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Unit 9: Reported speech review Unit 10: Intensifiers
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form 1 Rearrange the words to make sentences.
of the words in the box. 1 so / language. / a / Its / hard / to / new / learn

for give up if let me on spend what 2 phrasal verbs. / are / way / There / many / too
1 Alexia told that she never used 3 appalling. / be / My /to/grammar / used /
the same password more than once. utterly
2 I was surprised when Isla said that she
using the internet. 4 learn / nearly / time / isnt / to / everything. /
3 Carla asked Tim he considered enough / There / me / for
himself to be Generation X or Y.
4 She refused anyone else use 5 derogatory / He / something / my / about /
her laptop. said / rather / pronunciation.
5 He admitted too much time
on the internet. 6 youve / inspiring / so / Its / far / progressed. /
6 Gina insisted see / to / far / how
keeping her phone switched on
throughout the performance. 7 old teacher / grammar / emphasis / a lot of /
7 Jim forgave his wife on / My / put / old / such / rules.
the virus by mistake.
8 Orla asked everyone
they wanted to Unit 10: Inversion
do next. 2 Choose the correct options to complete the
Unit 9: Question tags
2 Complete the conversation with the missing BLOG
words. The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw referred to
Marc: Im late, (1) I? the UK and the USA as two countries divided by a
Jerome: Marc, you promised to be on time. You common language. (1) known how much the
(2) forget the laptop, two versions of English would continue to change, he
did you? might have added that English can hardly be called a
Marc: No, of course not. You dont think Id be as common language at all. (2) do the British and
forgetful as that, (3) you? Americans pronounce words very differently, (3)
Jerome: I dont know. I really dont. have many unique words and phrases. (4) can
Marc: Well, here it is. it be for British people to make themselves understood
Jerome: Great, so lets log in, (4) when visiting the US, (5) they are often mistaken
we? for someone who is German or Dutch. It isnt only the
Marc: Sure. Whats the password? British who have trouble with English outside of their
Jerome: I dont know, youre the one who set it. You own country. (6) any British TV programme
(5) do that, didnt you? or film, an American might come across countless
Marc: Erm yes. Only I thought I told you what it examples of words or phrases that they do not use,
was. and may not even be able to understand. So difficult
Jerome: You didnt tell me anything. You havent (7) for an American to understand British English,
forgotten it, (6) you? that (8) known for British films to be shown with
Marc: I must have written it down somewhere. subtitles in American movie theatres or cinemas, as a
Sorry about this. British person would say.
Jerome: Forget it. Im going to ask if I can work
with Paul instead. 1 A He had B Had he C Has he
Marc: You (7) do that to me, 2 A No sooner B Never C Not only
would you? 3 A and they B they also C also they
Jerome: Of course I would. Youre too unreliable 4 A So hard B So its hard C No harder
Marc. 5 A if B that C when
Marc: Im (8) that bad, am I? 6 A In B At C For
Jerome: I dont really need to answer that, 7 A it can be B can be it C can it be
(9) I? 8 A has it ever B it will even be C it has
been even been

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