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University of the Philippines Manila

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

July 22, 2010


Good day!

In line with the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, the Department of Social Sciences in cooperation
with Political Science 196 – MHD Class formally invites your organization to participate in the
upcoming mural painting contest: Pintahan Mo, Freedom Ko! with the theme Philippine
Nationalism. The activity aims to uphold a sense of nationalism to the students and, in the
process, utilize their creative skills in the field of visual arts. Moreover, the said activity aims to
create a portrait of Philippine Nationalism that shall be made visible to the people of UP Manila
for a relatively longer period of time. Please refer to the attachment for the guidelines of the

Also, we advise you to confirm your participation as early as possible because there are only
ten (10) slots available. For queries, feel free to contact Keith Detros at 0915.217.7575.

We are hoping for your positive response. Thank you!


Keith Detros


Noted by:

Prof. Carl Marc Ramota

DSS Chair


1. Any organization (CAS-based or University-based), fraternity, or sorority can be a

participant of the event.

2. Organizations, fraternities, and sororities, may, in their discretion tie-up with other
organizations, fraternities, and sororities for the fulfillment of this project.

3. All aspiring participants must send a confirmation letter to Keith C. Detros

(keith.detros@gmail.com) or contact him at 0915.217.7575 not later than July 24,

4. An application fee of P150.00 shall be collected upon submission of the entry


5. All participants would be given a single portion of the Freedom Wall, respectively divided
by the pillars seen therein.

6. All materials, such as paints, brushes, etc., shall be provided by the participants.

Contest Proper:

1. The contest shall begin on July 26, 2010.

2. Participants shall be given a maximum of four days to complete their murals, specifically
until July 31, 2010.

3. The judging shall be on July 31, 2010, Saturday, 5:00 in the afternoon.

4. The content and nature of the murals are placed on the discretion of the participants.
However, murals should not contain any explicit materials, slogans, quotations or any
other implying such. The facilitators reserve the right to disqualify any participant that
fails to comply with this provision.

5. The names of the participating organization, fraternity and sorority shall be placed on the
lower right corner of their respective walls, not exceeding a 1x3 feet measurement. The
event shall hold true to its objectives and avoid serving as an instrument for publicity by
any participating organization, fraternity, or sorority.

6. The progress of the contest shall be monitored daily within the contest period by the

7. The criteria for judging shall be as follows:





TOTAL 100%
8. The winner shall be awarded a certificate and a cash price of ________.