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2.1 Vendor shall submit the following with the offer:
2.1.1 Manufacturer's complete descriptive and illustrative catalogue / literature.
2.1.2 Detailed
for dimensioned cross section drawing withcheck
parts/material lists, weight etc.
andthe ball
valves tovalves, plug valves,
manufacturer's globe
standard. valves, valves, diaphragm valves

2.1.3 Drawings
operator, for valves
motor, with accessories
extension like gear
bonnet, extended operator,
stems hydraulic
with stands, I pneumatic
bypass etc. giving
major salient dimensions.
2.1.4 One copy ofwith
manufacturer theallvalve specification
deviations sheets signed as "Accepted" by the
marked clearly.
2.1.5 If
onthe valve
valve is regretted
specification or has
sheets as no deviation,
"Regret" the
or "No manufacturer shall write clearly
2.1.6 For
Evensubject notes,
clauses if there
which are is acceptable
any deviation, the be
shaii same shall be listed
cc1tegoricaily clause wise.
confirmed as
2.1.7 On
offerfailure to to
is likely submit documents as specified in clauses 2.1.1 to 2.1 .6 above, the
be rejected.
2.2 The following documents shall be submitted after placement of the order:
2.2.1 Vendor shallofsubmit
before start for approval
manufacturing. drawings
No other drawingmentioned in clausesfor
shall be submitted 2.1.2 & 2.1.3
2.2.2 Test report
reports shall
shall he supplied for all mandatory tests as per the applicable code. Test
3.13, 3.14 & also
3.15.be furnished for any supplementary tests as specified in clauses
2.2.3 Material
treatment test certificates
report) (physical
of thetest
pressure properties, parts
containing chemical
he furnished & for
valves supplied. Material
for verification during inspection.certificates for the other parts shall also be furnished