050 | hee wuwssort | Ver38000 | et mosses | SRP: eT8A Fi S650 | SAE 51700 | SRP 530 See werminernebcom ‘ee werminor econ vermont com See wnamirormodelscom 16Military Modelcraft international Around up of the latest releases Mirror Models Mirror Models Model Cellar ‘Model Cellar ussan Artery TractorT-20 Us Diamond 968 Carge Tuck Brlsh infantry 1916, Somme Were Work Party Komsomelet te) (hardtop ca) se fis | sete 5mm : yas | scale: et mess102 castor 35201 | Rel si: $2250 | Sir $39.00 ‘See wonmrormodelacom Stewnarmiormodelacon See wor modeller See wivmmadeelecom a me =o res Smead capa banter Sais wien | | wimarer eae runes | | cers eT pace | | is SM g am| |e seis | | wit | |i aan Stalingrad Stalingrad Stalingrad Stalingrad fussan Refugees, utsan Refugees 1941-45 ussan Refugee Man, 1941-45 scale seate 1135 | Seale vas fet iat: S302 | Ret 3073 Si Pia ETB | SRP: ity worw.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 17 Te ue dise TAKOM Stalingrad Leopard 1ASIC (nc igure) Jam oldWoman XX Century | Scale e S306 || SH: ‘Seewmstolegaddioanar | Seewiaingradoromans See wontakom-vorkicom Fecal | NA ™ . Tetra Model Works Tetra Model Works Tetra Model Works Tetra Model Works TASIAA Deal Set ennek UGS Detall Set 7-808 Detall Set MaKY Grady Detal et orang i Vor trumpater Ki) Wortrumpeter kt dor eng tit scale wa | scat: WA | Seale Na | Seat NA et MESSDI3 | fat: Measora | fel: messes | Ret —wessor6 Site Tek | SRP | sed Vallejo paints throughout this project.For me there are the most reliable paints aroun! know exactly how they will perform and how to get the sort of finishes I want with them. The car interior and door panels received an initial oat of Model Air 71.115 (Blue Grey) before being highlighted vehicle itwasa case of ‘Teta clara nd bight wth aon German Cake Vales | with 71.114 (US Blue Grey) searching through my spares Sere Pimeagecmesina varity efshatesaowngyutowsethemiteoexy | Giiyted 70% with the same box for suitable items, Having aay paints Gants od Se ‘made many Allied vehicles it acrylics. After 2&-hours drying Was not difficult to find PI) time,t used 76.518 (Black Wash) Correctly sized stars, serial etormdeep shadows around numbers and unit codes. Before eet eens ara Grek applying the decals, prepared recesses.igavethewheelsa _the relevant surfaces with coat of 70.602 (Surface Primer-__ 73212 (Decal Medium), Once lac followed by 76513 the decals were in place and (Grown Wash) totake away the completely dry. gave starkness ofthe black them a coat of 73213, ae (Decal Fix) to give the perfect appearance of painted markings. 4d Oneofthe most © relatively new. Satisfied with the appearance, {gave the model a coat of gloss varnish, and allowed this to fully cure before adding the decal markings. As the kit was Intended to depict a German The next stage was to paint the main body of the vehicle, beginning with an overall coat (of 70.608 (Surface Primer - US. Olive Drab). Having left this to ‘ficult finishes to dryforabout an hour,| applied fePlcate/s chrome, ia Sura Pine mised wth los ash poet smacthsurettatwasneesry | 70.604 (Surface Primer ~ Since this would be rethe dene tits a notable feature of the model, it was important to achieve a realistic appearance, so! used a method suggested by a German Dark Yellow) to the centre ofthe larger surfaces and along horizontal ines of the car-This was repeated a couple of times with increasingly lighter tones. However it was important toavoid giving the impression of faded paintwork as wanted my vehicle to look ‘52 Military Modelcraft International friend some time ago: an i coat of black followed by gloss varnish, and finally 70.52 (Metal Medium).This was relatively easy on the separate components, but more difficult with the details moulded on the car's body. Here, carefully applied masking tape, and used a piece of paper to prevent contact between the tape and any decals An important thing to remember when masking chromed areas is to remove the tape very carefully asit has a tendency to lift the paint. Once | had attached the individual chrome parts fixed the wheels and bumpers in place. The kit provides decals the various dashboard dials. These were applied, and after a couple of hours | added drops of gloss varnish to replicate the glass faces. With the steering wheel in place, prepared the various transparent parts including the lights and windows. Unfortunately the windscreen frame was broken, sol had to make anew upper part from a spare photoetch fret. decided to install the windscreen transparency before attaching this to be sure of a good fit. Thankfully, the photoetch was a similar colour tothe chrome parts, so did not require painting. With all the transparent parts in place, | was ready to attach the folding roof. This presented in two sections, with the articulated stays provided as separat items. Disappointingly,once ‘assembled, the roof was a poor fitfor the car.To remedy this, ‘added a thinner edge to allow itto overlap the top of the widows, and sanded the flower part to conform tothe body Some carl masing vase yh nds Sofi en gue at me ‘ima he ceme tn needed mating Ath age th creak fit the arymodelcraftiternationalco.sk 53 ‘Thebise was pc flied wiod wih api pce ofrenpvemeat and ‘sme alone molded om alee’ oy mu ‘Te goundve a ied lk efor sae Motel Ae ey eri was ae allon ome oft Bact undertow though cating omental sadn then gate bea ah fur Ubersite These ied oa pleasingly mat anda fish, thie bases was of Bont Ube pens ied wth ate 54 Military Modelcraft Inga ua Setting the Scene Rather than resorting to the usual wartime setting, | wanted to depict a more: peaceful scene that would convey the idea that hostilities had ended. Initially, had planned to include a couple of figures (an army photographer taking a shot of a nice-looking lady near the car), Unable to source suitable items, and not sure that my figure conversion skills were up to the job, | decided to shelve the idea. By chance, | already had a polished wooden base that was the correct size, so ladded a section of resin pavement that was shaped to match the edge of the base. Finding nothing suitable for the cobblestone road, opted to make my own using one of the moulds | had recently purchased. Rather than Using plaster I decided to fill the mould with Vallejo Acrylic Mud. Applied with a brush in a very thin layer, this was left for 24 hours to fully ccure,Once removed, the sheet was perfectly formed and sufficiently flexible to conform to the surface of the base. Having made enough to cover the required area,| attached them with PVA white glue, and ‘masked the wooden surround ready to start painting. | began by applying a coat of 70.602 (Surface Primer - Black), followed by 71.114 (Blue Grey) todefine the cobbles and pavement stones. Now using 73.110 (Burnt Umber Pigment) diluted with water gave the surface an overall wash.Once dry. any excess was simply removed witha large brush, Further washes of 76.524 (Blue ia tea ‘Availability ICM 1/35 Typ 770K (W150) Tourenwagen (ref.35533) is available from good model 56 Military Modelcraft International fall the tanks that have been produced, the Tiger has to be the ‘most popular and widely referenced subject. While there is some debate as to whether this was the most-effective tank ofits time, it certainly influenced the design of many tanks that followed. Originating ina pre-war German tank project (VK:SeriesTial/Test Chassis), the Tiger was developed in 1942 in response tothe unexpectedly impressive Soviet armour (notably the T-34 and KV-1) encountered during the early stages of Operation Barbarossa Earlier tank design had been based on a balance of mobility, firepower and armour protection; with this new vehicle, the emphasis was clearly on firepower and ‘58 Military Modeleraft International armour The first tank to be armed with the 88mm KwK 36 /56 gun, the thickness of its armour reached a maximum of 120mm. These factors alone ‘made this a potent weapon, cone that was feared by most of its opponents, However, the vehicle was over-engineered, sing expensive materials and labour-intensive production ‘methods. It was prone to track fallure,and its range limited by high fuel consumption. Due to its weight (almost 57 tonnes), transportation was difficult. It was also vulnerable to immobilisation when ice and snow froze between the interleaved wheels in winter weather conditions. Despite these shortcomings, the Tiger served on al fronts, usually deployed in independent tank battalions. Initially the official designation was Panzerkampfwagen VI ‘Ausfulrung H (abbreviated to Pakpfw Vi Aust), with the ‘ordnance inventory number Sdkfe 182.It was re-designated Pakpfw Vi AusfE in 1943, with the inventory number Sdkfz 181.Interestingly, the tank was given the name'Tiger by Ferdinand Porsche and the Roman numeral‘! only added after the later Tiger Il entered production, The Tiger in Miniature While the Tiger was a formidable weapon, only 1,347, were actually produced (compared with over 84,000: 34s and about 49,000 Shermans) Presumably it isthe tank's iconic standing that has made it the most widely produced kit in all scales. Many companies offer all the major versions (initial, early, mid and late-production models) as well, as variants based on the Tiger chassis (including the Sturmtiger and the Berge Tiger demolition cartier vehicle). chose to build the late production vehicle, with steel roadwheels,and Zimmerit coating the hull and turret surfaces (as well as a host of ‘other minor production changes). Having decided on the particular version, the next consideration was the choice of ‘manufacturerin fat, | opted for the Dragon kit (ef. 6383),not least because it offers the luxury of moulded-on Zimmerit. Although the kits. sufficiently detailed to produce {a decent out-of-the-box model, I chose to carry out some refinements using VoyagerModel’s photo-etched detail set (re. PE3S179). also replaced the tracks with FriuIModels fully workable set (ref ATL-06), and the gun barrel with a turned-metal version from RB Model (ref.35871). Further minor additions would be added during the construction. Assembly began with the lower hull and torsion bar suspension. The way these have been engineered allows all roadwheels to be fully articulated. The Zimmerit coating forthe hull sides is provided as separate ‘mouldings which are simply attached to the respective panels. Generally this approach results in over-scale thickness; here, the parts are thin enough to compensate for this.As for the front and rear sections, these have the Zimmerit already moulded on (photo To ensure that the side panels were firmly in place,! supported them with mini- clamps while the glue was setting (photo 2). As intended to use extra detailing sets, it was necessary to make certain preparations beforehand. The cooling fans and fuel tanks needed to be assembled at this stage (photo 3). Before attaching the upper hull, | gave the rear interior a coat of red primer, and painted the various details (including the protective wooden panels above the fuel tanks). Of course this is only necessary if you intend to have the air.intake grilles openable (photo 4), www miltarymodelcraftinternational.coute 5 we The upper hull and frontal plate are also provided as ‘multiple parts (photo 5)-Since1 planned to use the photoetched mudguards, carefully removed the plastic versions. With the wheels assembled and the basic hull completed (photo 6), it was time to make a start on the turret. filled the outer ofthe two holes on the gunners side (of the mantlt, as the late- production Tiger only had one fof these. The replacement barrel needed some minor surgery so that it could move horizontally lke the one provided in the kit (photo 7). also used RB Model's MG34 tank version (ref.35838) for the coaxial machine gun. Returning tothe hull | began by shaping the photoetched exhaust guards, using a ‘metal rod and the kit- provided parts (phot The mudguards were also bent to the correct shape, and were made 60 Military Modelcraft international ‘movable by inserting lengths of acupuncture needles into the hinges. Once assembled, the mudguards and the air-intake agtiles were attached with CA 4lue (photo 9).To provide some visual interest, | decided to omit the front left-hand, mudguard, There is a small rea atthe front without Zimmerit, As this would be clearly visible, it was important to include the photo-etched parts (photo 10). ‘Thennext task was to add the various stowed tools. Bending the photoetched clamps was Certainly a laborious and fiddly ‘operation, but well worth the effort (photo 11), Whereas the kit provides the sideskirts as single ‘mouldings,the etched replacements are headlamp power cable, made presented as individual from copper wire to sections.As well as looking accommodate for the ‘more realistic,this allows each replacement lamp-bracket;and fone to be bent and damaged if a single towing cable,again required. Having fixed these in from Eureka XXL (this time place, | also attached lengths of 0.9mm).Choosing to use the Eureka XXUs 0.6mm copper _Friul tracks meant that | would cableforthe side-mounted __need to replace the kits turret- track cables.Note that the air- mounted spare links to match. intake grilles were assembled Again using photoetched to be movable (hence the items, the turret-bin clasps and ‘earlier painting of the the commander's machine-gun interior mount were also added at this (photo 12).Final point (photo 13). All that additions remained was to assemble and, included a __testfitthe tracks before ‘moving on to the painting Dragon Models Limited: @ Painting & Weathering added some of the XF-60. This. The fist step was to applya Was followed by XF-64 (Red primer coat using Revell 47, Brown) to complete the (Mouse Grey).Not only would Patter.In both cases, the this show up any defects, it colours were heavily diluted, ‘would help to unify the various Nd airbrushed at close range materials used in the using afinetipped nozzle construction, and provide a (photo 18) suitable key forthe base colour _Details were now picked out (photo 15). While there are _using fine-pointed brushes and. certain distinctive features 2a selection of Vallejo Panzer when considering the colours Aces colours.1 also applied the of specific Tiger variants,| various decal markings at this settled fora simple scheme, _stage (photo 19). found the beginning with an overall ‘combination of Panzer Aces “Tamiya XF-60 (Dark Yellow) 301,302 and 303 t0 diluted with MrColorThinner. be particularly Individual sections werenow useful when highlighted by adding asmall___creating the amount of XF-55 (Deck Tan) to the base colour. The process was repeated, this time with XF 2 (White) added to the mix.in teach application, the paint was further diluted (photo 16). similar sequence was used on (photo 17) Toreplicate the wavy.line ‘camouflage scheme, | began with XF-58 (live Green) to which | 62Military Modelcraft international impression of heavy corrosion would provideaa suitable ‘on the exhaust pipes.Again surface for the weathering heavily diluted. the colours applications. Once this was ‘were applied in successive completely dry, used a layers,and allowed to blend to selection of cl colours to apply produce a realistic appearance the dot fiter'technique (photo 20). Since the Specific colours were chosen roadwheels on this particular depending on whether the area version were without tyres.it needed to be lightened or ‘wasimportant to show the darkened. These were then ‘exposed metal onthe rims. blended with a brush Rather than using paint for this, _ moistened in white spirit the simplest and most effective _ (alternatively, Schmincke ‘method was to apply graphite Medium N ora from the tip ofa 48 pencil, Once similar lightly burnished, the result was ‘enamel 2 perfect representation of based thinner polished steel (photo 21). could be used) (photo PP 221 .THe important things Thenext step wasto DP woavid having the brush too _ wetsany excess thinner should = be removed before attempting to blend the colours, otherwise they will simply be removed from the surface. Turning to IMIG Productions, now applied a series of Bn. localised washes Be to accentuate Be raised details the model The specific colours were P220, 221 and P22 (Dark Wash, Brown Wash and Neutral Wash) ivethe (photo 23).These were applied ‘entire model acoat__ witha finestipped brush,and of Vallejo's Satin Varnish. As any €xCess removed with a wallad proving the clean brush moistened in MIG Underlying paintwork this _Thinners photo 24). PE pa aa wow.miltarymodelraftinternational.co.uk 63 ay 64 Military Modeler Se International iw Moving on tothe chipped paintwork effect, this was approached in two stages: Firstly lighter version of the base colour was used to replicate scratches and stains;the inner portions of some of these now received a darker colour to give the impression of ‘exposed and corroded metal-To achieve a realistic appearance, this requires patience and practice. Once again, Vallejo colours are ideally Suited to this kind of work (photo 25). This application requires a lot of time and patience. Having dealt with the hull the same procedure was applied to the turet.Of course, minor damage to areas covered in Zimmerit paste would not reveal exposed metal.instead the result would be a slight variation lighter of the surface colour. Above all, any damage should be in-scale, and focused ‘on areas that would be logically affected (photo 26) Concentrating on parts of the vehicle that would show most signs of dirt, | began by airbrushing a mix of Tamiya Earth and Buff colours (photo 271. followed this with two light coats of Vallejo Matt Varnish, which would provide a perfect surface for the subsequent application of pigments (photo 28). starting with the lower hull | applied pigments to create a heavy ‘accumulation of road dirt and mud. Although the large wheels would obscure much of this area, left these unattached. and. continued to apply the pigments tothe chassis and around the suspension arms. Using dark earth and mud-coloured pigments, these were mixed With thinners, before being stippled onto the surface with a wide brush. Lighter pigments Were now sprinkled onto the stil-wet surface (photo 29). different method was used for the wheels. Having sprinkled dry pigments, | then used a drinking straw as a pipette to apply small drops of Pigment Fixer and allowed this to spread naturally. This requires some practice, but can result in a very realistic appearance. Once completely dry the wheels were attached (photo 30). With the Frul tracks assembled, these were given an initial coat of black mixed with brown. With the same pigments that hhad used on the vehicle, Niberally applied these before drybrushing with black.As with the roadwheels the areas of exposed metal were depicted using my graphite pencil (photo 31), The final and perhaps the most eye-catching weathering effects were the various streaks and stains around the vehicle. Using a selection of allejo's washes,| applied these with a fine-tipped brush, and added a small amount of Gloss Varnish to suggestoll stains. also applied pigments to recreate the carbon residue (commonly referred toas around the exhaust pipes (photo 32) Todd some lfe tothe model, I decided to include a pair of crew figures.The ideal choice was Alpine Miniatures’ "WSS Panzer Commander Set’ (cef 35141). Expertly painted by ry friend, tila GUc, these certainly put the finishing touch to the completed mode! (photos 33 & 34) www.militarymodelraftinternational.co.uk 65 Conclusion available, any kit ofthe Tiger ‘ean be checked for accuracy Tigerwas legendary tank-and _40WN tothe smallest of details ‘one that fos continued to, OF Course, the latest hi-tech kits be highly popular are particularly good, despite ig Deh papier iy pero Whe Rey Berge | Smeenisammigren that comport was lose There sno doubt that the ‘vast amount of Teference with the outcome, and material recommend this (with or . without Aftermarket detail sets) >. toanyone with an interest in the Tiger. certainly plan to tackle further versions before long Availability Dragon Models Limited 1/35 Tiger 7 Late Production — rt wiZimmerit (ref (6383) is available from all good ‘model shops. = Many thanks to Emre Efifor the translation ofthis article. {66 Military Modelcraft international Title: _KVTankson the Battlefield (World War Two Photobook Series Volume 5) ‘Author: Neil Stokes Publisher: Peko Publishing ISBN: 978-9-63896-234.8 Price: £23,99hb she format of this series from the Hungarian publisher is now firmly established and its a winning combination: dual-language Hungarian ‘and English text and large, one-page format photographs, Having previously covered the Around up of the latest military titles StuG Il and Panzer IV this volume turns to tanks of the Red Army and the KV series (KV- 1, KV-2, KV-46 flamethrower, KV-8, and KV-85). Its 128 pages contain 120images,many from private collections and most previously ‘unseen The captions and text are writen by the hugely knowledgeable Neil Stokes BBB 2nd 2 informative and helpful. Most ff the photos show KV tanks in the | aftermath of battle, knocked out by German forces, Bbandoned, or otherwise fallen vietim to the chaos of war. A couple of images show Just how unwieldy these behemoths were: collapsed bridges (a situation for which neither the Germans or the Soviets had any means of recovering the unfortunate KV tank) and tests by the German forces on captured vehicles to determine just what bridges they could cross, The range of different KV tanks is impressive: the KV-2, both Model 1940 and Mode! 1941, are particularly well covered, as, are more unusual variants such as the KV-6 flamethrower and KV-1 ehkrany (spaced armour). What is particularly striking Is the extensive use that the Germans made of captured KV tanks. Some were merely daubed with oversized German markings and turned against their former owners, while others were more thoroughly reworked with new cupolas and other fittings. Overall, this is really excellent collection of photos. The reproduction is of the highest quality and the captions informative. Very highly recommended. It's available in the UK from the Panzerwrecks team (wawpanzerwrecks.com), who kindly supplied the review copy. David Grummitt Title: Painting Guide for AFV of World War Two and Modern Era. Author: José Luis Lopez Ruiz Publisher: Histoire & Collections 978-2-35250-387-3 €19pb ISBN: Price: the Internet modelling forums in 2010 and he immediately impressed me with his unique style and approach to modelling. Beginning as a solid representative of the | first met José Luis Lopez Ruiz on one of ‘Spanish Modelling School, he pushed the borders of our understanding of model painting and developed his own unique style and method: the so-called ‘Black and White technique’ where basically al effects including chipping mud and dirt are created ‘on the model prior to application of the basecoat using various shades of grey. Frequent MMI readers should be familiar ‘with that approach as he presented itn the pages of magazine in 2013 (see MMI November 2013 - ed.) and this book is a ‘great way to increase your understanding of this simple but effective technique. Unlike other books where we see only a collection of previously published models gathered into one place, José Luis made five exclusive ‘models for this book to use the Black and White technique’ and explains all aspects and nuances of that concept. But not only that, this publication is a comprehensive {uide that includes advice on materials that should be used for painting,including colour charts and explanations of which tone is best for a particular effect and lots of other luseful information. All together there are ‘eighty pages of valuable information filled with high quality images followed by excellent writing. The only imitation that | see is that some ofthe images are abit small but given the amount of information contained within its page it doesnt detract, from the quality and utility of the book. A limited edition accompanied by DVD willbe also available in the near future Roman Volchenkov ‘worw militarymodelcraftiternational.co.uk 67 Title: Barbarossa 1941:German Infantryman vs.Soviet Rifleman (Combat 7) ‘Author: David Campbell Publisher: Osprey Publishing ISBN: 978-1-47280-324-5 Price: £11.99pb ne rs imaion ofthe Soviet rion on “Tiesto raya fer alles agunt Stas fren gh sugar sural Germanystighl sled and veteran tor tad erty = oclug te Geman Auris pec it are Repent tot) rotdeuschand Opposing these Carman ble feces the Sonate deployed the often aned and pooty equipped nena ee regiments hoteaghicrr dowd sd with tne reat sree fens om the on stents book thee ruling shes rng tne es seven vests of the campaign se sessed: ¢ Bloody encounter bate at obi the Struggle forthe estoy ty of Soles. andithen a prolonged dash along a danger ‘cab sched Gorman ana pater srvartovo erosion seghy pages fn te cal Onpryformat nth a cress phn trp eo iced fartatngy sal bu ths s more Charade unfory chet and ever the egal anwort The ping of Ge GashatvaeKav fom the Newport the German tenches andthe charging Red fey freon cptre saa ofthese anyones on he Eastern Fov Thetertas everson and el wt ten and a full bibliography gives a good sur- veyetthesome ot he att eure bth dexdemc and popuayon the subject is ithe fateh | ave wamined Or poy Cot are ad | ws ped fecerrerel te svokiva fer iGood Scere Tsing com, David Gramm iltary Modelcraft International Titles Captured Panzers:German Vehicles in Allied Service (Top Colors 39) ‘Author: Arkadiuse Wrobel & ‘Marek Jaszczolt Publisher: Kagero ISBN: 978-8-36287-889-5, Price: £12.99pb Kees Colors series followsa sim ple but effective format:colour profiles 3f armour accompanied by decals in 1/35, 148 and 1/72 scales. This volume cov- ers German AFVs in Allied service during World War I from the North Aftican cam- paign through to the end of the war in Eu- rope. It covers vehicles in British, American, French and Soviet service. The following ve- hicles are included, featuring some well- known favourites and some new and interesting options: Pz.Kpfw. Il Aust. F of the 1st Ranger Battalion, Tunisia, spring 1943; SdlKfz. 222 of No.2 ACC, North Africa, 1943; Jagdpanzer 38\t) “Chwat; Warsaw, Poland, ‘August 1944; PKpfw.V Panther Ausf. A of. Ter bataillon AS de IAin, Méximieux France September 1944; 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahriafette Sd.Kfz. 4/1 of ler GMA. Saint-Nazaire area, France, October 1944; Pexkptw.V Panther Aus Gof the 145th Reg iment RAG, Italy, 1944/1945;PzKpfw.V Pan- ther Ausf. Gof the 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards, the Netherlands, winter 1948/1945 Pept IV Aust HI of Escadron Autonome de Chars Besnier, Saint Nazaire area France February-March 1945; SdKfe. 51/8 Aus ofan unidentified U.S Army unt, Germany, 1945;PzKpf.V Panther Aust.G ofthe 366th Self Propelled Arley Regiment, Hungary, March 1945; Panzerbefehiswagen Panther Aust G of FEscadron Autonome de Chars Besnier Saint Nazaire are, France, March- May 1945;SdKfz.251/7 Aus D ofthe 153:d Field Regiment RA, Guards Armoured Divi sion, Germany, 1945; Sd. 251/1 Aust. “Remice5;Prague area, Czech Teritory May 1945; Sd Kf. 250 AusA Prague, Czech Ter tory May 1945; Sturmgeschitz il Aust. of the Sth independent Self Propelled Artillery Squadron, 6th infantry Division Poland. May 1945;P2 KpfwIV Aust. J ofthe Sth Independ entSetf Propelled Artillery Squadron, thin fantry Division, Poland, May 1945, Its availabe from Casemate Publishing in the UK (www.casematepublshing.cowuk) and represents great value; highly recom ‘mended David Grummite Title: LaFlakdel Leibstandarte:1. ‘SS-Panzer Division Lelbstandarte Adolf Hitler ‘Author: Pierre Tiquet, Publisher: Heimdal ISBN: 978-2-84048-378-6 Price: £22.00hb his lume sa supe story of the Tiss tre from fomaton an tling nthe summer" of 1940 %0 itt combat Genloyment_in the. Bslans, though Operation Bavowossa, Koro Rusk Navan, the Acennes and states in nga and sta The tet Fee, but the main attacton for modelers wi probably be te rages supercon Or shotsofdvl solders vee and equipment. There ‘are some great photographs of, Bamms,SaKfe.7sin thelr various configurations and other vehicles. More than 250. images, almost all of them previously unpublished, make this book an essential addition to the bookshelves of all students of German armour and military units of World War I. Very highly recommended, it's available in the UK from Casemate Publishing www.casematepublishing.co.uk) David Grummitt Around up of the latest military titles pare pd Title: Jai Survécu dans mon Panzer: 12Schwadron Panzer- Regiment 24 24 Panzer- Division Author: Armin Bottger ublisher: Heimdal ISBN: 978-2-84048.336-6 Price: £25.00hb Tisrsretncene ia meone reocpertorete 12 Schwadron ot Panzer Regiment 24 ofthe 24 Panzer Dison whe fought onthe Eater Fon acros Europe ance and ayo Estm Prasad suntv wth serousbume ts dbo exceptional taksto pictures taen by the author wth 6 coeur photograph They ste ecrpona because he author had an terest inthe nfl he ard Ns comrades woreandthe veils they fought snd veins textsrrenchbutiyouste an Anglophone dont et tat pt you of The books 200 pages cover inet dea the personal experince a ane = We as the colour images, are complemented by 2 urher 296 bacand-whte apes Tey show anar senda hostf other suppor vehides i ineesing and nes CSniguraons and Boge ye fo deta wal prove’ endless Inspaton for modelers THs isa super Book so get whe youcan sats sur tio hang around for tong Very high recommend avalole Inthe, UK om” cseate Peking wn easematepubtsing cout David Gummi Title: Vanguard of the Crusade:US 101st Airborne Division in World War Author: Mark Bando Publisher: Heimdal ISBN: 978-2-84048-330-4 Price: £40,00hb he 01st Airborne Division known as the ‘Screaming Eagles!isa US.Army Pertti modular light Infantry division trained for air assault operations. During World War, itwas renowned for its role in during the Normandy landings during Operation Market Garden, the liberation of the Netherlands and action during the Battle of the Bulge around the city of Bastogne, Belgium. The Pathfinders of the 101st Airborne Division led the way on D-Day in the night drop prior to the invasion. They left from RAF North Witham having trained there with the 82nd Airborne Division. The 101st Airborne Division's objectives were to secure the four causeway exits behind Utah Beach, destroy a German coastal artillery battery at Saint-Martin-de- Varreville, capture buildings nearby at Mésigres believed used as barracks and 2 command post for the artillery battery, capture the Douve River lock at la Barquette (opposite Carentan), capture two footbridges spanning the Douve at la Porte ‘opposite Brévands, destroy the highway bridges over the Douve at Sainte-Come-du: ‘Mont and secure the Douve River valley. In the process units also disrupted German ‘communications, established roadblocks to hamper the movement of German reinforcements established a defensive line between the beachhead and Volognes, Cleared the area of the drop zones to the Unit boundary at Les Forges, and linked up with the 82nd Airborne Division. Mark Bando has dedicated this work to this famous American aiborne division engaged in the Normandy and Ardennes batties. He relays in dramatic detail the histories recounted by hundreds of veterans. The book's 312 pages are copiously illustrated while the text is well written and its ‘humerous first-hand accounts really impart the dramatic history ofthis elite unit. Highly recommended, it's available in the UK from Casemate Publishing worw.casematepublishing.co.uk) David Grummitt Title: Mittiere Gelandegangige Lastkraftwagen (0):the ‘Medium Cross-Country Lorries 3 ton (6x4) of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht ‘Author: Holger Edrmann Publisher: Nuts & Bolts ISBN: 978-2-84048-330-4 Price: £25,00pb is the Hind volume in the Tessin ts sates cites of te German Rechowehr and Wehrmecht andthe ato concentte coche on whale les covers the Busing NAG GUS and the Herschel Typ 35, the Kr (3 H63/163 and the Marcedes Bent te 300. for models thinking of tecling Mand 8G grog rong of Wotd orl Geman sof Tn 225 page vue aes the ual fora of 2 "comprehensive tecnica and Sevetopmetal ston flowed by 8g proo’seeton Cen om. tcc Imnuasfal rages ond pray aan photographs Tere then comes the le Srowings In V3 flowed by a sefis of Beautfly dav colour proies a eet Ted tthe. arclmages, The walloround sections ie tuned no Strang eromples of the Blsingne Tebult upp, chaste surdves Rus Napy there ae several Henschel and Merzles Ben tucks surviving nd these mccain Geman, Spay Netherands the Uk and ava aly hove se rice 1/35 scale models bu Tory Greriand Veni Bareigan a Feiner Dase Tiss super volume recommended Ws eval inthe UX om Fistor Agents (roster oer David Grummit wwwmiltarymodelcraftinternational.coue The Final Post lan Duthie is impressed by two small World War Il tanks from Hobbyboss. Hobby Simplicity fa teen and smal spres fink TL iiciessatiesin Wir Wart rene and:-length track There is alsoa very nice small turned metal armour lately, with numerous 37mm barrel,a small decal kits appearing from a variety of sheet and a generous fret of manufacturers. Hobbyboss have joined the party with their photoetch.| really ike the etched Renault logo badge for French R35 Light Infantry Tank (ref. the front. There isa pretty 83806), staggering parts count for such a tiny vehicle as the engine and transmission and other interior details are provided numerically the most important French AFVin 1940, Hobbyboss produced the German 4,7cm open top version last year (ref.83807), and have now provided the standard gun tank. Indeed, there's a correction sip for the parts list asthe origina ist for this kt erroneously contains parts for the open top ‘conversion. We have seven sprues of sand coloured styrene, plus separate hull top and turret, detail Strangely there are no shell storage racks, maybe because they are missing on the Saumur ‘example upon which this kitis probably based The 70Military Modelcraft International il Some well-chosen photoetch and a nice turned ‘metal barrel all add to the appeal of the R35. trckiest part of assembly lis the suspension the ‘over-complex design ‘dogged the real vehicle aso!) For some reason the wheel arrangements are supplied with photoetch panels to carefully bend and fit between the inner and outer housings There is no leeway with this material and having struggled with the lower infil, simply sed plastic card for the upper parts and this gave a ‘much better result fraction of the time.The light green link and length track demonstrates a good snap fit ‘and was far easier than the ssame company's recent Told single link, which were virally unbulldable. Be careful to ensure the return rollers are aligned properly. Mine weren't and t had to cut them off then reattach them using thick white rod.All hatches are separate and comprehensively detailed inside and out, adding to the parts count,and the tools have tobe slotted individually into theie communal rack The decals give Hobbyboss’s T-37 isa simple and straightforward build, just like the real thing, and careful painting and weathering will be needed to bring out the best init only one French version (strangely not the example on the boxart) ina subdued green/red brown camouflage, and a second option in Panzer Grey with white crosses. This s alitie disappointing given the variety of fairly florid schemes that these vehicles sported and lam currently ooking to see if there are more alternative markings that can be sourced, (check out the mad scheme in Steve Zaloga’s new Osprey book French Tanks of The R35is.a very comprehensive kit with a fully detailed interior. World War 2 (New Vanguard 209),) Overall this isa sharp and comprehensive treatment of the R35,much better than the old Heller kit. It is not for the impatient, but, omitting the unseen parts of the interior and ditching the photoetch components on the wheel housings will save plenty of time. Highly recommended. Our second Hobbyboss build this month is 7-37 Light Tank. Amphibious Early (ref. 83818), the fourth version ofthis diminutive tank the company have released 50 far ‘The Soviet Union was unique during the 1930s in considering amphibious tanks to be an integral part ofits armed forces The T-37, based on the British Vickers tankette, was the fist mass-produced fully amphibious tank in the world, serving in Finland, the Polish ‘campaign,and during the Great Patriotic War. This kit ike the real vehicle is a small and relatively simple affair. We have 2a one-piece hull tub with nicely curved sides and rear plate, and separate hull top. There are six very small sprues devoted to the suspension, and three further ones for the superstructure. There are seven further sprues bearing individual track inks, and a very small sheet of photoetch, By far the most elaborate parts are the suspension bogies which consist of eight parts for each pair of wheels and are very well detailed, Fortunately you only have to make 4 sets.just be careful to glue the individual housing parts B3-86,in the right place as they look similar but are all different. Atleast all completed wheel sets are the same without differences for painstakingly eased. There are left and right sides. Otherwise only eleven parts on the there are no real traps forthe _photoetched sheet and these Lnwary and most ofthe parts _ include anice grille for the rear count of 303 s taken up by the deck. An accurate propeller and 86 individual track inks steering system are supplied required for each side. for the rear Turret and hull would have preferred|ink hatches can be opened or and length like the Renault R35, _