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TO: Representative Todd Hunter, Chair Representative Kyle Kacal

Representative Donna Howard, Vice Chair Representative Ken King

Representative Roberto Alonzo Representative Linda Koop
Representative Trent Ashby Representative Alfonso Nevarez
Representative Byron C. Cook Representative Chris Paddie
Representative Sarah Davis Representative Dade Phelan
Representative Charlie L. Geren Representative Toni Rose
Representative Helen Giddings

FROM: Trust Respect Access coalition on behalf of more than 15,500 Texans

RE: Anti-Abortion Legislation in House Calendars Committee

DATE: May 4, 2017

On behalf of more than 15,500 Texans from across the state, many of whom are constituents of your districts,
we are writing to ask that you stop anti-abortion legislation from reaching a vote by the full House. As of today,
more than five of the 39 anti-abortion bills filed this session have passed out of the House State Affairs

House Bill 35, House Bill 434, House Bill 200, House Bill 1936, and House Bill 2962 do not represent the
values of the Texans whose voices deserve to be heard and who are asking you to trust women to make
their own reproductive health care decisions.

Texans reproductive freedom is not a political pawn. These dangerous bills would only serve to stand in the
way of Texans and the health care they need, to stigmatize abortion and women seeking abortion care, and to
undermine the doctor-patient relationship.

Just last summer, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional two major Texas abortion
restrictions that led to the closure of more than half our states abortion clinics. The Court saw right through the
lies used to justify the restrictions and sided with doctors, patients, and the majority of Texans who believe that
abortion should be accessible in our communities.

We urge you to stop this sessions anti-abortion legislation from harming Texas families and pushing abortion
care further out of reach. Our 12 organizations stand with more than 15,500 Texans today in demanding that
you do the right thing hear our voices and stop all political attacks on Texans reproductive freedom.