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Team Charter

Cecily, Janae, Aileen, Erin

Overall Broad Team Goals
Collaborate to write and research to produce a complete and effective ethnographic report
Improve our knowledge in professional writing, with specific concentration on psychology, neurobiology, and
scientific writing.
Improve our writing, editing abilities, and collaboration skills
Specific Goals
Produce a final paper that is formatted correctly

Describe research based professional writing accurately and respectfully

Individual/Personal Goals and Commitment
Every member should strive to contribute equally, ideally to the best of their ability
Every member should work to meet deadlines and allow time for revisions

Erins goal: to become more familiar with the writing style of research psychologists and to present this in an
easy-to-understand format
Cecilys goal: to strengthen her editing and writing skills.

Janaes goal: to understand the process of being a professional writer

Aileens goal: to refine her writing skills and learn more about what professional writing involves.
Other Concerns
It may be difficult to find times to meet as a group of 4 given everyone has a busy schedule
Continued communication should be maintained to make sure everyone has the same level of
comprehension of the approach.
Erins concern: it may be hard to maintain one style within the paper so we will keep a close eye on
consistency of voice and syntax.
Cecilys concert: she has a full-time job and may find making time more difficult.

Janaes concern: time management because she has a full schedule with many classes.

Aileens concern: time management because she has a busy schedule.

Conflict Resolution
The goal is to produce a great ethnography; therefore, our actions would be for the best of the group and the
project, not of our own. We would talk calmly and maturely about any issues we have first. If that does not
work, we would have the instructor intervene.
Missed Deadlines
Missed deadlines must be avoided at all costs. It is better to turn in something that may not be completely
done than to neglect turning it in at all
Every member has the responsibility of ensuring that our work gets submitted to ELMS on-time. Each
student is responsible for turning in a specific assignment (listed in Team Schedule). If she cannot do so or
has a time conflict, she must let the rest of the group know in advance (at least 30 mins.) so that someone
can turn it in instead.
Unacceptable Work
Rough drafts must be completed to the best of the team's ability.
Any final draft document must be completed in full, with attention and revision by each group member
Group members must be reachable in some capacity for communication near to deadlines
If any discrepancy arises that would refrain someone from doing their part, she is expected to communicate
her concern