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Advanced Footcare Adds State-of-the-Art Biomechanics Analysis System to

Modernize Patient Lower Extremity Function and Mechanics Assessment

FootcareXpress is a team of biomechanical experts made up of physicians and pedorthists who

provide the highest quality professional lower extremity medical services and sports medicine
solutions. We take pride offering the most advanced services in the industry.

Miami, FL, May 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Advanced Footcare, a Miami-based full service podiatry
practice, today announced that it has added the Noraxon myoMETRICS Portable Lab to its suite of
podiatry medicine and performance management tools, providing a highly-advanced biomechanics testing
and diagnostics platform for foot function and gait analysis. Of particular interest to elite and recreational
athletes, Advanced Footcare's podiatry experts are now able to do comprehensive testing work off-site
and in the field to gain the most accurate assessment of its patients' natural performance. The Noraxon
myoMETRICS Portable Lab incorporates full kinetics, kinematics and EMG testing equipment,
optimized for mobility and high-fidelity data capture, with real-time biofeedback and reporting through
Noraxon's latest version 10 of its myoRESEARCH3 (MR3.10) biomechanics research software
platform. MR3.10 features a fully integrated set of biomechanics data assessment modules, which
automatically synchronize data recording and processing. Advanced Footcare experts have the flexibility
to work with a single technology, such as EMG, or to set up a fully equipped biomechanics suite
incorporating video, 3D kinematics, force, pressure or any other third-party device that streams an analog
signal. With more than 20 built-in reports and the ability to customize each of them, Advanced Footcare's
physicians and biomechanics experts have the power to tailor the assessment for each customer and
interpret detailed baseline metrics reports, leading to evidence-based therapy that utilizes various types of
bracing, such as functional foot orthotics or OTC devices. The single greatest challenge for
biomechanics experts today is collecting data from different input sources and remote locations and trying
to synchronize the variations on the back end, said Brent Perkins, President, Noraxon USA. The
myoMETRICS Portable Lab simultaneously captures all data types and synchronizes the full suite
seamlessly in real time, streamlining data capture, analysis and reporting for the researcher, clinician or
sports scientist. The Noraxon hardware/software platform enables Advanced Footcare to support patients
beyond podiatry, including lower extremity issues such as pre- and post-surgical evaluation,
biomechanical issues related to foot, ankle, leg and back discomfort, and provide expert consultation for
other practitioners in need.

The area of sports science has become an important part of what we can do to help increase athletic
performance, address biomechanical abnormalities and decrease risk of future injury, states Dr. Charles
A. Mutschler, DPM., Medical Director for Advanced Footcare. We are pleased to be able to offer this
extraordinary level of data, analysis and counsel with the myoMETRICS Portable Lab, he added.

About Noraxon
Noraxon USA Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an industry leader in human movement metrics and
biomechanics research solutions. Noraxon's patented and FDA-approved hardware technology includes
high-fidelity electromyography (EMG), 3D motion analysis, pressure, force, and video capture
equipment, all of which are fully integrated with its myoRESEARCH 3 biomechanics data analysis

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software platform. Through its innovative, precise and reliable modular approach to a fully equipped,
portable and customizable biomechanics lab, Noraxon enables the study of human movement in its most
natural environment, and serves and a global research community across academic, ergonomic, clinical,
and human-performance applications. Learn more at www.noraxon.com.

About Advanced Footcare

Advanced Footcare Inc., based in Miami Florida, is a full-service podiatry practice, providing expert care,
diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders. Its podiatric doctors and supportive health-care staff
treat patients comfortably, effectively and affordably, applying extensive professional knowledge and
experience with cutting-edge technology. Footcare Express Inc., an affiliated practice, designs,
manufactures, modifies and fits customized orthotics, footwear, braces and other devices to alleviate
temporary and permanent foot and ankle problems caused by disease, overuse and injury. In addition to
serving children, adults and senior patients throughout South Florida, Advanced Footcare and Footcare
Express treat a wide range of professional athletes from the National Football League, National
Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. www.AdvancedFootcareInc.com

Company Contacts:
For Advanced Footcare
Jarett Reinhartz
(305) 786-428-3668

For Noraxon USA

Cindy Trotto
(602) 750-7203

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