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102-B (2482)


Course introduction:
(Enterprise Resource Planning system)
Oracle E-Business suite R12 .

The course is to introduce the inventory management functions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
system. Oracle E-Business Suite R12 will be used in the class. Students will learn the concepts behind the
inventory management functions and the use of the inventory module in Oracle EBS R12 Suite. The course
covers topics in the inventory management module and system administration for Oracle EBS R12.

Office: L746 Ext. 3121, 4556
Email: hychen39@cyut.edu.tw
Office hours: Tuesday. 10:00-12:00, Thursday 13:30-15:30. Call before you come.

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 2013/10
ISBN: 9789574308613 (http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010613408?loc=003_001)
Lecture notes

R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals, Student Guide, Oracle, 2010 (Can be
downloaded from LMS system)
R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals, Activity Guide, Oracle, 2010 (Can be
downloaded from LMS system)
R12.x Oracle Order Management Fundamentals, Student Guide, Oracle, 2010 (Can be
downloaded from LMS system)
R12.x Oracle Order Management Fundamentals, Activity Guide, Oracle, 2010 (Can be
downloaded from LMS system)
* , , 2007, : SAP Oracle , , isbn:
* , 2009, (), , ISBN: 978-957-21-6268-2

Duration: 18 weeks

Related Certification :
Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Inventory Essentials (1Z0-519)

Anyone who interests in learning about the production information system is welcome to enroll the


ESS01: Logging Into Oracle Applications, Navigating through
Responsibilities and Menus, Closing a Form (LAB42A2Y)
ESS02: Switch Responsibility (LAB42A3Y )
2 ESS03: Creating, Saving, Searching, Editing, and Deleting a
Record (LAB42A4Y)

ESS04: Reviewing the Help Menu Item (LAB42A5Y )
ESS ESS05*: Running Reports and Programs (LAB42A6Y)
: ESS06-1*: Creating a New Employee and Creating a Resource
4 (LAB42A9Y)
ESS06-2*: Creating a New User (LAB42B4Y)
7, 7-1 Understanding How Multi-Org Secures Application Data
Guided Demonstration - Using the Workflow Monitor
() 8 --
Viewing Approval Process Using Workflow Monitor
ESS07: Creating Value Sets
WK2(2/ ESS08*: Creating a Structure for a Key Flexfield and Adding
: Key Flexfield 5
26) Value Sets
ESS09: Testing your Key Flexfield
ESS Total

Overview of Oracle
INV00: Setup Locations ()
Inventory WK3
1,2 INV01: Creating Subinventories ()
Define Inventory (3/5)
INV02: Defining Locators ()
Unit of Measure
INV14-Ch3: Creating Units of Measures
INV Objective: Learn the INV15-Ch3: Creating Units of Measure Classes
concepts of UOM and 3 WK3
INV16-Ch3: Defining Units of Measure Conversions
the UOM functions
provided in EBS R12 INV17-Ch3: Define Unit of Measures

Defining and Maintaining WK4 INV03*: Defining Items ()

Item Fundamentals (3/12) INV04: Defining Categories ()
INV18-Ch5: Set up Organization parameters for lot and serial
INV19-Ch5: Generating Lots
Lot WK5 INV20-Ch5: Maintaining Grades
and Serial Control (3/19) INV21-Ch5: Maintaining Lot Actions
INV22-Ch5: Using Lot Master
INV23-Ch5: Working with Revision, Lot, and Serial
INV24-Ch5: Generating and Maintaining Serial Numbers
Transaction Setup INV25-Ch6: Creating Customized Transactions
Objective: Learn the 6 INV26-Ch6: Creating Picking Rules
concepts and setups for INV27-Ch6: Open Accounting Periods
the material transaction
INV05*: Processing Miscellaneous Receipts (,
INV AG P115)
INV06*: Performing Subinventory Transfers ()
Issuing and Transferring Wk7
7 INV07*: Performing Inter-organization Transfers (
Material (4/2)
INV08*: Receiving Items into Inventory ()
INV09*: Transacting Move Orders ()
On-hand and Reservations 8 INV10*: Creating Reservations ()

Replenishment WK10 INV11*: Setting up and Running Reorder Point Planning (
Fundamentals (4/13) )
INV Total
OM01: Creating a Customer ()
Receivables Setups for WK11 OM02: Creating a Salesperson ()
Order Management (4/30) OM03: Defining Credit Check and Hold (

Order Entities and Order WK12 OM04:Order to Cash Cycle with Standard Items (
OM 10
Flows (1) (5/7) )

OM11:Release Sales Orders ()

Overview of Shipping WK13
8 OM12:Pick Release and Ship Confirm (
Execution (5/14)


Holds, Order Purge, and WK15
6 OM13:Creating and Applying Holds ()
Exception Management (5/28)
OM14: Creating a Price List ()
OM15: Copying a Price List ()
OM16: Manually Updating a Price List ()
OM17: Adjusting a Price List()
WK16 OM18: Adding an Item Category to a Price List (
Basic Pricing Setup 7
(6/4) )
OM19: Creating a Discount Modifier Using Qualifiers (
OM20: Creating a Freight and Special Charge List Modifier
OM05:Create a Drop Ship Order (
Order Entities and Order WK17
10 OM06:Creating a Sales Agreement ()
Flows (2) (6/11)
OM07:Order to Cash Cycle with Customer Acceptance (

: Descripton WK18
Flexfield (6/18)

Grading policy:

Assignments and Participation: 50%

Exam one: 25%
Exam two: 25%

Important notes:
Cheating will make you fail in this course.
Late homework will discount on scores.
0 No plagiarized homework will be accepted.