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Position Paper

1. Politics and Globalization

Taken into consideration the title, both politics and globalization have a fundamental
importance for the international system nowadays and moreover they are interconnected.
Nevertheless, I will focus on globalization and the effect worldwide.
But first to understand the term, the globalization is defined as: A set of processes driven
by technological, economic and cultural change. Few have successfully defined the changing
character and role of politics in global change. Political institutions such as the nation-state have
been seen as undermined by globalization, or needing to respond to it. The main question is,
how globalization influences a state from the economic, social, political and ethical perspective.
Nowadays with this continuous process of globalization, the nation-states diminish their
importance on one hand but at the same time live a revival.
One of the consequences is the economic one. Taking into consideration that now the
resources, once with limited access, now are available. The negative aspect is that some of them
are limited, the positive aspect is that now different products/resources are available worldwide.
Another aspect is the environment. The negative part is that the use of resources leads to
environmental degradation, while aspect is that it became o global problem in which are
involved all the states, to find a solution to preserve the environment.
On the cultural and social level, there are also some issues. The process brought
numerous worldwide traditions, event and so on, while national traditions are forbidden by the
citizens of the state. On the other hand, the educational system became easier/ more accessible
for the worldwide students, through the e-learning etc. Moreover health care and medication
became facilitated by the process, through free trade of medicaments, food and so on.
On state level, are also different issues. The states became interconnected and
interdependent with this process thus if one collapses the others help it, in other to preserve the
system working. And here we have many examples. The real issue is that being interconnected, if
state collapses, it can pull the others down with it.
A very good example of a globalized world is the European Union. The EU is a global
actor. Its 500 million inhabitants generate a quarter of global GNP. Historically and culturally, its
states are closely intertwined with other parts of the world. It pursues a world order rooted in
effective multilateralism based on smoothly functioning international institutions.
A social form of globalization, energy, climate and environmental policies that are geared
towards sustainability, a balanced global economic order, migration policy that is agreed among
countries of origin, transit and destination, and a stable international security architecture are all
elements that help strengthen the global community. Globalization means the proliferation of
new issues and new institutional arenas for politics and the European case is a strong example of
both of these tendencies.
2. My opinion regarding the globalization, and also the interconnected politics,
by Carlowitz as continuation of war, by other means, is a very complex analyzing the effects on
the whole world.
Of course, it has negative parts, most important, in my opinion is that the entire globe
became one society, a uniform one, which leads to identity and tradition loses, and all these lead
to the most important issue, namely the global warming, because of the massive exploitation that
was developed with this process of globalization. The global warming is an inevitable situation
in which everybody of us is responsible.
Nevertheless we cannot not to emphasize the benefits of a globalization. The healthcare,
the education, the culture, even the poverty presents signs of improvement because of this
process. The entire world became aware of the situation in third world states, and now fight
against poverty. The free circulation of money, people, and goods is another factor possible
because of this.
3. In conclusion, I consider that this process has been developed direct and indirect, but
but for greater objectives and a better society.
Hence, even though its use was extrapolated and beside banality can have disastrous effects on
the planet, the possibilities offered with this whole process are much better than the alternative,
to be isolated from everybody else and basically to live in a society that had been existed 2
centuries ago.