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Emily Crouse

ENG 111
Mrs. Julia Intawiwat
May 5 2017

Mrs. Julia,

I know that it may not be evident, but I have a profound respect for this class. In the

beginning, I found myself struggling to put my ego aside and understand the point of it all. There

were many things that I didnt understand at the time, but looking at the bigger picture after the

fact has given me a better understanding of your teaching techniques. The lack of understanding

came from me looking at everything as individual parts, but together, all of these little

assignments we were given formed a cohesive unit that worked together to form what we call


Traditionally, we are given a writing prompt and told to go from there. There were many

assignments that included this learning technique; however, most of our bigger assignments were

self-guided. We were given a baseline to guide our thoughts and then set free to let our minds

explore different avenues of writing on their own. This tested the capacities for our creativity and

opened up our minds to a brand new learning experience. I personally enjoyed the self-directed

assignments because it was limitless.

In our Written Literacy topic, our main assignment was the This I believe essay. In this

paper, I geared a lot of my frustration towards uneducated people. My purpose was to help

people understand that spreading lies and hatred through social media does nothing good for our

country. I wrote about how I despised people that would partake in not just idle gossip, but the

kind that could ruin peoples lives. I spent some time on this paper; trying to make people

understand without coming out and saying that people tend to be complete morons on purpose.
You have to find a more tactful way to express those kinds of things to make people take you

seriously. The SLO that this assignment corresponded to would definitely have to be the Critical

Reflection. I had to figure out what exactly I was feeling and how to help the reader understand

it. There were many assignments in this topic that I personally enjoyed. The questions for study

and discussion that we had was about a blind boy that helped a normal boy see the world for the

first time, and that helped me because I get so caught up in my life that I forget whats actually


Visual and Oral Literacy was another topic that I found personally rewarding. I have

always been a fan of reading poetry; however, I never could write what I was feeling. We had

two major projects in this topic. One would be the slam poem and the other was the

Ethnography. I did not complete the ethnography, but I did have the opportunity to do the slam

poem. This was significantly more challenging for me due to the fact that I am not a feelings

kind of person. I dont do well with expressing things in my heart, but I felt like this project gave

me a sense of freedom from the baggage that I am constantly carrying on my shoulders. In this

Project, I told the audience about my depression. I have had many friends of mine pass away in a

very small time frame, and there were times that I found it hard to even get out of bed. The

revision of this poem wasnt difficult. I wanted to give a vivid picture for my audience without

giving away exactly why I was so depressed. There were other assignments in this topic that

were also very helpful to me. I wrote an essay about an accident that I was in as a child that I

have never been able to tell anyone about. The SLO that I would say I used was Rhetorical

Knowledge. This topic helped me learn many different strategies in my writing to express my

Digital Literacy was a topic that I was reluctant to learn. I didnt realize how much we

use technology until we were asked to create a timeline from the first time we used technology

up to today. This was a pretty easy assignment because I vividly remember getting my first ipod

mini and many other little gadgets that we no longer think about. We use our huge touch screen

phones and ipads to communicate these days, and hardly speak to one another anymore. Another

assignment we did was the Digital assignment where I created three MEMEs on my own.

MEMEs are used daily as a way to communicate happiness, sadness, comedy, and irony. Before

this assignment, I was unaware of how many times I looked at them each day. Before this topic,

actually, I didnt realize that this was something that could be categorized as literacy. We see

literacy as boring, but literacy is truly just communicating ones thoughts into something else.

The SLO I used here was also Rhetorical Knowledge. I used different technologies to help me

create the MEMEs and understand this newer kind of literature.

Pop Culture Literacy was a fun topic for me. Something I didnt realize is that millennial

slang is also literature. This hit me when I thought about how our language has changed from old

english to what we know now. Our major assignment in this topic was the magazine. This took

me what felt like forever to complete because of my injury along with procrastination. The

development of this magazine took a lot of creativity. I decided to do mine on Harry Potter

considering it is one of the very few things that you and I have in common. It took me a few days

to actually understand how to use JooMag because I would get frustrated and just quit on it, but

through this process I realized that anything can be pop culture. Harry Potter was the easiest to

create because it is one of the most popular books and movies out there. The SLO I used for this

topic would definitely have to be Composing Process. I put a lot of work into formatting this

project and revising this project, and even if it was an odd project, it was beneficial.
Literature. The word itself will make people cringe. Gross! Reading and writing. Poetry.

Theyre the worst, right? I remember vividly trying to memorize vocabulary words and stems

and thinking that none of it was going to help me in the long run. False. Understanding the way

our language is used is key to being successful in anything you strive for. If you speak poorly,

your credibility is far from substantial. From Shakespearean scripture to todays Rap music, we

all have our own tastes and a very wide range of vernaculars. There were many things that I was

given the opportunity to take from this class. While there are a variety of ways that literature is

incorporated into our lives, the majority of us group literature into a category that makes the bulk

of our society want to cry when they hear the word. Through this class, I was given a whole new

perspective on the subject, and your teaching style helped me achieve so much more than just a

grade in a class.


Emily Crouse