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Speak Third Marking Period Quiz

Page 95-137

1. Why does the author purposefully misspell some words, like

“additood” (meaning attitude)?

2. Why does the author capitalize certain words or phrases, like My

Lab Partner?

3. When Melinda cuts school, where does she go?

4. What does Melinda compare the Mall to?

a. Milk in the refrigerator
b. God
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above

5. How does the English class get punished for Rachel/Rachelle

speaking up about symbolism? What does Melinda learn about
speaking up?

6. What does Heather tell Melinda at lunch? How does Melinda react to
this news?

7. Who gives Melinda a card on Valentine’s Day?

A. David Petrakis
B. Andy Evans
A. Heather
C. No one

8. While at the hospital, Melinda says, “There is nothing wrong with

me. These are really sick people, sick that you can see.” What does
she mean by that statement? How might Melinda be ‘sick’?

9. What happens between Andy and Melinda during In-School


10. What art movement started by Pablo Picasso helps Melinda to

start drawing better trees?
11. What does the word “conundrum” mean?

12. What does the word “wistful” mean?

13. What does David invite Melinda to do? Why does she say no?

14. We finally read about Melinda’s rape at the end of the marking
period. Why do you think the author waited so long to write about
that night?

15. What do we learn about that night that we didn’t know before?