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Slade Lebsack

Per. 4
Who Were the Savages?

The common perception of the wild west is very far from fact. The wild west a time of
great expansion for the United States, and it is because of this there was so many problems with
the Indians. The government had given Native Americans a lot of land in the west during Andrew
Jacksons presidency. When the settlers, gold seekers, and westward expanders got into the land
they had no respect for Native Americans and there for walked over the Native Americans as
nothing. In addition to this many Native Americans didnt have an understanding for the
boundaries they owned. The common perception for back then was that Indianas were
uncivilized. The government exploited by this by changing their promises all the time and
breaking the promises as well. But back to the question of who is the true savages I believe is the
people in west especially the soldiers of 7th Calvary for example. I believe they are the savages
because they killed for sport and had no respect for the culture and life of the Native Americans.
An example of this is at Sand creek where they many Native American women and children were
killed for little to no reason. Its examples of this because there was no reason and personally I
would think of it as a waste of ammo but they still kill women and children a thing that was
looked down upon even back then. An example of the government broken promises is at
Fetterman where the government took land they gave to Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe in the
Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. Of course, they were punished for this action when the Native
Americans fought back and killed some soldiers, but of course they government blamed the
Native Americans and labeled it as a massacre. At least the Native Americans didnt kill any
white women or children but its still a massacre. An example of the Native Americans really
getting back at the backstab of the government is the Battle of Little Big Horn. In this many
Native Americans gathered a huge force and took out the 7th Calvary including Custard after they
were taking land to access gold found in the area. I think I do understand why the Native
Americans were walked over and almost every civilization does it. The conquer writes history
and civil acts go out the window when building a nation or new country. The government really
didnt care what happened to the Native Americans they had no ties and were solely focusing on
expanding the empire westward if the Native Americans were there or not. That is why I think
the government will continue to walk over the Native Americans in order in advance in industry
and growth of the United States. Continuedly given them compensation and pushing them aside
to do what they please till the Native Americans are no more.