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Martin Penchev


The Aftermath

In my opinion the most useful and meaningful exercises in the class were definitely the essay
assignments we had to complete. They were by far the most intricate and engaging, where I had to plan
ahead and carefully attempt to meet all the required criteria. One of the things that stood out to me
most and I gained a better understanding of was structuring my essays. More specifically to master the
process of creating an introductory paragraph which briefly and accurately states what the writing will
mainly discuss and prove or explain, followed by body paragraphs which should contain the
examples/arguments/validations that I as the author would use to defend my point of view or opinion.
The way my examples are listed and elaborated on in the body paragraphs was new to me because I
never truly understood the instructions in previous times I took the class. Then I conclude with another
brief paragraph summing up what the point of the essay was and how it was defended. I was best able
to develop and execute the structure of the essay in one of my own essays from this course which was
also the most meaningful to me Real Madrid vs Barcelona. I liked that one for this reason, because in
my eyes I did a good job at building the essay in a good meaningful order where my thoughts were able
to flow and not confuse the neutral reader. The most meaningful essay we had to read in class was
definitely the The Undercurrent by Kellie Young, I identified with a lot of what the author wrote
because I too had to endure my moms voice of caution throughout my entire childhood and even my
early adulthood. I was glad that I got to read that piece because I found quite the resemblance, as she
states ...and what I should be doing with my life (Are you studying for the MCATs?). (Young 182)

Learning how to compose essays is very helpful to me in my opinion. It aids me in being able to
envision what my writing will be about and how it will be composed. The order of the content and how I
should approach every piece of information that I want to include as part of the piece, this allows for the
final work to be neat and well organized in a way that will not confuse or misinform the average reader,
but instead resonate with one. My approach has not changed much as far as how I would like to prepare
about an essay and the outlook I have on an assignment of that kind, however my overall understanding
and consequently execution of the task has improved. I am able to read the requirements of the essay
and build a mental image of how I will incorporate all the information I have to in my writing in a way
that will be organized and clearly defined or backed up by the main content of my writing.

I think this particular skill set will be very useful to me in my future. Main reason is the fact that I
am continuing my education and going to be attending school after Montgomery College in order to
obtain a Bachelors degree. I will be able to better approach and perform in my future English classes in
college. Another area where this skill might be useful is in the field of business that I would like to
pursue as a career. Being able to show a superior level of business English can always be a helpful trait in
ones career as a businessman. Overall I am glad I have improved on my skills in English and feel a little
more comfortable and prepared going forward with my education.
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