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Geography Hierarchy Upload

Oracle eBusiness Suite R12

Trading Community Architecture
TCA is a model for maintaining information about your
organizations supply chain community customers, suppliers,
contacts etc.
In R12, TCA now includes geography hierarchy
Geography hierarchy is stored centrally in TCA and used by
other applications for real-time address validation and tax
Geography Hierarchy
Geography hierarchy is a data model that lets you establish
conceptual parent-child relationships between geographies.
Country State County City Postal Code (where
represents Parent-Of)
Eg, US CA Alameda Fremont 94538
Valid address is important for physical logistics as well as
accurate tax calculations; hence, it is essential to define granular
geography records and turn on address validation controls early
in the implementation process so that addresses are created
with necessary and valid components.
Technical Differences 11i vs R12
In 11i
AR_LOCATION_VALUES for Country, State, County
and City
AR_LOCATION_RATES for Postal Codes (Postal
Codes are stored as ranges E.g. 94535 to 94539
In R12
HZ_GEOGRAPHIES for Country, State, County, City
and Postal Codes (Postal Codes are stored as
discrete values)
AR_LOCATION_VALUES is a view in R12
Technical Differences 11i vs R12


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Data Source Options
There are various sources from where geography data could be loaded into R12:

Data Source Pros Cons

AR_LOCATION Known data. What is available in 11i Data could be outdated and/or
tables in 11i will be available in R12 inaccurate.
Ease of access to data Original source of data is unknown
Free of cost

Tax Software used Reliability Need to determine if geography

in your Org (Sabrix, Geography data will match with Tax hierarchy data is available as needed
Vertex, Taxware) master data in R12

USPS/3rd Reliability (if source is USPS) Data might have to be re-formatted

Party/census data May need data validation and/or
approval (since it would have to be
downloaded from the web)
Will not be free if a 3rd party
service is used
Upload Method Options

Upload Method Pros Cons

EB-Tax Import Standard out-of-box utility provided Will create a number of unwanted
Program by Oracle tax regime, jurisdiction and rate
setups if EBTax features are not
Need to be run in multiple batches
as it supports only 999 counties at a
Custom Load Customized to upload only Not a standard Oracle-approved
geography hierarchy. process
Can be tailored to work around
limitations in EBTax program
Custom Upload Process
1. Create a custom staging table to store raw data on which data validation can
be performed before loading into HZ tables
2. Extract State, County, City data from AR_LOCATION_VALUES
3. Transform data to match geography hierarchy structure in R12
4. Extract Zip Code data from AR_LOCATION RATES
5. Expand Zip Code ranges into single zip codes and transform data to match
geography hierarchy structure in R12
6. Load data into custom staging table
7. Run custom upload program (This program checks if the geography type
already exists. If yes, no change, else it creates the geography hierarchy for
each geography type)
Custom Upload Process
8. Verify data from UI
Custom Upload Process
9. Check Address Style setup

10. Assign Geography Validation at

State, County, City level and
Geography Validation Control
Level to "Error (or as needed)
Custom Upload Process

11. Attempt to create a new address

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