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As an artist, I use my fascination with internal fears to motivate me. I use art as a source for therapeutic
relief and a healing method for the development of mental and emotional health. Because of this, most of the
subject matter in my personal work depicts my interpretations as to how I envision what it is like to live with
depression and anxiety.With that said, I find conceptual, outsider, abstract, erotic, and street art very inspiring. I
am moved by the subject matter in these forms of art in which they expand the boundaries of art in an avant-garde
tradition or push cultural norms. Some well-known artists that I find to be very inspiring and influential are Andy
Warhol, Banksy, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Frida Kahlo. I embrace Warhols and Banksys persistence in pushing
traditional boundaries through pop and street art in order to convey political messages open to the viewers
interpretation. I also enjoy the portrayal of nature in Georgia O Keefes paintings of enlarged flowers and am
fascinated by Frida Kahlo's story of her life and how she depicts pain and suffering in her artwork. Other artists
who enliven me and fuel my passion for art include Polly Nor and Kristen Liu-Wong. Both artists are known for
their illustrations of strong female characters in which Polly Nors work depicts women and their inner demons
and Kristen Liu-Wongs work embraces the struggles of power and sexuality. Additionally, I use music as a main
source of inspiration. Genres including cloud rap, downtempo, and trip hop ultimately assist in influencing my
artistic style. I admire the use of experimentalism in each genre and the exploration of the relationship between
multiple genres. Likewise to the many styles of art inspiring to me, these genres of music are very abstract and
breach cultural and social measures, displaying the artists freedom of expression through music. With that said, I
use all of these types of art and artists works, as well as the works of my colleagues and professors, as a resource
and an origin of inspiration to continue my artistic journey and to thrive in becoming a better artist each and every
day. However, I also have many pieces that illustrate images of nature in which my subject of focus is on floral
compositions because in addition to art, I see nature as a very healing aspect in life and aspire to combine both
nature and art in my works. My work incorporates drawing, painting, and collage in which I use charcoal, ink,
watercolor, and acrylic. I also implement the use of photographs and clippings from magazines and newspapers. I
embrace the use of mixed media in my artwork because I like to explore the relationships between different
mediums. I do not visualize the world as being black and white, but a world immersed in a multitude of colors and
by using mixed media in my pieces I feel like I am expressing just that. Incorporated in many of my art art pieces
are focus on color, value, line and shape. I also like to focus on the drastic contrasts between vibrant and dark
colors and the relationship between light and dark, as well as, incorporate balance, rhythm and movement in order
to explore the liaison of different elements in the world and how they interact or conflict with one another.